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What do people like about NijiEN

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Endless amounts of awefullness are a great source for memes

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Elira and Selen's fat tits

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The orgies

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That i stopped following them after Luxiem debuted

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I loved lazusidya era, I coped with males for a long time for Pomu until I couldn't take it anymore.
The drama that comes out of it is amazing, I love shitting on nijiEN and its fans whenever my general gets raided.
The porn with Pomu getting railed by Selen and Elira's dragon cocks is amazing.

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peak vtubing during the lazulight+obsydia era, everything after is downhill

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Big and frequent collabs, cross-gender collabs (unironically), I have an unhealthy attraction towards Pomu Rainpuff.

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It's like watching NASCAR. People don't watch it for the cars or the race itself, people just watch it to see who is next to get in a crash.

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I want pomu to fart in my face so I can breath in her fairy dust

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My wife is in it and likes it there

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Nothing. It attracted the worst kinds of people to vtubing and we have to deal with unironic cucks and trannies in this god forsaken board.

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The lazusydia era was kino and I even stuck around when Ethyria debuted because they were still tolerable. Once the males got introduced I just stood in the sidelines watching the endless drama unfold.

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MGS and Pomu by extension
YGO and Rosemi by extension
I like how Petra's model went from Gura to Marine

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Millie wants kids and I'm gonna give them to her.

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I liked my oshi
He graduated though

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Cuck experience

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I like Selen and Selen-affiliated
I also like Towa

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Hi Kyo

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I like the porn of loli petra
Other than that, I am ambivalent at worst

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I tried giving them a chance even after Luxiem. That is until Petra aged up her model. Hearing about what Sayu went through was the final nail. I won't even watch clips, and no amount of Holo-NijiEN unity collabs can change my mind.

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I don't think there is anything else to like about them at this point.

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drama giver

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sunk cost fallacy, they are all doomed despite how their fans will claim how their oshi is the only "good" one.

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Pomu's big ass

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WDYM sunk cost fallacy? The livers I watch still produce content that I enjoy regularly. This isn't business, this isn't chumpedos hailing Gura as the queen of VTubing even though she streamed for 12 hours this year.

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chemistry, I switched to NijiEN since the first 15, and even now they still have the best chemistry, ignore the holodrones

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I like NijiEN because I'm a cuck tranny seafag kpopstan numbermonkey that likes to bot luxiem.

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No numberapes makes their fandom infinitely better

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FRZRs art. idk about anything ells.

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So nothing.

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I like Scarle's big tits. And Millie's kisses.

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they feel more real than holoEN.

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I like laughing at their blunders from a safe distance

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I like it when they graduate

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Genuinely, I like how they talk about shit. I like playing games while listening to music or podcasts or whatever, so I'll just leave a zatsu one of them has done in the background and listen while playing. It's pretty funny how retarded some of them are, so it's interesting to listen. I also enjoy how much Selen actually tries to make shit happen, like tournaments, in-house competitions, etc. I also enjoy how she actually takes competitive games like Apex seriously; even though I don't play Apex myself, it's definitely a nice feeling watching her play and win after grinding so much.
I also like Pomu, she's funny.

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She's funny

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actually kind of funny now that I think about it, NijiEN's biggest antis are former NijiEN fans
it just makes sense

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Pomu and Rosemi when they don't talk about males.

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My dorky friend Elira being a total goofball

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based Selen-respecter. she's pretty fun to root for

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More male vtubers.

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I love the friendship energy, antis can talk about the forced family thing all they want, but their collabs like the zomboid collabs have been so fun. they know how to shoot the shit with each other. nijiEN collabs are unironically my favorite content

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i do not watch a single niji chuuba but ive seen clips of them and i like that they all have funny voices

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My few oshis and that's it

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Because my oshi is cute.

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