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Lots of graduations lately. Who's in?

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beryl and purin. trust.

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no one interesting

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The only two I'm fairly confident in desu

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All of them

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If Beryl is in, she gonna mog Advent in singing and karaoke. If Purin is in, she's gonna be some God tier cunny. Both pretty interesting picks.

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>If Purin is in, she's gonna be some God tier cunny
Watch Fishman fuck up and give her a crap model

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I have faith, considering the model he gave Shiina.

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>Chapi ends up in Idol
>Beryl ends up in Phase
>Hololive is left with only the scraps
What a future we ended up with huh

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They could have had it all, but they dug their own grave by numberfagging.

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shill more phasefaggot

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Is it really that surprising? Cover isn't exactly known for picking the best singers.

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I will!

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None because they're all painfully aware that Plappa Plapkin is one meltie away from alienating everyone with a pulse.

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I only see three names, their generation is probably going to be 5 or 6!

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Did any of you get Pippa’s birthday merch yet?

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Sorry Ken, yours got lost in transit.

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you'd have to be stupid to join phase. so, of course girls will join.

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I got her Keychain along with my Valentines merch, finally, earlier this past week. I didn't order any of her other bday merch, but Sakana said they were waiting for the Slipkin Slippas to be delivered. Looks like most people ordered those, or got the set, so they can't ship things out separately.

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Why would they be stupid?

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How are you so sure?

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I know she's friends with Lumi but I haven't heard her say anything about it or even hint at a graduation.

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Two more weeks

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you problem

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Nah, he's right. Tenma would be a much better poster child for Phase because she doesn't sperg about politics while still being fun to watch.

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Numberfags are so vile.

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With how Fishman showed up in Beryl's graduation chat, it would not be surprising if he was scouting her. Purin I think would also be roped in with Kana though, they both graduated at around the same time.

At least we got Bijou and FuwaMoco, that's more than I hoped for.

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it sounded like some kind of import bullshit to me

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Beryl participated in a phase discord event
You know who else did that?
I told /vt/ that was proof she was joining Phase and no one believed me
I was right

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kana "graduating" is her deciding she's too good to be a v tuber again it has nothing to do with other people

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Why? Why would any corpo still hire her?

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Phase has a fox hag at home

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more hags are always better plus she can have her girls only server

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How is hiring a 2view like Bijou numberfagging?

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>he fell for the narratives

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Phase Connect hired Pippa, so I wouldn't put it past them.

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>Bijou and FuwaMoco
not gonna lie, Advent finally felt like holo recruitment did their reps on who the people applying to them were.

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Fucking menhera was too young to be a streamer

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FuwaMoco is probably the best hire holoEN ever made, very deserving

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Sayu was in Canada for business and her only job is being a Vtuber. Betting on her announcing joining phase during her upcoming subathon

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lowkey big hire for phase, the bantz /here/ are going to be funny

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Beryl I think is pretty obvious given she was being groomed by Fishman before graduation.
Purin is pretty obvious too.. but getting into phase doesn't change the fact that she's extremely menhera and unhealthy (moreso than the current phase girls), and her family leeches off her for money. She very rarely can stick to a schedule for that reason.
Maybe I'm a little pessimistic for her

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Why would she need to go to Fishman's shitty vancouver office in person? Sounds irrelevant

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Vesper if Fishman ever makes the unlikely decision to hire males. Vesper got a taste of corpo life but found Holo too restrictive. Maybe he'll try it again.

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This is the same type of thing moonjelly said lol

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There's not a chance in hell phase would hire males kek

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slugma is a homobeggar, tenma too. Maybe fish is getting pressured behind the scenes to do it. The only way I see it happening, though unlikely

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Phase doesn't even have male managers now. It's all girls and fishman in there.

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His meltdowns went a bit beyond the usual issue vtubers have with corporate restrictions. I doubt he'd want to relive it any time soon, and other corps would be mad to touch him.

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Don't mind him, Berylfags can't help but shit on other vtubers when it comes to this kind of discussion. It's a kind of reflex.

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yagoo is obviously using black magic to find out which ones will bring in the biggest numbers. fishman is using the same stuff to find the next manageable menhera

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Holy fuck homobeggar niggers are desperate.

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the manchild has only further solidified sakana's decision to not hire guys. while he lets the ones he hires get away with quite a bit he's otherwise very risk averse

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who cares

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Literally anyone will get big numbers regardless of who gets hired into holo, they're carried on the name and existing fanbase.

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Slugma already said male vtubers shouldn't be in corpos but of course you don't watch her

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Isn't slugma the mastermind behind gen 3 of Tsunderia?

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She changed her mind recently, she mentioned it in one of her Q&A streams.

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so much cunny can't be together in a phase gen, this would be an outright war declaration against idol corp.

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she did a surprisingly decent job hiring them
tomo is a theater kid and a flaming homo
kaz is just autistic and doesn't really care about femtubers
and nen...who even knows at this point, the voice sounds female but claims to be a male
similar to one of the gen 4 that never was hires shima

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>calgary when phase is in vancouver
It's ogre

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That fall out with her mom really fucked her up. If only she was an obedient daughter.

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Kawaii and eien are hiring right now too.

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What a disgusting thumb

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She is pretty good, the only thing going against her are her menhera attacks, I believe she can be tamed

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>make a vtuber corp just so you can have a sad girl harem
Fishman, I kneel

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Surprise surprise, the chuubas with the lowest numbers were the best!

Unironically, 2view means nothing, Bijou's PL had good enough numbers to be posted in /lig/. She was in the top percent of chuubas in terms of numbers.

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>top percent of numbers
How is that possibly correct?

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She was a low 3view and had a good amount of followers/subs. Most indies are 1 or 2views.

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beryl purin virgil mimi (you)

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Purin is boring as fuck, god tier cunny my ass

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Hasn't she been having a lot of health issues recently? All I saw recently on her twitter was suffering. Made me wish I could take her in care for her.

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You have no idea about Phase, funny enough Fishman hires only RL cute girls as well to his sad girl harem.

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Cold reminder that these girls are thrown into a dungeon for a few months, Sakana keeps them like bugs in a jar so only the strongest survives.

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There is no office, there is only his boxfort in his coffee warehouse

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Anon don't forget about Phase's gen 2, half of it is cunny (with one being a lolibaba). I used to consider them the cunniest corp but then Idol happened and then Invaders was all tits (and Jelly).

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flight transfers sometimes reroute for longer distances like Vancouver -> Calgary -> San Fran. sometimes it's cheaper
like I went Moncton -> Montreal -> New York City -> Toronto
>Did any of you get Pippa’s birthday merch yet?
No, but I got her dox

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if a sad girl eats another sad girl does she get stronger or only sadder?

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Every time I've tuned in, her brat levels are amazing.

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Phase is too small to get big names, it got super lucky by making pippa and tenma into big streamers on its own, its biggest acquisition was kaneko lumi, who is a high 3 view. Other than that phase only has enough clout to get mid to low 3 views unless kevin decides to give a sweetheart deal to a big streamer that is non profitable in the hopes to market the phasebrand

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retard orc is too unhinged for hololive, imagine being the first ever suspension for bad conduct in a workplace that had Rushia and Matsuri

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gross looking fingers wtf

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This might surprise you anon but 99% of vtubers are low 3view at most

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>Phase is totally going to eclipse nijisanji in viewers any day now

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this artwork is pretty erotic

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No, her company hates Phase lol

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She was a high 2 low 3 when Phase got her, dude.

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you will get 1views and like it

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More like vshojo

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Not me! That's for sure

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She actually came to my shitty vancouver apartment for that

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despite his best efforts trying to get someone to take one of his premade models he lets them have a say in their design. I'm sure one day he'll find a girl lazy enough to say yes but from some things I've seen he doesn't have the best taste

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that would be amazing

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>tenma too
Tenma plays with fleshies like Albino,not actual male vtubers

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She looks more like a bat than she does a fox

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Over 2K live viewers is pretty fucking good. Tenma can go over 1K on a good stream too.
That's well into NijiEN territory. Obviously doesn't compare to the top streams from NijiEN but that's not the point.

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Pippa is my favorite but this is really a "who can handle the top" better. It's a heavy mantle. Look at vox. Look at gura. Pippa is keeping herself together OK but she's be happier if any other phase girl had better numbers than her, and out of the gen 1 girls, tenma is just among the most mentally strong and consistent, she's probably the least sad girl in the sad girl company.

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Tenma isn't sad. Tenma is angry.

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You don't watch Tenma. If it was gonna be anyone else beside Pippa, it would be someone like Lia or Shiina instead.

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everyone's just a little sad, but yeah, she's definitely the choleric rep.
I don't watch tenma as much as Pippa, but I have also never heard of her getting into hot water, the closest to a tenma yab I'm aware of is her rope tweet.

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I used to like Phase connect and it's community as a whole, but it became obvious over time that both their thread, most of their fanbase, and certain talents like Pippa just like to push and containment break constantly with the tribal war bullshit from /here/. The culture they have just makes them look bad.

A bad community doesn't mean they're a bad corpo though, I still think tenma and Shiina are top of the crop for Western vtubers.

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What was the last war? Care to pull something out of your ass for us

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I watch a little bit of Pippa once in awhile, but for the same reason that everyone who watches HoloEN watches Fauna once in awhile—she’s ever-present once you get into the corpo’s vtubers, and there’s enough interesting stuff that you check it out from time to time.
But Pippa’s never been my favorite. It always bounced between Lumi, Shiina, Lia, and (I am not making this up) Hime.
I wish it didn’t take so much effort to keep up with multiple corpos.

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You are a mouth drooling retard if you think
Shiina is better than Pippa

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vshojo is a bad corpo and has bad community

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lmao cuckies really are the worst.

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Pippa and Tenma are two of the most popular girls in the company. Of course there’s a lot of crossover. Pippa has said multiple times that about half her viewers don’t watch other vtubers. That’s still a lot of viewers. If they watch other vtubers, of course the most likely candidates are other phase members.

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Nta but it’s not always personal. I just find it hard to get into most gaming streams and I don’t really like react streams (I’m ok with a little fleshtuber shit in a vtuber stream, but the react streams are too much). Shiina’s funny, and she’s one of the smarter girls in the company, along with Tenma and Lumi. On average, I’d prefer watching a Shiina stream. Ever since Pippa’s done more react streams, I’ve watched her less simply because that’s not the content I like.
People like me don’t normally say this shit because we don’t hate the vtubers we drop. We don’t even drop them on purpose. We just ignore more of their videos and become dead subs.

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probably nobody, PC is a small indie that cant afford the marketing and shilling bigger companies can
while its best qualities of not pushing pressure or goals on talents they also dont offer that much support

>muh containment
>muh faggots from here

you fucking newfags are insufferable
its not a fucking secret club, pippa can shit on or pander to /vt/ all she wants, who fucking gives a shit
also what fucking war? you literally shit on them in your post you fag, and you talk about infighting?
zero self awareness, all you schizos are the same level of mentally retarded

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We know how far off Is the next gen?

>> No.58652531

will phase ever let a brown girl in?
don't reply with the edited panko hand image, i mean a certified /choc/

>> No.58653037

hopefully me >_<'

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Imagine the Nina x Shiina collab. It would cause a Hag Singularity.

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If purin is any indicator to go by, I'd guess we'll hear something in the next few weeks. Gen 3 has been sitting around on the company discord since at least March apparently so they can't be too far away.

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Second this

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Maybe someday Charlotte will make it in.

>> No.58659223

no males

>> No.58662058

Most likely October.