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>Mysta gone
>Nina still present
What did they mean by this?

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No Alban?

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>Hey Mysta, do you want to participate in a group cover?
>Hey Alban, do you want to participate in a group cover?
>Hey Hex, do you want to participate in a group cover?
Can't force people to participate if they don't want to participate.

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Another spam thread made by a numbernigger:
When is that shithole getting banned from the board? It's 90% of the reason the catalog is garbage.

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>Can't force people to participate
Management definitely can, you newfag.

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I mean… i think it’s a pretty valid question

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This cover wasn't organized or funded by management.

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It's numbernigger spam: >>58845757
Stop replying to this garbage or at least use sage to not bump like I'm doing.

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This was Pomu's project. Recording happened during a period where Alban and Mysta were super sick, Hex I don't know about. Regardless, the image is only those who participated.

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Stop replying you fucking retard. This isn't a legit thread. Let it die.

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nta but i'm not sure why you care
it's a shit thread. everyone knows it's a shit thread, there's barely any discussion, it's basically filler. and also it's directed at a fucking corpo so no one should care. no one is shitting on the livers so why are you so mad?
if this was an anti thread directed at any of talents and trying to kill their reputation that would be a different matter

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Because his oshi is nijisanji

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Alban had the COVID at the time and apologized in the pre-chat for not being there. Mysta didn't even mention it once, and Pomu just said not to bother people about it. I'll never forgive Mysta for being such a piece of shit he couldn't record one line

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No I don't think I will

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How dare you insinuate anything bad about my oshi Anycolor?

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i'm gonna bump this thread just to make you seethe faggot

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Niji has the actual fucking worst fanbase in existence
Cry about vtuber for weeks, get them fires, celebrate when they get fired, then dox them afterwards. Every other community is sad when people go, not fucking niji
Could not pay me to be a niji fan at this point

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Mysta was super sick of her fans and of having to work I guess

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Mysta was away visiting family at the same time Alban was sick.