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If you choose to produce GFE content - which involves exploiting parasocial relationships and appealing to a certain type of viewer for the sake of building a dedicated audience - you cannot then complain about being surrounded by this audience and being unhappy with who you collaborate with. Producing GFE content has consequences, and it cannot be treated like a harmless way to make quick and easy money. It's like selling drugs in your own community and then being upset when crime rates increase and drug addicts start showing up at your doorstep - it's a direct result of your actions and cannot be ignored or dismissed.

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based and true

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can you really call it bait if it's true?

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That's why i respect Forsen. Guy created an audience full of retards and never really complains about it.

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Expecting men to be reasonable and not attracted to the cute anime girl on screen is also ridiculous. You know exactly what you’re doing and what you signed up for. Make your intentions clear at the start

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kill unicorn schizos
kill numberfags
kill catalog spammers

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dumb post when Korone collabed with males in the fighting game tourney and no one cared
she was talking with them and laughing on vc
ooh so scary

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If you try to tell the retards of this board that any particular vtuber they've decided to latch on to is not doing GFE content they chimp out hard.

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This is true, but at the same time you have vtubers who don't do that but still get that type of audience, so can you really say it's their fault? Some people just develop parasocial feelings when a woman makes them smile or a design is cute.