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>always talking to homos and shilling them
Can you explain why Sora gets a pass?

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She's the daisenpai

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She's the progenitor for everything HoloPro and gets to do whatever she wants, including interacting with homos.

Daisenpai privileges.

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She doesn't, just because she's the first doesn't mean she's the best. It's time for the rebellion to rise up.

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She gets a pass because the crying fucks don't want to be the assholes calling out the Daisenpai.

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very interesting, now get in the locker

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She’s Tokino Sora

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isn't it more about telling your fans to fuck off?

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You mean the Hololive resistance? It's not 2019, anymore.

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Because if it wasn't for Sora your Hololive oshi would be working as a full time prostitute right now.

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When the last time she talk about them other than 0th gen anniversary shilling?

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>Hololive' goddess
> It's Fkin Sora
Why do you need to ask that?

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How would OP know? He doesn't speak Japanese nor watch her streams.

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Last time it was fully crushed and Aqua never recovered.

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It's been 3 years a male isn't on her channel outside of musicians and songs, try better next time sister, she supports them because they all work under the same company and she's practically the chief

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sora is a whore

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that's how you know he uses /vt/

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Because she's the very first and also the strongest. And because I want to make cheese inside of her

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Sora IS the pass

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Because no one watches her