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Friendly vs /vg/ at 17:00 UTC, 1:00PM EST, 10:00AM PST, 7:00PM CEST, 02:00 JST


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Last friendly before Autumn today. The keep or remove poll will be closing after the game against /vg/ ends so I made the thread slightly earlier today. Results will be announced and posted today. Use the thread as well to talk about our friendly today and give any player or general suggestions.

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forgot to post the link for when the matches start

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a couple of questions:

in the past two threads there's been a lot of bitching about the roster and even some suggestion on how to change voting/roster selection - do you have plans to take any of them on board for the future?

in spring we died quite shamefully in the fetus and our poor performance has made us a laughing stock - have you been working on tactics to change this and do you have a game plan to see us through autumn and winter?

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We will not base the roster on /vt/ League. Whether that be results or captains. We tried doing a slot system last time and were bitched at endlessly for it. Me and the other manager will discuss how to do polling for next cup with each other when this cup is over. We are testing various formations and tactics to see which we should use for this cup. The rules and or version may change for Winter. We are doing a simple voting process this time since there was a lot of polling done last time for various things like music.

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I'll admit that adding VTL captains to be voted on next poll as new players is a good idea and I'd like to see that happen.

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oh boy here we go again

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My Body is ready

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Sorry everyone didn't realize /tv/ lel draw was today. Friendlies should start whenever theyre done

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where the divegrass

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we're just waiting for the streamer to start rn.

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its over

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here we go

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what about making a separate team, vt all stars, for friendlies purposes?

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holy fuck
>bibs never update
>everything works
>Sou updates
>nothing works

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Sou could fuck up a cup of water, pls understand

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live for now

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KWAB it’s over…..

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Where is the runa??

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Hey moona needs to go

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we need a fat fuck in goal

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>a fat fuck
Has /vt/ league taught nothing

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These are the wrong tactics BTW, it should've been /uuu/'s tactics

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this game is fucking cursed

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Is what it is, sou is in shambles right now

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miss me yet?

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Who the fuck was that talking about a kino rrat?

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>We are doing a simple voting process this time since there was a lot of polling done last time for various things like music.
It's not really part of voting but please assess how popular the team we end up with after voting is, with a poll or something. There's too much bitching and not enough data in discussions about how popular the team is.

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I like the ogee rat of the day. It's pretty kino if you ask me.

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Are we just in this one match today?

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Lia from Phase Connect!

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yeah I'll stay

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We won!

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>30 posts
>15 IPS
Wild how interest was lost and good will squandered in one of the most active boards

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thanks for coming out to the last friendly everyone, was a fun spaghetti filled match. Going to go use the restroom then when i come back I will close the poll and screenshot all the results

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>Match ends
>Schizos suddenly start talking
>It's another Schizo tantrum in the league thread episode.wav

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thanks for the effort, that spaghetti goal was pure kinodimes

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first part. This requires a bigger image than i thought it would. screenshotting the rest now

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>165 votes when the threads don't even go over 50 IPs

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its easy to see why, no matter what you ask of the manager, he says no, or that he will, but then he doesn't, accompanied by a random petty ad hominem tantrum
yesterdays thread was tragic, but really most all of them have been, i see people ask for the same things and even do those things because the manager just says he will, but then doesn't
i really don't want to deal with the manager anymore, even asking about the polls triggers him
i don't feel like anyone has been unfair to him, either
but i didn't post in the game, and im not sure i want to post here much either
but im not happy and havent been for a while and if we don't say that, nothing will change
i really want change, this is one of the bigger, funner boards, but our team and threads and the way things are done couldn't be worse
every time ive seen this idea come up everyone has loved it, including me, and seems to have wide popular support
the managers concerns re: it poisoning vtl were addressed too

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shut the fuck up whiny schizo

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Like I said, Post-match is Anameschizo melty hours and how are we even sure this support he has isn't just him samefagging?

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You shut the fuck up, he's right.

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can't possibly be because people care more about the poll than the thread

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>every time ive seen this idea come up everyone has loved it
thats not true at all, but you already proven that of course everyone disagreeing with you must be a 4cc tourist/schizo etc.

i dislike this idea and will continue to do so, this is not a VTL team but a team for the whole board, including the parts (You) don't like

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I'm going to be extremely honest with you. I know exactly who you are and between your two teams in /vt/ league, you have contributed nothing of value. You did not make the models for your teams, you did not make tactics, you do not make the portraits correctly, you did not submit even the requests on time, you did not update the roster for one of them out of neglect, and you do not even own a computer.

You are a phoneposter who has freeloaded off of other people's hard work for two leagues and you have the audacity to complain? You know nothing, not even a crumb

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saving this pasta

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Ok that's the last few questions now to announce the results. All players above 50% keep (the blue) are staying on the roster, all that did not meet that mark will be removed
Super Hyper Ultra Ultimate Deluxe Perfect Amazing Nenechi
ogey rrat
yeah, me
Yubi Yubi

The Yabbit
The Numbers Queen
Gura Killer
Cute and Funny


Thank you to all 165 people who voted in the keep and remove poll, We will be holding the add poll either next weekend or the weekend after and the threads will go up at basically the same time as these ones so keep your eye out

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Wow a whole 1 non hololive permitted to be on the roster?

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is it okay to suggest LITERALLY WHO for the add poll again despite being cut?
as someone that does not watch Hololive but primarily small chuubas, that was the major thing that felt relatable on the team so i would hate to see it gone

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MEDS, Hag love and yeah, me are not hololive exclusively.

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>his oshi doesn't have her own Ogey Rrat edit

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me and the other manager havent decided yet if we're gonna readd players that were voted off back to the roster poll as options yet. Will probably come down to how many options we can put onto the form while it still displaying properly which was a problem last time. Last time there were so many options that you couldnt easily screenshot them so we had to export to sheets and shit and we'd rather not do that again. We'll talk about it over the week

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>Last time there were so many options that you couldnt easily screenshot them so we had to export to sheets and shit and we'd rather not do that again.
Use DevTools to take a full page screenshot. That's a terrible fucking reason. Set a hard cap for candidates, like 2x the # of positions, not because it's easy or hard to screenshot for a techlet, but because any more than that and you can't possibly get good results on such a huge poll without runoffs.

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or it was maliciously spammed in other threads

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>Whether that be results or captains
you just completely ignore what the people want. The last 2 threads the captains idea have been overwhelmingly postivie.

4cc teams are not manager FC. You work for the board. you manage for us.

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I'm going to be extremely honest with you. I know exactly who you are and between your two teams in /vt/ league, you have contributed nothing of value. You did not make the models for your teams, you did not make tactics, you do not make the portraits correctly, you did not submit even the requests on time, you did not update the roster for one of them out of neglect, and you do not even own a computer.

You are a phoneposter who has freeloaded off of other people's hard work for two leagues and you have the audacity to complain? You know nothing, not even a crumb

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no i dont mean that there was too much too screenshot I mean the form itself made it so that certain options were minimized as elipses that you had to scroll over to see the results of. although yes i am a techlet
it was mostly the same few people batting back at each other for most of that thread that for the majority of the time had under 30 IPs and not everyone agreed with you either. It's not manager FC to say lets have a vote with the most options of any team's 4cc poll instead of arbitrarily choosing captains for the team. I run a small team in /vt/ League and my team's captain doesnt belong anywhere near even being voted on.

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But AnAme, we need the captains idea, how else will the schizo otherwise get his two Koyoris on the team?

>> No.59189143

>people call for more Phase reps
>actually we're gonna make it 0 and remove Pippa too
clown show

>> No.59189187

Man just put the captains in the poll if they can get the vote they deserve a spot if not they don't simple as.

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>most options of any team's 4cc poll

>> No.59189304

>30 ips
>160 people voted
for a PRELIMARY poll
LMAO dyrbi?

>> No.59189307

what we really need is double nenes up front, a midfield full of joushus, hags in the back and slap god in the net. anything else is just asking to lose

>> No.59189430

why remove hey moona?

>> No.59189472

Disappointing that the managers continue to ignore what the people want, but expected after the stunt they pulled with last cups roster
With captains you still gonna get your precious 15 holos on the team

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isn't it weird that holofags don't show up for the actual games, but mystiously show up for a prelimary poll?

totally legit poll btw. 160 votes with 30 ip threads.

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The funnier thing is that you think the poll actually matters and that he won't just put whatever he wants in the team like last time.

>> No.59189851

why don't you post the poll in the treads interested?
so they can vote because they probably don't go to the catalogue.

>> No.59189942

>80+ users for phase connect teams
>2 of the most energic teams on vt and people want a chance for another rep or 2

>> No.59189957

I don't want joushus anywhere near this team considering the /mayo/ and /holoX/ manager is the VTL schizo trying to strongarm the poll.
If you go on the cord that was linked last thread and see who AnAme argued with, he fits the bill. He also has been asking for more emotes there like the Schizo keeps pushing.
He was in last thread asking openly for his threads to be informed of the poll to make sure his threads don't miss it >>/59116437 and also posted the poll in his thread to have people vote for Hololive stuff only >>/59117154
You can see the overuse of ! that he also had as the schizo last thread.

>> No.59189974

Kinda sus. Sad state of what they are doing to the team no wonder everybody hates us. Cant even get emotes added because the people in charge do things the wrong way. Every other team can get them added but ours, at a certain point hold the team and the managers accountable

Clown show managers got the team aborted while throwing out the poll last cup and are acting like they are steering the car anywhere but into a wall again.

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since we are it, put also any good player from the vt league in the poll too

>> No.59190027

Strange because he usually doesn't cause any problems in the discord.

>> No.59190036

she's played like trash recently and moona/peko is dead

>> No.59190073

>ALL holo players stay
>non holos gets voted off

not gonna lie it is kinda sus

>> No.59190088

reminder to let your threads know about the poll so at least there's results to show/complain about/its hard to just ignore the results
threads should get a chance to vote, not just catalog tourists, trolls and spammers
this doesn't mean all threads in the catalogue are bait but it does mean that the people posting bait have an advantage over the people who mostly stay in their threads
and the later are part of the board, too, just as much, or id say more
but last time a lot of the former got to vote but not the later
if you want your thread informed, post it, and if i find out of the poll, i personally will post it there

>> No.59190109

I think he is indeed in these threads asking for emotes but i think the actual schizo is someone from 4ccg trying to imitate people posting here to cause drama

>> No.59190139

I don't see what is wrong with the team being made up of Captains.

>> No.59190153

>moona/peko is dead
not only don't you watch streams, you're not even a clipwatcher holy shit

>> No.59190159

I'm going to be extremely honest with you. I know exactly who you are and between your teams in 4CC, you have contributed nothing of value. You did not make the models for your team, you did not make winning tactics, you do not make the polls correctly, you did not submit even the resignation on time, you did not respect the oll of one of them out of neglect, and you do not even own a decent VTL team.

You are a discord groomer who has freeloaded off of other people's hard work for two leagues and you have the audacity to complain? You know nothing, not even a crumb

>> No.59190198

Yeah, The schizo's demeanor is too different from his.

>> No.59190242

>we need more non-holo reps
>ok we'll add dedicated slots
>dedicated slots are bullshit
>ok we'll leave it up to the votes
>full holo team
the wheel keeps turning...

>> No.59190306

because the managers want a team of 20+ holos.
Fucking Kiara can't even get enough interest to have a solo team, but hey give her spot cause of dead memes.

It is a shame that the spirit and passion that exists in the vt League is being hidden and suppressed intentionally by the managers of this team. Team Captains has no bearing on any tryhard shit or results with vt League. It literally is a vote by the most prominent threads on /vt/ as voted by their fans as who best represents them to be the team Captain.

>> No.59190348

If you're going to treat "prefer to remove" and "don't care" with equal weight when making the decision to keep or remove then why have the option at all and why not be honest about what the "don't care" option truly means? Having a preference and not caring are not the same thing.
74.5% of respondents do not want to remove cute and funny, 41.8% actively want to keep the player, but because of how you have chosen to interpret the data the player will be removed because 25.5% of respondents want the player out. Explain that to me.

>> No.59190364

The voting is fake as fuck. Why even bother holding a vote if the managers do what they want to do anyway?
165 respones on a damn prelim poll not even prime spee got that

>> No.59190377

I don't care who goes schizo or not in their stupid cord, but it's clear that it's him.
Nah, they clearly refer to stuff from their cord and seem to have had arguments before all this. You can easily change your style of typing when you want to talk shit.

>> No.59190391

Prelim poll that was held open for 3 days

>> No.59190430

Well anon, they posted it in /hlgg/ twice and as we know /hlgg/ LOVES divegrass. Look at how many people turned out for the games >>59189691
fucking 15 (COUNT IT. FIFTEEN)

>> No.59190482

don't care means you don't care if they're in and you don't care if they're out, how is that to figure out?

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I voted to keep all holos and to remove all non holos.
No, I don't watch divegrass, I just like to see phasekeks, whores andfriends seethe

>> No.59190493

i am indeed in these threads asking for emotes, as many other people are, and i did also ask to be informed of the polls (and the manager blew up at me over it) because none of our threads saw them last time, i don't support hololive only and if anything im pro unity, and my real concern is we didn't get to vote at all last time!
that's about what i have to say, i wasn't in todays game, and i am completely demoralized with the attitude/behaviour of the manager but ive said my piece on that
id like people to have fun with the team, have emotes to post, be happy, not have bair on the team, and to find out about polls!
i also like exclamation marks!
i probably won't be posting much more here but the request to inform threads of the polls remains!
not just mine, i think anyone even remotely interested that participates in vt should know about them and get to vote
the manager said he doesn't want the poll being given to the wrong people but in practice a lot of the right people dont see it either and the manager is there should the votes be used to troll
my 2 cents!

>> No.59190530

uh can I have all of these? I am interested in the smaller teams

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File: 513 KB, 2763x2036, vtl5_chat_stats_fixed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nta but here!

>> No.59190640

We want players that people actively care about instead of not really caring about. The option is there because it's not fair for someone who doesnt watch a vtuber to have to actively say whether they want them on the team. We talked about whether to have the option or not and we agreed to have it. We may just do keep or remove next time. We also did it this way instead of the formula the old manager used because we thought this would cause more roster turnover which people were asking for.

>> No.59190651

i know the wiki is called implyingrigged but god damn i didnt know it was literal.

>> No.59190653

> We tried doing a slot system last time and were bitched at endlessly for it.
No you dumb fuck, you were bitched at for FAILING to do so. Last time you fucked up the voting process and just went with popularity. Everyone except numberfags were praising the first roster. Don't twist what happened.

>> No.59190724

I thought the team being captains idea was dimes. made the trams feel like a world cup team. sending the best we have and fair represntation

>> No.59190747

Roster turnover is good so i approve, biggest pet peeve of 4cc is all the legacy bullshit that never goes away

>> No.59190880

Sadly it's not working. The legacy players are staying in the team based on the results.

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File: 1.10 MB, 900x900, 1685571078670974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well a good way to sniff out fakes its to include some sort of filter.
Questions doesnt quite pan it, but for example lig forces people to include a paragraph of why they love their oshi and other teams ask for a piece of OC or chants and goalhorns as a required contribution and not optional.
If someone is willing to rig the vote, the least he should do is contribute with art, sounds or at least tips.
Anything that makes it even a bit annoying to make a double vote will become exponentially more annoying the 5th and the 6th time.

And if someone inst willing to make even the effort of opening ms paint for 5 secs just to make one vote, then they dont really care that much do they? Casuals should be filtered
Gatekeep your hobby.
4chan has always been an autisticracy, the one more willing to get his way wins in the end

>> No.59190923

a lot of people overwhelmingly liked the idea.

>> No.59190945

same! people had fun with captains rosters too!
at least including them in the poll should be a no brainer, they have aes, chants, horns and so on already made, have fun names, and would draw people to watch!
theres also teams and captains for every corp, and indies, and if people are worried about repeats (nenes, koyoris, mios, ruis, whatever/) we could just have a 1 player per vtuber cap (so no nepolabo nene and vt nene say)

>> No.59190995

anya petra is surprisingly popular for such a small thread

>> No.59191049

anya petra is a kino thread! im glad they made it in vtl this time!

>> No.59191064

Whats the captain idea?

>> No.59191073

Change to captains. You can make a damn near perfect team of 23 out of the 40 captains that captures and represents /vt/.
The team will still be very Holo.

>> No.59191120

just put the captains in the poll, if people want them than they'll get in

>> No.59191144

That the /vt/ team is made up of entirely of the vt League Captains. The pool is made up 40 to vote from.
>pick your team of 23
Nazono Mito
/corpo/ Yearbook
The Lord of the Board
Caramel Idol
Yubi Yubi
Brazilian Ayame on Wifi
La Creatividad de HololiveEN
Always End With Koyo!
Racist Fuyo
Lia from Phase Connect
/lig/ma balls
Demon Lord Leader
Big Bouncy Konkoyoyoyoyoyoyoyos
Belly Erotic
Kawaiiope Poster
The Great Wosemi
THE Pinkchad
La Creatura
Curse of the Crown
Don't Squeeb
Oh No Lumi
Skill issue dayo
stealth /meat/ thread
Kobo Tempest

>> No.59191202

basically to make a team with the captains from vtl or include them in the team/add to the poll/some variation
people had fun with that in the rpevious thread and i think its a good idea!

>> No.59191208

>if people want them than they'll get in
No, they won,t bozo. Have you not been paying attention? Open your eyes.
All the non-Holo reps just got voted be removed.

Voting from captains limits the reps to however many Holo teams there are. It is still a sizable chunk of the team that will be Holo (10+), but it is inviting new blood and enthusiasm.

>> No.59191214

all captains should be options to be voted on as well as the best players/ most famous players of each team by default
We lose nothing if the poll includes as many options as possible

>> No.59191249

eh, this is awful
Keep /vt/l and 4chan cup separate, please. Not every thread would be ok with it either.

>> No.59191262

But i want Ogey rrat, MEDS and mokoboat on the team.

>> No.59191282

why not include captains from previous vt leagues

>> No.59191300

>We lose nothing if the poll includes as many options as possible
you don't get it, anon.

The pool rigged and all the Holos are going to get votes and non Holos are getting cut. Fucking Pippa, the ace of the biggest market team in vt League and one of vt's mos polarizing pickme figures, was just voted off the vt team by 160 mystery votes

>> No.59191326

>because we thought this would cause more roster turnover which people were asking for
So then, to be clear, you were intentionally vague about what the polling options would mean for the roster because you wanted to force a specific outcome? I just want to make sure that I understand what this team is and how it is being run.

>> No.59191349

you may not like it but Pippa is disliked by a lot of anons
same with Talent Freedom who is even more disliked

>> No.59191365

>I mean the form itself made it so that certain options were minimized as elipses that you had to scroll over to see the results of.
Hence the suggestion to set some kind of cap sir. We have 9 players out? If you have more than ~18 options, you quickly approach the need for a runoff vote.
>although yes i am a techlet
dw everybody is retarded sometimes

also some of you retards need to make up your damn mind for your "aname succ" narrative.
>he likes bait reps
>he only wants holoreps
>affirmative action
pick one story and stick to it, retards. it's becoming more and more obvious that you're all insufferable faggots and he's doing his best to please all of you - a losing battle.

>We lose nothing if the poll includes as many options as possible
Yes, you do. The more options you include, the MORE likely it is that you will end up with a "waaaaaaah it's all holos" team.

>nobody with a high school understanding of statistics or distributions

>> No.59191383

well which ones wouldn't?
the previous commissioner didn't like the idea because it might make people tryhard but i think they should at least be in the poll
that wouldn't be a bad idea either
think most everyone agrees that those should stay
well i haven't seen meds, but oggey rrat and mikoboat come up a lot as "these should be in no matter what"

>> No.59191416

great, now I need to sign up for the next vtl and make a low effort team just so my oshi can make it into the 4cc team

what a great fucking idea

>> No.59191442

voted to remove pippa. "the yabbit" is such a stupid name. we do need more phase reps, to pipnigs that means "more pippas". I'm good with 0 pippa, put lia and the hags in
>mikoboat come up a lot as "these should be in no matter what"
mikoboat is practically /vt/'s mascot and seeing her glide around the pitch always makes me smile

>> No.59191503

the first issue i see running into this is the fact that many Captains usually have a special meaning for their threads but not necessarily for the league as a whole, some examples:
/vtwbg/'s most noticable player in my eyes would be WARanon but the captain is stealth /meat/ thread
/manstars/'s most noticable players are either Ougaman or Roberto but the captain is Demon Lord Leader
/hlgg/'s most noticable player is Rratman but the captain is La Creatividad de HololiveEN

next would be that it limits the choices to only the current teams, so no /nepolabo/'s Nenechi would be possible despite being one of the most iconic players of the league overall, a fact reflected even in the current /vt/ team.

lastly it would get rid of ogey rrat, who is THE one boardwide meme that, while has its origin in Hololive, has far transcended that and you can see ogey rrats edits for plenty of chuubas in all kinds of threads.

these are the 3 main issues i see currently with this proposal that holds it back in my opinion currently. that is not to say that i think the current team is without issues either or this idea has no merit at all.

>> No.59191574

anon making a team is not that easy
well its not super hard either but ideally if someone wanted to do that they wouldn't pass poi
and alternatively if you really do have a thread, and you get them to participate in divegrass, have a fun time, and put in all the work just to get your captain on the poll thats probably... it doesn't seem like a minus?
and they aren't guaranteed to get voted in either
if someone wanted to rig things just outright rigging the poll is easier...
also vtl is only every 6 montha so such a plan would take a while...

>> No.59191614
File: 1.64 MB, 640x360, mikoboat[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fom3tcw.webm].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same! shes my favorite player!

>> No.59191832

>players with dead memes should be removed
>but not this dead meme! I like this dead meme!
Fucking hypocrites.

>> No.59191858

dont limit the number of options you can pick from, simple as

>> No.59191899

then don't complain when you end up with 9 holos in those slots, moron...

>> No.59191922

do you even love your oshi of you didnt make a team for her?

>> No.59192021
File: 893 KB, 1445x2026, FhrHR0FWQAAVpb9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn, /fvr/ lost so hard that DIY Tulpa is not even counted among the captains anymore...

>> No.59192067

if adding this to the poll you should also add whose team are they captains of

>> No.59192101

I would recommend not putting the players who just got removed onto the poll, people wanted them gone for a reason

>> No.59192230

i'd say don't add them if they got over 50% remove votes as that shows active dislike rather than indifference

>> No.59192262


>> No.59192425 [SPOILER] 
File: 124 KB, 718x597, goofy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

put him in

>> No.59192433
File: 247 KB, 1600x900, 1689529747815639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>165 responses
>threads get 30-40 ips
>all non Holo reps removed
>Captain idea not even given consideration because it would limit Holo reps to only 15
>comanagers name is LITERALLY “hlggDiveGrass”
You cant make this shit up holy fuck bros

>> No.59192560

The other one is named AnAme, I wonder who is his oshi

>> No.59192771

>people tell him to do one thing so he chooses to do the complete opposite just to spite them
I'm thinking kino

>> No.59192870

>this guy doesnt know it was supposed to be "A Name" but it ended up "An Ame" because Ame is so prevalent
He doesn't even watch Ame lmao

>> No.59192898

He cant do that. You have to listen to your board with 4CC. Or at least that is how shit used to be.
Manager fc shot is very serious.

>> No.59193033

>You have to listen to your board with 4CC
so should he listen to the poll with 165 responses or the thread with 30ips?

>> No.59193112

>165 replies
>for a prelim poll

>> No.59193121
File: 84 KB, 360x300, kek[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F15zz6t.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>those threads lately
Good luck managers, I hope you will figure it out soon

>> No.59193159

I for one cant wait for /vtg/ so we can put this shit to rest, and then the captain idea would work. As it stands, a board that is over half comprised of generals will always cause friction because people in generals hate the catalog and people in the catalog hate everything (and are usually from other boards)

>> No.59193177

This is how he capitalizes his name himself

>> No.59193211

A FUCKING MONKEY, LITERALLY WHO and Cute and Funny all had more votes wanting them to stay on the team than gone
if we were to eliminate the votes that didn't care then:

69 Votes wanted him to stay
68 Votes wanted him gone
so 50,36% vs 49,64%

66 Votes wanted them to stay
46 Votes wanted them gone
so 58,92% vs 41,02%

>Cute and Funny
70 Votes wanted them to stay
42 Votes wanted them gone
62,5% vs 37,5%

the monkey is super close but the other two got a clear majority that actually want them on the team. if you really count "Don't Care" as a neutral option then cutting these 3 really feels unfair. The way this was weighted made "Don't Care" and "Prefer to Remove" the exact same outcome with the exact same weight.
i will link this to you to see for reconsideration because i feel like thinking these three options over might one more time might be worth because i feel like the "Don't Care" as it was presented didn't get across how you actually saw it. Someone being neutral towards a player being on the team or not may not also correlate into liking or disliking a player. as a hagchad i of course feel stronger about HAG LOVE than Cute and Funny but that does not mean just because i don't care for Cute an Funny myself that i am unhappy with the player being on the team if enough others like it.

>> No.59193232
File: 1.50 MB, 1920x1080, AllSame[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fxhtrgz.mp4].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.59193372

there is literally no method of measuring interest that can't be botted, cheated or generally fucked with so yeah, i belib it

>> No.59193547

>they posted it in /hlgg/ twice
Incorrect. The poll has been posted in the following places outside of these threads:
>/mayo/ (2)
>/holox/ (2)

>> No.59194230

>mostly holo threads
>lia from phase connect cared more about the poll than pcg
I will vote for Lia from Phase Connect because they care

>> No.59194282

What corpo is she from

>> No.59194379

>Not in /hlgg/
>Not in /#/
>Not in /pcg/

/#/ not caring doesn't surprise me after their 3 reps got rejected (despite making the team by sheer votes) last time polls happened.
/hlgg/ not caring also makes sense because that general never cares about anything.
/pcg/ not caring is wild tho.

>> No.59194492
File: 1.84 MB, 4000x4000, 1693359525290439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Phase Connect! She is Lia from Phase Connect

>> No.59194519

yeah her name is Lia from Phase Connect I get it, but what corpo is she from

>> No.59194636

shes from hololive en

>> No.59194678

Lia is actually from Wactor

>> No.59194769

that list is wrong and incomplete, i assume anon only checked the archive for the poll link directly and forgot to check for cross-threads because i know for a fact /hfz/, /hirys/ and /who/ also linked to the poll via that

>> No.59194791

Lia from Phase Connect from Phase Connect

>> No.59194861

ooh ok

>> No.59195214


>> No.59195435

By all means feel free to add to the list. I think it adds important context for the "165 responses is impossible and rigged" crowd.

>> No.59195468

I agree that voting can and should take a minute or two, and some effort and knowledge.

>> No.59196086

outside observer here, just looking over the list of names for the /vt/ captains half of those players (at least) would be absolutely meaningless to most of the board outside their general. and the generals that play in the /vt/ league aren't even representative of the board as a whole, they're just the ones who care the most about internet divegrass.

>> No.59196267

that's the same as /vg/ though

>> No.59196338

all it really does is share exactly why this polll was so holocentric, stuff like "THE PRIDE OF HOLOLIVE" really has no relevance to the board as a whole and i can already see this team ending up with like 9 new holoreps and maybe one "other" and fix nothing to make the team more interesting and representive of the board as a whole
nothing really will change as always and most parts uninterested in the /vt/ team will continue to do so because it is not a /vt/ team but just a thinly veiled /hlgg2/

>> No.59196361

yeah but /vg/ literally doesn't have board culture other than, once upon a time, git gud (who wasn't even truly a meta player originally). A poll of "players who represent /vg/" would be meaningless. For all its faults, and they are many, /vt/ certainly has board culture.

>> No.59196449

Most people understand that representing the board is different from representing an ultimately arbitrary selection of threads with players not even designated specifically for that job.

>> No.59196470

well right, which is why the "/vt/ captains" plan doesn't make any sense. I think we're saying the same thing?

>> No.59196519

yeah and none of /vg/s players are memorable, when bane, dagoth ur or skyking score it's great, when literally who gacha character scores it's pretty meh

>> No.59196549

>/vt/ certainly has board culture.

>> No.59196606

Any holo rep has at least some relevance to the board, though. You're just an angry tribalfag who has convinced himself that affirmative action for the sake of your favourites is the fix to the unfair system known as democracy.

>> No.59196643
File: 3.40 MB, 1080x1920, 1695464533616837.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59196658

Unfortunately for you, a mostly Holocentric team IS representative of the board.

>> No.59196679

/vt/ culture is collective hate from the generals towards the catalog

>> No.59196687

Okay I did it myself:
>/mayo/ (2)
>/holox/ (2)
>/HiRyS/ (2)
>/hfz/ (2)
>/lig/ (2)
still no /hlgg/

>> No.59196716

Yes, I was agreeing and elaborating.

>> No.59196739

here's your /vt/ culture

>> No.59196887

>>59196739 (me)
i'm still seething that ringo alchemist is gone

>> No.59196999

literally me

>> No.59197214

sorry, my post might have sounded misleading, i only meant to point out that i knew the list was not complete, not that i know it was posted in any of the three mentioned threads

>> No.59197902

>Any holo rep has at least some relevance to the board, though.
that is an absolutly stupid argument, ANY player on the team had SOME relevancy to the board
>You're just an angry tribalfag who has convinced himself that affirmative action for the sake of your favourites is the fix to the unfair system known as democracy.
this team is meant to represent the board as a whole, yeah sure, Hololive is a big part of the board, obviously, but certainly not to a point it should justify something like a 20/3 split on the team
just because you only care for Hololive stuff doesn't mean the whole board is like that, some of the fastest threads on this board are /nijiEN/, /pcg/ and /lig/ and yet there is nothing reflecting this at all and it's exactly why the nonholo part of the board as completly stopped caring for this sham of a team

>> No.59197934

yeah I meant to add >>59190430 because the initial point of my post was to try and figure out if it was actually posted to /hlgg/ twice. If there's any evidence supporting that claim I can't find it.

>> No.59198076

you could make a pretty DAMN good representation of /vt/ from just captains.
>Nazono Mito
>Yubi Yubi
>La Creatividad de HololiveEN
>Lia from Phase Connect
>/lig/ma balls
>Big Bouncy Konkoyoyoyoyoyoyoyos
>Belly Erotic
>The Great Wosemi
>Don't Squeeb
>Oh No Lumi
>Skill issue dayo
>Kobo Tempest
I had Kawaiiope Poster in here, took her out for mikoboat, Anya-Petra out to keep ogey rrat in. Perfect team
Holos? In. Nijis? In. Pippafags? Appeased. Lia? from Phase Connect. Literally who? Kiki AND onolumi. Autism? >[Deleted]. /lig/? ma balls.

>> No.59198177

Yeah, they are quite fast. But that's the thing, they are only fast because they can only survive together, because a thread about individual liggers would die in minutes. Only by combining all of their users into a single thread they acchieve the same relevancy than dozens of holosplits.
By pure numbers, hololive IS the board, and the votes reflect that.
And that's not even mentioning things like /#/ who are its own beast

Welcome to reality. You and your friends are not that relevant.

>> No.59198248

Too many non holos.

>> No.59198259

I actually notice a very big issue with this, these are all forwards, even if you ignore that fact to have some be midfielder or defenders, having 2 of them be goalkeepers is a bit strange.

>> No.59198357

/a/ would have 10 dragon ball players if post count mattered

>> No.59198548 [DELETED] 

12 out of 23 being holos are still a majority
that much was obvious before I started picking from them, it's still a good representation of the board. change their positions or something

>> No.59198619

14* out of 23 being holos are still a majority
that much was obvious before I started picking from them, it's still a good representation of the board. change their positions or something

>> No.59198635

/a/ has a huge problem with legacy players, just getting anyone who isn't on the team is a hurdle

>> No.59198683

Thats perhaps the most representative thing of board culture in all the suggestions

>> No.59198854

>two of the least popular holos and nijis
>combined into one player
>an entire team and roster that made no fucking sense
>every god damn anthem chant and horn was suspect
I'm not seeing it

>> No.59198949

/nijiEN/ has several splits, /lig/ had /shon/ split from it for a singular chuuba and is doing just fine and /pcg/ had the lia thread split recently that also is doing quite well,
Meanwhile half of the holosplits are nothing but picdumps that are barely alive themselves, see the board speed up because of something and it's those generals that usually die the first. /lig/ or /wvt/ could create plenty such threads if they wanted to but there is no point in those halfdead threads.

>> No.59198998

>an entire team and roster that made no fucking sense

that sounds exactly like vt

>> No.59199025

I hate that you're right

>> No.59199147

it's less to do with the speed of individual threads and more that the board is deliberately allowed to be flooded with garbage constantly. if jannies actually cared to not let people constantly make low quality bait or rangeban people that bump twitter screencap threads off of page 10 we wouldn't even need generals

>> No.59199165
File: 5 KB, 132x491, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

one third of the team joined this year

>> No.59199401

how was the game against /aco/? did melody play on both teams?

>> No.59199742


>> No.59199844

how many of those were medals? how many were returning players?

>> No.59199887

sir this is the /vt/ divegrass thread, none of us actually watch the matches, we are just here to bitch and moan about the team roster

>> No.59200080

Fun match, melody isn't on /vt/

>> No.59200150

was on the first /vt/ team, was voted off and hasn't gotten back on
>Yubi Yubi
on the team
Gura under multiple different names hasnt made the roster the last few times.
was on the poll I'd like a better name for her though
on the team
was on the team, was voted off and hasn't gotten back on. Need a better name then what we've been using. Might just go with YabaIRyS this time
>La Creatividad de HololiveEN
Ame is always on the poll
>Lia from phase connect
pretty sure she was on the last poll. She'll be on this one too.
>/lig/ma balls
was on the poll
>Big Bouncy Konkoyoyoyoyoyoyoyos
a koyo player will be on the poll with probably a different name. maybe something making reference to her endurance streams
>Belly Erotic
Okayu was on the poll
No reason to be on the poll. We had lets call them other forms of her on the poll and they didnt make it
>The Great Rosemi
Pretty sure she was on it and even if she wasnt more popular nijiENs like pomu didnt make it
has been on the poll. hasnt made it.
we had an ai player last time, they didnt make it. Neuro herself will definitely be on the poll this time as well
>Don't Squeeb
Fauna is on the team
>Oh No Lumi
was on the poll
>Skill Issue Dayo
a henya player will be on the poll
Ina has been in the polls
>kobo tempest
again was on the poll

was pretty fun high scoring game. and no, melody isn't even a medal on her own general's team anymore although she did score for /aco/. Vod guy has been MIA so its still not uploaded yet but whenever it does get uploaded it'll be here

>> No.59200433
File: 201 KB, 1520x2300, VtABC23Recommendations.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright I got back from wageslaving, I'll try addressing some of the concerns brought up.
We talked briefly about it and we were open to re-adding those cut on a case by case basis given that a few were cut for having names seen as deragtory or degrading to the player. Literally who as a player is a good candidate given she was a vessel for including more models per kit selected.
This is a good point too. Players were voted off for a reason, yet indifference shouldn't drag a player down the same way someone wanting them removed does.
Captains was an idea I thought was good and I am wanting to include them as options for the next poll in a few days. While we wanted to have the VTL not directly affect anything with the main team, including captains is something that could have happened under people suggesting it through the poll so I have no issues with it. The caveat I would have with that, and to an extent the other suggestions of the poll, is that 2 separate options that are the same chubba or idea won't make the team twice as that would be redundant.
Suggestions section had multiple phase reps included in it. Pic related is all the suggestions given in the poll

>> No.59200550

>is that 2 separate options that are the same chubba or idea won't make the team twice as that would be redundant.
2 options of the same chuuba got selected?

>> No.59200659
File: 271 KB, 680x615, 1682764743807386.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"I miss BEEBS uuuy" should not only be a player, it should be the captain
No narrator can hold a candle to him

>> No.59200733

everyone who doesnt vote for I miss BEEBS doesnt even watch divegrass and their vote should be discarded

>> No.59200990
File: 3.67 MB, 1920x1080, jumbojoshugoal[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F99id4i.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59201231

what is your opinion about this: >>59193211

>> No.59201669

like another anon brought up, captains favor forwards/strikers so a per-team rep would be the better deal

>> No.59201800

Oh yeah sorry forgot to respond to you. I understand your reasoning and we considered that way of doing it as well as using the formula the old manager used but we want players people actively want not players people mostly just dont care about but kinda passively like. It helps try and keep the team fresher too as well as the point I made earlier about some people not having a strong opinion and not being forced to have one.
The other manager can chime in as well if he isn't busy.

>> No.59201818

I wouldn't think the positions and stuff would transfer over 1to1, just Captains names/aesthetics, with highest voting turnout determining the medals etc

>> No.59202033

Im fucking voting for the fat fuck

>> No.59202153

won't be on the poll and shouldn't be on the poll.
that is a masturbatory discord vtl meme.

>> No.59202310

what would be notable defenders of the VTL be tho? even looking at all the rosters, the only ones that stood out to me as at least somewhat noteworthy are Retardko, hello me nop inglish and 2cat

>> No.59202398

players would just have their names brought in, not positions.
you fill in positions based on popularity turnout.

>> No.59202435

We did have a player on the poll last time called "That Fat Fuck". We'll probably have that on the poll again and if it gets on we can do a rotational model or a stack of fat fucks and one of the rotational models or models in the stack could be jumbo joshu but we wouldnt put jumbo jusho by himself on the poll.

>> No.59202684

So this friday is the next poll?
Just to be sure

>> No.59202682


>> No.59202870

sometime during the next 2 weekends (Fri-Sun). threads will be posted at about the same time they were the last few days. like 11am EST - 1pm EST area
Will probably be on a Friday

>> No.59203386

is posting the link to poll in our threads against any rule?

>> No.59203392

Goal of the league.

>> No.59203491

breed managers should be in the team

>> No.59203574
File: 220 KB, 492x428, 1662581665571523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59203644

It's not against any rule that I know of and after seeing how the last poll was conducted, I'd encourage everyone to post it to their threads.
Else it will be "sisters" team. Again.
We need an enterprising autist to make sure every thread sees it.

>> No.59203769

we encourage people to post the link and or link the thread in their own threads if they want to. we'd prefer you didnt just go around to every thread you think would care and just let actual thread natives do so so it doesnt seem like 1 guy is going around and spamming everywhere.

>> No.59203929
File: 220 KB, 1080x1300, 1668537937118865.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We need an enterprising autist to make sure every thread sees it.

Did you call?

>> No.59203993
File: 2.66 MB, 357x498, 1648410664024.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok thanks for the clarification, in the past we've posted links to the thread just wanted to know if posting the actual link to the poll itself was against any rules

>> No.59204024

this poll is going to be an absolute shitfest and nobody is going to be happy with a lame hololive tema again

>> No.59204161

I mean with how Lord of the Board was advertised to multiple generals I dont think a one off post by people will trigger anyone

>> No.59204424

I say get YabaIRyS as well, we already have Nene for the power shots but we need someone who can thread the needle

>> No.59204527
File: 194 KB, 596x1280, captains.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To further on the team captain idea, what I would do
>ogey rrat is emeritus forever Team Captain. Always locked in. It trancends.
>22 roster spots
>Realistically, looking at at least 10-15 Holos making the roster
>opens room for variety
>medals/positions are based on popularity starting from starting gold striker all the way to lowest being bench gk.

>> No.59204537
File: 206 KB, 692x1100, 27f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59204822

Kino roster in my opinion. Replace Anya-Petra with /lig/ma balls and I'd like to see it.

>> No.59204865

managers are missing the boat completely on team captains idea.
It serves all masters.

>> No.59204913


>> No.59204969

oh it's not the roster, just these are the 40 players you vote on.
Top 22 make it (since ogey rrat is forever captain and locked in).

>> No.59205526
File: 108 KB, 596x740, Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 9.06.34 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This would be my roster. People would get hyped as fuck.

>> No.59205727

I'm presuming that's Watamage ver Holofightz

>> No.59205745
File: 529 KB, 720x708, 1668576223648616.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Make sure it stays for a few days instead of just 24 hours and I will get the word around
I can get the small threads to participate, we anyas have history together with them

>> No.59205776

regardless, it is Watame.

>> No.59205809

>since ogey rrat is forever captain and locked in
does it have to be?

>> No.59205854

It's literally the logo, anon

>> No.59206241

>What happens in containment generals doesn't matter and is NOT a reflection on board culture. Keep vtl general shit separate.
>If you missed the catalog thread about divegrass because you never leave your general, oh well
>yeah sure go into the generals and ask them all to vote.


>> No.59206610

They're already planting the seeds for the record totally legit 400+ voter turnout. 4cc finna be save in Autumn because, with a 400+ voter turnout, all vt games should be 4view and chat should set a new records for team specific badges.

>> No.59206717

Id vote for this. Like it a lot. Especially with the ogey rrat caveat.

>> No.59206990

this team wins autumn and then a star in winter. change my mind.

>> No.59207052

Largely wouldn't mind this, though would prefer I MISS FAUNA over Don't Squeeb and would want Koopa on the roster somewhere

>> No.59207164

dumpster gatekeepers real quiet on this one

>> No.59207169

this looks cool and I wouldnt mind if there were even a few less holo reps on this with more indie niji or board autism on there, and I watch nothing but hololive

>> No.59207524

>put shitters like lia from phase connect, no pippnats, and kiki as bench players who never play
>gain +100 team spirt and energy
ehhh maybe

>> No.59208273

one returning player and three medals

>> No.59209274

If PLAP PLAP PLAP isn't the second gold this season the roster is hopeless.

>> No.59209306

that mean is dead and so 2 months ago

>> No.59209455
File: 424 KB, 609x878, 1687620350261135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Add Exodia to the roster.

>> No.59209650

buy an ad as medal

>> No.59209812

I approve this suggestion

>> No.59209894

>the perfect roster doesn't exi...
id be happy and hyped for this!

>> No.59211268

Anya Petra is a really good meme that refuses to die, it has to stay. They are also the closest thing there is to a unity thread in this board.

>> No.59211567

Don't like the team captains idea. You will only get Hololive medals until the end of time. I'm also in favor of keeping Nenechi and ogey rrat, if not both.

If you must do team captains, I think turning one or both of them into the goalkeepers would be better than giving up a Gold to ogey rrat.

>> No.59211861

I'd vote for it. I'd vote for anything that's more representative of the board as a whole than individual threads. Meta concepts that are specific to /vt/ and generally understood across /vt/ as a whole (stuff like 2view and buy an ad) should always take precedence over "rep" slots. If you want to see your oshi play and want to see your thread repped that's why /vt/ league exists. 4cc is for boards.

>> No.59212229

>4cc is for boards
Then why are managers now encouraging people to advertise the poll in every containment general?

Your view is outdated. The way the vt team has been isnt working. The majority are not happy.

>> No.59212364
File: 10 KB, 623x67, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

picrel is a man wise beyond his years lmfao
hear hear!
>gura is on there twice
eh. I liked how >>59198076 was thinking more
DO IT. I mean post it. DO IT

>> No.59212601

They want to spam the poll to people who dont care or watch, and just say
>here, just vote for the most popular and who you like
Its like a democrats move of wanting kids to vote for the popular thing
Meanwhile the last 3 thread has been almost 1000 posts of people who actually support the team not happy with how things have been.

>> No.59213011

doxxfaggotry should not be added to the roster

>> No.59213131

More veritable board meme than half the current roster.

>> No.59213606

>doxxshit are the best memes the board has
I am now in favor of the captains team

>> No.59213859

Pippa needs a more appropriate name like /here/tuber.

>> No.59214037

Pippa is off the team. She just got removed and nobody wants her on the team.

She got voted off for a reason. Why would she be put back on the ballot?

>> No.59214092

She got removed because the player name was fucking shit.

>> No.59214292

nah shes off. The people have spoken.

>> No.59214550

>Then why are managers now encouraging people to advertise the poll in every containment general?
You mean the people whose decisions thus far have lead this team to where it is right now? That's your standard for righteousness? If the managers want it it must be the right thing?

>> No.59214848

Yes. The people who want the team to be comprised of hololive shit and bait.
One of the managers literally is named “hlgg”

>> No.59215128

That is just a coincidence

>> No.59215224


>> No.59217268

I'm late huh?

I'm still reading past threads. Let me help formulize a conclusion for the first thread

Feel free to correct my stupidity, but be civil with each other please.

inter-board cup team for /vt/ is not fun
/vt/League teams are fun
we want to make /vt/ team fun
we don't want 4cc /vt/ team to have negative effect on the fun in /vt/League teams

/vt/ team is not fun because:
/vt/ team can become fun if:

/vt/League teams are fun because:
/vt/League teams can lose its fun if:
/vt/League is fun because:
/vt/League can lose its fun if:

how can 4cc and /vt/ team disrupt fun in /vt/League?

Hybridization matrix:
A vt team becomes fun
a vt team remain not fun

B vtLeague stays fun
b vtLeague becomes not fun

AB: Desirable Improvement
Ab: 4cc ruins vtl
aB: Status quo
ab: WCS
So far the best outcomes are AB and aB

wild cards:
a change in the "fun" of vtLeague

Possible solutions:
(figure out where this solution lies on the matrix and the logic behind why/how)
Adding all /vt/League Team Captains into the Keep and Remove Poll

I'll continue reading the last thread first I suppose

>> No.59217310

If the roster including teams' captains gets passed through, I'd suggest a hard cap at about 5 - 7 for holo reps on the starting XI, 2 - 3 for other reps, and SHOULD have 1 (uno) (one) (ichi) board representative.

Regarding chants/goalhorns, we should tryna add MORE homegrown /vt/ autism OCs; something like the /wvt/'s BillHell chant or /vt/ Sings, I suppose.

>> No.59217869

there would be less fighting if players were actual board memes instead of just streamers
it would also be more fun for viewers from other boards

>> No.59217965

if only we had enough board memes that weren't discord-driven dramafagging to fill a team

>> No.59217994

vtLeague is fun because:
team fans and generals are proud of their own players
- it's thrilling to see your favourite player play well, improve, or redeem themself
there is no bloodlust or ego inflating contest for winning the league
- if the team loses, blame goes to PES, pure luck, "rigging", good opposition, or fulfilment of certain board narratives
teams come about organically
teams are not a burden to manage

>> No.59218202 [DELETED] 

no, there'd be exactly as much fighting as there is now

thinking that the whiny niggers can be appeased even when fully pandered to is stupid

>> No.59220737

some player suggestions
I can fix her
tittychuubas for your exact kink
unfruitful corpo projects
indie groomers
schrodinger's debut
jaded old guards

>> No.59220791

there'd be just as much fighting as there is now

it's just mental illness

>> No.59221018
File: 505 KB, 655x580, 1691104334725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59221049

mogs you anyway
with gura's schoolgirl model

too on the nose?

>> No.59222369

hating SEAs.

>> No.59223974

warkop being in the top 20 in any of these categories are all me btw

>> No.59224144

indeed. staring at this picture of Lia for some reason

>> No.59225445


>> No.59225563

Humbala humbala humbala
may /my thread/ be alive when the time of polling comes
humbala humbala humbala

>> No.59225721
File: 3.25 MB, 1280x720, Watamage scores goal with Watamelon -m- vs -vt- - 2022 4chan Autumn Babby Cup Friendlies Highlights (1 Oct. 2022).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't remember. see if this webm answers your question

>> No.59225769

btw Kobo is holo too lol
take out La Creatura so there's only one Gura and add... Filian maybe?

>> No.59225784
File: 515 KB, 849x1200, __omaru_polka_and_wada_don_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_yami_ara__beba3e822d97ed1d5bde9cdcc71070cd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59226086

I guess due to the lull in chuuba happenings, with hololive somewhat decadent and missing their EN head, Niji sperging out and not claiming the throne, other corpos still finding footing, and ligs staying niche or playing safe we became more like /vg/ compared to before. holoEN's success is the reason vt was made after all right?