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doubled CC, 3D, new model already in the works and best of all, no more month+ long menhera breaks.

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Doubled CCV*

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So it seems

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"Gura killer" some said here on /vt/ when Henya Debut

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You said it yourself, so you could gloat later.

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bait numberfag thread but she does seem to be doing well, im happy for her
some of her fans are really annoying but c'est la vie

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Anyone who uses the term "gura killer" for pretty much anyone is a fucking retard who should be immediately ignored.

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She was a menhera?

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Still is, she's just a happy menhera now. Every couple of months she'd go on hiatus because she had a breakdown. In fact the whole Hogwarts thing happened in the middle of one, which caused her to extend it.

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People give vshojo a lot of shit but they really did save her. It did what voms could 't do in years in just a few months.

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It's more like she saved Vshojo

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Gura killer is a meme anon. People typically call chuubas that now, just to curse them.

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Yeah it kinda goes both ways, while VShojo did helped out getting her into the concert at last minute which gave her 2 of her dreams, and then the Meet and Greets at AX. Henya definitely made the girls closer by literally everyone wanting to befriend her. It also helps out that even if people tend to jump to shit on Zen for being a male or the stuff they save about the person behind the avatar, the fact is, that person is truly a fucking sweetheart and really cares for Henya, had her gone into another agency to be alongside people under a corpo name wouldn't be the same, it would be just like her on VOMS just in a bigger pond

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Vshojo saved her and she saved Vshojo.

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>Menhera breaks
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