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Proportionate and natural boobs are hotter than the extremes. The paizuri struggle is cute.

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Is this the Sora lewds thread?

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But there are women with natural huge boobs. Where do they fall into?

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an affront to god

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Outside the very rare actually natural cases, it's always chirurgie or fatso anyway.

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But if it's surgical it's no longer natural

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How the hell does Sora manage to be the most erotic holo without even trying?

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>without trying
Thats the secret

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It's those that don't try that get my attention. On stage I'm always locked on to Sora or Roboco, even if Suisei or Choco is around.

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Soda’s lewd legs…

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flat or almost-flat is better than medium.

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Only if they make up their femininity elsewhere like big hips and ass, if they're slender and rectangle then it's basically a teenage boy if they're flat.

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It also helps that Sora is literally sex

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Based, medium is premium

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Shows just the right amount of skin

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Makes me want to fuck her with her outfit on.

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Need Sora gf...

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Sora is very cute and she deserves everything she wants

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What if she wants BBC?

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Then i will give it to her myself

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sora sexxxxxxxxxx

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Ah, a soda sex thread. nice nice

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You do know that Sora canonically has a G cup?

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Your kotoba are really fucking kitanai dude.

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Japanese G.

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It's still big

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Proportionate and succulent.

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Forgive me for my sinful thoughts, Sora...

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I'll paint my cock

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Hm, naruhudo. You're quite atamagaii my nakama

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I would say exactly that kek

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Reminder that it's pretty much a certainty that both A-chan and Sora have seen each other completely naked, on multiple occasions, for over 7 years.

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What most of you eop, clipnog, threadreader trash don't know is that due to her condition, Sora has to perform 3D Live events only in her underwear so that she doesn't overheat. This, besides the fact that she insists on performing Lives actually live rather than prerecorded explains why so few are game to perform with Sora as it's become customary for them to strip off too whilst giving their A game - no mistakes, no autotune, no redos. A few holos aren't deterred and go along with it in solidarity.

This was hinted as one of the issues of the new studio's staff shortage: they NEED a small trained crew of all female staff for Sora & friends events but finding women that are into this kind of tech work is very difficult so the girls' managers have had to fumble their way about it after getting a crash course by the engineers. Recall her bday Live when she got the hoodie outfit and how scuffed the audio was? Yeah that's why.

The moar yuo knoar

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Me on the bottom left.

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Is this why Miko has a thing for her?

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Then she can pay the TV license.

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Thats bullshit but i believe it

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Keep your fantasies away from her, mutt.

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It's why miko will jump at the chance to perform with Sora and Co because it means oogling scantly clad holos prancing about with notion sensors stuck to them.

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Sora seeeeeeeex

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SODA sex...

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I found a recent iwara of Sora doing a striptease and fingering herself, best fap I've had in weeks

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Don't try. Same goes with Suisei.

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Just tan it anon. Gyaruoh are more successful than blacks.

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a really good soda mmd just released fwiw https://www.iwara.tv/video/v7Ivgvs2OeulHN/sora-weekender-girl

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At least post MMDs where it is mostly sex. Like I get it, dances can be erotic, but come on now

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i just like boobs does that count

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I bet soras farts are absolutely rancid. i must sniff

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Do you have this vid? Their iwara doesn't and the other place to check doesn't have it either. Share in the hornithread via catbox please?

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Sora is not for lewding!