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What website was she refering to? What kind of heartless bastards would make Moona cry?


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Kiwi Farms?

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Probably Twitter. It's the most toxic site ever.

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She said herself on the video it's not Twitter retard

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What's this about?

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SEAnigger stuffs.

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idk what you're insinuating, every fucking loves moona on this board. If she didn't speak ID I'd probably be subbed to her.

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2ch or some indo-central website. Ollie antis don't exist save the yubigate ones

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indog facebook. Second worst place on the internet

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Zoomers and anonymous zoomers will say it's the 4chongs, but most likely >>5900956.
Either way, this dumb yab zoombie shouldn't be talking about it.

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moona doesn't even know japanese

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I go on the Farms and they never talk about Moona

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Not yet.

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The vtuber kiwifarms thread is actually pretty chill and supportive lol

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It's probably some Indo website that whines about the girls speaking English

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I wonder what happened...

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foxdicks please leave

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I've seen vtuber threads on kiwi-farms and they're mostly just infodumps of a certain kind. That site is being ddosed by mentally ill people right now but I don't remember they ever giving much of a shit about moona or ID in particular, can't confirm though.

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How does one cry over bullshit posted on some website? I cant understand that.

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5ch? That place like 4chan isn't it but for Japanese only. You must admit not everyone loves Moona and some people have negative thinking about her interaction with Pakora

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moona cant read moonrunes

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Ah shit I forgot she is still dumb in Japanese

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never understood it myself, but I'm also not famous

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probably facebook seaniggers still use it.

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get the fuck out

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I made a comment in her channel abt how /vt/ didn't like the Connor arc, got like ~50 replies.
3 days after, Ollie took a break and Moona talk.abt it

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What are you trying to do? This happened two months ago during the Cannur arc, Moona moved on and Ollie took a break
Anyway, to contribute to the thread I'll say what I know. Apparently an edited screenshot/linked thread from here with anti comments against Ollie/Moona/Iofi? (basically everyone involved in the Cannur arc) was posted in Indo Facebook

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the answer for all Ollie questions is some combination of below:
If you cannot understand, spend thirty minutes at the nearest chick-fil-a standing in line listening to what girls say and try to process it in your mind.

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it's always Facebook

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You were all there for when Moona directly referenced this website twice after this, right? People asked her to reference two things to prove she was lurking the Moona thread and she did it twice in a row. The whole oreo milkshake thing. She's /here/.

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theres a kiwifarms vtuber thread?

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If you visit kiwifarms you're mentally ill

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Yeah, there's very little doxxing going on. It's just casual discussion. Last I checked anyway.

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meds, now.

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I felt like you guys wouldn't believe me, so I just made this image.
Ollie and Moona lurked this board. No rrats, just facts.

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get the fuck in

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What did people say about Moona and Ollie? They seem ok. Did they OD on rrats? Moona if you're here you gotta ignore rrat posters they're literally retarded. They think everyone not in hololive is a hololive reject.

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ive written several cows thread and i am contemplatibg making one about a vtuber. kiara and mori are prime cow material.

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i think ollie collabbed with a 3D male and indos are angry
i think? its unclear

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Moona is great but Ollie can get fucked on stream again

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Nothing, at least at the moment before this clip appeared
Ollie was obsessed with Apex and Connor and dragged Moona and Iofi into it. Purityfags and anituber haters got mad and the gachikois where leaving
To resume: typical /vt/ comments, some tweets showing distaste and I even saw a few some reddit comments getting tired of Connor
It was a minority, but in the end, they shat their pants. And then Yubigate happened...

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Isn't moona known for liking oreo smoothies the fat bitch?

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Pretty sure they're called oreo milkshakes and Moona just replicated the anon's typo, that's also the first time she's ever tweeted anything oreo related.

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It was us retard, she was refereing to those schizo that went crazy after Connor arc. That's why I always against these girls to touch this shit hole.

I can't even convince myself to take a look at Ollie thread back in the day. Swarmed by lowlife Indogs for months. It's just now that those schizos are finally move on into the next one to hate. I can't says how much of them still targeting Ollie, But some are still here, even in /hlgg/ and /jp/

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Did Alfred give up on Moona after the Connor saga? Haven't seen him around lately

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Judging by his tweets, not really

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I wonder why Moonafags are one of the worst Holofanbase in this board. Then I remember where most of them came from.

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Who cares dumb whore

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This was after the Connor arc and when Yubigate happened. I would also blame the tourists

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Subs cost you nothing. Sub to her, anon.

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Well, lulu graduating because of it. Soo...

They're woman, anon.

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That screenshot is extremely physically painful to look at

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lift some weights anon, channel that anger into something productive. you've got some chemicals out of balance in your noggin, some exercise will do you good.

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Jesas, the second hand embarrassments is so strong in this one.

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What the fuck I thought rrats were just jokes and wouldn’t get outside of here…

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Is this really what we sound like? jesus, seeing it on another site really puts things in perspective. stupid little memes, like zoomers with their tiktok slang. think i'm gonna stay off vt for a while, christ.

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alfred was alive!

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See you tomorrow.

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I appreciate this increase in self-awareness. Good to see.

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See you in the next Arc, Anon.

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There is a sort of selection bias at work.
You need to be sensitive to public opinion in order to shape yourself as an entertainer. You let yourself constantly be molded by the thoughts of other people in order to subtly adapt yourself to become a person they like to watch. To connect with your audience, you need to be empathetic and understand what they're thinking. But it's not something you can turn on and off - if you actually succeed in doing that, you become increasingly jaded.
The more someone develops a strong personal reality where they can critically evaluate and filter criticism through their own value system, the less entertaining and more dull they become. To be sure that certain criticism is unfounded, you need to develop and embrace many of your own assumptions that you then treat as fact. If your beliefs are strong enough, other stances become increasingly difficult to entertain and play along with.
You become less spontaneous. You start to have less to say about different viewpoints, people and ideas in games because they get treated as farcicial by your filters. When a collab partner says something idiotic, your laugh comes out as forced because your mind instinctively tells you, "that's bullshit, disregard it - wait, uh, you're supposed to play along, right?" Your emotional responses become less genuine, your thought processes more calculated . You attract less and less viewers, until you become someone few want to watch.
There's a reason why all the most popular streamers out there all seem to be emotional, and a tad stupid or impulsive - people feel comfortable and safe with someone inferior in certain aspects. There do exist intelligent, well-composed and quiet streamers - they don't cry over hate. But they also don't attract many viewers because this composure also ensures, among other things, that they react maturely to things that would have otherwise produced clippable material for the "dumb" top streamers.

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someone share the clip when risu said "4chan loves Moona"

>> No.5903413

I'm not angry. I just post like that to make a point. We have these threads so many times, yet no one has caught on to what's basic knowledge.

Though, I should really be heading to the gym more often

>> No.5903420

Because she's human. Anyone would naturally react negatively to people circlejerking over how much they hate you.

>> No.5904604

Imagine being Ollie or the staff and reading the comments without any clue about what they are talking about

>> No.5904611

If I say I hate you will you cry faggot?

>> No.5905262

>Forgot that she works in the idol industry and started to drool over famous males
>Made her senpais lose viewers and gachikois
>Literally had sex on stream
>Cried and blamed everyone but herself when recieved criticism
I still don't understand how did she got away with it, Coco graduating because she mentioned a fucking country on stream, but Ollie is still here

>> No.5927521

>>Literally had sex on stream
ollie or moona? sauce?

>> No.5928769

nta but you're misunderstanding the point,

>> No.5928899

I remember when kiwifarms was just a website that mirrored every comment on 4chan. It's weird it became its own 4chan clone.

>> No.5928978

Like most of /vt/.

>> No.5929037

can you back up most of those statements?

>> No.5929416

I watched mori's dogwhistles to pol during the gura collab and lost my motivation to mercilessly shit on chubas. In fact, I genuinely pitied her for trying so hard to win us over. Then I come here and see this shit, and it really ruffles my jammies.

Is it really our fault that Ollie didn't reschedule her stream to whenever she wasn't getting railed? Or is it just that she's an arrogant cunt who needs a good old fashioned graduation to inspire some humility reps? Honestly, her unapologetic presence in hololive is a perpetual stain on their brand.

At this point she's fucked in more ways than one because an apology would require her to admit to her unforgivable yabe and get graduated on the spot, while trying to sweep it under the rug only makes her look like that much more of an awful person. There will never be any salvation for stealth sex holos who don't fall in their own (boyfriend's) sword to atone for their sins. This is the ultimate law of idol culture. Got caught getting slammed? Better get your ass tanned!

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Man people really get upset over stupid shit lmao

>> No.5929891

rrat, ollie was jokingly moaning like a retard and people kept saying that she was having sex/fingered on stream.

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>> No.5930205

if a thousand people gather around your house and yell at you every day for the rest of your life, telling you how you're worthless, and how you're shit, and nothing you do in life matters, you're going to feel it. you don't need to keep up a macho cover on 4chan. you're human, just like everyone else here.

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>> No.5930799

>mori's dogwhistles to pol
eh, did I miss something? I know the setting was redneck central but I didn't notice anything that far right

>> No.5931442

that much is obvious, also it has more to do with the SEAniggers or INDogs comments than with the connor shit

>> No.5931706

I know in my heart that this is a rrat, but the fuck is wrong with that moaning timing.
The first happens after a long silence after "jumpscare" when she should've calmed down enough.
The second happens mid-talk when she's wrapping up the stream.
And both happens when the other two is having a conversation with her.
The timing is just way off, both for comedic and adrenaline.

>> No.5931740

Why do newfags always get baited into spoonfeeding info? who gives a shit if some anonymous user on a Tibetan rock carving message board doesn't believe you. you're also anonymous you retarded faggot.

>> No.5932330

Fuck this is cringe

>> No.5932398

meant for

>> No.5932575


>> No.5935558

>giving her views

>> No.5936281

info exists to be shared. If not shared it gets lost. it's like it never existed.

>> No.5936513

Twitter is not her house and those thousand people have no psychical access to her. If some people are dancing around a bonfire in the middle of Siberia instead of my doorstep chanting "anon is worthless" I doubt I'd care much.

>> No.5936717

Ollie...please stop browsing this board for your mental health.

>> No.5936955

she will also attend to song requests on /moon/ during karaoke streams

>> No.5937027

Why are English speakers such mega cucks? Holy shit man.

>> No.5937573

I sometimes feel like wanting to be famous just to get constant online hate and see how it's like... But then I remember that's impossible. There is no way I could make people to care enough about me to hate me.

>> No.5938830

Why do seanigger always breaks their containment?

>> No.5939068

Thanks for the laughs Anon, haven't heard that one in a long time

>> No.5942073

Antis should be annihilated

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>> No.5946329

Ollie here, I was talking about ebaumsworld.

>> No.5948190

I always get indonesia and india mixed up

>> No.5949128

get the fuck down

>> No.5949398

The important thing to remember about hate is not the bulk hate that you deal with. Obviously you can ignore the hate on this website because it's all the same and not really too cutting.
No, the hate that gets to people is personalized. Make a small mistake? That mistake will be used against you for as long as you're a public figure. Act sensitive about something? That wound will be attacked. Feel proud of something? That thing will be constantly undermined. People act like public figure hate is just mindless flaming, but that's not the bad part. The bad part is the stuff that's designed to hurt you at your weakest.

>> No.5951097

With extreme prejudice

>> No.5954584

The fuck are you talking about, retard.

>> No.5955366

Immediately jumping to her boyfriend fingering her is cuckold mindset. That doesn't make any sense. However, ollie might be a nymphomaniac and was masturbating. Deranged, yes, but people beating off in weird situations is at least a fairly common phenomenon. Like people get in trouble for pounding one out during a zoom meeting. The added taboo makes you cum harder.

>> No.5955541

Wasn't it already confirmed she was talking about indog facebook groups?

>> No.5960773

>However, ollie might be a nymphomaniac and was masturbating.
That's hot.

>> No.5961177

This feels like when people use memes irl

>> No.5963887


>> No.5964452

a thousand retards could do that and i'd feel nothing

>> No.5964523

what happened?

>> No.5964566

someone tell me this is fake

>> No.5964646

get the fuck up

>> No.5964951

For this to be an accurate metaphor there also need to be hundreds of thousands of people constantly complimenting me and paying me to play videogames, in which case no I don't think the few shitposters would make me depressed.

>> No.5965019

Can confirm the last time I remember. I stopped going there when the site owner sperged out like a faggot and threatened to lock the thread because he thought vtubers were pedo bait. Figured it would only be a matter a time before his faggotry ruined everything and from the news it seems like kiwifarms is in hot shit.

>> No.5965066

It seems more likely that this was.. self inflicted.

>> No.5965157

Only retards do, like obviously

>> No.5965207


Takes a quick peek



>> No.5965557

She literally told someone to "stop it"

>> No.5965680

She was telling the ghosts that

>> No.5965805

She's MIGHT be referring to the chat spamming PADORU PADORU since it's almost midnight over there.
Though honestly, that quiet "stop it" is still sexy tho.

>> No.5965854

lol what, why would a pedo want to lock a thread for being pedo bait?

>> No.5966126

He's laboring under the delusion that he's a christian now and that his site isn't the most judgmental hellhole on the internet.

>> No.5966195

sounds about right for moon, dudes a legit freak, easily makes the biggest schizos here look like mormons compared to him

>> No.5966279
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It's bugs. It's always bugs. Even when you don't think it's bugs, it's totally bugs.

>> No.5966356

Null is a giant faggot who thinks his shit don't stink. Didn't know he was a born again retard though. Probably trying to pray the gay away. What a double faggot.

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Okay, it took me a while. I went throught the archives and I found the rrat and CSEM




I hope the bastards are in prison and dropped the soup

>> No.5967516 [DELETED] 

holy fuck

>> No.5967569

I could feel my sanity swiftly eroding when I opened that hastebin. Managed to close it before it was too late.

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File: 2.92 MB, 1200x720, raped by ghosts.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally a reason to post this after years of having it

>> No.5967807,1 [INTERNAL] 

good work, thanks anon.

>> No.5968104

checks out

>> No.5968303

do indogs really?

>> No.5968392

Dude, those were 100% real moans and she nervously wanted to end the stream asap once the thing started, you can even hear a wet sound in one moment.
It was 24th december midnight, the bf was probably over her place and wanted a little bit of rush, nothing too crazy.

>> No.5968498

>I genuinely pitied her for trying so hard to win us over.
Imagine believing for one second that anyone would want to fit in with you. That anyone would want to try and win you over. Holy shit.

>> No.5968664


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I checked the archives again, here's some other things related to the rrat

>The original post of the hastebin: https://files.catbox.moe/xc28hy.png

>Counter to the rrat: https://files.catbox.moe/x3xn5v.png

>Counter to the anti-rrat: https://files.catbox.moe/6u37zs.jpg

>Bonus clip:

>> No.5968930

Didnt ollie say they were watching some secret netflix when hfz was live?

>> No.5969511

>end the stream asap once the thing started
That's normal for any horror game stream, really.
>you can even hear a wet sound in one moment
Timestamp or bullshit.
Now if you talk about that random chuu after the moan on the other hand...

>> No.5970494

I don't care about the rrat, and yes, I'm a coomer, but holy shit were those moans delicious.

>> No.5970706

>ollie cant handle 4chins
poor brown tomboy gf. let me hold you and pet you

>> No.5970789

>>>Anonymous Fri May 21 23:54:09 2021 No.4024649


>>>Anonymous Sat May 22 01:12:41 2021 No.4027061

Transcription of what she said, only the English parts because I don't speak Indonesian.

>Sometimes people would take advantage of them spamming... and then they'd make their own little forum, and I'm just tired of looking at it.
>Like, I know a lot of you guys would be like, "oh then stop looking at it Ollie!"
>But the thing is, I'm an idol, and I always gotta...
>Like, sometimes if I talk to people, if I say hey, um, lately there's been a group of people that's been saying these stuffs about me...
>Sometimes I talk about my problems, right?
>I'd be like, hey lately I've been hearing from a lot of people that I'm actually "blah blah blah"...
>"Ignore them" (chat) It's hard! It's hard, it's really hard, really.
>Like, that's what everyone actually told me, but it's something that I can't escape from.
>Like, I'm sure a lot of you guys realize... I'm literally everywhere.
>And because I'm everywhere, it's hard for me to ignore these kinds of stuffs, you know?
>As an idol, I think it's essential for us to care what others think of us, you know?
>Like, I know that we shouldn't put everything into account, but still, seeing those things...
>Like, it's not that I completely mind... How do I explain this?
>Like, it's not that I'm always hurt, but it kind of saddens me and brings my mood down to see those things.
>To not think about it too much, that's the hard part.
>"It's just like a thousand of small papercuts" Exactly!
>To be honest, a papercut isn't such a big deal, but if there's like, thousands of them, that's when it gets a bit worrisome.
>Maybe we should talk about something else, we've been talking about too many problems, I'm so sorry.
>We talked about how hard it is to sleep, and about unwanted comments and stuff, I'm sorry.
>There's so many zombies...

After this she just talks about the game from what I can see. Draw your own conclusions about what she's referencing.

>> No.5970900

it will always baffle me, be it coco, aqua, ollie or any other person, just how much love you have to show them to outweigh one bad comment.

>> No.5970944

Based Oily got molested lmao

>> No.5970992

Something Awful

>> No.5971084
File: 257 KB, 1080x1172, Shit meme for coco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5971181

Chuuba thread on kiwifarms is more like a fan thread run mostly by normies that hate "idol culture" and stuff I don't see Ollie would have a problem with that, the only person that hates said thread seem to be null himself because of his pedo obsessions...

>> No.5971209

the clip is from a time when yubi gate incident was discussed though so it might be 4chan, also indog facebook perhaps indog facebook when 4chan screenshots were shared.

>> No.5971436

I mean Moona and Risu actually mentioned 4chan directly during a stream once or twice, Artia the traitor was also no stranger to /jp/, pretty sure Kiara posted in her anti threads more than once.

>> No.5971727

but that's true isn't it? At least in the West, this board was created only because Hololive got insanely popular in the first place.

>> No.5971971

If it's something remotely /pol/ related it would come from Gurah, she is the subtly-edgy one not the family-friendly reaper.

>> No.5972039

Ollie should just ask for a shaved head for her new outfit.

>> No.5972198

>Timestamp or bullshit
did you even watch the clips

>> No.5972231

There's no wet sound in the clip.

>> No.5972296

Watch the whole thing from the timestamp because I can't be bothered to sit through that after I already coomed. It's less than 5 minutes

>> No.5972379

I watched the thing to the end, anon, I ain't hearing no wet sounds.

>> No.5972888

The important thing to remember is that when you're in the public eye, the shit you get posted against you isn't just some anonymous guy on 4chan calling you a faggot. It's autists who are going into your private e-mails where they do deceptive e-mails which seem nice only to tear into you, doxing you, threatening you and your family, stalking you around (which is why vTubing is popular for girls to do as it gives an extra level of anonymity), always finding ways around your mods and filters just to try and feel like a hard man for 5 minutes. You can brush it off most of the time, but it's the type of shit which will be a tipping point on a bad day.

>> No.5972908

Regardless of the moaning, she clearly leans over to kiss someone. You can plainly hear and see her do it. Ollie is a whore and has a boyfriend.

>> No.5972931

could it be she came here and found translated NGA? Just shooting into the sky here.

>> No.5972953

my rrat is that it's the sound her pulling out the vibe from her manko

>> No.5973126

Zombraps are UNIX weenies?

>> No.5974875

anonchama... if she was doing that, her head tracking would have looked down

>> No.5976441

she did looks down first

>> No.5976775

>It was 24th december midnight,
Meaningless to an indo muslim.

>> No.5976887

>brown tomboy
Just how brown and how tomboy is Ollie?

>> No.5976971

browner than your unbleached arsehole and so tomboyish her clit is practically a dick

>> No.5977023

Being an indo muslim means a higher chance of adopting the "it's a holiday to fuck your bf/gf" instead of "its a holiday with your family" mindset.

>> No.5977054

It isn't 2003 anymore gramps.

>> No.5977094
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>unironically believes the anime is for pedos line
>former edgelord turned born again
Oh yeah he has some big skeletons in his closet for sure, and I don't just mean the farms in general.

>> No.5977142

Their legacy on how they've more or less made the internet a shittier place cannot be understated enough though.

>> No.5977235


That's the source of the fucking fingering rrat? Jesus christ, no wonder ollie-antis never post source.

>> No.5977271
File: 80 KB, 566x522, 1624885353382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5977305
File: 9 KB, 442x114, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pretty sure Kiara posted in her anti threads more than once.

>> No.5977358

Yes, the source of the rrat is a post about how they are removing Youtube comments discussing it you complete fucking retard.

>> No.5977416

Shes getting fucked livestream

How is she not fired kek

Do zombcucks really?

>> No.5977464

>That's normal for any horror game stream, really.
Nigger she was fucking moaning you fucking idiot lmaoo

I know youve never heard whores moan but yikes, at least you can actually not be delusional and accept your oshi was getting fucked live

>> No.5977606

Why did she do it....why???

>> No.5977652

is Ollie's roomie hot?

>> No.5977955

>mori's dogwhistles to pol during the gura collab
wtf I love mori now

Just kidding, I already loved her.

>> No.5977994

This is just a bunch of coincidences
Nobody would be that dumb to do that online and ollie is pretty smart

>> No.5978040

no. moona is though

>> No.5978464

I'm talking about that specific point about she wanting to end stream quickly you dumdum. No one denied that she moaned at that weird-ass timing.
>accept your oshi was getting fucked live
Yeah, she's getting fucked.
By herself, that is.

>> No.5978510


>> No.5978707

>anything happens
You faggots are egocentric. The meaningful reach of this place barely goes into the indie scene, much less Hololive.

>> No.5978877

who are you quoting

>> No.5978909

do you realize she's moving her mouse? she cant fap and do that at the same time

>> No.5978983

Ollie graduation when? It should've been her instead of Coco. There is no need for whores in Hololive.

>> No.5979060

Can confirm, i'm her mouse.
She needs both hands for me.

>> No.5979062

does the thread still exist? The search is ded

>> No.5979068

we have vibe nowadays

>> No.5979187

How many hands do you think it takes to move a mouse?

>> No.5979591

So ollie fingerbanging 11 year old rrats aside, what made MOONA cry?

>> No.5979652

underestimated the quantity of people that disliked the connor arc, and the intensity of their venom

>> No.5979746

That can't be it, she could've just had Reine put a hit on the rratposters and made it all go away.

>> No.5980062

>that can't be it, she could have just done this nonsensical bullshit that no sane person would come up with

>> No.5980194

As expected of a woman.

>> No.5980230

just because you're too poor to hire a hit on people who dox your oshi, doesn't mean everyone is.

>> No.5980314

>connor arc,
what's this?

>> No.5980326

you seaniggers are too poor to afford more than a bag of rice for dinner in your mud huts, how the fuck are you going to afford a hit

>> No.5980366

The time he fucked all of the ID girls.

>> No.5980454

but our hitmen are also poor, they don't even have mud huts.

>> No.5980561

damn what a chad

>> No.5980596

He's a big anituber that Ollie was fangirling over after he turned up in her chat, then she and Lofi started interacting with him on Twitter and the pair of them got the rest of the IDs to do that to until the fans started bitching about him and most of them stopped. Zombie is doing a chess stream with him now apparently though.

>> No.5983051

Why the fuck do these retards insist on breaking containment?

>> No.5985811

It was Risu's fault.


>> No.5986021

They don't give a fuck, and neither should you. This place isn't some kind of sacred ground. Every redditor and twitter user knows this place exists. Your only defence is being able to call them fags, niggers and to dilate in order to hurt their feelings so they don't think this place is worth the time.

Be glad they didn't explicit said where they came from. Fucking Risu here >>5985811 should worry you a lot more than some random comments on a video.

>> No.5986198
File: 136 KB, 1629x314, genghis khan with the downs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4chan loves Moona
A bit too much I'm afraid...

>> No.5987371

Agreed, this website for instance

>> No.5987561

Ollie gets horny like you get boners
In fact you could say the process is directly related
A never ending heat cycle

>> No.5987601

Moona didn't. Ollie was projecting

>> No.5987630

Sounds like your typical asean women simping for white men.

>> No.5987777

I hate this but its true

>> No.5987957

Man has a vision

>> No.5988003

yea but you dont see jp holos doing that

>> No.5988024

I remember a similar rrat for the Gura Ina portal collab.

>> No.5988030


>> No.5988082

They know their fanbases are way more autistic about any male interaction. Korone was unsure about collabing with sonic the hedgehog.

>> No.5988100

>sonic the hedgehog.
to be fair sonic is a stud

>> No.5988153

just write "kiwifarms virtual youtubers" on any search engine. The thread has like 2,000 pages and is very active and more informative than /vt/. It's like users there have collectively higher iq.

>> No.5988155

Those girls should stay far away from this wretched miserable place. I would never recommend a person come to this site. I’m trapped here forever.

>> No.5988206

i'm sure most kiwifags are trannies though

>> No.5988344

this is just a big coincidence, 4channel is not that popular and indonesian people posting here is almost impossible

>> No.5988380

I've seen some vids of someone who's supposed to be Moona and she's whiter than Kiara despite being Indonesian. To be as white as her both her parents must be white too because the moment you mix white with brown what comes out is more brown.

>> No.5988382 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 680x940, 601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I felt like you guys wouldn't believe me, so I just made this image.
>Ollie and Moona lurked this board. No rrats, just facts.

>> No.5988443

not gay but dude has a deep voice and is handsome, so I don't blame them too much for simping for him.

>> No.5988481
File: 552 KB, 780x1060, 1605236419761.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Newfags are timelooping while retards try to spoonfeed them. This is all so tiresome.

>> No.5988488

Thanks for posting this anon

>> No.5988504 [DELETED] 
File: 269 KB, 600x494, 25f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Newfags are timelooping while retards try to spoonfeed them. This is all so tiresome.

>> No.5988605

She's just pale. She's still an indog.

>> No.5988624

Matsuri does. She don't do it in front of her chat like Ollie did but she does go on live stream calls with animetubers and goes all out.

>> No.5988723

Hasn't she scared the holostars out of collabing with her?

>> No.5988740
File: 70 KB, 500x570, 1623894918523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are Ollie antis mentally ill?

>> No.5988751 [DELETED] 
File: 1.26 MB, 2048x2048, 129955959_2779990385648588_6311939518826781757_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5988773

They drank tap water.

>> No.5988782

All but Rikka since she's pretty chill when around him.

>> No.5988873

Is ollie's recline caused by the yubigate or anituber simping arc?

>> No.5988905

I'm an Ollie anti as a hobby. I'm not actually angry or hate her, I just like shitting on her. That's why I don't bother posting any proof or making any comprehensive argument, because I don't actually want to convince anyone. I just like posting rrats and moving on.

>> No.5988951

you some kinda doxfag buddy?

>> No.5988955

Thats funny since she's like one of like three that actually will stream with them.

>> No.5988997

moons dad is a white man anon

>> No.5989094


>> No.5989844

I've always wondered...why are holofans so obsessed with whether or not a holo has a bf or is a "whore"?

>> No.5989991

>hurr pureness
>japanese culture durr
>blur my waifu
>walking murrdurr ring
something like this
idolizing a human is a bad idea

>> No.5990131

>whiter than Kiara
LOL no way, kiara is as pale as a ghost

>> No.5990190

i dont want to give money to used goods, it's like financing her bf's condoms
that's gay af

>> No.5990566
File: 17 KB, 587x250, 14579567867876.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5991033

Do you think Moona or any ID will ever return?

>> No.5991077

ollie will retire around November this year

>> No.5991737
File: 2.95 MB, 390x357, 1566633854974.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf is the appeal of this? Why? Is it just some rando woman with an anime tracking avatar and it causes people to cream their pants?

>> No.5991804

No way she's whiter than Kiara. Maybe if you're talking about teeth, since Kiara's is a disgusting shade of yellow.

>> No.5992013

Did you mean to click on /vp/ and ended up here by mistake?

>> No.5992053

what the flying fuck are you doing here?

>> No.5992067

Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong board. The /v/ threads are two blocks down.

>> No.5992589

American hands typed these words.

>> No.5992712

nah, from Asia

>> No.5993652

Hi Kiara

>> No.5993876

Basically, a parasite who made his way into ollie, got into Iofi and Moona, thankfully there was a backlash and more people are now aware of how much of a parasite Connor is.

>> No.5994680

She probably uses whitening cream, whilst white girls use fake tan to brown themselves (and cancel whitening cream). Strange world.

>> No.5995098

I'm 6'9", jacked, millionaire, and have 10 wives. You dont tell me to lift, bitch! I lift your small ass with my dick

>> No.5995890
File: 846 KB, 660x788, 1592185835128.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5998182

ok you are underage, i understand now

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