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Friendly vs /u/ at 18:20 UTC, 2:20PM EST, 11:20AM PST, 8:20PM CEST, 03:20 JST


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Poll is to figure out how many new player slots will open up for new players as well as some general questions. We'd like to keep it open until Sunday after the 3rd friendly. Use the thread as well to talk about our friendly today and give any player or general suggestions.
http://stream.implying.live link to the cytube used to watch today's matches. we're the third match.

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Friendlies are liv. /co/ vs /v/ is the first one

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Throw the whole thing away. Lets do the team based on VTL team captains and get rid of catalogue bait altogether.
That was the result of yesterdays discussion.

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I propose just including all the captains of VTL teams into the suggestion poll so we can vote on it for new players.

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So, went ask 4cc again, manager didn't even try to submit emotes. But if we submit them, they will at least look at them and might add them.
Post them to:
-50 px tall
-relevant to the team

They just added UUU and the people there seem a lot more reasonable than the Manager made them sound.
Let's make the team and emote situation into something we like!

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nice try nigger
>emotes /vt/ related
:haachama: :amewide: :takodance: :beauoh: :ogey: :rrat: :nene: :skeledab: :numbers: :pippa: :fauna:
latest was added at the start of the friendlies.
anyways, /vt/ soon

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/our/ team is about to play btw

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friendly against /u/ is about to start, here's the postable link in case you didnt see it in the first post

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i like that idea
i also like that idea
working on getting some, at least for the medals and some fun nenes
first time im excited about the vt in a while, good job guys!

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Lets go

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I don't follow the /vt/ team much, who is the captain of the team? Is it Nene? Because with the set of teams that entered /vt/ League 5, there would be no Nenes in the team, since /nepolabo/ didn't make it to the League.

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Got two new emotes, hope that calms some autism here

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those were there tho
they are literally baiting shitter tourists

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>the shanty town of /vt/

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fucking bitch grunty, graduation when

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Add Ui as a player and as a score horn

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We lost, fuck this shit

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sou forgor to add eggsdra dime so it was rigged

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So it's starting again?

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i like this!

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So today the team was using /mayo/ tactics. Idk why it played that bad.

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mr manager, if you are here
ET means Extra Time
AET is your aesthetic export

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different patch probably, all the games today have been fucking boring

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Hey, I'm not ready for ogey rrat to be removed from the team. Also, while I'm in favor of removing /vt/ SISTERS and others, I'm cool with others like yeah, me and LITERALLY WHO.

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was a funny match even if we didn't end up winning it. We've got one more friendly tomorrow against /vg/ at the start of the day 17:00 UTC, 1PM EST and after that game ends the keep or remove poll will end so make sure to get your vote in before then.
As for the emote situation, since a few people seem so up in arms about it I will make sure to send a better nene emote and some for whatever our medals end up being for the upcoming cup. I will restate for the millionth time the roster will not be decided by the /vt/ League.
4 medals and different rules can really make a difference
either is fine aet stands for after extra time (like 90+ extra) and its what is shown on the wiki so thats usually what i use

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Yeah, Roster should be decided by manager whim based on which catalogue bait is popular at the time.
Fuck having a team the board actually likes.

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can you at least ban catalog bait? things like sisters is a bit much
the idea of having the captains of vtl teams in the possibilities list seems like a good one everyone likes too!
it would be really nice if 4cc could be fun, too...
thanks for moving on emotes, they really bring a lot to the game! if they are adding them now a mikoboat would be fun too for the last friendly!

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AET stands for AFTER Extra Time and it's used for noting scores that are final after extra time. ET stands for extra time. I don't know why the previous guy is so fixated on this though.
AET stands for Aesthetics Export TEMPLATE, which is not your aesthetics export but rather the template you download off the wiki to know the folder structure of an aesthetics export. Learn your basics

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we had a poll with over 200 options for the last roster poll and it got over 300 votes. If you are upset at that because there are 1 or 2 players you deem as bait I'm sorry that upsets you. That player had been suggested multiple times over many cups and neither me or the former manager wanted to add it to the poll. the other manager said sure why not since people kept asking and since you can make the argument its a meme making fun of shitposters so I agreed and people voted for it. If you do not want the player vote them off in the poll and they will be removed if they dont get enough keep votes.
ill ask them when we get closer to the cup I dont want to make people mad by asking for a ton at once but I will ask I promise you.

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Yes catalog bait will be better vetted this time around. /vt/ sisters was always a decisive player choice. It was highly requested for a while and the decision was made to give it a try for a cup. In hindsight it was a bad idea. The intended idea was to make fun of /vt/ sisters and the way the act in threads and the catalog.

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Ah, so miko and gura choked in the shoot out. Not too surprised I guess.

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The captain in PES has been ogey rrat since game 1 of the team, it would be a disservice to the team and board to change that

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>That player had been suggested multiple times over many cups and neither me or the former manager wanted to add it to the poll.
So don't. People here clearly hate it. It shouldn't be possible to coordinate voting to troll the board, but things like that suggest it is, and the way you do things (running the poll in the catalogue without informing threads) favors catalog trolls and tourists because locals stay in their generals most of the time, explicitly to avoid that garbage.
At least get the player poll to the threads that participate in VTL, they are certainly into divegrass.
This has been brought up before, too.
Thanks for getting rid of vtumor.

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>entire team becomes hololive because no split besides holosplits really exists
you'll get a token Pippa and Ligger and that's it like that

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we have no issue if people want to post the poll or link the thread in their threads but we won't do it ourselves because if we do that opens up the can of "you told that thread first!" "why did you tell them at this time it was a bad time!" "why didn't you post in that thread!" We also dont want to possible upset moderation.
as for vtumor plenty of teams have nicknames that are derogatory of themselves but we noticed it was something that wasnt actually added by the former manager like we had thought and we dont really call ourselves that at all so we thought changing it was appropriate.

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i support posting the polls in the vtl threads and if i see it, i will post it in a few
im very involved with a couple teams in vtl, and i didn't even see the polls last time, neither did anyone in our threads, we were talking about how we missed it and how we didn't like the rooster after the fact...

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good idea

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Making the vtlel captains the /vt/ team players is stupid, it only works for /vg/ because their board is named Video Game Generals. /sp/ has as many generals as we have and they can do a nice roster

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This shit is gay as fuck still

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neither us or the commisioner of /vt/ League wants /vt/ League and the /vt/ team to distract from each other. there are a higher amount of people from outside /vt/ focused on the board when /vt/ league is going on and we dont want the /vt/ team to cause arguments while the /vt/ league is going on. to be completely honest with you we wanted to post about the team's poll being this weekend in the final day thread but the commissioner asked us not to for the above reasons and we respect his wishes.
expect a keep or remove poll on the weekend (friday-sunday) after /vt/ League or the weekend after. then an add poll the week or 2 weeks after that is finished depending on how much time there is until the cup. As it has been done the last i cant remember many of times.

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So you are saying that the team will properly represent the board and you think that would be a bad thing?

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We need to get rid of hey moona in gk, she fucking sucked and we dead in the fetus in spring, this team does not need to become like every other 4cc team with nothing but legacy players

>> No.59116138

This. Also, even though Triangle isn't the /vt/ manager anymore, he still runs the /vt/ League. So, it's not hard to imagine that his idea to separate VTL from /vt/ 4cc team is still live on.

>> No.59116259

Am I the only one who thinks we should replace Hey Moona?

>> No.59116288

I'm fine with HEY MOONA being removed, but fight me if you want to remove ogey rrat. One or two player(s) is/are better to be left in the squad as the legacy.

>> No.59116305

It seems like a better idea whan what has been done so far. The only constant atm is that people hate the team.
Give us an actual date, is the poll happening next weekend? how long will it last? at what time are you posting it?
Many of us work on different time zones, and from what I see, many of us missed the poll last time.
Missing the poll should be hard.
Finding it and participating should be easy.
Its a bit of a dated meme at this point but I like the model.

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Ogey rrat is iconic. It should be one of /vt/'s permanent members because it's always relevant.

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hey guys! can i please ask that when the poll goes up, if you see it, you post it in either /holox/ or /mayo/? we are mostly active in non burger hours and we missed it last time and were quite sad about ot
if you want to be informed in your thread when the poll is up, and i see it, i will return the favor!

>> No.59116447

i can't give you actual dates because the actual dates for /vt/ League 6 and whatever the next cup we're in are not going to be decided for a while. I can say that unless stated otherwise they will be on weekends and will be posted late morning to early afternoon EST/EDT time. Today's was posted at 1pm for example. We made this poll last 3 days instead of the normal 1 so more people have an opportunity to see it. I think you should be able to find the poll on the board given an entire weekend

>> No.59116572

People keep saying they missed it, and 1 day is not reasonable, at all. A weekend really isn't either.
Could you run it over a week?
That would give everyone time and remove any bias towards catalogue or generals if people organize and tell each other.
If I see it I'll let you guys know. Jumbo Joshu love!

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File: 3.67 MB, 1920x1080, jumbojoshugoal[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F99id4i.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(ᐡ •͈ ·̫ •͈ ᐡ)ノ

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Yes. To be fair, I think yeah, me and LITERALLY WHO are also on the same page. Well, maybe not for (you). But, ogey rrat must stand as the Gold player.

>> No.59116825

i also support doing a week!
a weekend is too short and when it was a day we missed it altogether...
people just want to participate...

>> No.59116848

>run it over a week
no. 3 days is already pushing it. 3 days is 3 days for people to post it in places outside of here. The amount of people responding also gets to be fewer and fewer every day its up and so there are diminishing returns especially if youre running it on weekdays when people work. If you use the board you should see it. Over 300 people seemed to have no issue finding and voting in the last roster poll.

>> No.59116857

:amewide: has become pretty much a :KAPOW: type emote it has ascended!

>> No.59116896

Shove it up 4ccg's ass

>> No.59116998

Yeah, catalogue tourists.
People are saying that they didn't see the poll. The people you run the team for. Shouldn't you try to accommodate them?
It really does feel like you only want catalog baiters and trolls involved in this.
If you won't post it to people's threads at least let it run a reasonable amount of time
Why is it that we HAVE to go around you to get anything done? (re:emotes)
This situation is really frustrating.

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Ogey rrat is a fundamental staple of the team. Eternal Gold. Eternal Captain
Everything else should be up for potential replacement.

We do need a new goalkeeper as PekoMoon is long dead.

>> No.59117018

Ogey rrat is THE board meme, anyone asking for her to be removed for either more catalog bait or /vt/ League captains is arguin in bad faith in my book
just because there are some shitty players on the team does not make the whole team bad

>> No.59117082

I would suggest Nene remain as Nene is Nene. We do not fully understand how Nene does it but all incarnations of her are mighty players.
To remove Nene is to tempt fate

>> No.59117108

The funny thing is the 4cc people are permantlently here and they WILL have the poll in their thread/talk about it as soon as its posted.
The only ones who miss it are... ENTIRE THREADS THAT PARTICIPATE IN VTL?

Feels wrong to me.

>> No.59117134

Personally want Woman Tears nice but that's because I'm a biased /pcg/fag and the idea of how interchangable it sounds is attractive, just imagine "/v/ tears nice" when /v/ is getting shut out against us, though I am mostly fine with anything else.

>> No.59117308

Nenechi is already in there as THE VTL meme and i think thats actually good, it gives a fine nod towards the league alongside the stadium of the victor without being overbearing and making the board team centered around VTL

and for the people that say the polls should be a whole week, as someone who runs polls for /mythread/ i can tell you that not only does it give next to no actual input in the last few days, it actually makes the poll much more suspectible to tampering from anons with bad faith, it was a lesson i ha to learn the hard way, 3 days is much more than it might sounds, tho i woould also advise to ever go back to less sicne the 24h polls really sucked

>> No.59117347

your posting format is the same every time you post btw. I'm sorry if you dont like it but 3 days is perfectly reasonable and thats how long it's going to be run. We already get more votes for our polls than basically every other board so plenty of people see it, you can't just call everyone who isnt you a tourist.
If you dont leave your thread once over an entire weekend to look for the divegrass poll and you miss it that's on you. We get the most amount of votes of any team and I can assure you plenty of people who manage to find the poll also enjoy and are from threads in /vt/ League. We will try to do more announcing of when we will do the poll next time but do not expect a poll to go any longer than 3 days.

>> No.59117402

Subaru ver HolofightZ I think should be a solid entry as it is very much a double nod to /hfz/ and Miko's WWE streams.

>> No.59117573

she used to be on the team until last league alongside Watamage that still is on the team as /hfz/ rep and i think that way around is more likely since it also is a nod towards Watamelon and Watame's mischievous nature in a way

>> No.59117579 [DELETED] 

i also don't like only 3 days or how hard this all seems to be, i actively looked for it last time, and i missed it
i also asked about emotes for a while and nothing happened until some anon set it up... and the only way to find out when the poll happens seems like its going to be setting up some sort of system so that someone lets us know because we function on jp time and all of this stuff is gone then...
i like you and think you do your best but this isn't easy... is it really too much of anon to ask for you to run the poll for a while and inform people...?

>> No.59117695

>i like you and think you do your best
KEK, you and others went on a huge campaign last thread about how much you hate him.

>> No.59117774

How about you actually use the board then instead of hiding in your thread all goddamn day? How did you even get here? This isn't your thread.

>> No.59117848

not me!
but i do share the concerns other people have and i also am very frustrated with things, re, the team
but i don't see the point of continuing the conversation, ill just hope things will get better or maybe anon will make them so!
i already said my piece, publicly!
im very happy re emotes, and hope that this time we actually find out about the poll

>> No.59118009

Last time, as the manager said, he ran the poll for a single day, and a lot of people missed it. Keep up.
People aren't permanently on the catalogue and the poll should not be a blink and you miss it sort of thing.
At the end of the day people are asking to participate.
You are welcome. Don't forget to submit more emotes if you want them.

>> No.59118130

th-thanks Moona is more relevant and we can keep the Mooner

>> No.59118162

We just got 2 new emotes, don't bug them. Best just to wait until the manager asks for more

>> No.59118341

Eh, I want to see a fresh goalkeeper. You can technically replace HEY MOONA with big mooner. But, people said they hate any catalog-related player. So... Yeah.

On the other hand, please no more non-medal players in the position that already has medal players on it.

>> No.59118442

People have waited for the manager to do anything at all for a while. He doesn't.
The emotes today were submitted by anons who wanted to have fun with the team. Not by the manager, and honestly, going from the responses in the thread, I don't expect him to do anything.

Yesterday he said "4cc hates us no point in asking" and did nothing. Today, anon asked, and got things done.

So I think if anyone wants anything done, the manager is not how to go about it.

>> No.59118616

big mooner would be a good renaming of the player and those that equal everything from the catalogue to be automaticly schizo bait are just idiots on the same level that want more schizo bait on the team

>> No.59118684

t. eop trash
>moona-anti wanting to remove moona from the roster
geeh how shocking

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File: 36 KB, 400x400, 06ce87c539136fe241dfbc17551ba210d72c6b74r1-400-400v2_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Put my oshi on the team or else I'm voting on vt sisters to remain

>> No.59118855

Meds, I don't hate Moona but Hey Moona is an outdated meme

>> No.59118886

tons of outdated meme on the roster but you want specifically moona removed hmmmmm

>> No.59118907

i love that cute orca!
nm, the manager went on a huge personal rant against me for asking to be informed when the poll is and supporting the poll run for longer!
so i don't know, im now in the "i wish there was someone else to speak to about this" camp...
but im not interested in running or caretaking the team, but if some anon is, i think it might be healthy to have change... people have been more than reasonable and the manager really doesn't feel like he has been... just some anons 2 cents.

>> No.59118989

>You didn't mention LITERALLY every other outdated meme that means you HATE Moona and want the other outdated memes to stay

>> No.59119097
File: 280 KB, 1277x738, 1675494430262171.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These are outdated memes.

>> No.59119182

maybe sneak in Buy an Ad

>> No.59119196

You missed a fucking monkey, sisters, numbers queen, and literally who.
Is this bait?

>> No.59119227

>Ogey rrat, Nene and Watamage are outdated
This is bait.

>> No.59119245

>and those that equal everything from the catalogue to be automaticly schizo bait are just idiots
This. Remove /vt/ SISTERS, Gura Killer, and maybe A FUCKING MONKEY. But, keep players like yeah, me and LITERALLY WHO. They're the response, not the bait itself anyway.

>> No.59119264

Nah I forgot monkey but to be honest might as well remake the whole team.

>> No.59119271
File: 574 KB, 752x1096, 1683150834981062.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59119305

>remove catalog players
>but don't remove the catalog players I like!

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File: 187 KB, 503x444, jumbojoshu proud.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be a useless goalkeeper
>heaviest stat debuff
>play as striker against the final boss
>score a goal
>"More goals than saves"

>> No.59119386

Yeah me is fine, literally who should go.
Buy an ad would be an actually fun one.
Probably for the best. I'm down with Ogey rray, Nene and Mikoboat staying due to iconic status.
Most everything else is 2 years or more past expiry date by now.

>> No.59119395

Never listen to the whiny faggots. This shit happens on nearly every board. They will never be appeased even if you give in to them 100%. Don't even bother.

>> No.59119405

A FUCKING MONKEY mostly was just funposting but at this point it is pretty outdated

>> No.59119404

>Ogey rray, Nene and Mikoboat
No, remove them

>> No.59119449

Disagree with Mikoboat, but Ogey rrat and Nene should be almost be permanent for the foreseeable future.

>> No.59119505

remember to vote for boros and friend

>> No.59119545

honestly kinda want boros and friend
would also accept Big Mooner as a replacement for HEY MOONA

>> No.59119646

Voting is useless anyway because the manager will put in whatever players he likes.

>> No.59119689

well okay!

>> No.59119763

i disagree, literally who is one of the few memes that are across the board, even the VTL makes hyp videos built around the joke
if anything i am surprised it wasn't on the team earlier or in a more prevalent position, do what /hfz/ does with their team and have a different model depending on kit

>> No.59119776

did you know we have 2 managers

>> No.59119793

We really need a new manager to go with the new roster.
Maybe the new manager could do things like run polls for a reasonable time (not 24 hours), ban bait from the roster, and submit emotes. A complete revolution on how the team is run.
Who knows, people might actually have fun, participate, and support the team.

>> No.59119815

That's what literal who is as a player right now. It's 3 different players depending on the kit

>> No.59119830

did you know we have 2 managers

>> No.59119859

Well anyone here should feel free to step up and be the change they want.

>> No.59119864

And neither seems capable of posting an emote in the 4cc thread so it gets added without anon doing it for him.

>> No.59119953

i would very much like that
are there really 2? what does the other one do?

>> No.59119965

They both do all the things

>> No.59119987

The fanbase were more than ready to support the managers but then they go off and include small corpos into the roster even though those players got the least votes of all the votes.


>> No.59119994

Both seem to do exactly the same thing (nothing).

>> No.59120111

Yeah I didn't like that. He cut a ton of JPs to add random stuff that didn't get voted in. And bait.

>> No.59120114

well we died so quickly last time, that the player only played once if even at all from what i remember so that didn't really get across
but yeah, thats far more fun player and gets to rep some parts of the nonholo side of the board that i am all in favor of it

>> No.59120122

Never forget this.
This manager is a fucking joke and polls will mean jackshit

>> No.59120127

Well is anyone going to step up or are we going to keep grumbling about our current managers?

>> No.59120215

Niggas really do want the roster to be like
Gura (gold medal)
Fauna (gold medal)
Pekora (silver medal)
Korone (silver medal)
Mumei (silver medal)
and see nothing wrong with that

>> No.59120308

i want a new manager at this time but already do many things, but if there a vote for fresh blood, id like that!
i don't think i ever want to deal with the current manager again

>> No.59120368

This was a bad idea but at least they tried to remedy it and apologize for how poorly it went.

>> No.59120372

How about you do it, you little bitch?

>> No.59120375

What's even the point of asking this? It doesn't matter if there's 1, 2 or 10 managers when they don't do anything.

>> No.59120451

oh so they do nothing but also go out of their way to maliciously manipulate the roster, got it
absolutely no logical fallacy there

>> No.59120473

i might, actually
not do tactics, i cant and have no interest in doing that
but i can run polls, submit emotes, and inform threads of polls and run them for over 24 hours, and not randomly cut the players people want for bait!
so it might work out!

>> No.59120532

there's 2 managers. k
why should I fucking care
why should I know that there's 2 managers. do they want my validation and recognition?

>> No.59120578

Thoughts on making a /vt/ council? Just a random thought.

>> No.59120625

They went and cut the players people wanted for bait and their friends stuff.
They didn't submit a single fucking emote that people asked for (see this thread and the previous)
They had us identified as "vtumors" on the wiki (they have no idea how that happened).
They are either very incompetent, or malicious.
Oh, last time they ran the poll for 24 hours, you missed it? TOO BAD LMAO LURK THE CATALOGUE MORE BRB GETTING OUR FRIENDS IN THERE

>> No.59120638

do you think they're a fucking hive mind? do you think one would let the other rig polls and shit without issue? do you think they'd rig the polls and change the roster on some perfect consensus between them and no one else

>> No.59120655

we died on penalties
was /mayo/ tested in penalties?
if anything is must indeed be the patch since no scoring mogging machine

>> No.59120669
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pls be nice to each other

>> No.59120700

i would support that!

>> No.59120712

And who will create the models for the team? This isn't VTL where you can just sent a list of what you want past deadline and expect others to do all the work for you. Maybe actually learn what it means to really manage a team first before you act all high and mighty.

>> No.59120733

What do you want them to do? The best advice I've seen from both threads is to have a better balance of players but not to the point of forcing players onto the team.

>> No.59120785

It took them a long time to release the raw data of the poll. I dunno what fuckery they did in their little circle jerk discord server

>> No.59120844

What server? /vt/ is one of the few 4cc teams without a discord server
>but the VTL one
Anything talking about the main team gets deleted

>> No.59120846

yeah, crying about one more thread will work

>> No.59120951
File: 9 KB, 480x360, chair2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59120983
File: 206 KB, 1008x694, veetee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>but don't remove the catalog players I like!
Unironically this. Can't be helped since the /vt/ managers and Triangle think that to link up VTL and /vt/ 4cc team is gay.

>> No.59121068

there was an emote for your kind in the 4cc already
its :numbers:, remember it :)

>> No.59121087


>> No.59121190


im sure we'd find a solution. anon seems to find a solution every time!
at this point, anyone would be better than the current manager
even me.
i don't want to do it mind you, but getting the manager to do anything, no matter how reasonable is impossible and i don't want him blowing up at me again so id rather deal with someone else!
all im saying is that if nobody will do it, an anon or another will.
today and yesyerday have shown anons can get things that the manager said were impossible, done!
hell the next one might actually not cut all the jps that were voted in for random bait from the catalogue!

>> No.59121225

>behaves like a sister
>"not represented"
I think you guys are

>> No.59121361

I agree with everything except Cute and Funny. Gotta have something to represent the Cunnytubers.

>> No.59121439

What would be a /vt/ council? Elaborate?
Tentatively supporting it.

>> No.59121464

i was strongly against what they did last time too but you start to sound like nothing but a holodrone if you just call everything you dislike like Pink Cat or /lig/ma balls bait

>> No.59121507

A circlejerk of managers will go in to discord and decide on matters to a vote. The team's tactics will also suck because you will have 3 or more autistic people trying to epeen themselves

>> No.59121516

This. Let's make the team what it should be.

>> No.59121697

He can voice his dislikes just like those people who dislike "/vt/sisters" and "talented freedom".

>> No.59121762

w..would they at least keep each other gonest, ban bait, inform people of votes and submit.emotes..?
if so its an upgrade!

>> No.59121821

4cc says the only way to get anything done about the manager is for them to step down.

>> No.59121846

sure but i won't be in support of a new manager that is just interested in making this a Hololive only team because of their own interests.

>> No.59121925

I'm going to be extremely honest with you. I know exactly who you are and between your two teams in /vt/ league, you have contributed nothing of value. You did not make the models for your teams, you did not make tactics, you do not make the portraits correctly, you did not submit even the requests on time, you did not update the roster for one of them out of neglect, and you do not even own a computer.

You are a phoneposter who has freeloaded off of other people's hard work for two leagues and you have the audacity to complain? You know nothing, not even a crumb

>> No.59121965

Well, I'd very much like for the manager to step down and think it's warranted, but they don't seem to give a fuck about anything we want so far and doubt that that will be the first thing that they'll listen to.

>> No.59121968

you know what's funny? some people don't want a hololive only team but those same people want to remove the 2 players that are NOT hololive related

now that is irony of life, isn't it

>> No.59121977
File: 1.66 MB, 560x420, concernfag[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fcujloo.mp3].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why the managers have to deal with retards that
>cant set up filters
>can't ignore bait
>don't understand what a containment thread is
>scared of what some random fuckhead on the internet says about some other
They really need to treat you hugbox niggers like babies?
whoever was interested in the league saw the link for the votes and shared in their threads and funny enough babies like you "abandoning the sanctity of their blessed swamp" and posted in the oh so fearsome catalog thread(topical /vtl/ thread like this one) crying but didn't even vote as shown by the results.
Now you are here, uninformed and throwing allegations like they are facts(sister behavior btw) .Change your own diaper already cuz you seems old enough for that.
Also add shiori~n as an emote for the anthem :)

>> No.59122007

qrd who is it?

>> No.59122052

AnAme we are talking about 4cc, not VTL. Stay on topic.

>> No.59122087

i can't wait for the roster poll to become a 'vote for your oshi' popularity contest. hopefully gura will be as iconic a goal scorer as nene

>> No.59122254

why put losers in? that's not fair for the 16 teams that actually passed to qualifiers.

>> No.59122267

If that anon can respect polls, run them for longer than 24 hours, be polite to people, and submit emotes, its an upgrade from what we have now.
Really it would be very hard to be worse than the current manager.

>> No.59122329

whoops I forgot to tell /threadidontlike/ that we have a poll! Tee-hee oh well!

>> No.59122411

will do sir

>> No.59122502

Imagine if /a/ had like 17 Dragon Ball players and one Luffy Gear 5 player named “Most Iconic Transformation”

>> No.59122555

gear 5 isn't even iconic...

>> No.59122640

Remember last time Vshojo and /lig/ got a rep in and then manager just decided to redo the voting? Lmao.

>> No.59122802

That’s the joke of the name

>> No.59122808

Dragon Ball doesn't take up 90% of the threads on their board. Hololive does on ours.

>> No.59122968

I think everything that needs to be said on why we need fresh blood is said by >>/vt/thread/46711338#p46711452 and this thread
Debating the composition is pointless because the manager will throw the results of his 24 hour blink and you miss it poll in the trash and do whatever he wants, anyway.

>> No.59123356

Aname, please stop this.
You are genuinely embarrasing

>> No.59123428

And yet he is better at his job than /vt/ manager. Curious.

>> No.59123558

He isn't absolutely despised by the team he represents at least, so he is a vast improvement already

>> No.59123610

I love that guy. Why cant the 4cc manager be more like him?

>> No.59123678 [DELETED] 
File: 721 KB, 1527x1987, 1677154782347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59123682

I don't despise the current manager, you don't speak for everyone

>> No.59123763

t. the manager or his boyfriend

>> No.59124033

That is being disingenuous since the /lig/ rep last league was added on the team by the manager despite getting a lower amount of votes. Vshojo had Kson as rep that made the final cut as well.

>> No.59124084

t. /4ccg/ perma virgin

>> No.59124166


I despise the current manager, and its because of posts like that.
People ask him to respect polls, add some emotes, and not put bait in the roster, and his reaction is to melt down at some random who offered to do those exact things.
So what do we do? The manager isn't capable of even posting emotes in the 4cc thread, but he is more than capable of going into these tirades.
Its not the first time either, look at the poll results thread that was linked, his answer to reasonable requests consists of these meltdowns.
I respect the anon he went off on 10x more than i do the manager.

>> No.59124267

it makes sense after you made a reply chain about it, schizo

>> No.59124275

This post says a lot more about you than it does about him.

>> No.59124342

Talent Freedom is a Vshojo rep in the same way that Literally Who is a /wvt/ rep

>> No.59124351

>hag love AFTER the Hag League

>> No.59124354

Don't forget run polls for longer than 24 hours, that was a big one too.

>> No.59124491

That was brought up in the results thread too. Talent freedom is an anti meme that VSJ+ hates and doesn't like.
Things like that is where "the team seems designed to troll the board" came from.
VSJ+ rep that won should be KSON.

>> No.59124531

brudda I don't despise or hate you in the slightest, but this is really, REALLY bad optics for you. it isn't helping you to spout off like this...jfc man

>> No.59124540
File: 169 KB, 860x596, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the /lig/ rep last league
> Vshojo had Kson as rep
Talent freedom is vshojo-mocking anti-meme. Pink cat made it, see >>59119987 and everyone were happy with the roster but then manager decided to shit in everyone's plate for no reason
Just fuckin look at this roster. At least 19/21 players are heavily influenced hololive memes, outdated at that. It is so awful even holofags didnt like it.

>> No.59124581

>I respect the anon he went off on 10x more than i do the manager.
You mean yourself? Your posts are so easily spottable in this and the last thread. You already hated him before this. Stop bringing your personal drama from a dicksword into this.
You are mentally ill if you think that not everyone knows exactly who your posts are.

>> No.59124596

what will you do when the team has broken aesthetics because no one will be there to do it for him, or when the team has to be an autopilot because he has no computer

>> No.59124690

Not to mention theres 0 nijis despite niji being 2nd largest vtuber company in the world and niji is big on /vt/, even in number threads

>> No.59124732

You take for granted all the shit the current managers do to hound on them for random bullshit
not the manager btw

>> No.59124901

Nijis do not show up for divegrass for whatever reason. I tried to get one of their splits interested in VTL 5 with no success. The first poll from memory had all out war as a niji rep that was planned to have a set of rotating niji players. I remember seeing Petra earlier today so she made the team in one form.

>> No.59124994

Yeah I'm sure.
We have given quite a lot of reasons for why we are upset. The threads have been like this ever since the current manager took the role, and its because of the things he has, and has not done.
People linked the archive, too.
Anonymous doesn't forget, and nothing has changed, if anything, things have gotten worse.
The only think the manager seems capable of doing is throw these fits >>59121925.
What triggered him?
The idea of someone else actually doing the things he will not do.
People don't dislike the manager for no reason, it has been a year of this.

>> No.59125068

Do the honorable thing and resign.

>> No.59125083
File: 89 KB, 612x536, 1686365573873204.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we change yubi yubi to furball?

>> No.59125106

who said that was the manager
did you just assume

>> No.59125186

i found our new vtl tips page submission! thanks!

>> No.59125210

same fag replay to that post 10 more times and maybe he will

>> No.59125211

>"w..would they at least"
>"if so its an upgrade!"
behaving like twitter cucks is an upgrade, everyone
btw your posting bot has the "!" added at the end of your sentences. I think you didn't notice this.

>> No.59125267

Its him, its the way he types. I spoke to him in private, you can tell by the barely suppressed seething while also trying to climb on higher position than other speaker.

>> No.59125289

manager don't mix vtl and 4cc, dumbass. also hag is a catalog meme so it's a double no-no

>> No.59125320
File: 985 KB, 700x1245, delu_birthday2023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do not

>> No.59125355

Petra was on the field as GURA KILLER
So not the best Niji rep

>> No.59125361

it would be extremely funny but also extremely cruel

>> No.59125366

It's the manager, its not the first time he does this.

>> No.59125369
File: 2.11 MB, 1920x1080, 6qyuradmfzx51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So when is vtl 6 happening?

>> No.59125432

i really want to! it cracked me up and would be a fun pasta!
b..but if you rather i didn't i guess...

>> No.59125464

No way it's aname tho. I remember him as a chill and reasonable guy.

>> No.59125494
File: 32 KB, 913x271, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We're not done with this page just yet, but we do have a homepage on the wiki now for things like this.

>> No.59125500


>> No.59125519

He wants to seem like it though but he easily cracks under the pressure.

>> No.59125642

lmao oh god no he blows up all the time like that

>> No.59125652

genuinely curious why /vt/ doesn't field /vt/ League players. isn't that how /vg/ does it? also if you're going to answer as the manager, use your trip, it's what it's for...
and if the answer is "because the bait threads are just as much a part of the board as..." then save face and just don't say it

>> No.59125708

>Talent Freedom is an anti meme
Your home pitch is called Talent Freedom Stadium. What the fuck are you on?

>> No.59125768

>Nijis do not show up for divegrass for whatever reason
But the team is to represent /vt/ as a whole. Something as basic as "I'm Pomu" as a sub defender isn't going to hurt the roster that seemingly is just Holo+ at this point.

>> No.59125781

the managers have designated tripcodes, dumbass.
You would know it you checked your own archive link.
but no please keep samefagging like a retard.

>> No.59125821

pomu sucks at divegrass

>> No.59125823

According to Tri if there's actual stakes like a spot in the 4cc team then it stops being about fun and it starts being about tryhardniggery

>> No.59125884

And it doesnt single out Kson now does it?

>> No.59125997

oh, does /vg/ do it by placement? I can see that. then keep it for fun and just take advantage of all the hard work that anons have put into /vt/ League. make it independent of placement/ranking. there are definitely /vt/ League players that everybody fucking loves. how many fucking mios do we have running around in /vtL/?
>zero on the 4cc team
seems like there'd be a civil way to just...pick from vtl players that people really like seeing.
>field a mio
>kit 1 is MIOSHA
>kit 3 is {{{BIGGER}}}
you could even have fun with it when a player is that widely represented...

>> No.59126001

the 3 players that dominate every poll for 4cc don't even have a team in vtl

>> No.59126007

Because the manager would rather have catalogue bait.

>> No.59126031

Most of the Niji adjacent teams do, we're well aware of the results in the main. But if you are going to have a single designated spot for what is the second largest corpo and one of the most active generals on this board, a safe pick will do more to encourage Nijifans to watch than some anti-meme.

>> No.59126076

Pomu didn't get a lot of votes

>> No.59126103

for what it's worth I voted for shelving stale ass memes like fucking monkey
t. bonafide "hololive is the only vtuber agency I give a shit about" poster
jwu, who are they?
sad if true...

>> No.59126176

I ain't saying it's gotta be Pomu, just a safe PRO choice should be advocated for come next roster votes.

>> No.59126352

I'm Pomu isn't humiliating enough, something more derogatory like Another Organ Graduation would make holofags vote for it

>> No.59126354

Is she not the one that said it? I genuinely don't remember/care

>> No.59126377
File: 1.93 MB, 900x1661, delu_birthday2023_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's that, sure, but it's also a desire to keep the two separate. You shouldn't need to watch/understand/appreciate VTL to like the main team and vice versa.

>> No.59126418

Why don't the nijisisters vote?

>> No.59126531

Probably because they get bullied to oblivion for their company's misdeeds whenever they show up in the catalog.

>> No.59126573

nobody's saying go that far, but with the current state of things, you could pick a random /vtl/ team, field them as /vt/ with no changes whatsoever, and have a better roster...

>> No.59126582

No, she said "creative freedom". The "talent freedom" is the catalog bait posting suggesting she quit Hololive just to behave like a whore.
Its like creating a player named "Yabba dabba doo".

>> No.59126628

>jwu, who are they?

ogey rrat = pekora
mikoboat = miko
super nenechi = nene

>> No.59126713

RIP nepolabo

>> No.59126715
File: 1.64 MB, 640x360, [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fom3tcw.webm].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.59126752

Because your options don't showcase anything not Holo in a positive light. It's been apparent for a long time that the management structure only wants the team to be the /hlgg/

>> No.59126804

As it should be. Nobody cares about nijishitters.

>> No.59126845

Why do you play at Talent Freedom Stadium? Surely it's unacceptable to play there if Talent Freedom is an anti meme, no? I'm getting mixed messages here.

>> No.59126876

Holoboard isn't a meme. It's a reality.
You are merely guests here, and the team should reflect that

>> No.59126881

why didn't you sisters give the mangers options to put into the poll?

>> No.59126934

>/vsj+/ regulars: talent freedom hehehe
>/vsj+/ wannabes: talent freedom!? reeeeee!!!!

>> No.59127030

It’s okay if Vshojo does it

>> No.59127057

if we got rid of those three we might as well not have a team at all

>> No.59127486
File: 380 KB, 1440x1440, Talent Freedom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You got it backwards
She never said creative freedom, that's a # meme

>> No.59127588
File: 610 KB, 1144x650, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NTA but I dont know what he is talking about. The Talent Freedom is referenced in Vshojo lore videos and it is literally the motto of /vsj+/ team.

>> No.59127695

Talent freedom this, talent freedom that, what about viewer freedom huh?

>> No.59128084

Thank you for the sanity check. This guy has been going off about this ever since the last poll and it has never made sense to me.

>> No.59129988

I was always under the assumption that talent freedom was something vshojo fans did not find offensive. I assume those that are replying are real vshojo watchers.

>> No.59130238

Remember, everything that the new wannabe manager dislikes MUST be schizo bait from the catalogue.

>> No.59130354

>I was always under the assumption that talent freedom was something vshojo fans did not find offensive
Yeah I don't know why they would. It's light ribbing at the absolute worst. I was going to compare it to saying ACCELERATE to a nijifag, but it's unironically not even as bad as that.
Maybe some fat ojisan was raping anon's mom in front of him and then right as he was about to nut he turned to anon and whispered "talent freedom" and he's been traumatized by the phrase ever since.

>> No.59130645

NTA but everyone has the right to complain about the food if it's shit.
This elitist attitude of "you didnt work as hard as me so your opinion doesn't count" is pretty absurd considering this isn't a rea; job. Anyone willing to contribute anything has already done too much.
This is why you dont listen to what people outside the discord actually wants

>> No.59132848

Are we even sure that guy is the manager? sounds like the classic post to just stir shit up

>> No.59133748

whoever typed that message has some inside knowledge because it is true and whoever typed that was seething. It is not just some random bait

>> No.59134069

risks of throwing out random accusations seeking for boogieman in anon forums

>> No.59134433

Yes that's the manager.
You can find similar tantrums from him on the logs, including earlier today.

>> No.59134582

who am I looking for?

>> No.59134690


>> No.59136420

wtf is this

>> No.59136492

erp cord

>> No.59137523

Which split btw?

>> No.59137881

Thia lore goes way too fucking deep for me to care.
Just kill this fucking team and lets all be friends/hate each other again

>> No.59138720
File: 182 KB, 363x328, 1613570306020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>open thread
>someone sperged out about me unprovoked
I'm here if you need help from an elite manager

>> No.59138799

Build your fucking PC already.

>> No.59138937
File: 133 KB, 380x353, 1686221908727879.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its just pretend virtual soccer, why are you all so fucking autistic

>> No.59139057

>not new IP

>> No.59139085

bratty manager needs correction...

>> No.59139118


>> No.59140324

you answered your own question anon. virtual anime soccer summons the deepest autism from within us. t. been in this business for way too long and can confirm that these threads feel exactly like the "bitch about the manager" threads we used to have on /myboard/

>> No.59140407

It's all so tiresome. I know pleasing everyone is a herculean task but I just want everyone to come together and get along.

>> No.59140720

The other manager is not doing you any favors.

>> No.59140997

It's the same couple of faggots whining about inane shit every season. Appeasing them won't work, they'll just invent more shit to whine about.

>> No.59141339

It's not even about the /vt/ team anymore, it's just VTL managers venting out grudges

>> No.59141663

actually thats the usual vtl threads were managers complain about autos because they are tired of losing to TMA but are too much of a bitch to say it openly in their discord
like with vtubers this is the only place you can get honest feedback

>> No.59141961

Funny that you say that, because the manager was the one that went on his VTL rant on the thread.
People are asking for the same they have been asking for for a while now:
Reasonable lenght for polls.
Respect the polls.
Ban bait from the roster.
All of those points are eminently reasonable. But instead of posting a few emotes on 4cc, the manager went on his discord rant.
I've been in these threads since the current managers took over. They always go like this.
Today we got 2 new emotes.
The managers didn't have a thing to do with it despite promising that they would get more emotes for a while now.
This is not about the managers personally.
Its about the way in which they do things.
These are the same managers that ran a poll for 24 hours and laughed at people that complained that they missed it, and then went to throw out the results in order to put whatever they wanted on the team anyway.
That's never going to go away.

>> No.59143152

If I wanted whatever on the rooster then where are all the indies and small corpo players? I tried my best to get the most players people wanted and look where it got us. You fags are not happy with anything

>> No.59144047

I'd appreciate if you didn't try and pretend to be me.

>> No.59144472

did you post anything in this thread at all

>> No.59144574

>Aname finally shows up with his trip
Looks like the Anameschizo needs to take his meds

>> No.59146038

Holy shit you gullible nigger. A trip is not a tattoo. You can turn it on and off whenever you want.

>> No.59148888

sex with managers

>> No.59150344
File: 145 KB, 433x420, 1694226916299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.59150882

I can't deny those digits, but which one

>> No.59151308 [DELETED] 

the bratty spics

>> No.59153816

Based digits of truth

>> No.59154228


>> No.59157262


>> No.59157402


>> No.59160412

Because we're still athletes ...in our mind

>> No.59161904

Wait we got a vtl tips page?

>> No.59162072

the screen that beebs reads before the games start!

>> No.59162307

We will be back for the next one. The Eternal speedup of Advent faggotry prevented the message getting out as threads kept dying. nepolabo is unified now. We WILL return.

Now if we want a variable player. I'd suggest Forbidden Thread. Rotates model from Lamy, The Alchemist, some /meat/ rep and either an /ag/ chuuba or Bronson

>> No.59164006
File: 172 KB, 377x370, 1692895893400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is half of the thread people who know and hate each other from divegrass dickswords arguing with each other?

>> No.59164241
File: 84 KB, 360x300, kek[sound=files.catbox.moe_2F15zz6t.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think the last threads are, in the end, result of not so good team performance in 4cc

>> No.59164422

Well, yes. A lot of the problems stem from 2 straight bad cup performances. I guarantee that /vt/ does well this cup a lot of the hate will subside.

>> No.59164712

Think it's actually only 4 people or so
That being said
>293 posts
>42 IPs

>> No.59164798
File: 381 KB, 397x498, 1692056524053.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A psychological problem with the voting system is that the result of the vote (the whole team) is very far removed from what the indiviual voter actually does (giving his binary opinion on individual players), and that the result is hard to predict.
It would bring more legitimacy to the process if the team would have to be approved by vote after being made known to the board, rather than having the team presented in a "this is your team now, deal with it" kind of fashion.

>> No.59164930

have a vote to have a vote to have a vote to have a vote

>> No.59164964

That's how democracy usually works, yeah. There's rarely only one vote throughout a whole election process.

>> No.59165281

Democracy is shit though. People vote for whats popular, not what they need or for what is worthy

>> No.59165525

And what defines "What they need or for what is worthy" With digital divegrass? After all models can easily be swapped as the characters are just blobs of stats in the end.

>> No.59165532

Thinking that you know what other people need or what is truly worthy just leads to a shitty dictatorship where the corruption and the power abuse becomes even worse than in a democracy.
Democracy is kind of shit, but that's because people are shit. There's no simple solution to that.

>> No.59165550

who decides what's worthy then? are you or anyone else here a perfect unbiased and objectively correct arbiter of what's right and wrong? as long as most people can looks at the team and think 'yeah, that seems about right' then it's good enough. besides, at a certain point all this talk about the roster doesn't really matter if we die in babby groups or worse, the fetus

>> No.59165673

>as long as most people can looks at the team and think 'yeah, that seems about right' then it's good enough.
And to confirm that thought in a vote would be nice, if only as an argument against people hating on the team.

>> No.59166048


Funny enough, people who watch divegrass. Not the one who vote, mind you, but the ones that actually watches or want to watch divegrass.
Take previous cups as example. The roster is so full of holo reps the team might as well be called /hlgg/. Why? Because Hololive is popular, much more popular than any other thread or general. But why people did not like the roster then? Because people other than holofags are split and even holofags are split themselves.

Example: Lets say there are 100 faithful /vt/ team viewers. 50 of them are holofags, 10 are nijifags, 10 are vshojo/lig fags, 10 are indie fags, 10 JP fags and 10 are OC/meta threads fags(including but not limited to: hfz, vtwbg, yubi, #, etc).
Voting happens. All hololive players get 50+ votes. All fractured players get 10+ votes, excluding OCfags if they are related to Hololive. Since this is a multivote and there are no limits on how many players are included, 23 hololive players get in with 50+ votes while other non-holo are left in dust with puny 10 votes.
But that just made 50% people unhappy. Moreover, since Holofags are so numerous, exact same scenario also happens simultaneously inside holofag faction so out of those 50 maybe 25 are happy. This is why full unrestricted democracy is shit and cannot work.
What I offer is just to split players into sections depending on what type of thread they come from. Medals can ignore this rule, one can say that this is a hololive majority board and should be represented as such and I have no problem with it reflected in medals which SHOULD be a popularity vote. But other than that, I think section division is fair and also elevates a lot of butthurt by mere virtue of: "you had your slots but people who like same thing as you voted differently. At least you still have something to represent you even though it is not exactly the player who you wanted individually".

TLDR: Popularity voting is bad, split the vote into factions.

>> No.59166264

maybe we should have people write up the various possibilities of voting/team composition and then have a vote on which one is best?

>> No.59166268

>Voting happens. All hololive players get 50+ votes. All fractured players get 10+ votes, excluding OCfags if they are related to Hololive. Since this is a multivote and there are no limits on how many players are included, 23 hololive players get in with 50+ votes while other non-holo are left in dust with puny 10 votes.
That could just be fixed by not allowing multiple votes. Much simpler.

>> No.59166461

>Affirmative action so Vshojo gets their camgirls onto the team
How about we don't.

>> No.59166484

They already have.

>> No.59167706

Same case with 4cc and /t/ isn't it? They're auto as well if I remember correctly

>> No.59167822

Why dont you join in on the fun?

>> No.59167884

don't think one schizophrenic pipkin counts as all the managers, but okay

>> No.59169092

nice vote reply
I mean bot reply

>> No.59170016


>> No.59170321

I like the vtl team captains all star team idea.

the current team is dogshit with dead memes and no interest behind it.

Holoteam = boring dead team. Holo fag samefags the vote, but nobody comes out to support the team in chat because he can't samefag there.

>> No.59170414

everyone likes the vtl captains idea

>> No.59170463

the vtl captains idea is a no brainer
>resets team /vt/ and gets rid of the stench of death/failure surrounding the team
>puts the burden on individual threads because who they vote for their own team captian is who they are sending to the team vt ballot
>they can't attack the managers for favoritism and nepotism because the managers can say "blame your thread for their captain vote"
>managers can then focus of testing, tactics, aes instead of trying to fan the roster shitstorm