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>I actually feel more limited and it's not just because of company stuff
>It's also because of past things that happened being in luxiem, past controversy bullshit from fans
>so a lot of you know that I said a long time ago I never want to do an off collab again and that's still true
>I'm very scared to do what I wanna do
>I would love to go to close friend's houses and do collabs with them and shit but it's too much of a headache
>My mindset in the past was I have an idea, I'm gonna do the idea
>But now it's I have an idea, but am I allowed to do the idea and then is it a good idea to do it with people I wanna do it with
>how will it affect me and them, how will things be in the long and short term for us and will this affect future collabs with other people
>more times than not it's more risk for the other person
>you guys have seen how fucking crazy luxiem, vtuber fans can be
>people in chat here are silent but they chat on other websites
>and these people will go out of their way to harass anyone I talk to

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buy an ad

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Give proper context, you can make anyone sound crazy if you only pick bit and pieces of what they say

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didn't this guy graduate or something?

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>making a bait thread with a menhera that's already graduated
What is even the point?

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Gotta give stream link and timestamp anon

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isn't this one quite ancient, I feel like I've seen it before.

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It's only been a month anon

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>you guys have seen how fucking crazy luxiem, vtuber fans can be
crazy fujo chink audiences are never a good thing

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Anybody who doubts this can just look at nyfco comments

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Numbernigger shitstain, stay in your general: >>58842620
That thread really needs to go if it keeps producing spamming shitposters like this.

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Cope, seethe and dilate, nijisister

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>does intergender collabs
>pays the price
Cry me a fucking river

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the fags that all sided with Zaion are for some reason nowhere to be found in this thread.

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he's right though

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Yass sister tell him #cut4hex

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What's there to talk about, sis? OP is objectively true

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Your shithole needs to be banned from the board you turd world monkey. Calling out nyfco sisters for doing the same things you do is quite hypocritical. You harass holostars fans and holos that collab with them.

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>they hated her because she was telling the truth

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Let me guess, your last 4 threads didn't do as well as expected?

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Nice facebook meme. I bet your friends there thought it was hilarious.

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Why yes asa matter of fact they did

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>it's the fans fault
Do these people never reflect on what they might have done?

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the fans? of course not

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>Nijisissies shrieking, when they regularly hang out in doxxsite to discuss their organ livers lole

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Rent free

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Yo, what the fuck just happen to this thread. That is a lot of [deleted]

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A nijisister posted the moment when a holocultist harassed a person outside 4chan and the rest of the retards congratulated him for it.
This is a holoboard hell, leave if you're not part of dorito cult.

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Oh and I have to add, most holocultists are the consequences of # threads grooming the mentality. They even mass-reported Dev-IS account which resulted in the sub culling.
Basically, it is this board's dox and harassment central.
Can you speak anything else than preprogramed botspeak?

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Is niji fans really that bad? The way he explained it sounds scared shitless

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>They even mass-reported Dev-IS account which resulted in the sub culling

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>They even mass-reported Dev-IS account which resulted in the sub culling.
Yes sister, those 20 anon have the power to bend reality, so true.

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>They even mass-reported Dev-IS account which resulted in the sub culling.
You and your discord buttbuddies don't count btw

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>I'm lying because hurr nijinigs
Fuck you
The whole board had been on fire because
>Le Holizontal pushing male collab
>Androgynous body shots
>It's technically separate branch despite being blatantly JP7 in all but name
I don't have memory of a goldfish and one small dive into warosu is enough to prove you're all insane.
But pagpag jannies would surely happy to delete it for being "off topic".

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>Be racist
>Get banned for being racist
>wah wah papag jannies wah

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Nice false flag josie, everybody knows that all anti holo threads always coming from philippine aka your shithole homeland
Keep larping lmao

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>I was the one literally called SEAnigger indog
>I was banned for being "off topic"
>When it was proven again and again it was the Tagalog wielder who sow shit
Yea sure. I am the racist one, Holochad.

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Mysta's just a mentally broken menhera. Like completely nonfunctional. Dude got oneguy'd into graduating and only found out he had been getting oneguy'd after he finally banned the guy.
Nijisanji's bigger problem is hiring all these nutcase menheras and not having a therapist on staff.

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Nijikeks use racism as their default cope and wonder why they get banned for racism

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I remember the day nijisisters came to /#/ when luxium became popular thinking that there bargain bin livers will finally surpass holos.
Then reality hit them really hard and it REALLY mindbroke them to the point of regular doxxing and even c* posting.

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It is not even the Nijifans. It was his one former best friend who was seething for Mysta's modicum of success
>Nijisanji's bigger problem is hiring all these nutcase menheras and not having a therapist on staff.
>Letting Kaela grind stream instead of hard ban her
Bitch, not like Cover is better in mental health department. BUT Cover at least learned their lesson and took talent security seriously after the various dox incident as well as Mel harassment.
Anycolor are pure heartless scum in comparison.

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>Muh raceplay
Ah ah ah nijikeks

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Luxium sisters are the worse because they are mic of kpoop stans and Chinese fujos and the worse of those fanbases, unfortunately for nijien that is what trickled down to them also they were absorbing the "too cool for hololive" and outright anti holo audiance.

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>No true nijifan
oh hey I've seen this before

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he's also mindbroken

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What did my Mysta do to make you so mad, OP?
He graduated weeks ago.

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Ah ah ah its so funny how obscure miload is these days

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Not really a part of any tribe but a lot of things seems to happen thanks to /#/. What a wonderful place

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>a lot of things seems to happen thanks to /#/