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How do we save Polka?

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say the n word

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Jerk off to her more

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Always thought she'd be one of the more stable ones. Considering she helped Nene out when she had a breakdown.
That actually made me interested, but still not gonna join.

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wtf I want to save her

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how do these women burn out like this? is cover honestly working them to the point where they just spazz out in the middle of a stream? I don't fuckin believe it.

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Polka has been like this since day 1. If anything, she's mellowed out thanks to her members accepting her menhera-ness.

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I was a member of her once back in 2020 her ASMR was mediocre at max

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Kek, Polka is the best kind of comedian. She's smart and has good timing, and just jumps into silliness on impulse.

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There is nothing special entertainment value or content-wise in her membership, just low energy random talk with binaural mic. She use to do pretty decent gfe, but now it's mostly reduced to ASMR in the stream title.
In fact in the clip she is trying to prevent people from having high expectations and joining for content and not from desire to support.

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This is why you shouldn't want your vtubers to get real with you.
Being behind the avatar not just for their protection, but yours as well.

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I honestly love that kind of realness and like traumadumps. To me its not a mood killer. Its human. You can cry happy tears of sadness

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More like they are already broken beyond repair and even having best job in the world isn't going to fix it.

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I enjoy traumadumping though, it's unironically fun to talk about that type of stuff with small chuubas usually, unless it's actual you know hysterical sobbing, then it's kind of like a trainwreck and you can't look away.

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I kind of enjoy her being a joker type on a conceptual level, its funny.
I do hope she gets and stays happy this isnt schedenfreude

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Around her debut I used to not like her due to how busy her design was. Now she is probably one of the holos I masturbate to the most. I also give her money

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Polka is what Kronies think Kronii is. Except Polka is actually real, Kronii is just a lazy sack of shit.

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You're asking this now? Have you SEEN Ever Blue???

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I've heard the great clown Oruka is in town, she should go and see her. That will cheer her up.

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At 13:18 Wisdom from Polka

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They're all broken anon
They all are

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Polka sporadically has tier 2 and 3 memberships for people to choose. However, these options quickly disappear, leaving only a handful of people choosing these membership options each time. If you do choose the tier 2 or 3 memberships, Polka personally starts a conversation with you. For those who are not of the strongest minds, they eventually end up buying a ticket to Japan to meet Polka in person. Things may seem fine at first and you may even think the conversation is good enough for you to ask Polka out, but this is when things go south. According to eye witnesses, people who talk with Polka for more than a few minutes eventually falls into a daze and mindlessly follows Polka back home. Some of these eye witnesses tried to intervene, but apparently, the victim aggressively rejects any help and clings onto Polka even more. According to Nene herself in a membership stream, we can assume that the people Polka lured ends up in restrained in some sort of room containing other victims. Nene was apparently locked in a sprawling dungeon with others according to her descriptions, but her stuttering and murmuring makes it hard to be any more clear. One of the descriptions that Nene clearly emphasized was the overwhelming, intolerable stench in Polka's dungeon. The Polka that Nene also met at this point became, as she described it, "SUPER ULTRA HYPER DELUXE GALAXY DERANGED." Nene lost her cohesion shortly after, incoherently wailing about what happened to her while she was in that dungeon. As for what Nene said, I'd rather not say, as some of the stuff seems a little to much for even 4chan of all places. I'll just say that Polka becomes really, really sadistic in that dungeon of hers. Weirdly enough, Nene acted normally after this membership stream. A little too normally, in fact. As for what happens to the victims after this, we don't know the exact details. We know Nene seemed to be a little too fine after this encounter, but it seems that most people have it worse off. Japanese broadcasters have reported people with missing body parts and multiple lacerations running naked across Japan as if they were escaping from something. I'm going to say that these events were connected with Polka as one broadcaster also showed what seemed to be a person with "animal ears in a clown costume" running to the escapee in one instance. Japanese policemen recovering these people have observed how they consistently did not have the ability to speak either due to mental instability or their vocal cords being physically ripped out. A majority of these people also perish shortly after being recovered, and autopsies seem to be fruitless in determining specifically how they obtained the conditions to cause their demise. Most reports just end determining their demise from their conditions as of being rescued. For the very few that live, medical experts noted that their remaining body parts recover fine despite their horrid conditions. Eventually though, they leave the hospital without anyone noticing. As for where they leave to, eyewitness reports indicated dazed hospital patients all converging to a general direction, but the exact location isn't known yet as they disappear after some time. So, take this story as caution. Whatever you do, do not take Polka's tier 2 and 3 memberships when they become available, and DO NOT INTERACT WITH POLKA IF YOU DO BECOME OF HER TIER 2 OR 3 MEMBERS

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shes a fat Japanese woman...do you understand how much harder your life is in nipland if ur a fatfuck especially a woman? might as well jump off a bridge at that point, its a miracle she keeps it together as well as she does.

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but anon...

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>13:52 personal threat to reGloss

what dark past do they have?

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Just go on a diet and lose weight, it's easy.

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Why are all japanese dykes so mentally unstable and insecure? What gives?
>Discussion in the thread dried up so fast anons are resorting to old 2020 copypastas

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Can polka members confirm?

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Ok like kind of serious. Paying money to form an emotional connection with a women (this is pretty much pillow talk) is not healthy. Is just not, this is not good for Japan long term. Man what a shitshow.

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*I* think it's an improvement over the status quo

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Long term you won't. Paying for actual emotional connection slinds very shaky to a persons psyche.

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Kill yourself goslingnigger self insert

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She is exaggerating, though the general idea is still true. Her members streams are largely just personal talk about her life, things she's done recently, etc. She does occasionally have moments where she breaks down a bit and looks to her members for support, but it's not that often these days, and it's usually just her feeling overwhelmed by things. The big thing for her is just that she is a performer, and she knows that, so she trys not let things like that leak into her public image. If you joined her membership, knowing nothing about her except what you've seen on her streams, it may be a bit of a shock. But if you're going into it knowing about her, or looking for a trauma dump or anything, you'll be dissapointed; She's actually much better than she was when she joined Hololive.

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Why do goslingniggers self-insert themselves into Ryan Gosling?

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How does one save someone from an existential crisis?
You cheer her up. Ever see the Kurosawa classic Ikiru? Watch that. Good stuff

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This has nothing to do with sexuality, numb nuts

They're attracted to him.

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he happens to star in movies about male alienation. I wonder if part if the meme began as a subtle marketing move

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Don’t you think it’s retarded to post Ryan Gosling with your oshi while you’re pretending you’re him?

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It's not that deep, it's just an overused meme. I doubt people even consider him a human bean anyomore, he's probably akin to a rageface or wojak to them.

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your more likely to get burnt out if you suggest ideas or be creative and someone tells you to fuck off

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Regardless of where you are in the world, your life is objectively shittier if you are fat. They are made more fun of in the west simply as a counter reaction to their retarded entitlement and need for fat acceptance

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I just buy her merch.

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It’s parasocial synecdoche. People got tired of using Gondola and prefer this actor as stand-in.
She doesn’t look like an anime girl, and they don’t look like him. We’re all this awkward now. What would we do if we met in person someday?
Kronii, Pippa, Polka etc.
will we ever see them? In their 40s or 50s looking back at their old careers as vtubers.