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you just know

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know what

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>he doesn't know

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Why is one so high res while the one is low res? It bothers me

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Choco tries to rape Sora but it was Sofa that raped Choco

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Sora is thinking how did this whore get picked for MY company

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That always happens with high latency or if someone's PC acting up

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Is that Choco or Mel?

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>eye color not matching
>doesn't notice the boob tattoo
>Mel has normal ears, not pointy
>it might be hard to tell because of the pixels, but there's no skin fang
>you can clearly see the bat wings behind her
>doesn't notice the distinctive hand position that Choco usually has on her model
I don't know anon, who could it be?

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Is Sora gonna 1v1 every single Holomem in this game?

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your mom?

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its pekora

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Sora is a social autistic retard. She needs a game like this to have the confidence to initiate a collab with kohais who would drop everything to spend time with her. Please understand.

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Damn, anon's mom is hot af
Hags win again

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Yea I know

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Choco has said on stream she has a fantasy where she wants to get raped on a train (I'm being 100% serious, look it up for yourself). Sora being the kind and generous goddess she is, helped her live out that fantasy.

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I'm gonna fuck my mom so bad.

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Neither one is a dog, so no, I don't know.