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>I used to rule the world...

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Yeah luxiem didn't do as well as expected

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He would be Gura level if he didn't antogonize his femcel fanbase

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go woke go broke

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im a brotuber now

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>I use to rule the Chinese female vtuber audience

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I remember him getting 12k ccv before the Reimu yab though

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Yes but that's not the only reason for NijiEN decline

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>phasmophobia for the trillionth time
Jesus literal slop content, how do people even watch this in 2023

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numbers outside of /#/, oh I can feel my pre-cum flowing

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>why do people like different things?
>If I have watched a lot of this everyone else must have also!
God people are stupid.

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So what happened to them anyway?

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They got sent to re-education camps after being caught sending massive amounts of cash to foreign places

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tehy got sent to "COVID quarantine camps" after beig caught using VPN

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Reminder that people actually thought that Luxiem would kill holoEN and take over the EN market. They didn't even last a year.

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There was literally no overlap between Luxiem and HoloEN, though.

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>training for smash
>not training for the event he is supposedly helping to organize like the others

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Didn't stop them from saying they would

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It's a surprise stream with a surprise collab

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HoloEN West fan
Luxiem West China fan

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>West China

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In the definition of the Chinese government, Western China covers six provinces (Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu, and Qinghai), three autonomous ...

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Kaela streams so much that there's bound to be a bunch of repeat stuff.

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Vox had a girlfriend yab in february. It pretty much took down the rest of luxiem with him and large parts of nijiEN.

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Ike has the "my feet hurt, I wish I was at home" expression.

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It seems impossible for most vtubers to avoid leaking their relationship status.

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Was Gura too full of dick to stream?

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He has 2k viewers more than Gura because that bitch doesn't stream

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Vox did this to himself by posting shit on his insta and breaking obvious Vtuber rules on his Vtuber account