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>tuber out of nowhere uses "vt insider terms"

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Happened to me at least twice

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There's no /vt/ insider terms. You fuckers keep breaking containment.

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Really cool

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>"/vt/ insider terms"
>when half of holofags and all phasefags literally post le epic greentexts and screencaps for facebook likes and reddit updoots
all of you deserve to be skewered.

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>"vt insider terms"
Meanwhile, said "insider terms" are
>Sobbing emoji or "Uoh"
>Mentioning Ryan Gosling
>Mentioning retards on Twitter and Reddit who beg for collabs with their favorites
>Liking literally any Anime or game before the 2010s

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like what? "nigger"?

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calm down Ame

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>speaking of soundposts

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once, i was teaching my brother something about science and i refereed to the human skeleton by deadbeat.

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Atleast you didnt point to a homeless

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>They still believe 4chan is a secret club and /vt/ doesn't have crossposters

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>chuuba reads aloud verbatim what you just posted in a thread as if it was in her chat

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>the /pyon/ experience

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>tuber sarcastically says "so true sis"

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Calling someone ESL on this board is probably more of a genuine insult at this point

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>chuuba almost says the n word

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“So true, sis” or “so true, bestie” is a thing people on tiktok say, it’s as normie as it gets

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/vt/ is not as obscure as you think it is, you hipster faggot

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>You fuckers keep breaking containment.
The tubers are containment breakers

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>/vt/ insider terms
Who are we trying to kid?

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do elaborate miss. pekers...

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predates tik tok

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Mumei NO

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Truly the most influential board

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I remember when IRyS called herself "a keyboard autist"

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When are they going to use the best 4channeler lingo, "faggot?"