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Sulk and wallow /here/

Talk about what you look for in a chuuba or why did you drop your ex-oshi. Also how are you coping with the loss? Are you taking advantage of your newfound free time?

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How did you guys get emotionally attached to your oshi? I am emotionally retardted and still can't find my oshi

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I'm as lonely as sharky's cute, it wasn't a conscious decision or anything.

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>newfound free time
>gura picture
How does that work?

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My oshi graduated.
It's temporary though - he'll be back soon. I'm spending my time studying Japanese and watching anime.
Is Gura your oshi or ex-oshi, OP? It doesn't sound like you're over her just yet. I'm sure you'll find your way back to her.

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Finally. A thread where I can let out my inner schizo, also change the OP. Gura wasn't graduated/terminated.

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my oshi died irl...

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>Why did you drop your ex-oshi
black company and lack of streams but i still watch him sometimes & got a boyfriend

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Sorry about your oshi, hope his RM/reincarnation puts out good content. I stopped caring for Goobs around february during one of her many "breaks", haven't really found anyone worth oshi'ing since then, the closest has been Erina from PC but she can be a bit crass and the fandom is terrible. I've also been watching Randon and Shinri.

>Gura wasn't graduated/terminated.
never said she was

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Thanks, I hope so too. What did you like about Gura? Maybe anons can give you some recommendations.

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I don't want to support Riku's vile, crusty anus nor any of the snakes at his company such as Gwelu or Enna, but my heart still yearns for Pomu. Maybe if she wasn't so stockholmed and she finally mustered the courage to leave would I love her again. Maybe as Mint? Maybe in a better corpo? Who knows.

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Ame used to be my oshi, although I think its just because out of every myth Ame was the "safe" pick to choose if you got barged in on in the middle of a stream
I eventually realized that even with their avatars and idiosyncrasies I much prefer clips of vtubers compared to actual streams, and while i do enjoy specific bits of ame like when she is the bouncer/owner of a host club or camera woman of her gen's collabs, calling her or anyone my oshi is just lying to me and all the vtubers around me

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It's getting increasingly hard to remember but she was sweet, a chatterbox, not too loud, mostly clean,...

I've heard voicepacks are the best way of supporting nijis without paying for Riku's whores. IIRC it was Mysta who said it but maybe her contract is different.

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Pomu said it too. VPs are the way to go. That and Streamlabs.

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What do you think of Fauna? She's very sweet, very clean, softspoken.

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+1 the faufau recommendation

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I don't want this to turn into an anti thread and saplings are very sensitive but I think she's a hypocrite and can't stand her pseud crap. Also her voice is way too high for me.

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Don't worry guys, you'll find someone again, it took me two years but things are better now

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I was teamate but it's already been a year since which is crazy to think
I avoid her and things she's apart of because it still kinda hurts hearing her voice
Still watch chuubas but I haven't found anyone I enjoy even half as much, just kinda go through the motions now
I do enjoy Sleepy Project quite a bit but I think it's largely because she has similar vocal mannerisms to Ame kek

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I've been a chumbud since gura debuted, but recently I just can't take the lies and the constant ghosting. She's not the same girl I admired back then, shes lost the spark and stopped caring about her fans

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Why is she a hypocrite? Is this about things her RM said pre-holo?

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If you dropped your oshi because of catalog narratives and shitposting, then you are too weak willed for this world.
Gain independence and think for yourself.

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>how are you coping with the loss?
by humping my sanallite plushie

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Nothing has been the same since she left

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Ame used to be mine. I won't forgive her for trying the Niji EN route and do everyting to spit at the face of her fans

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She changed her content to 95% ASMR. And not ever pure one, but ASMR-zatsu hybrid. I loved her talking till the end, but if her ASMR causes me such pain that I have to take off headphones or skip forward I just couldn't support here anymore.

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I feel you, ASMR creeps me out

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It's useless to try to force it, just let it happen when it happens if it happens.

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What's wrong with Gwelu? I only know he's a NijiJP, but nothing besides that

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i presume stirring tribalfag drama based on the pekora diss track thing but idk

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He was misled in that situation. Calling him a snake is strange.

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you were never a teamate

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Found a new, better oshi. Spent a good 2 years with Gura and she was always a bit of a ghosting type, but her passion for streaming seemed to have keep that in check. But then she lost that passion, and what remains now is just a money-grabbing, disingenuous husk.
Good thing Bijou exists now, she is everything that I liked about Gura AND more.

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It'll happen one day if you really wish for it to.
Probably better that you don't in all honesty, but I won't judge you for your vices.

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Isn't she a whore?

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It has been a long time already, but I don't think I will ever get over him. When the 3d debuts for stars happened, I was crying like a dumbass thinking about what it could have been. the concerts, too. It fucking pisses me off going into the alumni tab and having to see those two grifting shitters next to him.

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I have come close to dropping Ame a few times this year, because she is one of the laziest and least consistent holos. And yet, I haven't found anyone who is quite as entertaining as her. Lots of chuubas are more consistent, and very fun to watch, but none of them have that strange charm that I can't really put my finger on. I don't know how long the sunk cost fallacy is gonna keep me hooked on her though, especially because she only becomes more and more of a mess as time goes on.

To answer the question properly though, Pikamee. Once 2021 rolled around it felt like she changed very quickly.

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I miss Mint so much...
>Why did you drop your ex-oshi
She started streaming exclusively ValorantSlop and maybe a minecraft or amongus game, wose than that, she started streaming reaction content to youtube videos, long gone were the days of her checking out some cool and fun indie i would end up getting or starting some creative project

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Mumei used to be my oshi for two years.

She still is, but she used to be too!

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Used to have an oshi. Wanted to know more about her and started doing my roommate reps. Turned out she's a really shitty person and a genuine whore.
I've tried to keep my distance from this whole oshi business ever since. Falling too deeply in love with a virtual anime girl brings nothing but trouble.

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rookie mistake

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I love Gura, I've spent thousands on superchat and merch.
I will never drop her but that doesn't mean she doesn't make me angry and upset.
I don't know what to do anymore.

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This guy never fucking streamed lol

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My ex oshi dragged me down the rabbit hole. Her voice, singing, drawing and general weird sense of humor kept me engaged since her debut... back then I was just an average viewer and member and then I found my current Oshi, a beautiful lass, a bit menhera, always caring for her fans... the transition took a while ngl, but once it happened there was no going back. I love and support my Oshi but I will always be grateful to the previous one, without her I would still be a normie

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Who are your current and old oshis?

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She made me genuinely happy whenever she was here, and then she abandoned me.

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left my ex-oshi earlier this year
now i'm back watching anime, reading manga, & actually playing vidya again (instead of watching em)
haven't found a new one

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Who was your ex-oshi?

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Bumping this sad excuse of a thread so that everyone can get a load of these parasocial fucks

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oshi =/= waifu you retards
if you're a waifufag then you're a gachikoi instead

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She started streaming with her irl boyfriend as a vtuber. I didn't searched for it, I never asked for it but that's what I got. Maybe I deserved it.

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Who claimed otherwise?

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Was a rainbow chumbud. Loved her Karaokes. Her constant ghosting filtered me. Movie May was the last straw, but the fact she suddenly found the energy and motivation to stream regularly again when Advent debuted only to leave shortly after showed me how cynical she is. She spends so much time on "projects" but they never seem to arrive, or when they do seem underwhelming. Gura's second original song - two years after Reflect - is probably one of the worst originals i've ever heard and really wasn't worth all that time off.

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Do not coom. Cooming is not allowed

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That smug face...Mocking you...lol

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Have you tried watching Panko from Phase?

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fuck my arse

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Kek, two of the worst fanbases died, Chumbuds and fucking kronii's

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There are a huge number of insanely talented singing chuubas out there, you know.

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I can't speak for him but, for me, it's not just about being talented in singing. She has a voice that pulled me in from the start. Unfortunately, she no longer streams much and karaokes are non-existent. I'm really glad for having Advent nowadays, especially with the biweekly Fuwamoco karaokes, but I don't think anyone can surpass that time when I first heard Gura sing ride on time.