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Holos ARE my woman(at least the JPs)and if I find out they have a relationship, be it show on stream or not, I'll turn into an anti, simple as that

This isn't irony and I don't have any mental illness, unless you think you know more than a qualified doctor

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I'm more qualified than your doctor and I diagnose you with a mental illness. Because they're my women.

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I'd agree with you if the revelation is dishonest.

If a gfe vtuber gets a boyfriend then she should retire that character. If a vtuber uses her sex appeal as a woman to manipulate men to donate to her while having a bf who she keeps secret, thats dishonest.

If a vtuber who might have been slightly flirty wants to move on with her life and have a family, I'm ok with that and honestly actively encourage it. Honesty is important, deception is unforgivable.

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Oh and btw holos are not your women and you objectively have a mental disorder if you think anything else.

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>Holos ARE my woman
this is irrefutably false though
>This isn't irony and I don't have any mental illness, unless you think you know more than a qualified doctor
Ok, that's fair. Let me ask you a question.
How do you call someon that refuses to accept reality?

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I would view the initial reaction towards finding something like that out as completely reasonable, whether it's something outright intentional like GFE or simply pandering to the lonely because of their loneliness, leading someone on is shitty. However, they are not your women. They don't know you.

>This isn't irony and I don't have any mental illness, unless you think you know more than a qualified doctor
Your unenthusiastic diversity hire primary care provider doesn't count. I seriously doubt you have mentioned any of these thoughts, or even your interest in vtubers to a professional, as big of a scam as I think they are. You are /here/. You have parasocial feelings. You are, in fact, mentally ill. Accept it like the rest of us do.

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I should had consulted this anon for free instead of paying $500 for an appointment

There's couples who barely talk with each other but my wives send me to the job with morning streams, she talks about herself and the things she like for hours with me, we even play games together, the only thing that is different is we don't have sex but nowadays the number of couples who don't do sex is pretty high and in Japan it's expected that at least 50% of all couples never had sex, or are you going to say they aren't couples as well?

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I only care about my oshi, others can have a boyfriend I don't care but I would still be sorry for their fanbase.

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Shoud I really spoonfed you the reality about how many of holoJP have partners? There are a few, let's say interesting sites, where all that info is compiled (mostly in JP though) so you better start your antireps anon

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Only 3 have, and from those 3 only one is truly confirmed, anything else is rrats of different sizes

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Your wives send thousands of dudes to their job with morning streams and talk about themselves to them. You're in multiple reverse harems.

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your women dont even know you exist.

you sent them 500 dolla akasupa, in and out 5 sec max. youre an insignificant insect one in a million.

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Being an anti is mental illness though. Normal people just get away from people they dislike, they don't try to own them.

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You might not have a mental illness but you are a very pathetic excuse of an human being and i feel deeply sorry for your parents

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A classic example of a ticking time bomb. Many such cases

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> Qualified doctor
Stfu, if you aren't a psychiatrist or psychologist, you can't claim to know you understand mental illness. And every other doctor knows and jokes that if you are a psychiatrist or psychologist, you probably do have mental illness and that's why you became one.

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I said anti to be easier to understand, I just will forget you exist and watch you only if one of my favorite wives collabs with you, I don't have the time to sperg about someone online, and even if I did it won't change nothing, I only call her a whore if she's involved in a talk about my oshis

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Let me guess. Ruffian?

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My parents are very prideful of me, outside of /here/ and close friends(1 to say the true)I act like a normal person and I even own a business so people think I'm exemplary
I can't say I have dozens of wives being a poorfag after all

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Have you introduced your wives to your parents? Are you true fan if you have to hide your relationships?

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There's more than 60 holos now and none ever spoke about having boyfriend, we all know why

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I've seen a couple mention having bf back in school, including my oshi.

>In a survey conducted in 2021, 65.8% of men and 51.8% of women in their twenties said that they had “no spouse or partner.”

Most Holos are in Tokyo where the singles number is probably even higher than in countryside. Most Holos aren't good looking, few can be considered average. Top holos probably don't have time/opportunity/desire for relationship.

I'd guess 80% or more of holos are single.

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go back

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Why anti and not just ignore them? Sounds like alot of effort for no reason honestly.

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Hypergamy and age also work against them. The great majority of JPs will become spinsters

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>ESL schizoposter
>no mental illness
never use my oshi to shitpost ever again

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miko cute

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>thousands of dudes
All me

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They already confirmed 26 last I checked and another 11 unconfirmed. As I said get your antireps ready

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you should anti now because they are with me.

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Every single female holo you've watched has been fucked in the pussy, multiple times, and likely has a boyfriend. Not just holo's, but all other vtubers too.

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>no proof
weak bait

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We are not talking about Niji though

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Who DOESN'T use your Oshi to shitpost, anon?

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Niji doesn't need partners, they all have orgies