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This stream is dedicated to vesper

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I'm the beaten wife here

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She must beat all blasphemous dlc before talking about redemption

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Tribute to vesper

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I read between the lines and imagine love confessions, not apologies. I want it spelled out plainly.

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There is nothing to forgive

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Rent free

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Not vesper

The orc

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Ahahah but its true though. clocucks wish they get a tiny fraction of attention that Kronii does with vesper

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>Jannies are so mad he deleted the boxer twitter
Careful, we have unicorns in charge (literal)

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Got homos in your mind 24/7. Tragic.

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>>58946389 (me)
shit just noticed i used the wrong image, my bad

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She has earned my love and forgiveness
Now if only she could stop being friends with Whori

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graduate already bitch

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wasn't their only 1 on 1 collab was orcs must die 3 right after her collab ban ended, with THE SQUAD done and gone i don't think mori and Kronii will ever collab again. it also means the squad collabs were 100% an excuse for Kronii to hang out with her BF

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Where did you put your meds?

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that's me

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She is cordially invited to go fuck herself.

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>wants forgiveness and love

LMAO.This bitch wouldn't know repentance if it hit her in the head at the speed of 350 mph. Nor does she desire your forgiveness and love. Stop being delusional and realize that she's only being a bit more obedient because her numbers have been tanking. I ain't spending my precious time and money on her.

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It's ok kronii vesper forgives you

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I apologize to Kronii's tits but that's it

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>what I did in Japan
Fucked some black Americans and a couple small penis japs. I bet she met up with some of the homo's

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>she's only being a bit more obedient
You are pretending she's being "more obedient" because her numbers are in fact not tanking.