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What's the point when you end up being 3 views anyway?

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Holostars outperformed almost all the Nijis today, wow. This is just getting sad. First Niji is mogged by ID, now by fucking Holostars

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So we can keep the money funneling into Riku's 7th yacht

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what the fuck is a prism cup

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The novelty of being Hololive's direct competitor. nothing else.

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Nijisanji is just a yacht building sim at this point

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Selen's big tournament got fucking buried today.

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Holy fuck, you love to see it

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The ol' Fauna slip too.

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You can get enough clout to join Vshojo

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To be fair it seems the Nijis are all doing a big collab with a ton of POVs, those tend to do very poorly in terms of CCV for the members.
It's usually just Aia who is far below the Stars (other than Bettel).

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If your oshi is on this list and are not in Holo they should do the hobby a solid and graduate immediately.

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Lmao are you sure anon? This is how their multi-POV collabs looked last year

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i used to rule the world....

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They lost the mandate of heaven....

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What happened to their chinese audience? They just got bored? I understand vox antagonized his unicorns but what about the rest of them?

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They got sent to re-education camps after getting found out sending large amounts of money to foreign destinations

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holy mother of cope

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Not really a cope, I thought big collabs did poorly in individual CCV since you're spreading viewers with a lot of overlap over lots of streams.
It appears either I was mistaken, or even taking that into account they're still doing way worse than they used to at NijiEN.
I don't really watch NijiEN anymore. I rarely check out Pomu, Rosemi or Selen. Nina was the one I ended up watching the most. I'm more of a Holo watcher (+ Tenma from Phase)

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If you ain't watching it's none your business what their ccv is motherfucker

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There was no need to change the name of that card

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I wish for every group to succeed. A failing corp doesn't help anyone even for the rival fans.

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should've stuck with buying leaf real estate

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25% of cover's entire revenue