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I got my hopes too high up, I figured hololive would be torture on her with out her two best buddies, especially when one of them was more than friends.

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It is time to stop coping sister
No one cares about those 2 retards

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Kronii does

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The way she brought up the announcement was so ominous

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Did vesper die?

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metaphorically yes, but he got reincarnated as an orc

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Oh but like that orc didn't die in a car crash or get shot getting his hamburger wal mart?

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He is doing well yes

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Oh well good for him I suppose.

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If she had graduated, how was she supposed to keep owning le hater incel chuds? How would she change the unfortunate idol culture? Her mentor, the wise sage mori, would be disappointed in her. She had to stick it out for the cause.

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Isn't this about her irl cancer friend?

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Pretty sure this is about a real person, anon. Consider going outside.

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if someone else from Holo EN graduates in the future she is probably gonna leave with them, dont see her taking the first step tho

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I don't see her graduating with Gura either.
Maybe Mori, I don't see anyone else graduating soon maybe Ame but they aren't that close either.

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Why are Kronies spamming these threads in the catalog?

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If someone from council leaves, she is definitely leaving with them, that being said the rest of council seems very stable, the ones that probably will graduate next are Gura, Ame and Ina

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Hello there Kroniischizo!

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Maybe it's time to take your meds

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>catalognigs are mocking the death of an actual friend of hers by associating it with some graduated fag
I am not surprised.

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Leaked members content no less.
They really deserve the rope.

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Kronii got a lot of gifted subs the day Bijou raided her, that members post started being posted here after that.

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Sub gifting is such a fucking problem.
What the fuck is the point of a membership if any retard who doesn't give a shit can just walk in on it.
And people wonder why members content has been drying up.
Even Ame who posted almost daily has given up on it.

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Anon, every thread on this board that isn't a general (and some that are) is bait made by deliberate shitstirrers

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The clock wife posts are 50/50 but only an absolute retard would think this thread was made by a kronie

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In a recent stream, she said that the Kronii saga will be longer than Narnia. So unfortunately, your wish might not come true any time soon.

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>The way she brought up the announcement was so ominous
If Kronii can't get Cover to give her a redesign than in 2024 there might be a Hololive graduation. Her 3D showcase was notable in not having a single guest performance. She will eventually try hardball negotiations which sometimes works but other times will get the person fired.

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So does she like jellyfish that much?

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Cope harder, faggot

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Then surely Kronii can still be friends with the orc? I thought they were close?

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>I thought they were close
Why would you think that when they have had no interactions since something like January outside of mori collabs?

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So did your parents, but you disappointed them too didn't you?

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While it was incredibly scummy, the timing was weird. It was not the friend passing anniversary (and we DO know this from her previous member posts).
It was LITERALLY the day the graduation announced. You can't dispell a rrat like this until Kronii herself put her foot down. And I'm sure she know enough to avoid making that mistake of giving shitposters attention.

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>It was LITERALLY the day the graduation announced
It was literally not.

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>there are morons ITT that believe someone is going to give up a 5 figure salary by doing nothing just because

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> timing
World doesn't revolve around vesper
>It was LITERALLY the day the graduation announced

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>It was LITERALLY the day the graduation announced
Wasn't it the day before that? It says Writing Wednesdays. That means she posted on the 30th and Vesper's official graduation was on the 31st. And nothing special happened on the 31st. If anything, Vesper graduated the moment cover made that tweet announcing their graduation.

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Cover literally fired 2 members of Tempus and than erased them from their anniversary songs. Japanese management can be extremely vindictive so I was only saying that hardball negotiations can be risky.

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but she did graduate, even if it didn't seem like one you can confidently say her career is done, no friends, no talent, no motivation, nothing here for her.
>muh 3D live
then you realize that some ID shitters could achieve those numbers too and they didn't have to pander to coomers and paizurifaggots

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>some ID shitters could achieve those numbers
Then why didn't IRyS and Fauna mange it?

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what's the jellyfish about?

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I don't know, Mumei is going to have to choose between her health, schooling, and hololive sooner rather than later. And after health has progressively gotten worse this year and her streaming time dropped off a cliff after taking time off from school, she will have to choose two

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I highly doubt Cover would allow anyone to make that kind of announcement in an event stream like a 3d showcase
give it a little more time, now that the Japan arc is done and we're almost through anniversary season, there will be opportunities
also, take your meds

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Kronii's life deserves to be mocked

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>Kronii please go away, it's over, you ended it remember?
>looks over my shoulder
>Go back to bed Shiori, it's ok, it's nobody important
>I have a new life now Kronii, it's best we not see each other again
>closes door

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You fucks have provided zero unequivocal proof that Kronii wants a redesign in 2 years and have resorted to huffing your own farts for rrats.

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So since the Japan arc is done these 3ds were all pre recorded I take it.

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Her bouncing tits here were pretty hilarious.

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Because hers was on a Saturday night. Most people are usually out with friends even if it's at someone's mom's basement playing DND or a convention.
Sunday night everyone is in.

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>Fauna's strongest saplings vs Mom's basement DND
I don't even need to open any streamers stat page to tell that you're full of shit

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>You fucks have provided zero unequivocal proof that Kronii wants a redesign in 2 years
Anon you have to be swimming in denial if you believe Kronii and Ina are okay with their coomerbait outfits. They can't say anything too direct unless they want a sudden graduation but it's obvious the lewd stuff was burning them out. Why do you think Kronii didn't have a single guest during her 3D showcase?

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>It's okay to openly ask for a redesign if you're Flare or the pizza man but not for anyone else

This is the woman who grabbed extra copies of her daki and her mousepad this past Japan trip: I don't think she has the self-image issues you're projecting onto her.

>Why do you think Kronii didn't have a single guest?
It's almost as if she had an idea of what she wanted to do for her showcase that played up on a quirk of hers and followed through on it.

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We've gone from
>Kronii's numbers are going to get slaughtered because her showcase is on a Sunday Night when people have to go to work
>Kronii only did better than Fauna because people who would have watched hers were out being normies
You should join a recreational soccer team since you enjoy moving goalposts so much.

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God, the problem with the first two gens of EN was that it was filled with girls who seriously thought their time in Hololive was their jumping off point to a bigger career elsewhere instead of seeing the reality that being in Hololive IS literally the peak of their career, relevancy and time on this Earth and all they did was squander it.

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She didn't pander to anybody. She just has big breasts

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Damn, she really loved him. I feel bad

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Kronii is slowly getting over it though

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i foresee no graduations from en within the next year except for gavis bettel

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A quick glance through twitch vtuber stats show that Sunday streams do get 5-10% more CCV than Saturday streams.

Still a massive L even if Fauna is on par with kronii's number.

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That's… kind of a random assertion. Care to share where it's coming from?

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i like how all those numbers yet no support in her merch
it's as it's foretold homobeggers never buy shit.

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It's also almost as if those numbers were always bullshit from the getgo and people spam whatever farts someone squeezes out if it supports their rrats even ignoring the fact Kronii was the only one who got slapped with a fucking $145 shipping charge for her birthday goods.

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this larp again

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Yes this is their peak.
After this they'll all be known as "that girl in hololive" I bet a lot of them will try to cover their hololive songs as different types of entertainers.

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You factor in that percentage with their subscriber numbers and average CCV for the past months when they were in Japan?

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Similar to Magni, Bettel's non-hololive persona does better than his holo one with fewer restrictions on what he can or can't do.

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What was Faunas merch? I'd the vod up yet?

>> No.58809942

i'm trained in multiple forms of divination. i mainly use it to determine the future of hololive. speaking of, keep an eye on watson, something big is coming from her soon

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Those shipping charges are fucked. Was that the daki?

>> No.58809976

Kill yourselves unironically.

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>unicorns are the biggest paypigs
Colour me surprised. With those numbers, Kronii doesn't need unicorns, she can have a comfortable life without pandering to scum

>> No.58810033

Thanks Anondamus we are truly blessed with your gifts for communicating with the divine.

>> No.58810061

moving goalpost AND reading comprehension.
My stats is from twitch vtuber as a mean to compare sat v. Sun performance on a regular basis.

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yup her new house is gonna get repossessed
i'm grateful for that, waiting on her onlyfans

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No, that was the travel pillow.

There was a weird period in March where Cover's international shipping prices were super fucked and Kronii got the worst of it and Bae and IRyS didn't have deal with it.

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Yeah so we are gonna call that x.
We take x and multiply it by (max CCV from the last 6 months/sub count).
That is what we should find.

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>ever thinking she would leave the best job with the easiest money she'll ever make in her life just because she doesn't like to sing or dance and her two faggot friends left the company
Nah man. Imagine leaving a job that pays you more than a surgeon or doctor for doing less than bare minimum. She ain't THAT dumb.

>> No.58810357

>Doesn't like to sing
>half of the stories we've heard from her about the Japan trip so far has been about her doing solo karaoke

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Homobeggars are so fucking deranged. Ironic for being "anti incel" you readily assume all the girls are obsessed with your self insert

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I dunno man being in the public eye might fuck them up. Some people just can't handle it. Coming here see hundreds of people calling you garbage. Kronii has had the most beef with her actual fans too not just antis like me.

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I was Faunas sappling and I went to a con after party. I was autistic and drunk. I let Fauna and myself down. Now the vod is gone and it's my fault.

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kronii should be raped, that would at least give her an excuse to hate unicorns who are obsessive fans

>> No.58813780

Least hateful unicorn

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Can't they just make whatever they truly don't want leaked part of a 6$+ tier?

>> No.58814800

They know people share that. If one thinks they're members can be trusted is a fool.

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Just like playing Minecraft, she enjoys singing
she just doesn't like to sing FOR YOU.

>> No.58814949

They probably should do that but I doubt management will let them.

>> No.58815002

>Sang for us yesterday
>Doesn't like it

>> No.58815024

She was referring to an IRL friend that died of cancer, anon is just being an intellectually dishonest faggot

>> No.58815079

I would tell you to stop falling for obvious bait but this is just a bait thread so go ahead I guess.

>> No.58815146

Is Vesper not a real person? KEK

>> No.58815571

You are right, I'm a retard.

>> No.58816038

No anon, he was a virtual avatar puppeted by someone.

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>> No.58816269

Yeah but the person controlling him was real

>> No.58816329

Because, Kronii only cares about herself and her fans? I'm glad that she didn't invite anyone.

>> No.58816591

And he's not dead.

>> No.58816670

It was because Kronii thought of a skit that would fill up all of the time along with stuff like songs so she didn't need to resort to guests to pad the rest of it.
Everyone is busy right now and her being able to carry the show by herself is only a bad thing in delusional anti's eyes.

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Waiting for image to load 1

>> No.58817238

Are you sure?

>> No.58817463

Honestly nobody cares, and that includes Kronii

>> No.58817505

She wants to be rich. Why do you anti her ambitions?

>> No.58817566

She talked about her 3rd and 4th year anniversaries, in her 2nd anniversary stream. She isn't going anywhere.

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>Can't they just make whatever they truly don't want leaked part of a 6$+ tier?
Ame and Ina both talked about changing tier prices after membership gifting was enabled on their channels. My guess is that Cover management rejected their idea. Hololive is a business and they probably didn't see the purpose in only having gifts for membership emotes.

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Unicorns claiming they make up 100% of the whales has always been a cope.
They know they are in the minority but want to pretend they still have leverage.
The truth is most unicorns are too dysfunctional to even have any money to throw in the first place, even if they are more willing to do it.

>> No.58818247

It does baffle my mind that people with the social skills and intellect to make good money decide to drop hundreds and thousands of money on these girls.

>> No.58820940

Imagine being an anti in public, uwaa, kimoi~

>> No.58821115

Not even an anti I just can tell she doesn't enjoy hololive like she used to.

>> No.58823961

Sadly what happens in the end is the talent decides to share less since they know it can be leaked.

>> No.58824340

Yeah, by me

>> No.58824522

Bettel probably dropped that plan after seeing both Magni's and Vesper's rm numbers already declining after leaving holo. Even the graduation buff didn't last that long

>> No.58824988

>le unicorn bad
>also expect them to buy your merch
>both of your unicorn shields dip
>is forced to course correct

>> No.58825003

Did they drop that much?

>> No.58825044

When did she ever enjoy hololive?

>> No.58829332

>she doesn't enjoy hololive like she used to
Kronii was rather depressed even during the early months. She preferred collabs or playing Minecraft off stream. That she recently talked about her future anniversaries does seem to be a notable change.

>> No.58829822

Good point.
I think she is the most likely to write a tell all in 10 years about being in holo.

>> No.58830802

they're 3views now… the orc even raided into girldm's collab stream with hakka to remind tempus fags to watch his rm

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>using the death of an IRL friend to shitpost about homos
You faggots are the lowest of the low. Unironic subhumans who deserve to be mercilessly mocked for your entire life until you die, alone and unloved by any decent person.

>> No.58831373

That's bold

>> No.58832276

Deserve's got nothing to do with it. If it did, Kronii would've been the one with cancer.

>> No.58832665

That's an awful thing to say

>> No.58832739

>Things that never happened

>> No.58832849

>"If you don't like it please leave"
>Pretend that she's asking you to stay
I know she changed her behavior, but thinking she did it to please unitards is hilarious. Delusional even.

>> No.58833070

"Let's pretend we scored a goal"

>> No.58833120

>All the replies to this actually believing that it was about the homos instead of a friend with cancer she starting bringing up around this time
Maybe she wasn't in the wrong for telling unicorns to fuck off after all, I wouldn't want cold psychos like you as fans, no matter how big your wallets were.

>> No.58833161

>Kronii keep doing what she's doing since the start
>numbers good
>She's going to fall and come crawling back!
>numbers bad
>Look we are right! She's over!
>numbers good
>She learned her lesson/is getting correction. Unicorns win again!

I'm sure next time some numbers you find are bad you will say she didn't learn her lesson at all.
Followed by when they are good that she's crawling back pandering to you.

Numberfags need to stop existing.

>> No.58833365

True, she prefers a whiteknight to honor her name, someone like yourself

>> No.58833580


>> No.58833584

I unicorns had big wallets they would be able to go out and buy a girl, or groom an indie instead of lusting over corpos on the internet.

>> No.58833643

They are too ugly.

>> No.58833917

>White knighting means having sympathy for something worried about a friend with cancer
Damn, doctors and nurses must be huge whites knights by your logic

>> No.58834012

>doctors and nurses have sympathy for their patients
Just how naive are you? Do you also believe in the tooth fairy?

>> No.58834129

White knighting is a phrase made up by internet edgelords who can't fathom someone being kind to another person for no personal benefit and that being a dick for no reason is bad.

>> No.58836060

Bumping the epic thread. I want anons to spread more baseless rrats about Kronii to newfags

>> No.58836347

I heard Kronii once had a few days old sandwich in her fridge and then she ate it.

>> No.58836470

Kroníi is a member of a Korean Christian cult that actively rains with live fire weapons for the battle of the apocalypse.

>> No.58836576

I heard Kronii's uncle was one of the Roof Koreans in the LA riots and he trained her to use guns

>> No.58836605

Nah man even irl there's white nights. Chicks even call them out. Women can defend themselves these days. If they're on the side of the masses it's no real issue. Howver if she against the masses and someone steps up to defend her then that is white knighting.

>> No.58836686

That would explain Kronii's views towards the African American community.

>> No.58836803

Exactly that's why I was predicting a graduation. Her fans are fucked. We all are.

>> No.58836941

You can trace Kronii's ancestry back and she's related to Kim Jong Un. They're like 2nd cousins twice removed or some shit. It's a shame how that war really did split families apart.

>> No.58837167

Why would you predict a graduation when Kronii said the exact opposite like two streams ago?

>> No.58837364

you think they watch streams?

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False. She's a megalia supporter and would never be a submissive North Korean woman.

>> No.58842314

I was hoping she would graduate too. Not because I hate her or anything, she's just boring and whenever she's present for Councilrys collabs she doesn't even have the grace to keep the boring bottled up, so she takes up time one of the other girls could use to say something cute or funny.

>> No.58844471

> unicorns just leave and won't stick around seething for years and years
This is why you should improve yourself

>> No.58844867

And point proven, lowest of the fucking low. Worth less than the dog shit on the bottom of my fucking shoe.
I don't even know why I'm gracing you with a reply, but I'll do it anyway, because I enjoy putting subhumans like you in their place.