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Every thread deserves at least one reply

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Best girl.

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I agree

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just graduate already

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What's even the point of these threads while she is on hiatus? I believe she'll come back, but every thread just ends up devolving into graduation rrats before it dies. May as well just wait & believe in her

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Tits too big

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did she show up at coco's graduation?

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Yes and no. The whole graduation stream was pre-recorded.

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“Strongest idol”

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I agree it sucks they devolve into that. But I do like seeing people show they still remember and think of her. It's sorta comforting and gives me faith that if she does decide to resume her activities, she'll get a warm welcome.

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I miss chammers so much everyday. I only came here for coco's graduation and havent even looked at this place in long while. I miss you strongest idol. I really do.

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I'll be honest, I don't really care about Coco. I came to Coco's graduation stream only to see Haachama. It was pretty disappointing to see her barely said any word during the stream. Now that Coco is gone, there's no reason for Haato to be sad anymore. I hope she will start streaming soon.

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>Now that Coco is gone, there's no reason for Haato to be sad anymore.
Who's to say that she's sad in the first place? She could be simply in a circumstance that prevents her from streaming that she can't talk about.

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One of the last things she talked about before hiatus was wanting to do a collab with Coco (shortly before grad. announcement). I doubt she's just "over it". Given the timing with her hiatus and Coco's graduation, I think it's fairly safe to say this has taken a pretty big toll on her.

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graduate soon

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Her schizo videos are still up so clearly Cover doesn't have a problem with her contents. Everything start going downhill after Coco told Haato about her decision to graduate a few months back.

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Yeah, the fact that she would decide to go on hiatus instead of taking every chance to collab with her speaks volumes. She'll be all right once her emotions settle down, but there's no telling how long that'll take.

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I remember when she used to break every rule in the book to get close to HoloEN girls

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The fire just went out. Her last stream on the EN server when she called it a mistake and jumped to her death felt sad, not ironic. She's done little English content of any substance since then. Regarding Coco, this adds up more to the creative differences side of the story.

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Betraying bitch.

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Antichama just find something else to do with your life. You seriously are a hair away from becoming like the assholes who sent those death threats to Lulu.

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Aussies are all screwed up schizo huh?
From howtobasic to maxmoefoe and now to their vtuber scene.

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Stop sucking his dick

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Nowadays English is spoken everywhere.
Nowadays English is important for me.

English has become important for me.
English has become spoken everywhere.

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her food still looks edible until she dropped those raw eggs.

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It's pretty obvious she's leaving with Coco and made the decision to go at the same time Coco did.
Her videos were unprivated literally the same day, 28th of march
The same as with Coco being allowed to do some collabs and shit for her last month since she was leaving anyway, they let haachama finish her story

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ogey, EOP clipfag who thinks they know shit about the holomems they're talking when they don't even watches their stream. You even got the date wrong; that's something.

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actual dribbling retard

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>every thread just ends up devolving into graduation rrats before it dies
Yeah, you're right. Even though I didn't make this thread, it's pretty disheartening that every Haato thread at this point will end up with someone posting low effort baits. I won't make Haato thread for now. But, if I see a proper Haato thread, I would try to contribute.

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Even JPbros have to deal with retard Antichama (if this is not him)...

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>It was pretty disappointing to see her barely said any word during the stream.
She said everything she needed to say.

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I think she already graduated highschool

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She did as like the last thing before flying back to Japan and getting into the Quarantine box

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Stop sucking his dick

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> Quote Tweet
Have a (you) to double your replies tweetchama.

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>Haachama returns did Japan
>immediately gets a rona surge
Based plaguechama.

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