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Reasons to ban /#/ from the board:
- They are unabashedly a drama/anti general, barely any posts are about numbers
- They openly doxxm harass and stalk people (pic related)
- They are responsible for 90% of catalog bait and general garbage, you can track most of it originating from there
- They raid other threads and various comment sections of other sites such as reddit, yt, twitter, etc. I'm sure there must be a discord where they organize these things. This is also the worst offense by far since /qa/, AN ENTIRE BOARD was shut down for raiding /lgbt/, yet mods do nothing about these retards constantly raiding here and doing offsite raids.

Send feedback about this at 4chan.org/feedback if this thread gets deleted by one of their babysitters so more relevant staff can see it.

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sir please do the needful and tell down picture or i will mog and kek you!!

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Remember when they openly viewbotted Millie and mods banned anyone who talked about it? Or mass reported Uki and Luca and Vox?
Mods let it slide because they're anti-Niji. It's the same reason /NijiEN/ continues ti go unmoderated.

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My sides. Nijicucks and homosisters absolutely fuming.

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Also remember, actual sabotage
They were SO CERTAIN about Homocollab that they unleash their insecurity to the entire fucking board for three days

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Holy shit /#/ is based
Can't believe they are the only ones left on this site that whack containment breaking retards
Not to mention their skills and tenacity to meticulously plan out and execute constant shitposting across the entire board, truly they are on another level!

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Go back to kfp circle jerk global (hlgg) Op. you want actual big boy unabashed opinions, then go to numbers.

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>they openly viewbotted Millie and mods banned anyone who talked about it
the banned everyone in that thread for the viewbotting.
>Or mass reported Uki and Luca and Vox?
when did that happen?

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but numberpag-kun, you are the containment breaking retards

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Go back

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Agree and don't let the post in this thread start any tribal war.

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>the banned everyone in that thread for the viewbotting
They did not. They banned everyone *talking* about the viewbotting for "tribal war garbage".
Disney karaoke.
Towa and Okayu BGM incident.
Lewd ASMRs. You can see several people bragging about reporting him even now in the catalog thread.

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kek, sister is seething
/#/ are doing a lot of good job and they actually talk about vtubers a lot more than most threads, especially about JP tubers and not-only-holos

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Repeat after me

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wtf I love /#/ now?

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>2 people
nigga what?
Banning /#/ won't do shit, you think people won't find the next /#/ thread, forum or discord server and then post that shit here? everything's gonna be the same, delete VT in all cases

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>mad because someone got gold

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>They did not
they did, I was banned for it despite not having anything to do with the botting.
>Disney karaoke.
>Towa and Okayu BGM incident.
and you are sure those were people in /#/, how? because that's nijilivers being retarded as usual.

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>containment breaking starsfag
Uh based.

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They are literally raiding this thread, by the way.

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>/#/ are doing a lot of good job
A doing what?
>they actually talk about vtubers a lot more than most threads
As fucking statistics.
Literally every single post in that containment is fucking vile. Belittling tubers, wanking numbers, legit psyops, harassment, and not to mention shitposting the catalog.
# is concentrated shit of 4chan made manifest. Total distilled autism and malice.

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send /#/ to /trash/

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>not to mention shitposting the catalog
how can you be so sure of it?

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>and you are sure those were people in /#/, how?
Because they said they were going to and nudged other people towards doing it in your own den you fuck.

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A trillion Holo bait posts in the catalog shitting on Gura/Fauna/Shiori?
/#/ and /hlgg/ constantly raided by the same couple schizos samefagging on cooldown and spamming Holo doxx?
Containment breaking cucks like BVTM raiding the board to farm drama, all of them proved to be homobeggars and phasecucks?
Doesn't matter. Some numberfag allegedrly harassed a sister 4 months ago! MEIDOS DO SOMETHING PLEASE AIEEEEEE!

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awww baby got her feefees hurt, how dare people talk about performance of public figures
maybe watch streams of your favs so they get better numbers, instead of getting mad on internet

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maybe you wouldn't get raided if you weren't obnoxious faggots. nobody raids my general.

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>He fell for schizo post

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Why are numbermonkeys okay with harassing children?

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they didn't convince me. There was no need to convince anyone, if people wanted, they would've reported that anyway since that's the livers being retarded ON PUBLIC.

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>falseflagging homobeggar does a single shitpost
>uuuu ban entire thread, they are all a hivemind

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