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How many times have HoloEN Gen 2 use theirs

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Pomu has a 3d?

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I use it every night

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Loads actually. Nice try nijikek

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Who collabed with males at hololive this time? There's too many deflection threads up right now

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Kronii isn't graduating and the /#/trannies are throwing a tantrum since yesterday.
I hope that answers your question.

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All the time? Maybe even most of the time since they got access to at-home after the EN concert?
Of course Nijisisters aren't watching streams...

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But they love kronii now though?

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Same can be said for Holofaggots who could just watch streams to know the answer to Niji3D questions like OP.

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>watch nijisanji

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Then don't cry when le Nijisisters don't want to watch Hololive streams

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it's more of a back and forth

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So you can spout whatever bullshit you want about Holo streams you don't watch? Not a chance nijinig

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You already do the same for Niji streams, so it's fair game

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Why do you care about Tempiss so much?

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unironic perfect example lol

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>nijikeks deflecting to tempiss after getting bitten in the ass

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I tried watching Pomu but she just kept quoting memes and pop songs.

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And Holofaggots are still in denial after all this time. Sad

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Pomu likes her touchup because it has the (´•ω•`) face

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Nijisisters... Why can't you just answer OPs question? It's such a simple question too...

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Why can't you just watch streams?

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That's not an answer sister... Why are you so assblasted?

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>Catalogfaggots wanting to get spoonfed
>>"Watch streams"

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>Ask a simple question
>Can't answer so she starts to deflect
Are you sure you watch streams too?

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More than you do, since you don't know the answer.

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Isn't that why we're asking?
So don't you just answer the question?

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I know the answer by watching streams. You should do the same.

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>I-I definitely know the answer
Kek sure sister.

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X how many times pomu used her 3d?
O how many times has pomu used her 3d?

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oh my god just fuck already

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How many times OP used his English?

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All out war

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was about Tempiss auditions
Go back to when the leak happened.
>March 4th 2022, 10PM ET
Now, look at the tweets from earlier in the day:
>March 4th 2022, 12AM ET
>March 4th 2022, 9AM ET
Pomu's comment was referring to these male auditions being announced on the same day, within hours of each other, both in response to how successful Luxiem/Noctyx was at the time
If you want further confirmation, look at Finana's comment right after Pomu's. She said that "it's because Luxiem/Noctyx makes a ton of money blah blah", meaning that she was reacting to something above that is related with male vtubers - like, you know, auditions being announced.
>inb4 "COPE COPE COPE" because you know I'm right

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Sure doesn't sound like tempus auditions to me

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Yeah anon that's why flopgur brought up holoJP

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Pomu has a 3d model?

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Halschizo thread kek
For anyone wondering this is a /#/ thread made by a schizo

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Blame management unironically

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She gets asked this every week or so and the answer is the same: she can't use her at-home 3D because of some problem that she can't talk about.
She probably complained about the dress or wings clipping too much, and it's a partially retaliatory action from AnyColor. They're "fixing it" for her, but making sure it takes an entire year so she learns to never complain about anything ever again.

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She's used is 0 times since right? Not sure why, she has a VR setup

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You can shit on him all you want, but Pomu was only reacting to the Tempiss auditions, nothing more.

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Nijis have to rent their 3D model usage time from the company directly since its considered niji property. She likely just cant afford to use it. But hey, at least Nijisanji makes a lot of money