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No one cared who I was until I put on the mask

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Didn't care after either

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botoxxed riku tazumi lookin

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if i pull that mask off, will she die?

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Bocchi the Rock gen is real

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500% Zoom in

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Ask not how you can fix her but how you can make her worse

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She’s actually pretty good. Glad that she also went along with the mask gimmick

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i can't speak japanese, that's why i didn't care before her debut, I thought she would be a boring mature woman, turned out to be one of the best debuts I've ever seen, even better with translated clips, her cover is good too, she is my new jp oshi

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I still don't care

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Twintails doko?

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it would be extremely baneful

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so is she Delta or not

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lol no

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Oil spill Miku

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Like a rhinestone cowboy

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>ywn never give her a facial while she wears the mask
why even live?

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damn i should comm this

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She's the first green holoJP member since her btw

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unironically do reps. she's probably the most anti-EOP chuuba in hololive right now.

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>green holo
>black and white hair
Not how that works anonchama

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>You took off her mask
>You see this
What you do?

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Green as in her shirt.

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Walk away because I can now smell her tobacco breath.

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KMake out with her until our lips are bloody

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Say "hey akane"

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I respect anyone who can commit to the bit.

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That makes me like her more. I will watch all of her clips and only communicate in english in all of her feeds

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What accent is she speaking in? like the -yaken, shittoru, -cchuka, and -cchakedo.
Never heard it before

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I thought the mask would be one of those debut buttons that never shows up again, but I think she actually legitimately likes it so much that we'll almost never see her face.

I'm sure she's going to get new masks with each outfit too.

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this thread is "Tell me you listen to KSLV without admitting you have no taste"

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-cha like だっちゃ is super cute. Lam from Urusei Yatsura uses it. The accent itself is anime character like.

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Don't know that band/artist but your post is "Tell me you are a pretentious faggot without admitting you are a newfag"

Obvious tourist are so fun to see everytime they come to /vt/ they make the same mistake

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I want to headbutt her I dont know why.

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no?? triangle is on a health break and cover would never rehire

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I remember people wishing Chloe kept her mask more at the debut, seems like Raden is doing exactly that.

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so that's what it was, yeah it is pretty damn cute.

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Is she a gremlin?

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Raden feels like she came straight out of Nijisanji
Trainwreck waiting to happen

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Ugliest mask she could have chosen.
Bimbo mask would have been better.

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You're very naive

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She feels like she came out of the golden age of Nijisanji. The entire generation feels like pre-public era Nijisanji and it's great for that. It makes sense that they made them their own branch.

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Yeah I see a lot of nips saying that and same was said about Laplus early on.
Back then it was seen as a good thing but now they are more cautious even though they're still obviously drawn to it.

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Go back to your containment board melon

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None of niji jp livers talk like her.

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No but it's a batch of gimmicky vtubers that Cover seems to be willing to just let loose and play candidly.

Also I'm fairly certain Kanade is an ex-Niji JP

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just shut the fuck up forever MASStard

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which one? there're dozens of those

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I'm talking about Raden. I know all popular niji jp livers but nobody talks like her. Similar ones are literally Marine and Kururu sensei who's an ex nico streamer and Marines old friend and still streams as a vtuber. Marine/Mikarin and Kururu had a totsu collab last year but you can immediately understand what I'm saying if you watch it.

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No one thinks Raden literally came out from Nijisanji anon, people are saying she has the vibe of being under Nijisanji before it all went to shit.

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I think they are called ReGloss because they're all established older talents making a comeback. ReGlossed, if you will.

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That would be kino. Only taking the mask off to sing

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Do you even know about niji jp?

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Missed opportunity to say "Noh one cared who I was until I put on the mask."

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If you have a point then fucking make it already.

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My guess would be on the red one from their school uniform wave, but I've never watched her.

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Pummel that fucking face to a pulp.

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Who are you talking about then. Niji jp female livers aren't as quirky and hardcore as her whether it's good or bad.

Debi can be as hardcore as her in a way like she or he also does stupid ghetto shit like a virtual pachinko stream drinking alcohol but their styles of talking are absolutely different.

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Filia? There's no way since that girl spoke 4 languages but not korean. And she doesn't sound anything like Akane

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If you think of it it's quite meta. She's already wearing a virtual mask. The mask on top isn't really changing things.

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With a different art style she would be sexo
Just wait for the doujin

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This is the first gen where they gave full creative liberty to the girls. Now you know why they don't give full creative liberty to the girls.

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Because the same boring copy paste shit for everyone is the japanese way, yes we know

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they know

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Pa-san with hair streaks

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Chloe doesn't need the mask since she looks cute with it. Raden honestly improves with it on. Not saying Chloe doesn't wear it, but I prefer her without the mask.

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Laplus is still very good when she hits. I just wish she wasnt an APEX/VALO junkie

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imagine if she is just the hololive Hiroi though

no lamy doesn't count

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she reminds me of this character from asobi asobase lol

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Ancient nippon aesthetic, ask guguru-san to show you "hikimayu"

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I like the idea that Chloe's mask has assassin powers like letting her dive into shadows

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she's a big girl

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for me!

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masked women>>>

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>she's a smoker
>she has a hime cut

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>>she's a smoker
is this true? Can i finally have a chuuba who will use my balls as an ashtray?

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Her laugh here at the end reminded me of Gundou

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Yes I understand, but thats not how that works.
>#color chuuba
is always in reference to hair color. No one calls Korone a yellow holo, or Mori a black holo

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Based Polka bullying the orca to put her mask on.

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She mentioned wanting a smoke several times, but being unable to do so as she was in the Hololive office.

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I quit smoking but for some reason this is really hot paired with her design.

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fuck I want to smoke and drink beer with qt jp hag friend
have comfy time and talk about stupid shit

>> No.58263585

>shirt with his name on it
Is he really this big of a narcissist?

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I'm sorry, sister.

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I don't watch Nijis but good for you for not being a wagie I guess, I miss being so clueless
someday you'll have to leave your mother's basement th

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Who hurt that anon?

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Never knew I'd see the day when someone would defend riku's honour /here/. I suppose it was statistically inevitable.

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Damn, that brings back memories. Fuck the medusa bug.

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fuck, those were my exact sentiments. she seems chill af, look forward to seeing more from her.

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I think I like her, she's almost making me wanna do my jp reps

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...you don't have nametags where you're from?

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...yes, and?

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I swear this cover is gonna keep playing over and over and over again for me

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What is this?

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that's what the world looked like in the 90s

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>no lamy doesn't count

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ReBoot. Adventures in the computer world. System Guardian Bob fights both the user's avatar in games and the resident viruses. Still one of the few pieces of "computer world" media that doesn't have a human entering the computer.
One of the very first CGI TV cartoons, premiering a full year before Toy Story. Done by the same studio that later made Beast Wars and Shadow Raiders/War Planets.

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>no lamy doesn't count

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It's so good

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She needs to become a villain.

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>和風 vibes
>best handwriting/calligraphy in Holo by far
>smokes, drinks, burps

She really is gonna be the greatest EOP filter huh

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Does she smoke or is she part of the character?

>> No.58282175

She does smoke.

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I think ririka said that she also smokes

>> No.58282495

You're saying that Ririka said Ririka smokes. Check your English.

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Raden debut (part 2)


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>No one cared who I was until I put on the mask
And no one still cares.

>> No.58283472

I care

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Her mask probably stinks with mixture of breath, tobacco, beer and saliva after wearing it for a long time

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Shit design.
Incredible for liking rakugo.
Interesting look in mask.
Repulsive smoking.

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ain't she the paper mask girl that graduated last year?

>> No.58289332

Not PA-san?

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Holy shit anon

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The mask shit is stupid and I hope she drops it fast

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This is almost the EXACT same laugh as Pekora.

>> No.58295883

Looks like a sticky note

>> No.58297138

Pekora is not Roa so its fine.

>> No.58297282

i'm ok with it

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Jesus, I forgot this for so long.

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Fuck you

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i really like her, she will help me to learn japanese much better than koro san