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>Endurance karaoke 'till 2 300 000 subscribers
>4 hours in, only gained 1500
At this rate she'll have to make it a full 24 hour stream.

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Its rough but she set her goal so its up to her to pull through or not. As a musician she probably knows her limits and not to sing for 15 hours straight. Never ends well.

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She's not going to let you smell her cunt kikek

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I see Myth is not doing so good these days. Or rather HoloEN?

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Go back.

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You actually got bullied out of global AND /#/ and ran away to the catalog kek

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I unsubbed and the number actually went down, that's neat I didn't think it would

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Are subscribers even worth it anymore? If I was given a choice between 1M subs or 10k devoted watchers, I'd choose the later.

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she didn't kill someone career yet for it
to power up herself

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no it's literally just mori, everyone else is doing fine, mori has declined so much that she is consistently the lowest performing member of the branch, she's more of a runt then kiara nowadays

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well viewers are clearly more important, the entire point of a subscriber is to notify someone of your videos... so that they can become a viewer, the end goal of having a subscriber is to gain another viewer, so naturally that's the more important part

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Holo EN has been on a steady decline for years. The posted above forgets that they were once bigger than the JP branch.

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Careless comments from the face got clipped and it helped kill the EN branch

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And this is why you never do subs endurance streams. If you fail you have egg on your face, if you succeed then who cares

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it does for the algorithm and general discoverability

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Delusional. EN was never bigger than JP. Well, only Gura for a period of time.

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And now she is a shitter that has to hide in her hole by not streaming so that investors don't know that her numbers have plummeted through the floor

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Anon... it's time to stop. She still leads all of EN in views.

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I think that most people subscribed to Mori like her music already. So unlike most chuubas who do karaoke as a special...we all know Mori can sing.
She'd probably have to flip the script and solo the ender dragon (or some other game gimmick) to get the same kind of karaoke attention.
Not that it's hard, but it would be her doing something unusual to garner attention.
Beats me though if I knew the algo I'd have a million subscribers.

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great. hope she cancels fwmc collab.

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I once subscribed her channel, but unsubed it when Youtube recomended me Twitch fags clips.
I hope this "bug" is fixed now.

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Endurance subs target usually will get boost by bot lol
It's like karaoke training
Gonna said it's until 7-9 hours

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huh wat u mean

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Why does she suddenly care about subs? Is Cover offering some sub goal bonuses again?

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>she is consistently the lowest performing member of the branch
Most days she gets more than 0 views, which cannot be said of half of her genmates.

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shes become a literal numberfag for quite some time now. id say it started since holox, she's been leeching off people for three consecutive debuts lol just look at the newest en gen

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It's mori she's more than comfortable letting her challenge streams fail

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And the nijinigger reveals himself at last

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Deadbeat is going to beg us to save her? Think again

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Advent is doing fine. Fauna and shark still grow steadily. Mori has the worst growth with 50% live viewer decline compare to last year. Her #2 position get taken by Marin and Peco

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Universal saw her terrible growth and demand she does something about it

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holy ESL

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probably this, she's the only hololive girl who has another big company breathing down her neck, and i doubt universal is in love with her massive decline, they probably told her to get her shit together

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I believe it actually works on twitch?

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Holy fanfiction
Laughing at her is fine you don't need to let the crazy in your head run loose as well.

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Every 500k subs provides a wish. She can ask for a new outfit for example

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Ame got like four wishes from doing nothing.

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>her massive decline
really? i thought her music still does well on like apple music or whatever

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i will never understand streams like these. is it like prisoners refusing to eat to protest something? "i'll stream myself to death unless you create 7000 alts and subscribe to me with all of them!"

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they work, plenty of small indies do the whole singing until they hit 1k likes or x amount of subs because it helps them with the algorithm

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Just why, Kiara just barely avoided getting bitten in the ass by her endurance stream and now Mori has to do the same retarded idea?

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Also, 2,300,000 doesn't feel like a big milestone like 2,5M or just 2,250,000.
It is a good number but it doesn't feel that special

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>sub goal
>attracting new viewers
>start at midnight est
>on a weekday
>also a football day
millions of people just watch the night game and go straight to bed for work. Her only possible save at this point is if people notice her stream in the morning.

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Isn't it 1 mil?

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This is what happens when you hire weeb women that are divorced from "their" culture. Not really their culture anymore when they dont know what common things are like lean, or when sportball matches are played etc

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What save she has a fetish for this she's doing it for us.

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shittiest coast

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Also the most densely populated timezone for english speakers.

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When's the best time I can sub to her temporarily to help her get to her goal but not have to see Mori in my subscriptions box

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why do you care about helping her reach the goal if you don't want to see her?

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She‘s clearly going for jap chads

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while singing exclusively english songs?

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No quicker way for a gaijin to drive away japs than by speaking their language
Only reason someone from japan would ever watch any en holo is them not being japanese and thus different

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yes its one million subs. idk where anom got 500k from.

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that's like saying JP holos have no appeal to americans when they speak english

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That's bullshit. There was a rush of JP in FuwaMoco's chat for their oldschool JP music when people realized it was actual semi-deep cuts that they would never hear from the EN side.

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I got sent a bunch of RM recommendations after I subbed. It was kind of jarring.

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You need to set realistic goals though. Every other month there's this one 1view JP chuuba who sets ridiculous goals like 100k subs and then streams herself to exhaustion because she has this idea that "hard work = dreams come true". It's just depressing.

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Remember ghost Ame? She wasted it into 1 time experience like that

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She was the only holo I was subbed to since debut and honestly I don't even see when she's live anymore. Might have mori blindness.

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I don't care what she chooses to do in her streams, but if Fuwamoco streaming tomorrow gets cancelled because of Mori's poor decisions, I'll be upset.

I don't find Mori too entertaining personally, but I do like watching Fuwamoco.

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Youtube's done that shit for a while now, its how I stumbled across matsuri's RM back when I first started watching holo.

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The subscribers she gains now will be people who are still active. Those are where new devoted watchers will come from. Dead subs are dead subs so the only way is to gain more.

However that does raise the question of how the Youtube algorithm handles it and how human psychology works. Does her relatively huge subscriber count of 2.29M make it easier or harder to get on people's feeds (does it prioritize helping new upcomers or established channels) and are potential new but only-moderately-interested watchers inclined to subscribe or will they rationalize that "she got enough subs already" and not bother clicking the button?

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Even Pekora had a hell of a time with her milestone stream

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It's Google their entire business is collecting personal info of course they are the biggest doxxers.

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Has she realized that her channel growth is dead yet?
People hate her and unlike 2020/21 there is much more competition from inside Hololive, other corpos and indies
Literally no reason for anyone to watch this pig

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Why though?
Was it one thing? A number of events? Or just a general, inexplicable decline? I mean with the wanpiss thing I thought things were looking up for mori?

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> mori can sing
lol, lmao

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Ame gets those for free because management thinks she wasted her wish. Nice grift on her part: choose some relatively cheap "gift" for 1gorillion to make management go
>uh.. you sure you want THIS?
4 times and counting lol

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To be fair she at least did something in the beginning, mori hasn't achieved anything of note

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She's not a good singer and people who watch vtubers don't like that type of music anyway

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>Why does she suddenly care about subs?
She always did. Mori is a huge numberfag
In the past she claimed not to care but that was easy to say while things were going well. Now that her numbers are suffering she becomes desperate and shows her true face

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>mori hasn't achieved anything of note
Calm down here for moment. What do you mean by her not achieving anything of note?

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Cheap? She's the only one in the company with live expression trackings & Cover made a completely new model & reworked their face tracking app for just for that one model.

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>Google's fault
You're fucking stupid. The algorythem factors in what people go to look at next after watching streams from channels. It just so happens that there's enough curious people or people who just want info that those get pushed to the new subs.

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She can't sing anymore, her voice literally giving out every 3 sentences, even while whispering the songs...

>> No.59295146

>2.3 mil
It's just pathetic, I would've understood doing it for 2.5 but she's never reaching that

>> No.59295254

Did you miss the entire homo arc?

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this one will never not be funny, sacrifice what's left of your dying career for two ungrateful fucks who left shortly after

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Doesn't matter because she does not stream

>> No.59295624

Imagine "working so hard" everybody has to say that everytime they mention you but your coworker who doesn't do anything is more successful than you

>> No.59295659

Why would Mori of all people get affected by homo collabs when she had already done them million times before homoENs.

>> No.59295733

Another 4 hours, another 1.5k subs.
At this pace she gonna need like 15 more hours.

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>this nigga came into a catalog thread to have a serious discussion

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Online "Content" Creation has never been a meritocracy. People are fucking dumb and have shit taste. No idea why people are still surprised by this.

>> No.59296071

It's almost like different people have different levels of tolerance when it comes to homos.
And if you wanna know what the bottomline looks like, then just look at the homo numbers.

>> No.59296168

how many of those are from vt or antis that are going to unsub when she gets to 299900 just when she sees the finishline?

>> No.59296184

oh damn I should do that

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The issue comes down to the 'does popularity equate to some value of entertainment'. There's some yes and some no, but the real crux of the issue is that there's also some amount of luck in how many people actually stick. For Gura, she was the most memey, clever, and had a decent sense of humor that clicked with a wider audience. That drove everyone to her from the start and she became the go-to face of EN vtubing to the more general audience. When you'd go to a con or see a vtuber picture posted by a fan somewhere, most of the time it was Gura. That means you have even more traffic and have more potential viewers coming in, some percentage of which will actually stick around and become hardcore dedicated fans.
The machine feeds itself and at some point she became 'too big to fail'. Beyond some extreme happening, she will never stop being the face of the HoloEN branch and will always be one of the first contact points for possible new viewers to enter HoloEN viewership. The real issue comes down to the fact that with her extremely sporadic streaming the last year and a half, how many potential gateway viewers has she instantly had 'Nope' their way out of Hololive EN after checking her channel and seeing the meger amount of content?
I 100% subscribe the the notion that management is forcing her to come back during debuts to remind old fans to check in, possibly getting them hooked on new talents because what's it hurt to check out the new debuts? Some number of people who come back when Gura is streaming will move on to one of the new girls when they watch a stream or two between Gura's, and that's just rehooking old, lost fans, something that benifites both Cover and the newest Gens.

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Gura is literally the EN with the least amount of yabs. She wins by default.

>> No.59296593

All of Myth had the COVID Shutdown bonus. That's the reason for explosive popularity and the reason why almost everyone is stagnating right now in EN. EN viewership was driven by that and now we are reaching levels of people who maintain vtubers as a hobby rather than being stuck at home with nothing else to do

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>Such an alcoholic she can't stream
>No yabs
Pick one

>> No.59296716

Didn't she just mock 'number friends' in her last cover?

>> No.59296808

>mori is a hypocrite
first time here ?

>> No.59296843

yes, and she'll continue to do so

>> No.59297021

Gura being the face of en vtubing has been absolute cancer and the world is full of worthless clones desperate to be monkeycheese memelords. That one girl that was just literally being gura until people screamed at her was more honorable than the pollution that is called en vtubing.

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Well, she's a reaper

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Will it go faster once burgers wake up? otherwise it is another 8 hours for the last 5k

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A large chunk of the US was done caring about Covid in mid to late 2021. If it were purely a Covid thing, their numbers wouldn't have remained so stable in 2022. There's always going to be some bleedout without something to push the streamer forward. Japan and the JP branch have a much easier time with this for a multitude of reasons, but it's true that the Western fanbase is honestly more bandwagoner and flighty than the JP fans are wbich is why the decline is so noticable.
I'd also like to add that the EN's numbers aren't as terrible as they seem compared to JP. JP 100% has more fans, but with how google counts active viewers of a stream, you're going to get a lot more counted given there's a lot more JP fans who do shit like watch on their phones or TVs.

>> No.59297201

I avoid every chuuba described as a meme lord. Easy red flag. Also zoomers. All I watch are hags now and I am enjoying it a lot more

>> No.59297310

It's because Hags (espcially Holo Hags) realize that this is their once in a lifetime oppertunity. They bust their ass to try and maie as much out of it as possible, from a money standpoint, an ego/attention standpoint, and a personal goals standpoint. The dogs and Kiara are my favorite EN for that reason. There are other EN that are very thabkful of their fans, but those 3 have a deep-rooted need to make fans happy to make themselves happy.

>> No.59297321

> shit like watch on their phones
oh man I'm a JP

>> No.59297484

Myth offcollab was jump the shark shit. You don't cry about meeting in Japan and then do that crap.

>> No.59297632

>ENDURANCE until 2.300.000
>stream is over
>no 2.3mil
She gave up KWAB

>> No.59297658

Why was Mori doing an endurance stream to hit 2.3 million specifically? I'd understand 2.25 or 2.5 but what the fuck kind of milestone in 2.3?
>4 hours in, only gained 1500
Her reputation is in the mud. She can probably turn it around but it'll take multiple years of good behavior.

>> No.59297709

Every chuuba has one year before rehabilitation but the counter resets every yab

>> No.59297731

Is this the conclusive core reason? Have the numbernigs done a study of exactly when her decline began and was it with the homos?
If so wow. She fucked up her channel for the sake of two grifters that snuck out the back door in the end.

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Subscribers ARE YOUR fanbase. It's not just people passing by but those who are generally interested in you and are more likely to buy your merch, go to concerts, superchat you etc. Why do you think many youtubers are always pushing you to "like and subscribe" every video? Why do v-tubers have SUB marathon instead of CCV marathon?

CCV aren't bad either, but it is too influenced by other things like branch pool, timezones, stream subject and you need to include VODs in those calculations for a better picture. Also someone CCV viewing doesn't mean they're there for you and can be surfing between waiting rooms or there cause their oshi is around, it's their favorite game, etc. That's why you don't see high CCV translate to high sub counts; it's not how things work and this applies outside of Hololive.

Mori's not number 2 anymore unless it's EN but she still had some recent successes like with One Piece and the song writing work for Connect the World.

>> No.59297775

Just go ask the deadbeats why they like her. Then realize the opposite will be true and that's why she stagnated

>> No.59297784

>2.295m subscribers isn't enough
>i need 2.3m
I'm all for endurance streams to reach milestones, but if you're already over 2m or even 1m it doesn't trigger the saviorfag reflex.

>> No.59297787

c'mon deadbeats, your oshi actually needs you this time. Stop taking shitty baits on /vt/ and watch her streams

>> No.59297811

She will continue to put on that fake ass persona of not giving a shit about numbers, keeping it fucking real and owning the haters
And she will continue to contradict her words with her actions like speaking in a fake cutesy voice during collabs, leeching off other Holomem and doing BIG EVENT and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT every week in a desperate attempt to keep her numbers from dropping even lower
Normal solo gaming streams are the bread and butter of every Holomem but Mori would not be able to succeed with them anymore, those times are over for her and she knows they're not coming back

>> No.59297856

Make it like a twitch style subathon next time. Do it like ironmouse

>> No.59297883

oops too late the stream is over and the milestone wasn't achieved

>> No.59297905

Honestly I think Myth's time is over. They won't be the legacy of the branch the way some thought 2 years ago

>> No.59297932

>fake cutesy voice
the hell are you on about now?

>> No.59297937

She should have realized what a dumb idea this was. So short sighted to try and cheat the algorithm instead of maintaining a positive image

>> No.59297974

The End.

>> No.59298018

did they at least watch the stream?

>> No.59298048

>talk about how important it is to expand mindshare in a non-streamer context
>meanwhile their own official twitter just pushes the homos and leaves the girls in the dirt.
I wouldnt be surprised if the holoen account was at least 75% homos and holojp

>> No.59298077

They could've been that but failed through their own faults
Gura has the biggest pull in EN but doesn't stream anymore
Ame is burned out and fought her fans leading to her downfall
Everything went wrong with Mori
Ina just kind of faded more and more into background, she still does well with her core fanbase which is really nice for her but I rarely ever hear about her from anywhere else in the HoloEN fandom
Kiara was always a runt but she endures in her little bubble, I'm glad for her getting some good interactions with Advent tho

Compare that to early Myth were a full gen collab was an event the whole vtubing sphere paid attention to.
In 2023 HoloEN was carried more by CouncilRyS than Myth as crazy as that sounds

>> No.59298082

Man zoomer buzzwords never cease to amaze me.

>> No.59298169

>Hololive is dying
>Western vtubing is dying
>Hololive EN is dying
>Myth is dying
And other lies deadbeats tell themselves to cope with the fact that Mori came close to 3 view territory a few times these past 2 months when overlapping advent.

>> No.59298187

Lurk 10 more years before posting again, retarded newfags

>> No.59298192

Oh you are here. Great.

>> No.59298193

What do you mean?

>> No.59298196

CouncilRyS is more entertaining. Even their yabs are more entertaining. I'm glad for Kiara even if I don't like her. Ina seems kind of lazy honestly. Ame should just try and rehabilitate her image and she could easily have been on top the past year but she's too stubborn.

>> No.59298213

If she hadn't been so interested in Twitch's incest circles, her life would have been much better.
When she sang about "real" on her new EP, I couldn't help but laugh.

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File: 635 KB, 818x660, ONE MILLION [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fufpggb.m4a].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59298230

Vtubing is stagnating all over, especially EN. You don't have to be a deadbeat to realize this

>> No.59298242

Hard to make yabs when you don't stream, even if that in itself becomes your "yab"

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File: 11 KB, 225x225, 74872849234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ina just kind of faded more and more into background
Should've seen that coming from a woman who wears dresses purely because she's too lazy to put on pants and who's greatest ambition in life is to sleep on the floor as often as possible desu

>> No.59298306 [DELETED] 

She's definitely going the fat lazy Asian route instead of Crazy Rich Asian

>> No.59298418

Ina already seems successful enough to just do content that makes her happy so that makes me happy

>> No.59298432

Ok deadbeat.

>> No.59298436

That's fine but don't pretend she's the hardest worker

>> No.59298472

God you are fucking stupid

>> No.59298487

>Vtubing is stagnating all over
Good, maybe it'll die off and most of you faggots will leave and I can watch my 2view in peace.

>> No.59298543

she isn't, she doesn't even have to work hard for her content to be the best of myth

>> No.59298558

You already CAN watch your 2view in peace. That's why she's a 2view

>> No.59298570

>Myth time is over
It really isn't. The covid bluff wore off for everybody. The V-tubering world has gotten huge compared to 2020. Myth is still growing and has done most of their fan collecting in the first two years. The only thing I see different are that idols are getting burned out (I blame Cover's event after event obsession for some this), aging out, wanting to prepare for the next stage of life. This would of happened eventually has V-tuber is stilll under ten years old. Few can stay in this job forever. Although I see Cover keeping on and dragging old women Sora out a few times a year for the nostalgia kick.

>> No.59298592

t. least dishonest deadbeat

>> No.59298593

WTF are you talking about, anyone who actually gives a shit about watching her is already subed, all those net new subs are either pity subs, dup accounts from those who already been subbed on other account, and potentially some folks who are indeed just found her for a first time, but from those new people only fraction will stick around for more then couple streams.

>> No.59298610

holy cope

>> No.59298627

Events are the only thing vtubing has going for it. Otherwise it's literally anime girl avatar streams shitty games

>> No.59298653

>Otherwise it's literally anime girl avatar streams shitty games

>> No.59298685

Just go watch twitch. That seems to be all you want. Events matter

>> No.59298698

I will never understand why Mori became a numberfag; I'd never seen someone so lackluster about hitting two million before at a time when only three or four other V-tubers in the world achieved this.

>> No.59298722

None of these girls act like anime characters

>> No.59298738

I think it's nice to have a concert once a year and seasonal events for stuff like christmas and valentine's day but everything beyond that diverts too much time and energy away from streaming

>> No.59298783

Jesus Christ. Why do you people act like streaming is the most difficult job in the world? Most chuubas are just fucking lazy. Plenty of them do tons of events and maintain regular streaming schedules

>> No.59298851

It's funny seeing the Morifag on /hlgg/ got BTFO after he keeps spamming the "everyone on hololive should kneel on Mori"
Kiara did an endurance stream for her 1.5m sub goal and she achieved it which is pachi pachi meanwhile Mori can't even hold on her own

>> No.59298854

Worse than Nijisanji
It is very tiresome when random streamers are suddenly integrated into the storyline, just like recent MCU.

>> No.59298902

Holy fuck, how young are you?

>> No.59298956 [DELETED] 

Imagine if /hlgg/ wasn't patrolled by cuckbeat mods 24/7
I would shit on Mori and fanbase so hard over this

>> No.59298957

Disagree. I think you would have more creative streams, more collabs and less health issues if idols didn't have drop what they were doing to fly to Japan every couple of months to learn routes for the same song and dance that everyone else pumps out.

What part of that is cope rather than reality? People are aging out or burning out. Why do you think there's more energy with kohais the fresher they are?

>> No.59299066 [DELETED] 

So you are afraid of some bans which are easy to evade?

>> No.59299146 [DELETED] 

More than afraid I'd say they're annoying
Also having your posts deleted within seconds for having a negative opinion on Mori defeats the purpose of making them in the first place

>> No.59299179 [DELETED] 

>defeats the purpose of making them in the first place

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File: 2.47 MB, 1600x900, 1695732901446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For people who can't be bothered to even lurk /hlgg/
She thought she was already at 2.95.

>> No.59299231

You're right, but your underage is showing.

>> No.59299261

The point of making a post on 4channel.org is to participate in conversation with other people like we are doing right now, that is not possible when your post disappears before others have the chance to reply to it

>> No.59299305

You literally just want a typical twitch streamer. Health issues are almost always bullshit and learning routines is literally what being an idol is about. Just go to twitch and live your best life

>> No.59299323

>Anon, there's slim to no chance of ANY EN getting 8k in a single endurance stream when their average growth is 10k at best in a 30 day period
Gura could
Mumei probably could
Fauna maybe?
Nerissa definitely could
FWMC and Biboo are also a maybe

>> No.59299430

you thought you could throw nerissa in there and we wouldn't notice?

>> No.59299467

>Nerissa definitely could
????? explain definitely for rissa over maybes for fauna biboo and the twins

>> No.59299492

>Holo EN has been on a steady decline for years. The posted above forgets that they were once bigger than the JP branch.
They were never bigger than HoloJP but there was a brief time when they were getting close. HoloEN for several months had absurd growth with Gura reaching 50k CCV during an Among Us tournament with the EN numbers being over 100k CCV in total. The recline is slowing down but the lockdowns did cause a bubble in the EN market.

>> No.59299570

I think Nerissa hasn't realized her growth potential so far and an endurance karaoke could do a lot for her
The maybe for the others isn't meant to be a slight against them but rather means that they already have made use of their growth potential and a single karaoke stream might not do that much for them anymore
I think Biboo still has a lot of room for growth but in her case it probably won't be accomplished with karaoke

Is there a problem sir?

>> No.59299605

yeah, i think any karaoke from the demon of sound would be an improvement.

>> No.59299875

Anon, twitch is a platform not a personality, the purpose is to be a V-TUBER. Idols do covers, make original songs, do meet up, roleplay the GF, they don't need to have WORLD concerts every two months to be V-tubers and half their creativity. Even if Cover foots some of the bills--key word some--the first priority is the fanbase not the company.

>> No.59299882

There is literally a graph that allows you to pinpoint when her career got to shit and basically never recovered, only going down.

>asking for survival bias
Half of them are probably homowatchers wanting her to be their oshi fucktoy.

>> No.59299923

>Half of them are probably homowatchers wanting her to be their oshi fucktoy.
Nah even with her decline she's still too big to have a 50% homowatcher audience

>> No.59299944

It's literally recovering for a while now.
One can only wonder why M*ri is one of the only ones not recovering.

>> No.59299983

Nerissa can't live sing for shit lmfao

>> No.59299999

No, the reason why is because she's boring

>> No.59300037

>she's still too big
She was. She is consistently getting the least amount of ccv in the entire EN branch.

>> No.59300100

So why isn't she fired? Why isn't she leaving?

>> No.59300161

Because cover isn't a black company. Otherwise the ID branch would have been cut in half already, since many of them are literal 3 views.

>> No.59300163

Even as she fails as Mori she is still doing better then as notmori

>> No.59300212

why do you entertain entirely fictional statements with more open ended questions?
can't you just go to /wg/?

>> No.59300271

>Anon, twitch is a platform not a personality
You know? I'd like to disagree with this statement. Twitch is tits-deep in the current day mind virus.

>> No.59300600

>It's literally recovering for a while now.
Analytics don't back this up. Multiple streamers in Holo EN have stated that vtubing in the West is on the decline(including Mori.) You can't prove otherwise because all data supports this.

What are you going to do, point to a month ago and pretend like the Advent debut is representative of the industry as a whole or even current Advent?

>> No.59300635

>but if Fuwamoco streaming tomorrow gets cancelled because of Mori's poor decisions, I'll be upset.
In what world would this even happen?

>> No.59300808

Yeah, if you don't watch Holo and Niji that's the point. Too bad a lot of the Holo fans are 100% into the concerts and performances and music numbers because it's unique and plays a bit onto the idol stuff.

>> No.59300996

>Multiple streamers in Holo EN have stated that vtubing in the West is on the decline(including Mori.)
No, only Mori did. Because she's coping about her shit numbers.
Please post clips of others saying it. You won't because they don't exist.

>> No.59301030 [DELETED] 

>vtubing in the West is on the decline
1. In first place streamer culture is dying in the west.
2. Twitch-simp Mori

>> No.59301042

>Very first sing is cuckcore Mr Brightside
What did she mean by this?

>> No.59301098

Every HoloEn sings that for some reason.

>> No.59301281
File: 701 KB, 2400x1441, 1683210845381217.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NTA, but Vtubing has been doing well for a while now.
Even in EN most smaller corpos have been growing, it's just HoloEN and NijiEN bleeding viewers.

>> No.59301289

She stopped her endurance stream because she wanted to make sure the collab tomorrow won't be cancelled.

>> No.59301429

Hololive EN has stagnated. Everyone who denied it finally realized it with Advent.

>> No.59301597

I think Mori should create Tiktok-like short content, why doesn't she do that?

>> No.59301684

>Subscribers ARE YOUR fanbase. It's not just people passing by but those who are generally interested in you

lol no they arent, people can have any number of reasons for pressing subscribe and never watching. Look at Kobo for example, indog all sub to her because they think if they make her sub number go up it'll make indonesia look more cool and successful and make them look more important as indonesian hololive fans. They dont watch her or buy her merch

>> No.59301776

Anon, she scheduled the karaoke to continue 1h after FWMC collab.
She just wants to leech off the girls.

>> No.59301859

God I fucking hate zoomers

>> No.59301871

>So why isn't she fired?
Still the secong biggerest in subs
>Why isn't she leaving?
Even if she becomes the wors holo in # she's still doing better than her RM

>> No.59301905

this is horrifying

>> No.59301927

>secong biggerest
holy EOP and ESL

>> No.59301951

>dead subs
>dead beats
mori was onto something the entire time, I just can't figure out what

>> No.59301992
File: 252 KB, 712x534, bench.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no, such mistaken of the language english!!!!!

>> No.59302039

God I hate calli so much

>> No.59302070

She cashed in her hololive business card for a moment of fun with twitch guys.
After the UMG contact, she finally realized its value and is in the process of trying to buy it back.

>> No.59302492

Desperate for money
Desperate for cock

>> No.59302667

Will the strategy work? It’s hard to tell. I don’t think Mori’s idea is the worst, since I did come back after Advent, and her streams and songs have started showing up again (probably because I listened to a few of her covers and because she’s been collabing with Advent). So I think Advent has helped her discoverability.
As to whether it’ll help her subs…maybe? I don’t usually log into YouTube with my account and I think I did sub to all of Myth at the time with my old account. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were long culled though.
Maybe that’s one of the groups of people she’s aiming for. I think Mori’s (in)famous enough that it might not work as well, but I think if she were going to do this at any time post-Council, that this is one of the best times to do it.

>> No.59302666

>add nothing to the conversation

>> No.59302749

Frankly, Mori’s collabs with Advent didn’t break that much shit. I even ended up clicking on her endurance drawing streams a few times wondering if Advent would show up. I’m probably not watching Mori solo but willing to tune in if I like her collab partner.
So I don’t know if this counts as “forgiving” Mori, but I really don’t hate her enough to skip her content if it has stuff I might enjoy despite (and fuck it, a 25% chance *because of*) Mori.

>> No.59302814

I find this board is full of retarded people so expect someone to seethe and disagree but the fact is I know she was getting 12k CCV on her streams at the end of 2021 and then the condom money arc is what crashed her CCV down to current levels. Anything after that didn't matter, the unicorns had already left by that point.

>> No.59303129

>I know she was getting 12k CCV on her streams at the end of 2021
Most of her gameplay streams were under 10k unless it was pokemon.

>> No.59303153

>after that didn't matter
The climax of her twitch drama occurred after the condom arc.

>> No.59303378

What form of cope is this?

>> No.59303784
File: 171 KB, 1921x1153, 1693496278280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NTA but that's absolutely not true, especially WRT small corpos. Idol was growing for a bit until it started tanking recently. Phase is stagnant, but Pippa didn't drop like Rin did I guess, Pippa has been pretty steady. kawaii stopped growing ever since gen 3 ditched. EIEN completely fucked themselves. Akioair blowing up, Prism falling apart, the list goes on.

>> No.59303958 [DELETED] 

>Mori damages her vocal cords and has to get them removed, forced to graduate
In the ideal world...

>> No.59304071

I don't think that's how vocal cords work.

>> No.59304201

Holy schizo thread

>> No.59304263

You could post a more relevant chart. This one literally killed herself when she tried to lecture her own viewers.
Just look at the chart I posted, and then look at how many small corpos and indies appeared since then, they are easily more than compensating the loss of the big corpos.

>> No.59304324 [DELETED] 

I would laugh so fucking hard if she actually got caught with lean and other drugs and got arrested. Just for the Deadbeats who've been claiming she doesn't know what lean actually is.

>> No.59304549
File: 560 KB, 2400x1440, 1691748693898.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll do you one better and post an actual graph with small corpos in it, and then you can look at the numbers for september and see that they're even lower than august was
>then look at how many small corpos and indies appeared since then, they are easily more than compensating the loss of the big corpos.
Proof that they're compensating for the loss? Unless I suddenly missed a small corpo that grew massively it's clear that most viewers just left vtubing entirely.
Indies have always existed and most of them aren't growing. Even if you look at twitch most of the big ones have tanked since the COVID Myth boom. These days there's what, Neuro and filian as the biggest indies? Not nearly growing enough to make up for how many viewers Vshojo and ex-Vshojo lost.

>> No.59304677

Hell, it wasn't just 'unicorns' that left. Not only did she react and do stupid shit with condom money, but she also engaged with the cuck tweet AND went to reddit to try and defend herself the morning after. Had she just ignored it like all of her coworkers do in public for yabs, it would have quickly disappeared. Instead she tried to 'own the haters' which most people know is the dumbest thing you can do and makes it look like you're trying to perpetuate the drama, which most people don't want in their normal streams.

>> No.59304889

Woman moment. You can't even read a graph.

>> No.59304977

Lean is codeine anon. It's over the counter medicine in Japan. You're jerking off to the idea of someone getting arrested for possession of nyquil.

>> No.59305040
File: 1.22 MB, 1644x742, 1982384743.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't read what I said, idol's temporary boost from Endless already dropped after the period shown in the graph, I've been tracking Roca's numbers along with the rest so I would know. At least her karaoke numbers are pretty steady.

>> No.59305066 [DELETED] 

Fine with me if the japanese police plant cocaine on her after they rape her.

>> No.59305093

The “true” unicorns who leave just because of the male collab really do not matter. Any time a male collab has caused less views, there was other stuff that also happened. I don’t think this means male collabs have *no* effect, but maybe that vtubers with certain unpleasant traits are more likely to do them.
My theory is that male collabs are just a supercharged form of debuff content that makes some leave and slowly turns others into tourists the more often they occur (like normal debuff content, but much faster).
My rrat is that a lot of vtubers expect a gigantic showdown, realize it’s just a quiet but hard to get rid of debuff, and go schizo when they realize it’s market mechanisms and not /vt/ that keeps male collabs to a minimum in corpos like Hololive. And that other vtubers are burnt out, have stopped giving a fuck, and unconsciously want to cripple their channel and filter viewers so they can deal with less stress. And filtering existing viewers is unpleasant.

>> No.59305307

The reason I put unicorn in quotes is because the definition is so broad around here that it's retard to try and pinpoint it as a point of failure. I think it's less about the male shit and more about the combative attitude that pushes drama to the forfront and tells any and every person who wants to fuck with you to come running. That'll really turn people off quick if they think you're devolving.

>> No.59305813

Since you are too retarded to read graphs, let me explain to you. Both of those companies got more members since april, and the average amount of viewers each member gets didn't decrease in either of them.
The total amount of viewers increased.

>> No.59306272

It was the lean arc

>> No.59306286 [DELETED] 
File: 1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 1695515425281120.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Artificial Academy 2 General /aa2g/ #1293
Ready to Serve Edition

Welcome, this general is for the discussion of ILLUSION's Artificial Academy 2.


/aa2g/ Pre-Installed Game, AA2Mini: https://tsukiyo.me/AAA/AA2MiniPPX.xml
AAUnlimited updates: https://github.com/aa2g/AA2Unlimited/releases

AA2Mini Install Guide:
General FAQ:
AAU Guide and Resources (Modules, Tans, Props, Poses, and More):

>Character Cards [Database], now with a list of every NonOC in the megas:

>Mods & More:
Mods for AAU/AA2Mini (ppx format, the mediafire has everything):
/aa2g/ Modding Reference Guide (Slot lists for Hair/Clothes/Faces, List Guides, and More):
Booru: https://aau.booru.org

>HELP! I have a Nvidia card and my game crashes on startup!
Try the dgVoodoo option in the new win10fix settings.
Alternative: Update your AAU and see if it happens again. If so, disable win10fix, enable wined3d and software vertex processing.
>HELP! Required Windows 11 update broke things!
winkey+R -> ms-settings:developers -> Terminal=Windows Console Host

Previous Thread:

>> No.59306371 [DELETED] 

Where is The Hololive bubble now wigger cunt?
Don't wanna Branch out to do new things with the boys?
disgusting pink numberfag

>> No.59306641

I like these threads, they always work like a reverse jinx
She's probably gonna end up with some crazy collab now

>> No.59306650

>general downward trend
>b-b-but we're on a small uptick! hah!
I extended the olive branch and you still shoved it aside because you were desperate to show everyone how much of a retard you are. Bold move anon but I don't think it played out the way you wanted it to.

>> No.59306862

Stupid faggot.

>> No.59309962

>downward trend
I see you are a retard that thinks that EN is all of vtubing. In JP, a shitton of companies are growing, VSPO, noripro, 774, neoporte, Voice-ore, etc.
And I have literally proven that the companies in the west are growing too, even Pippa is consistently a 4view now.

>> No.59310176

>I see you are a retard that thinks that EN is all of vtubing.
I see that you're a retard who doesn't think before nosediving into a conversation because you're desperate to jump on your soap box and be heard. The conversation is specifically about vtubing in the West. Spare five seconds next time and save yourself the embarrassment, okay anon? It didn't have to be like this but you became a victim of your own ego.

>> No.59310265

This is the part where he repeats himself and I dismantle the argument by quoting myself. Retards are far too predictable.

>> No.59310620

>Vtubing is stagnating all over, especially EN
Nah. You are the one moving goalposts, and if you didn't jump in the middle, then you are the cuckbeat trying to cope with M*ri viewership dying.

>> No.59310865


No thanks, unless it's her graduation.

>> No.59311254

It's funny how this went from shitting on Mori to shitting about numbers in general

>> No.59311430

Deny reality all you want. Facts don't bend to your delusions and your insistence on misconstruing available data to spread disinformation speaks volumes about what you're really here for.

>> No.59311603

Just wait for Japan to wake up

>> No.59312558

Did she think she'd gain nearly 10k in one stream?
Fucking dumbass. Koyori almost killed herself trying to pull a similar stunt.

>> No.59312902

>drop like Rin did
Entirely her own fault she committed the two biggest mistakes a chuuba can do
>fighting her own fans
>flirting with men on stream
IdolEN2 is really good and some of the older members are salvageable. Idol should graduate all the male collabing whores and clean up its image as a good vtuber idol company
They can grow much bigger than they currently are

>> No.59314776
File: 774 KB, 850x1102, 1688452539789343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok but I still want to have sex with her design

>> No.59317722

She makes a lot of money, more than most other HoloENs. Turns out CCV doesn't actually convert to currency, unlike successful albums.

>> No.59319055

Then why are they making her numberfag?

>> No.59321996

Hope this dumb bitch isn't sleep deprived for her FWMC leech stream. Not optimistic.

>> No.59322662

>retard thinks ccv actually matters
Every time.

>> No.59323036

NTA but the entire discussion was about English branchs and the downward spiral of vtubing in the west
There's no goalpost being moved, retarchama...

>> No.59324155

because it is literally their job to numberfag

the girls might get away with doing extremely unappealing streams like long late night weird jrpg streams or other weird games they're interested in but they do actually have managers who are keeping track of this shit and informing them of trends to chase

with mori she gets it even harder because shes also part of a big label although ironically their bullshit is all exclusively numbers poison and her music is only growing as she gets more and more control by surpassing their expectations

>> No.59324244

Your oshi will graduate first before mori KEK

>> No.59324737

>more than most other HoloENs
I don't know about albums, but her merch are one of the slowest moving ones in myth.

>> No.59325080
File: 242 KB, 1300x1300, url(41).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> her music is only growing as she gets more and more control by surpassing their expectations

>> No.59325155

Wait did she not make it?

>> No.59327032

hate that fucking song

>> No.59329314

I mean she's more successful than everybody else in the company as well, so it's not surprising.

>> No.59330481

>cuckbeats actually believes in that
One Gura's merch batch probably made more money than all of Mori's Spotify "views", and that's in EN alone, imagine JP who gets more merch, sponsorships and all that shit

>> No.59332143

The higher your subscriber base the higher the pool you can pull CCV from, meaning higher ceiling

>> No.59332953

Other people replying to you miss the fact that dead subs don't matter and can be misleading. But yes generally for active content creators more subs leads to more views.

>> No.59333642

>2 streams to gain 7k subs
So much for the top 4 or whatever vtuber

>> No.59335270

She has the most skeleton in the closest in all of EN

>> No.59335449

Vtubing in general has pretty much reached most of its possible audience. I don't really see any explosive growth like it had when EN first came out to be possible anymore. Not to mention its really getting oversatured.

>> No.59335578

>will they rationalize that "she got enough subs already" and not bother clicking the button?
Those are pity subs. Those aren't worth it in the long run. Real sub are people who want to watch more of her content. Just like how I did to Australian inventor to see more wacky inventions

>> No.59335779

Quality >>> Quantity. Also the pure image of an idol is very important

>> No.59335895

>People are fucking dumb and have shit taste
Only failed entertainer blame their customers for their own failure. I bet you don't even know what zoomer like these days

>> No.59336024

Collab with the homo they said. Hanging out with anituber they said. Become a whore for freedom they said

>> No.59336095

sub endurance stream is the fastest way to gain dead sub, it only helps number go brrrrr for that one stream then that's it. If you want real active sub that will turn into CCV then collab, event, variety and FOTM game streams are the ones to go to
On the other hand, tourist heavy stream like this is a good strategy to bait for SC and gift membership. It won't help expand your viewer base by much but it sure does milk your current one for more money

>> No.59336161

Somehow they managed to make she think her music and stream content were actually good by its own and not related to parasocial relationship at all

>> No.59336209

The only way to redeem herself from the homo collabs

>> No.59336371

Someone want quick result. Probably pressure from investors.

>> No.59336559

There's a few rising star on twitch, check /lig/. Vtuber no longer have explosive rise like 2020 but it can grow

>> No.59336764

What happened to Mori antis anyway? This thread is so slow even with deadbeats calling them dumb. Talk about a decline

>> No.59336805

Vspo is rising. Aren't they just a bunch of apex streamer?

>> No.59336915

did she reach her milestone?

>> No.59336999

Trolling "She only puts 5% of her efforts into hololive" really doesn't work in 2023 when Gura, Ina and Ame exists.

>> No.59337010

She knows what will happen if she leaves. She doesn't want to return to wage slaving in JP anymore

>> No.59337079

She did and it was a massive failure

>> No.59337266

They have nothing left to hold onto since all the yab stuff died when 2022 ended and other holos are starting to lose some momentum (Gura)

>> No.59337304

Wait until the ban duration end chud

>> No.59337424

Oh wow so scary anon, I'm quivering.

>> No.59338253
File: 3.55 MB, 1280x720, 1687049579390754.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and valorant

>> No.59338321

japan that this really bizarre Apex/Valorant edating scene and vspo are like the posterchild of it.

>> No.59338382

She did it and everyone clowned on her music...as it should be.

>> No.59338449 [DELETED] 

Looking forward to Mori's cats dying!

>> No.59338484
File: 41 KB, 135x159, orange.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thats just rude

>> No.59338674

i'm going to assume you're esl and be nice

mori gets signed to universal who now control all her releases and release windows. her music outperforms what they were expecting, giving her more bargaining power as she pushes for a different release strategy for her music and more creative control that she knows is better, that is slowly but surely being implemented, as her music continues to perform better than ever

hope this helps

>> No.59338873

Cool, but can you please hang yourself? Thanks in advance.

>> No.59339570
File: 998 KB, 2400x1441, 1694506445971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

by your stupid ass logic, HoloEN is thriving because they got more members since July and the average increased from what it was before, so the total number of viewers there also increased
which means your initial premise that HoloEN and NijiEN are dying was wrong
hell even in the initial chart you posted, NijiEN's numbers didn't decrease after they released their newest wave in June, so by your logic NijiEN is also thriving since the total number of viewers there also increased

>> No.59339596
File: 207 KB, 600x400, it be like that.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>still not at 2,300,000 subs

>> No.59339684

Yes, drinking lean is illegal in Japan. Lean is a mixture of codeine-containing cough syrup, promethazine, and Sprite. It is a popular recreational drug in the United States, but it is illegal in many countries, including Japan.
In Japan, lean is classified as a stimulant drug under the Stimulant Drug Control Act. This means that it is illegal to possess, manufacture, or sell lean. Anyone caught with lean in Japan could face up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to ¥10 million (approximately $73,000).

>> No.59339785

Mori said UMC didn't give her enough money to make MVs. She want to produce less music

>> No.59339812

She’s a huge numberfag and kind of a bitch but this is a lie. She grouped her 2 million celebration with her birthday first 3D live and record contract even asking people to sub so she could reach 2 million before the actual birthday

Her decline started around her getting the record contract which is somewhat normal. There’s a subsection of people that think being anything other than indie is uncool but the true decline was around the homos debut. There’s like a set audience for every girl and then the group audience that watches 2-3 girls. Mori “collabed” with the stars a few times and other males but never directly involved the other girls before. A lot of that group audience blames Mori for the collabs which has some logic to it. Just look at how many of these girls are trying to do advent collabs. The next part of her decline came from the fact she was pushing her RM even more despite her recent success in hololive (she’s stopped recently).
Arguably though Mori is still a big success and I say arguably because it’s a well known secret that outside of top stars and no names record labels fudge the numbers as well as pays reporters to embellish stories. It’s not just the music industry that does this but it’s believable for Mori considering she made it onto billboard and the 3 people pushed with her were kpop stars that sold 100k-300k in the exact same timeframe. You’d think someone would be bragging about her doing top tier numbers

>> No.59340441

Not her music but her sales as in merch. That said they give 0 numbers just words which is why you use actions instead. The more you expect to sell the lower you can put a price point and in Mori’s case it’s on the higher end so they don’t expect huge sales

>> No.59340500

lol no, as a numberfag, this is some insane revisionism to blame everything on homos when mori's numerous problems and decreasing numbers were already well documented long before homos were a thing
in fact i find it hard to believe that anyone who visits this board wouldn't immediately think of the lean arc or the connor arc or the airbnb arc or the USG sellout arc or the RM arc or literally anything else before pinpointing homos as mori's biggest problem
i hate you newfags so much

>> No.59341018

>higher end
Yeah if you live in poverty I guess.

>> No.59344247

She will do better next time

>> No.59345461

"Even if you have no talent, you can succeed if you join a popular circle."
Mori proved this correct and RM proved this wrong.

>> No.59345507
File: 439 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_3578.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.59345943 [DELETED] 

It was the lean shit shortly after in combination with putting gura in that surprise party with complete strangers that pissed people off. It's like 3 strikes in quick succession that made people abandon her.
Personally I dropped her about a year before even because I couldn't stand someone wasting my time with 60 minutes of tech-troubleshooting in the beginning of every goddamn stream. EN-curse my ass, just mostly Mori incompetence.

>> No.59345955 [DELETED] 

i guess keto helped with her fat problem

>> No.59345976 [DELETED] 

Is she still on Twitch now?

>> No.59347034

This is legit insane. Do they not worry about stressing out their voices?

>> No.59349130

Shouldve made it guest karaoke collab totsu

>> No.59349805

Moomer did 100 song stream last month. Mori has more muscle, why not?

>> No.59349860

>homoEN enter
>holoEN crashes
i hope omega is proud of xirs achievement

>> No.59350203

Wish she would have continued and ripped her vocal cords

>> No.59350239

I'd just call that the Jump King saga because a lot of what you just said all happened in a similar time frame (exceptions being the UMG and airbnb arcs) and each had their own effects.
>connor arc obviously dropped fans
>lean arc happened after, consequence is that it gave her a new set of antis from twitter
>RM arc happened as a during the above, which not only empowered her new set of antis made it popular to anti her just for clout

There's still lingering of that today. Hell I'd argue a few of those people made their way here.

>> No.59350315

Vtubing would be so much better if every girl just realised that they are virtual hostesses (or geishas if you have music skills and want to see yourself as above those smelly prostitutes)

>> No.59350511

>RM arc
/morig/ has a famose anti who call her a twitch simp.
Of course deadbeats gives him a vacation right away, but I've never once denied him.

>> No.59351112
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Actually I should rephrase by "RM arc" I was specifying the EP that came out during Mori's break.
I had just remembered the first Calvin stream that lead to people finding a old disowned song of her RM.

>> No.59352464

Let Suisei show you how its done

>> No.59353450
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Suisei could set out for 10k and reach it in one stream

>> No.59354422

That's the thing isn't?, Mori is so much of a lost cause even her so-called antis moved from actively hating her to outright ignore her.

>> No.59354731

they're not doing a great job with either

>> No.59354952

no they’re not actually. YouTube recommends the same videos regardless if you’re subbed or not. The Sub bar is the most useless thing on YouTube

>> No.59355240
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>other vtubers are burnt out, have stopped giving a fuck, and unconsciously want to cripple their channel and filter viewers so they can deal with less stress. And filtering existing viewers is unpleasant
But enough about gura

>> No.59355833

Did she actually fail her discount subathon?

>> No.59358963

>Tempus line

>> No.59360882

>As a musician