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Poll to determine new players on the team for Autumn


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hello everyone, poll will close in an hour from this post so get your votes in if you havent.

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I THOUGHT TODAY WAS MONDAY! There is in fact a full day until the poll closes

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reminder if this bear isn't added bad fortune will befall this team

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What are the chances the team will still be dimeless even after all these jumps through hoops

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We'll probably spoon again. At best we'll be bottom seed of RO16 and then pick up the /jp/ shuffle of constantly flipping between Baby and Elite.
I'm really waiting for Winter to root for /m/ and /vst/

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Reasons to add the bear: she won the (offseason?) cup, her sister was the GOAT of her era, she streamed the matches, fully modeled

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Add the Bau baus

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holy shit I completely forgot about that lol. Yet more proof on why our daughter's appearance would bring glory towards this team

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You ran over my aesthetics guy, I dont trust the bear

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as the other anon said that was was Divegrass Before Christmas 3. Not an actual /vt/ League invitational but a lot of /vt/ League teams signed up for it.
Can't believe that was almost 2 years ago...

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You can vote for them in the poll, you know?

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Reminder CTRL + F is a thing anyone can use

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>no divegrass before christmas 5 this year

/vt/ should run its own christmas divegrass streams

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I think the DBC organizer is just busy this year. I don't know the exact situation though. Christmas, understandable, is a bad time for most people. I'm not sure if there is going to be any invitationals in the offseason besides maybe friendlies. There hasnt been anything announced by the commissioner either way though so that could change.

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Instructions unclear, I voted for their mom

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Reminder that (You) can vote for Lia from Phase Connect!

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i voted her and not pippa just to create division and war among phasecucks.

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Man, that's a shame. Last years was really fun viewing, hopefully someone will run something

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Sorry for the late notice on this btw everyone but apparently the 4cc commissioner plans on replaying the last set of scuffed friendlies TOMORROW, so we will be playing /vg/ again in a friendly at the same start time. 1700 UTC, 1PM EST, 10AM PST, 7PM CEST, 02:00 JST

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good luck

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quick reminder before some faggot starts muh emotes - muh chants
thx for the heads up

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Don't think anyone is under any illusion that he will do anything.
If you or anyone else wants more emotes, just post them at >>>/vg/448525483 it works much better than asking the current manager to do anything and works much better.

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I said I would ask to get emotes added after the medals are decided which is next weekend. I also have to go through all 217 pages of emotes to find ones that are good for general use and will actually be used.

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Thanks for proving the point.
So yeah, just submit them at >>59666163 if you want them.

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the only reason we got those two new emotes is because shakes was asking instead of the usual cytube guy

t. anon who requested those emotes

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based emote anons!
don't think im watching the game but people keep asking for good nene emotes so throwing that out there!

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ok I sent Shakes a new nene emote gif and he said he'd change the current one with it when he can. Any other emotes will be sent as I've said next weekend after we vote on medals since theyre the ones most likely to score and have their emote spammed and so I can go through all of them. I hope this will show you at least that I will actually ask.

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who cares

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I think we should add all of /choc/s bouncing tits emotes, for reasons

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I'm gonna be honest with you anon I like that idea but I was also suggested to keep emotes related to the most important/recognizable players or things with a lot of general use.
Not gonna lie I like that idea so much though I may just ask them to add one of them as a generic emote lol. Can't guarantee they will obviously

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Huh, what was scuffed about them? missed the memo.

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The stream died around 4 different times just in the /vt/ match. I think after two more matches he called it quits and decided to rerun all of them tomorrow.

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Pajeets made my internet shit out that whole day so I called for an october 2nd reset.

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we need more hags

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Link doko?
Ah yes the place where splits just happens for the same fucking game. duel links for example.

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I mean to be fair Duel links, Master Duel, Duel Network and whatever the other one is are all kinda different. pretty sure duel links is a completely different format and the others are all different applications with different card pools. Kinda like how there are gens on /tg/ for all the different MTG formats. There are those WoW gens that I think are just for different servers though.
If you mean link to see the emote it's on the 4cc Cytube sorry for the tangeant.

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black company L

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cj we needed that man

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lol sorry about that was in the wrong tab

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I guess people were just busy as fuck today so no posts in this thread

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maybe next weekend

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I mean we've had threads basically every day the last few weekends so it makes sense most people are tired or already voted. I think it might show that we didnt need this extra day and we couldve just ended it today but it's whatever. The timing of the extra friendly being tomorrow is kinda funny. I'll probably bump it one more time if I need to and then just let it go so we can have a fresh thread tomorrow for the friendly and results announcement.

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Anons are having sex...

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Yeah, me

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Rigger had like 10 or 10+ interned downtimes in total. He had enough by the time pol-mu match and called it a day with wreslan stream.
eh... doesn't Shakes have the power to add emotes on his own?

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poll closes in around 8 hours right?

>> No.59704379

9.5 hours. closes at 2pm EST, which would I think be 1800UTC

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all the best then

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I care

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I put in my response, it has 2 holos and 5 memes
or 3 holos if you count in Ui-mama

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>doesn't Shakes have the power to add emotes on his own

yes, and thats why we got new ones is because of him and not having to deal with scoops

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How many bings till friendlies?

>> No.59716714

2 bongs i think

>> No.59720435

that means one more to go now

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15 bings

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get in

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nice one bae

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what's this cum slurping tactics, put the +1 gegen ffs

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So the team get skullfucked again?

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There were suppossed to be 3 different tactics used in each of the friendlies. Im not sure if sou even used the right tactics this time either because I'm pretty sure kiara was starting on the tactics we had set for today. I'm still waking up though so ill have to check later.
Again sorry about that everyone was very stupid of me to try and stay up all night when sick lmao.

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>expecting weedman to get it right
He's here for >fun. not for accuracy. Tactics in friendlies are a bonus.

>> No.59724022

no problem, it was a friendly and a reset on a monday so it's whatever

>> No.59724072

we lost 1-0 and their keeper made a great save to stop it from being tied up at 90. We won the original match in penalties, lost the friendly before the original 3rd friendly in penalties and won the first friendly 4-3. Honestly we had a lot of good matches these friendlies

>> No.59724077

even if not intended, the first version of this match up was a banger and we got a free match on top of it even if it was a bitslurpy

>> No.59724178

Okay, now that the friendlies are really over, what's next?

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Roster poll voting end in 24 minutes

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October 27 Autumn baby starts

>> No.59724663

also a fetus next week, but we're not in it thankfully

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>/vg/, /mlp/, /u/, /pol/ group is possible
oh boy

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The poll is now CLOSED
Thank you to all 334 voters, Give me a second to sort and post the results

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File: 3.26 MB, 754x504, poll results 1-100 webm.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok everyone here are the results, top 10 vote getters and the players being added to /vt/ for autumn are
Lia from Phase Connect
No Pippants no Pippanties
Ui Rape Beam
heart heart heart
the age of 30 is in demand
ligma balls

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Kiki WILL make the team next year. Voter turnout for her is climbing.

>> No.59726025

If anyone is wondering why i did it this way its because when you have this many options google forms formats shit like this and you have to scroll over everything. Also it will only show the top 100 so every other option that got 11 or less is in other. I have a text document I was working on with every result and I finished it but that was at answer 316 and obviously there were more after I fell asleep so I have to tally those into it then I can post it.
she was doing very well for a while just couldnt eek it out

Also yeah maybe we shouldnt have done this extra day since people arent gonna be around to see this since it's a monday.

>> No.59726064

Am I stupid, or are the players that you named in your post not the same as the players that are on top of the poll results in your webm?

>> No.59726127

did the last 24 hours show any significant activity in voting at all? if it only had like 10 people vote then i say skip it but if it was 30+ i would say it was still worth it

>> No.59726153

every other name is getting cut off due to size

>> No.59726160

Nvm I'm a huge faggot please fuck my face

>> No.59726168

>Neuro made it
actually looks pretty good.
What does the final roster look like broken down by corpo?

>> No.59726214

This fuck was removed and shoulda stayed removed permanently

>> No.59726260

Im not sure exactly how many we got in exactly the past 24 hours but yeah I'd say it's about 30 maybe a little more or less

>> No.59726258

Why bring it back?

>> No.59726261

did... anyone fail the security question?

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>after all that the roster poll went fine
lmao, even
anyway good work thanks for the polls manager-kun, good luck in autumn

>> No.59726305

remove gosling.
put in kiki
and it's perfect and I will vote for the managers to get another term.

>> No.59726331

>lotb got 10th
>isnt on the team

>> No.59726391

there's another hidden bunch of responses, the way this was displayed is a bit hard to read. the webm hovers them and shows the other names.

>> No.59726408

Well /vt/ will not promote. Screenshot this.

>> No.59726456

Good to see Gosling made it, despite all the impotent seething

>> No.59726482

I wish kiki was there. Otherwise it looks alright but we need to see the whole 23 man roster to know if I need to throw a shit fit.

>> No.59726509

surprisingly decent outcome

>> No.59726528

thought it was worth putting on the poll and people ended up voting for it
We were VERY lenient with that because to be quite honest we feel bad about throwing out answers. There were a couple that were very lazy but technically answered the question. Some people gave a good answer but forgot to say their oshi's name, like we had one person submit a copypasta but their answers made it clear they were a /vrt/ voter. We took everything into account when deciding what to get rid of. At the end of the day only 2 answers were so aggregious we had to throw them out. And that was because they were nearly identical answers that had 9/10 votes the same and it was too sus to us to be a coincidence.
look at the bars and what is scrolled over anon. The whole reason I had to do a webm instead of just screenshots is because of how forms work
ill put together a mokup of what the roster will look like. It'll just be missing positions and which players are medals obviously give me a minute

>> No.59726547

seems like a fine roster to me, actual memes got in, the VTL captains that did get voted are relevant enough in their names even outside the VTL and could have jsut as easily been there without the link to VTL and we got some nonholo reps after all

the remove poll for next time around needs some tweaking i think tho since that one feels like it will always be overwhelmed by hololive people voting out all nonoholo reps for shits and giggles

>> No.59726604

shit team

>> No.59726635

what determines the medals?

>> No.59726714

The medal vote we will have next weekend

>> No.59726746

>remove poll 1day
>voting in poll 3 fucking days


>> No.59726867

I think the security question should be a little less lenient, such as the copypasta. Personally I would have thrown out that one. It's not hard to read the question and answer it. Also google forums is ass so I understand now why I was confused about the results. No wrestling autism makes me sad...

>> No.59726988

Did my writeup about how much I love my wonderful oshi warm your cold, frozen heart?

>> No.59727032

Nice team! Good mix of new relevant memes and old but gold classics, and a good non-holo variety.

>> No.59727041

am i blind or did i not see chuuba wrestling autism

>> No.59727058

>thought it was worth putting on the poll
Well your thought was retarded. Congratulations.

>> No.59727240

Build a bridge and get over it, silly.

>> No.59727341

The remove poll was from friday to sunday, this was friday to monday because people asked for more time.
admittedly next time we may go back to hard and definite answers since me and the other manager tend to want to give people the benefit of the doubt with these more open ended questions
There were a lot of very nicely written answers and some funny ones as well thank you for those who put a lot of effort into yours.
looking at the form it got 26 votes right below i can fix her

>> No.59727428

Next time you need to limit the poll to a hard 100 option maximum.
any player that got less than 10 votes was a waste of time and should've have been on the poll to begin with.

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File: 1.15 MB, 900x675, TheSadTaleOfSirGoslingTheBad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gosling coming back

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File: 49 KB, 674x384, vt roster Autumn 2023 .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok here is what the Autumn 2023 roster will look like. Obviously positions, starters, and medals have not been decided yet.

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>no beatani
this team will not get past round of 16. /vt/ will also suffer a loss worst than the one against /out/.
still hoping we can get out of the group stage this time

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>> No.59728221

We have to actually win a game for that

>> No.59728389

It went "fine" because We the People did the best we could with the system that was implemented. There is still a lot of disagreement and unease over the way the managers have handled things as well as their general attitude towards the audience that they're supposed to be representing, so I think going forward people are going to want a new system

>> No.59728390

break it down by corpo so I can determine how much outrage I need to have

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File: 57 KB, 500x500, 1681664665144293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good to see at least one chibi

>> No.59728517

damn tho
>2 council
>3 advent
>only 1 myth and it's orange woman

>> No.59728592

15 holos
2 phase
2 fans
1 meds
1 lig
1 ai
1 ui

>> No.59728653

Out with the old, in with the new.
Desu I'm a hardcore mythfag but I didn't vote for them, the newer memes are just funnier and more relevant.

>> No.59728680

I hope Bau Bau will be like Coexist model form hfz

>> No.59728688

12 Holo
5 Board Memes
3 Indies
2 Phase Connect

>> No.59728785

honestly I think we need more meds than that

>> No.59728909

/vt/ having collectively great taste when polled is the most surprising thing about this vote

>> No.59728946

Honestly that seems to be about the same kind of representation we would've gotten the Team Captains idea.

I wish Kiki is on it, but her voter turnout grew this cup. Next time for sure.

>> No.59728995
File: 139 KB, 2432x416, 1633349861588.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there will never be enough meds

>> No.59729055

Is the Lia player technically a /pcg/ rep or their newly formed split rep? I know Lia got a team in the recent season.

>> No.59729087


>> No.59729103

A rep of a split of /pcg/ is a rep of /pcg/

>> No.59729172


>> No.59729254

>not a single niji or vshojo
I like this team

>> No.59729256


>> No.59729282

>Moona out
WTF did she do?

>> No.59729334
File: 685 KB, 1984x2806, comic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Neuro and Lia both got called up to the main team

also make a one time runoff vote of GOSLING vs Kiki!

>> No.59729340

More like what she didn't do. Be relevant

>> No.59729355

>also make a one time runoff vote of GOSLING vs Kiki!

>> No.59729381

she'll make it one day...

>> No.59729464


>> No.59729594

Which one of these will be the new goalie? I guess only ligma balls makes sense from this lineup.

>> No.59729619
File: 122 KB, 800x450, I love democracy [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2F0i350m.webm].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If being a /here/chuuba was all that it took to be considered "relevant", half of /wvt/, all of /nijiEN/, and a good chunk of /lig/ would be on the team. Probably still before Kiki, too.
She's a good rabba, but democracy has made it clear that she is not in the upper eschelons of relevance. Maybe next season.

>> No.59729651
File: 84 KB, 360x300, kek[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F15zz6t.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

some fat fuck would be great

>> No.59729670

As she said. One day she will get enough noombers

>> No.59729718
File: 69 KB, 240x240, 1696269530959763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Controversial opinion here, Kiki and /pyon/ are great but they're honestly very isolated from the board as a whole, and the results show that. She just isn't as well known and wouldn't make a good rep for the board as a whole

Sorry champies this isn't meant to be offensive, just my 2 cents

>> No.59729747

I try to be...

>> No.59729762

Listen I know she and you guys are very passionate about divegrass and a lot of your responses to the verification question were really nice but I cant do that. She was in the top 10 for a very long time but eventually got outpaced. There were 4 players who didnt make the roster and got more votes than her and Gosling was literally the 4th highest votes getter. I can't do that. I'm sorry.
Im thinking of 2 ways to decide. 1, when doing the medal vote next weekend that the highest getting medal voter that misses out on being a medal gets to be the keeper or 2, have a vote specifically on the medal poll for who people want to be the keeper.

>> No.59729813

the important thing is Kiki had stronger voter turnout than last cup.
she got 28 votes last cup. almost 10 more this one.

>> No.59729820

I think she's aware of that and is trying to fix it. From what I've seen she's slowly growing on people too, I'm sure she'll make it next time

>> No.59729855

it would be nice to vote on the keeper

>> No.59729865

i'd say a vote for the keeper is better than leaving it to chance

>> No.59729887

It should be GET ME PREGNANT so opposing teams can penetrate her wide open net

>> No.59729901


>> No.59729958

i would say make a keeper poll because who some want to see as medal and as keeper may not line up

>> No.59730057

the "REEEE IT'S A HOLO RIGGING" fags real quiet rn

>> No.59730120

Keeper should be something funny/appropriate, so I would either let the board vote on GK specifically or just use dictatorial fiat to pick an appropriate player. Probably the wrong optics the way this polling season has gone. I would suggest GET PREGNANT or Meds

>> No.59730171

Kiki, you're great, but I wish you would stop breaking containment by blasting things on twitter.

>> No.59730239

>breaking containment
She literally has "onvt" in her name, I don't even think it counts as containment in her case

>> No.59730265

>Keeper should be something funny/appropriate
yeah, if we had a fat fuck that would work best. GET PREGNANT works for memes and mikoboat has a large model so would also be appropriate

>> No.59730282

the containment doesn't exist

>> No.59730329

GET PREGNANT really seems like it will be the funniest GK of all

>> No.59730340
File: 73 KB, 534x591, 1664260456222236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a fat fuck
why didn't we let me play

>> No.59730341

>/here/tuber not containment breaking
It's like asking a fish to live without water

>> No.59730352

>random holo shitter uses marimari's meme
>makes the team
>might start in net with marimari's meme

>> No.59730397

The only people who whine about containment are wannabe oldfags

>> No.59730456

the best thing to do here would be to add marimari's PLAPPLAPPLAP as a chant so it can be spammed whenever we get scored on

>> No.59730612

This is the reservation I have about her too. I'm sure she's a nice girl, and the whole openly /here/ thing may work for /pyon/, but in /lig/ it only attracts shitposters and schizos. Our chuubas reach a wide audience and sometimes autistic/unsavory people attach themselves to a chuuba, the last thing we want is for those people to make their way to our community which is largely self-moderated

>> No.59730622

>wannabe oldfag
man, the fact ive been here since 06 is not enough for some people

>> No.59730629

I was already thinking about adding that as a chant. I want to go in and shake up the chants a bit, I think the other manager already added some before friendlies but I'm not sure but I can change it around a bit. Rigdio for some reason chooses ones it like to play a lot though and the amount of chants played in a game usually depends on the streamer.

>> No.59730793

I think the worst part is she only references this place so directly in the context of divegrass so people only see the openly /here/ side and not the other parts of her.

>> No.59730795

07 here, you should just resign to the fact boards like /vt/, /v/ or /pol/ just cannot be contained, mostly due to their high overlap with social media.

>> No.59730857

>openly stating what year you supposedly joined
rookie mistake

>> No.59730888

yo, yall need any testing help for Fall?

>> No.59730934

That happens to most /here/chuubas, just like how normalfags clip the most SEGGGS moments of a vtuber's stream, so do anons bait/shill with the biggest /here/ quotes, so perception gets warped.

>> No.59730975

champyons are known for rigging polls using VPNS and proxies
didn't rig it hard enough this time fags, get fucked

>> No.59731008

If I was going to scrape anything from the vtl, it would be chants

>> No.59731024

It's a shame because her streams are really entertaining in my opinion but a lot of people just use the fact that shes /here/ to shitpost. Im sure the same happens to other herechuubas

>> No.59731077

my line of thinking was that in vtl beebs plays haachama's AWAY whenever she blocks a goal so if PLAPPLAPPLAP was clearly labelled then the streamer would be able to play it easily whenever we get scored on, that said, i don't know how Rigdio works or if the streamer would even want to do that so it was more an idle thought

>> No.59731133

Having a chant play over the other team's goalhorn would be a little disrespectful.

>> No.59731141


>> No.59731235

We could always use some help. Here's our contact info. I'd suggest contacting the other manager since I asked him to mostly handle potential testers. I'm not sure if he's off work yet but he'll get back to you
yeah thats basically what we already do for the most part
the way chants work is you have to independently open the chants menu if you want to play a specific one, theres a random button that most people just hit since thats quicker

>> No.59731424

>Kiki and /pyon/ are great but they're honestly very isolated from the board as a whole
I agree, champions need to start making hundreds of bait posts

>> No.59731432

yeah, i figure most teams wouldn't mind that much since it's kinda self-deprecating, but it's probably too much to ask for anyway

>> No.59731483

yeah it's self-deprecating but it's still like "hey listen to our joke instead of your joke"
you gotta let both teams get their time in the spotlight, playing the goalhorn is the hypest moment for most boards

>> No.59731558

As an omniwatcher, I'd say pyon's bait threads are generally negative to the board's perception of kiki, her real issue is she's not friends or connected to anyone else. She should do diplomacy/networking reps with some /wvt/ chuubas, or raise numbers to /lig/dom or something.

>> No.59731655

nta but that was sarcasm anon lol

>> No.59731817

It was a joke anon but >/wvt/ everyone hates /wvt/ tier chuubas. Kiki collabing with them would actually hurt her numbers a lot

>> No.59731829

gigi never streamed with anyone else?

>> No.59731892

Numbers in the threads here aren't the ones you want to be chasing, otherwise Kiki would be fine. You gotta succeed without relying on pandering to these threads

>> No.59732961

Oh yeah let me say one more time the dates
Draw: October 22nd
Matches begin: October 27th

>> No.59734345

Can't wait

>> No.59735108

>Biboo made it
Hyped to see her play

>> No.59735370

As a day 1 gemlin myself, I would have let the meme bake a little while longer before adding it to the roster personally. Same with any meme reflecting Shiori. I feel that BAU BAU caught on as such wildfire and spread through the entire board that it would qualify however. It is what it is tho.

>> No.59735614

That would have to involve some manager wrangling, catalognigs would vote in a holo who hasn't even debuted yet rather than let an indie through

>> No.59735969

I think maybe having a minimum time for the meme to exist would be good, again its not something that matters now for this poll but maybe for the future. Flash in the pan memes are a dime a dozen. LETS GOOOOOO has life to it, along with Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling and the like. I think it would also be good to see if a meme originated here, such as the plap plap "meme" which blew up back during the 5 guys incident when outsiders spammed the catalog with it and in my opinion doesnt represent Shiori at all.

>> No.59736394

I think that for the keep/remove poll there should be a keep & rename option so we can update any players who are outdated

>> No.59736520

see thats the thing, the reps shouldnt be "chubba" given a meme, it should be memes given a model

>> No.59736936

yeah, and if the meme is outdated or not relevant anymore we should have the option to replace it with a more fitting one

>> No.59737160

Can we have Gosling back as the goalkeeper then? It would be dumb to move him to outfield after he's been a GK already and we have no GK as is

>> No.59737178

...that would be just voting them off the team, yes

>> No.59737269

There aren't even that many kiki bait threads in the first place. She just isn't known whatsoever outside of /pyon/ and maybe /pcg/. Not a bad thing but also explains why she didn't make the cut.

>> No.59737317

in an ideal world people would vote for the funny meme and not just their oshi but i think we both know that /vt/ is not that world

>> No.59737508
File: 181 KB, 1280x720, 1633299487970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Memories of kwab, the post.

>> No.59739212


we've already been through the gosling GK arc

>> No.59739778

prior terrible performance aside, Gosling is a bad choice for GK because a character that can't save himself certainly isn't gonna save any goals

>> No.59740005

>diplomaxy/networking reps with some /wvt/ chuubas
yeah because there definitely wasn't any drama in the past between her and other /wvt/ chuubas, that's a great idea anon I'm sure it'll work out great. Yes I know it's been a longass time and most of those people are MIA

>> No.59742862

That tactics export was a 1:1 copy paste of /mayo/'s tactics and a repeat of what was used against /u/. Needless to say it does not translate well to the 4cc rules.
That is something we should do next polling, which would also coincide with a better selection of player options.
Yes. We will take anybody that wants to test for /vt/. Having experience isn't mandatory but if you do it would make the setup a lot easier. Just DM me on my discord and I'll get any prospective testers started on what to do.

Also I saw some people had suggestions with some of the names of players, like giving Bijou the name Biboo. If you have any name suggestions for the players that made the final cut feel free to put them out for consideration.

>> No.59743763

That's the central conceit of the gosling though right? The saviorfag that doesn't save himself

>> No.59745461
File: 1.03 MB, 1106x1260, literally me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59746307

That's surprisingly better than I expected and a few of my picks actually made it. I will now watch you lose in Autumn 2023

>> No.59749275

>Same with any meme reflecting Shiori
GET ME PREGNANT doesn't reflect Shiori at all so it's fine. It reflects the hope of what Shiori could've/would've/should've been. It's just like hopium with Mumei. Come to think of it a player representing the phenomenon of the community projecting their wants onto a highly anticipated debutant prior to debut would've been a good meta thing to have on the roster. Unfortunately the poll is just a mad dash to get /mytribe/ and /myoshi/ on the roster instead of any actual brainstorming about what would best represent the board.

>> No.59749349

>mumei hopium was a highly-educated history-loving chuuba who streamed niche strategy games and classic kino
>shiori hopium is a girl who gets plapped

>> No.59749501

>/vt/ adjusting their expectations for women
I'd call that personal development.

>> No.59752258

Newfag here. Give me a match highlights/compilation to see if watching it would be worthwhile.

>> No.59752346

do you know where you are

>> No.59752538

here is where all the divegrass vods are, everything is here though youll have to specifically go the competitions /vt/ is in
this guy does highlights of basically everything divegrass but again youll have to look for the stuff with /vt/ in it

>> No.59754902

much thanks

>> No.59755290
File: 1.21 MB, 1172x652, domestic_abuse-sama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Neuro in
>Lia in
>Ligma in
We are so fucking back

>> No.59757802

Yeah this is looking like the best roster in /vt/ history!

>> No.59759140
File: 1.44 MB, 1280x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I missed the poll but anything works as long as based supernenechi is in

>> No.59762098

This but marine

>> No.59766132

is bau bau 2 players or a horrific amalgamation of the twins?

>> No.59766199

It's one player representing them both. There are ways to do 2 at the same time. We can do the coexist/unity model way of having them shoulder to shoulder and run in synch or we can have one over the other's shoulders like we did the hey moona model. Or we could do something different but one of those two ways was what I was probably thinking of doing

>> No.59766330

Make them look like catdog, with their top halves stitched together running on their hands

>> No.59767771

Okay is it possible to make BAU BAU's model appear as Mococo from the front, and Fuwawa from the back?

>> No.59768176

I THINK there is something like that that can be done but not as nicely as youre probably thinking and It'd probably be very scuffed especially from not straight up angles. I can ask but I wouldnt bet on that being what we go with

>> No.59768475

There's always the option of reusing what /hlgg/ had with their FuwaMoco model. I liked that it had Fuwawa hitching a ride on Mococo's back.

>> No.59769381
File: 759 KB, 837x1700, 1687961008160256000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuwawa riding mococo would be appropriate for representing fuwawa's backseating

>> No.59771532
File: 292 KB, 1300x1548, 1688845282371981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.59771572

i assume it would work like Hey Moona or Okakoro, but with models swapped with Fuwa and Moco's?

>> No.59771644

or like HFZ Stack where Fuwawa is riding over Mococo's shoulders.

>> No.59773241

Cut your fucking choices next league. It's sad seeing there is 334 responses and the votes for making it to top 10 is just 45

>> No.59773265

next cup, rather.

>> No.59773353

is it a scroll down menu?
can you click on it, then type to automatically scroll and select the chant you typed in?
or is it a simpler button you can scroll down to and click at any given time?

>> No.59773702

If shiori played GK, instead of GET ME PREGNANT, can her name change to "She can save me"?

>> No.59773764
File: 51 KB, 674x384, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

16 out of 23 are holos. Someday we'll get a good balance on the team.

>> No.59773880

do better at getting the vote out, i posted the link in /swarm/ 3 times and neuro got in

>> No.59774108

Just a thought, maybe if you tinker with your browser's zoom, it'll allow you to show all the names without hovering over.
ctrl + "-" or "=" (+)

>> No.59776909

there's a way to have the model be either fuwawa or mococo depending on if you're using home or away uniforms but don't know how well it works on 19

>> No.59777372

It works the same as 21. The original plan for /hlgg/'s FuwaMoco was actually having Mococo carrying Fuwawa for 2 of the kits and vice versa for the other 2. In the end there was barely enough time to get just the one version put together but it could be done for /vt/

>> No.59778728

>2 Phase reps
>2 indies

>> No.59779328

>16 out of 23 are holos
this is probably the same amount of Holo's we would have had if they did the vtL team captains idea.

>> No.59779492

Who's the age of 30 if not Marine

>> No.59779646

It could be any hag but let's be real it's Marine

>> No.59779699
File: 29 KB, 192x738, Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 10.37.58 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imo this would be the ideal roster

>> No.59779783

stop trying to force it anon

>> No.59779862

she is in the mix.
had 10 more voters show up for her. 25% increase.

>> No.59780195

is /lig/ma gonna be Filian? if so, then a lot of these are fulfilled. Neuro is in, Pippa and Lia in.
Not my problem vshojo and niji don't care about divegrass. They had very poor voter turnout.

Kiki had higher voter turnout than any vshojo or niji.

>> No.59781239

/vsj+/ is probably avoiding the catalog due to KuroK9.
You're right about Niji, though. They get extra insular and hidden.

>> No.59781409

wasn't there an exodus of nijifans to some other chan a while back? could explain their disinterest

>> No.59781865

Why would Ligma be Filian

>> No.59782162

because filian is based

>> No.59782199

Supernenechi is largely considered Perma by alot of anons alongside Ogey rrat so she isn't going for a long while.

>> No.59782280

Either of these ideas would be cool.

>> No.59784951

does the team have an offical discord like the others?

>> No.59785529

No, there is a vtl discord though

>> No.59788252


>> No.59791106

I might make art but am not familiar with some of the names/memes. For each player could you tell me which chuuba/corpo they rep?

>> No.59792475

I am awake
you click on the button then it pops up. Rigdio has no scroll bar so the amount that show up depends on your monitor size and if you have a lot of chants it goes off the screen and those chants can only be played by the random button. I'm being serious btw.
which ones anon?

>> No.59792524

all of them except neuro

>> No.59793083
File: 776 KB, 4096x3325, 1688792819257347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ogey. I will give you this spoonfeed anon

ogey rrat - board meme but pekora model
super hyper ultra ultimate deluxe perfect amazing nenechi - nene
watamage - board meme represented by watame
Towa... - Towa
KIARA MY DOG DIED - meme represented by kiara
yeah, me - representation of fanbases
mating press - bae
the pride of hololive - suisei
yubi yubi - korone
i miss fauna - fauna
hag love - a representation of hags in general, usually rotates between different hags.
meds - take them
mikoboat - miko
bau bau - fuwamoco
lia from phase conncect - lia from phase connect
no pippants no pippanties - pippa
Gosling - Hollywood actor ryan gosling, also literally me
Ui Rape Beam - shigure ui
heart heart heart - you know
the age of 30 is in demand - marine
ligma balls - doctor manhattan
get me pregnant - shiori
pebblephiles - bijou and her fans

does this help?

>> No.59793113


>> No.59793121


>> No.59793225

how are pebblephiles going to be represented? a gray pedobear? the rock mascot she designed?

>> No.59793260

is Watamage the /hfz/ version or regular watame?

>> No.59793263

A moai

>> No.59793373

that works, it should also be huge because big models = funny

>> No.59793384

where can I order my Pippa and Lia /vt/ jerseys?

>> No.59793470
File: 276 KB, 366x558, thsywywrhytry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was thinking of a player model where the head is literally a rock/pebble that's princess carrying an actual bijou model and crying happily but me and the other manager have to discuss and finalize what we want the models to be. most likely today or tomorrow consider I'm dcoughing up a lung while I type this
or we could just do this and itll be funny too
teams in the past have done scarfs and shit but I dont know how they do it and also no one is allowed to make money off of it understandable. If we ever win a cup maybe me and the other manager can look into something like that but I have no clue what the first step would even be

>> No.59793550

can you stop dying please you have divegrass to rig

>> No.59793885
File: 298 KB, 498x280, bau bau.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mega based
I hope you gonna use HFZ model of watamage

>> No.59797376


>> No.59797624

>teams in the past have done scarfs and shit but I dont know how they do it and also no one is allowed to make money off of it understandable. If we ever win a cup maybe me and the other manager can look into something like that but I have no clue what the first step would even be
probably using a website like this:
https://www.wildemasche.com/en/Custom-scarves-football-scarf/ other sites are available
where someone creates a design that anons can use to get their own scarf, probably a bit more secure than collecting addresses and doing a bulk order

>> No.59797955

naruhodo, thanks anon. I'm pretty sure some people whove done these sort of items are still in the cup if we ever need to ask them as well

>> No.59800225
File: 1.19 MB, 1080x810, ogeyshirt2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

funny enough someone out there made themselves a /vt/ team shirt, but i don't think they ever said who they were

>> No.59800576

yeah I remember this, he probably just took the logo and went to one of the million tshirt sites out there and ordered one

>> No.59803805


>> No.59804538

/mlp/ management might know how to get in touch with their scarfanon, i know /u/ and /o/ have done them as well