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why do nijisanji fans hate CGDCT, idol culture, and everything hololive's stands for?

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Because the bulk of NijiEN's current fans are either normalfags or women. And since you're posting the doxsite, they're women.

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Who cares about them? They're worth less than microbes.

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>irysschizo is a sister/tranny
Ewwww, ruined my day.

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Why? Did you expect them to be a Chad or Stacey?

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Unironically because of the trash culture over on Twitch. Over there, audiences often encourage the streamer to be anti-audience. They're encouraged to talk shit to the people giving them money and streamers have also mass brainwashed viewers into thinking that somehow their spergouts are coming from some wise moral highground. "Own the parasocial people, tell the incels to fuck off" is something universally preached over on twitch. And since most streamers are basically raised on that shit when they were viewers, they just do that. "Do whatever you want and fuck the audience" is a fucking terrible way to do things. Corporate vtubers have the luxury of a company more or less protecting them financially to some degree, at least. But you see even 2view indies say retarded shit and get on their high horse about some topics for no reason.

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Because of toxic unicorns on /vt/ etc.

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