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I don't think the talents deserve any hate. They're not inherently any better or worse than Hololive talents imo.

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how many people did he reject in holoEN are now in nijiEN?

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They're worse, because they choose to be worse instead of better. They COULD just stream and be vtubers and be fucking normal about it while obviously still having their quirks about them, but they willingly choose to indulge in drama, cliques and general trashy behavior and humor. Both the guys and the girls are bottom of the barrel garbage content that you can already get from streamers that make their money by trying to be trashy and controversial on purpose. They're the same shit which is why their quality of character is lower and why they're perceived as such.

As far as I know, the company lets them do whatever. And by having that freedom, most of them choose to behave like trashy children, so they get treated as, and are perceived, as such. That doesn't necessarily mean Hololive talents are better, it just means Hololive talents choose to not be as shit as Nijis.
>tl;dr fuck niji and fuck their shitty high school gosspi-tier garbage drama they always got going on

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Unironically true in some areas.
At least Nijigirls don't pretend to be pure idols with no boyfriends.
But they do bring some political topics/western retardation and are not even anime fans.

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that there is no energy anymore in hating on niji anymore shows how they've declined. Selen is literally the only one who matters anymore given she's the only one who gets anti threads that get any good traction.

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>All out war
They are objectively worse people.

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yagoo himself admitted that niji has stronger male talents, while cover has stronger female talents
it's in the recent quarterly report for cover

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All out war lole

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Enna's whole existence destroys your statement.

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>like 3 people out of 30 defined NijiEN's entire existence to this board

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do any of you retards even rememebr what "all out war" was in context

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>At least Nijigirls don't pretend to be pure idols with no boyfriends.
I actually cried when Chima cucked me.

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Context is them shit talking Council, don't try to rewrite history nijinig

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Niji's most behaved talent, Rosemi, is a Judas incarnate. Yeah, they deserve all the hate they get.

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NAY, they are trash like their fanbase

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context is actually them dunking on cover for copying the idea of EN males dumhead
then fulgur shit talked council and it went downhill

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is that suppose to be a joke or something, that is obviously Mysta Rias

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that is mysta indeed he talknig about the "ONE GUY"

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Why has this never been subbed by someone who isn't blind
>Luxiem/Noctyx earn just as much as their successful JP livers
>They were map about Niji apps again so fast for sure lmao
He mentions Reimu so contextually he has to be replying to Reimu.
>my hopes up
rather than >my hopes of
This implies he attempted to apply for the first auditions, but either the form said "female only" or he applied and they said "Sorry, we're only looking for female talents right now"
The Vox messages looks like "thank you shu"
And the last one is so fucking obviously Mysta you'd have to be blind to sub it as unknown.
>Just been feeling pretty down and depressed recently

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It feels like an ALL OUT WAR lol

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The context was them talking about how retarded rushing out holostarsEN was gonna be. Gotta say they fucking nailed it.

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It's more poignant now that Vespa and Magknee are fucking DEAD.

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pg 24

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Yeah, NijiEN didn't do as well as they expected

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>still mutuals with slugma
nice try

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Selen, Pomu, maybe Elira and Rosemi. Possibly that fucking penguin some of you chucklefucks ship with Anya from HoloID. But the rest are absolute garbage. As bad as the company they work for.

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>them talking about how retarded rushing out holostarsEN
>Fulgur: yeah coucil didn't do good as the expected

they talking about council REMAO!

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If we're being honest, Council was a flop gen.

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>pg 24?

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nah it was only fulgur and he rightfully deserves being shat on for veering the conversation to shitting on council, but they were indeed talking about how bad holoEN males are going to be and they are right on that front

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vox: also talking about HoloEN

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i know you're baiting
but scroll up one page
i'm taking a non-partisan position here, retard

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>I don't think the talents deserve any hate.
Yes. They do.

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>now its a bait?
why dont you post it?

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>now its a bait?
SEAnigger detected
You already have it open and you took a screenshot already
Worthless shitskin

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No not Selen.

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It's a joke because they didn't accept Shu and he's their tech support

It's telling that after a short while Mori followed everyone back except Fulgur because he was the only one actually talking shit

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>nooo not selen!!!!!!
three words and you know this one is either br*wn or a woman

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>yagoo himself admitted that niji has stronger male talents, while cover has stronger female talents
it's in the recent quarterly report for cover


pg 24

>i know you're baiting
but scroll up one page
i'm taking a non-partisan position here, retard

>>now its a bait?
why dont you post it?

>>now its a bait?
SEAnigger detected
You already have it open and you took a screenshot already
Worthless shitskin

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Hosimati Suzy!!!

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Holofags will never let All Out War die huh???

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What the hell is this, kek

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Selen has fallen, Pomu is falling, only Rosemi stands and the rest you can't differentiate them from trash

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Mysta got btfo and nobody gave a shit, and he objectively was the biggest nijiEN

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They declared All Out War and now we declare All Out Death

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I never new Holofags cared about Tempiss so much

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it's always funny when you nijifags jump at a holo discord leak and there is nothing damning there like the nijisnakes always talking shit

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someone needs to post the nijifag all out war denial screenshot

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Some of their talent do hard parasocial content yet they also called out the fans that became parasocial. I don't care if you want to take the money from the mentally ill (that is based) but don't be an hypocrite and act like it's not your fault in the first place

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>Nijikeks backtracking

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Like who?

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yeah but nijifags kind of just roll over and play dead now, so what's the point now?

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it's okay anon-sama just remember your magic words it's hololive fault always

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Their biggest member(Vox)did that all the time, it was one rape asmr in the morning and one calling out parasocials in the night, even the sisters got tired of that

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I fucking HATE Ina and Kronii, however I think Kyo and maybe Enna are worse.

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Oh I forgot Finana exists. Yeah she's pretty bad too. probably worse than Kronii

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I do think they're worse, not a lot worse, but worse nonetheless. They fall back on sex gags more often, and the Hogwarts legacy debacle really showed how uppity some of them are. Yeah, some of the holos do it too, but they don't lean on them as heavily, and management does a better job wrangling them when they go full-time retard.

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Enna is literally evil so no, I don't think that's true

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Ethyria ruined EN's reputation. Blame them

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>we don't have the numbers to control the narrative
Man, this is the one that always gets me.
Imagine being such a moral nigger that you have no concept of truth.

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>posting a caricature because the original is too embarrassing

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you fags are too obsessed with these screen shots hasn't it been like a year and a half now

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The talent that threw their “friend” under the bus to protect the company deserve the hate

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that fucking leak was 1 year before homostars en even debuted why are you rewriting history?

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least obvious falseflagger

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Does it matter how long it has been if the niji stance hasn't actually changed?

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The difference between Holo and Niji is that Holo has standards. If I want to watch a dumb thot being a dumb thot I would just watch an indie or Vshojo, where at least they have the freedom to do what they want. Niji is the worst of both worlds, and I think that even Phase or Idol have a better code of conduct than whatever the fuck they're doing with Niji.

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all out war lol!

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The fuck? I never read that long ass graduation text, but the fuck? That can't be real. I know they basically burned zaion to the ashes but this statement is just pure schizo

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all out war lol
yeah they didnt do as expected
they are in shambles; we are thriving; thank me

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You do know that was about tempus, right? You're literally defending tempus.....

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But they don't even fight back, nijifags moral is done for

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Go back to when the leak happened.
>March 4th 10PM ET
Now, look at the tweets from earlier in the day:
>March 4th 12AM ET
>March 4th 9AM ET
Pomu's comment was referring to these male auditions being announced on the same day, within hours of each other, both in response to how successful Luxiem/Noctyx was at the time
If you want further confirmation, look at Finana's comment right after Pomu's. She said that "it's because Luxiem/Noctyx makes
a ton of money blah blah", meaning that she was reacting to something above that is related with male vtubers - like, you know, auditions being announced.

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Don't bring them into this their posters are assholes and will smell blood in the water

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You don't have to be a fan of something to acknowledge they still do it better than Nijisanji. Besides, I'm pretty sure Council was mentioned too.

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Yeah, Council was mentioned by Fulgur, and was completely uncalled for. He should be the one getting shit on, but instead everyone shits on Pomu because she had the more memorable line, despite it being about Tempiss.

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>Don't bring them into this their posters are assholes and will smell blood in the water
Did someone say talent freedom?!? MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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>Mentioned by fulgur
>Other organ livers agree
>some of them add on other issue, which they also agree
>somehow it's only Fulgur's fault
The nijiniggers trying hard to create their scapegoat, meanwhile the chatroom is literally for gossiping. you niggers will never not be funny trying so hard scrambling to defens your organ livers

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>Did someone say talent freedom?!? MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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rent free
seethe more faggot

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Who said they agreed? Look at the leak. Nobody responded to him.

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keep going...I enjoy your tears

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>did she donate the money?

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No, and that's what makes it based. Stealing money from troon supporters is morally correct.

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you're a fucking idiot. almost every one of them is either brain dead, a whore, a grifter, or an asshole. they're not just bad streamers, they're bad people. there are some shitters in hololive too, but it's the exception, not the rule

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after stealing his husband money now from the troons supporter BASED!

>> No.58634474

>stealing his husband money
Stealing money from a male gay couple is based too.

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froot is non-binary or not?

>> No.58634645

she's a girl and British

>> No.58634655

She is gender fluid as in her gender change to whom is the most victimized

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why froot copyright strike this video?

>> No.58634815

that copyright strike is based
ant-hime is a leech and deserves nothing but bad things to happen to her

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froot lose copystrike
ant-hime win BASED

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shut up Ant you suck as a person and you're a ccpshill, go create some real content that's not leeching off someone else, you stupid whore

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>go create some real content that's not leeching off someone else,

>> No.58635448

zhang hime why are you trying to hard to shill yourself today
did your le ebin based "fans" already leave you?

>> No.58635527

this is not the own you think it is, most streams do react content. Do yourself a favor and get a real personality, leech

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This is why parents shouldn't argue in front of their children.
Look at what you've done, niji and holo fags. These two anons are arguing over literal whos.
Apologize right now and give a good example.

>> No.58635716

Pretty sure Pomu creates her own content and doesn't just post clips of others.

>> No.58635748

Never stopping until they apologize publicly

>> No.58635778

>FWMC are nijifags
Oh... well, guess it was fun while it lasted, I'm out

>> No.58635785

can you type in english or do you just spam pics all day long cause you're so esl? I think winnie the pooh is look for you Ant

>> No.58635818

Fulgur guy sounds like a random anon you meet here regularly

>> No.58635871

>learn english first

>> No.58635919

>guys it's been a long time ago. just forget about it.
>we won't get caught again, we promise.

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I knew there was something fishy about fuwamoco the moment they debuted, and of course they turn out to be Nijinigs. Glad I never wasted my time with them.

>> No.58636062


>screen shot by holofag
>post on /vt/ by holofag
>its all holofag fault


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>and still wasting your time talking about them


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If pomu does a naked dogeza for me and Kiara, we will save her after niji en crashes and burns. The rest can fuck off though.

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Most of them are alright, lots of the shitposting is just holofags grudgeposting about le all out war or unicorns bitching that Niji is okay with male collabs. Other then a few standout talents most of them are fairly innocuous if a bit menhara.

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>I don't think the talents deserve any hate.
You might be right

>> No.58641305

>They COULD just be vtubers and be fucking normal about it but they willingly choose to indulge in drama, cliques and general trashy behavior and humor.
yeah, they aren't vtubers, they're twitch streamers. their target audiences are 10 years younger.