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Hecatia LOVE.
Thread dedicated to our favorie EN gremlin/CN semem demon.

>CN debut stream archive
>EN debut

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Any clips subbed yet or in the works? I want to know how the reintroduction went.

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No that we know of yet.
Hopefully we are getting one.

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Ciyana should be debuting soon. Anyone got a link? I can't understand bili2 at all.

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fuck off zhang

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Ciyana starting now


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I will only care if she streams on Twitch

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why is her pussy so puffy? overused much?

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As Artia she said she really enjoys playing with herself, as Hecatia she said she likes to shoot guns which is a chink term for masturbation. Do the math.

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Puffy pussy > protruding roast beef curtains as far as aesthetics go.

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Traitor HATE
>EN debut
hahahahahaha oh wait you're serious AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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They really believe there was some kind of international internet war over e-girl companies and each girl picked a side or something. It's pathetic really.

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Don´t engage the /pol/niggers, just report and move on.

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Fuck artia and fuck artiafags

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It's interesting to see Tia has japanese fans, surprising

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Meant to quote >>580162

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First half, yes.
Second half is kinda gay tho.

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>shoes off

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Why is this surprising? She was always the star of Hololive CN who stood out from the pack and not everyone is obsessed with hating asian ethnic groups in other countries over silly drama.

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She was also the only one who had actual contact with her fans in the form of a member only Minecraft server,

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>kissing sounds
Both Tia and Ciyana do this. It's too much for my heart.

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How long until she hunts and eats the most dangerous game of all?

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>> 582205#
Wow, she's horny

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Wow, she's horny

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She’s not a pure unicorn after all.

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Tia bros, what went wrong?

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people want a wet sloppy kiss from this goat

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don't numberfag

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One os a popo. The other is a poggers.

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Was civia more popular on bilibili?

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yeah. civia was the 2nd most popular one after echo spade. artia was 3rd followed by doris

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to this day i still dont get why yogiri was the least popular.

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anyone got the link for the tia stream?

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Does she have lewd and slutty goat hooves as well?

It's literally satan when they have horns and goat hooves.
But my dick gets erect for some reason, just like the Draenei whores.

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i don't understand popularity that well either but probably cause she wasn't really exciting or different.

at first i considered bilibili to have a lot of high numbers cause there's a lot of chinese, but actually there's kind a cap. it doesn't have millions of bots paid to boost songs numbers to 1,5 billion views like on youtube subscribing randomly. her numbers were actually relatively good even if she wasn't the most popular.

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So apparently, I wasn't the only one who wanted to brutally impregnate Eccho Spade for 30 hours straight if I could...

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she's loading be patient please

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Hecatia has maid collar.
Ciyana has sex slave collar.

Bros... What do I do?

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tia is a chink whore that's why

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I honestly have high hopes for Hecatia, she is really trying her best.

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Is she a Space Goat?

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>They really believe there was some kind of international internet war
chinese -> mainland-> enemy
that's it

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I think Hecatia beheading would be a based event.

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you get it man.I salute you.

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for anyone who missed Hecatia lore intro.
maybe some smart anons will figure out all the references.

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One is a cute goat with perfect wife/mother vibes. The other is a gremlin.

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Anyone got the timestamp for when she bagan singing ultraman?

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Thanks dood.
What a blessing for the ears.

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it's not just japs who have shit taste

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so are these the models they won, or were they brand new commissions?

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>Tia is a tokuchad
Just when I thought I couldn´t love her even more.

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her baidu page literally has tokusatsu reposts

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Chinks, chinks....no one wants that trash.

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Link it so I include it next time I make a /tia/ thread.

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Stream on twitch again you bitch

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The NTR feeling is real...

I bet Spadde Eccho is being impregnated by some dude now who don't want to let her go and share her with us any more.

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I am guessing she wants to wait a bit longer so retards like >>591762 don´t raid her.

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Fuck off

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make sure you use the report instead of just replying to them or ignoring. rules apply even if somebody doesn't want them to.

it was doris and civia who won the models. these are new models unrelated to that contest.

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Primed and ready for Mao Xinyu's dick.

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The models from the league tournament got cancelled completely as they got fired.

>> No.594036

even for the japanese vtubers who did it with them? i hope at least those girls get them

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I just realized tia's general personality reminds me of tomoko from watamote, with less spaghetti

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So were all the rrats wrong? Everyone said China hated HoloCN yet two of them just had really successful debuts back to back.

>> No.597095

there were some haters, but they were small minority

>> No.597317

so many lies/misunderstandings got tacked on to the narrative that its not clear what the actual fuck even happened anymore

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they got scammed hard by nijisanji desu.

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Did Tia do a 2nd stream today?

Does it have a link? I missed it.

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Tia please stream in English. Life is constant suffering without you.

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Basically a few people made it appear like all of Asia was after the HoloCN girls heads. Not helped by the legitimate tension between China and the English speaking world. Also why would the Chinese be mad about Chinese VTubers supporting Chinese ideology.

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I still laugh every time I see the Artia model compared to the Hecatia model. At least we are going to get some funny SOUL vs soulless shitposts out of it down the road.

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File: 1.54 MB, 280x182, winslow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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We can't just let the Chinese boys impregnate her. We have to go in there and compete with them.

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Chinese nationalists are a loud minority that were supported by Bilibili, a lot of the chinese fans still watch and translate Hololive.

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>poggers dude let's go
she's back bros....

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>Someone actually sent an english superchat in the billybilly site.
Alright, which one of you fags did this?

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Paypal works in China now so anyone can do it

>> No.608984

donating through an Elon Musk company is the right way to give money to tia

>> No.608987

you still need to have a bilibili account, don't you?

>> No.609024

Yeah, but before they ask you to use wechat pay or alipay, and who knows how that shit works without a Chinese bank account

>> No.609167

She doesn't live in China, right?
Please be in London.

>> No.609211

California, she leaked her IP once in a stream where she did a million stupid things.

Though for some reason a lot of people still think she lives in canada.

>> No.609219

Somewhere in America based on timezones

>> No.609231

She'd probably let you if chat leaks were any indication.

>> No.609619

>tia is putting popcorn into her mouth
kind of hot

>> No.609652

He's a tranny, right?

>> No.609707

This isn't the western vtuber thread

>> No.609746

Just like you anon. You finally have someone to relate to. You should be happy.

>> No.609862

>election tourist brings up trannies out of nowhere once again
I'm convinced you fags are trannies in denial yourselves, no one wants to think about them except for themselves.

>> No.609917

I was going to say if Tia x Ciyana artists had to say anything about it, but I feel like Ciyana would be top and futa and Tia would be bottom and non futa rather than the reverse. Though bottom futas and double futas are a thing so who knows. Aight time to draw some a r t .

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Civia's stream is live.

>> No.611400

If you're gonna post that, you might as well post a link. No one fucking knows how to use bilibili

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It ended anyway., like 4 minutes after I posted that.

>> No.611676

Its easy once you get used to it. A few things still confuse buts that's because its in Chinese.

>> No.611733

*confuse me
I really need to spell check more. My brain autofills it and I miss shit.

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There apparently lots of Japanese Vtubers on bilibili.

I found this one a few minutes ago
She sung a really catchy Japanese song and she is good at it too..

>> No.612453

Otome Oto is a pretty big name. Her group, Paryi family, formerly Chucolala also includes others with Paryi live2D like Hiseki Erio, Shiina Nanoha, but not Kagura Mea and her separate group.

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She tuning her fucking violin right now.

It's super painful to listen to. It's like live torture.

>> No.612871

Okay, I'm convinced Otomo Oto hates her audience, and tortures them live.

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>> No.614070

If you had to stream for chinks just for the money, wouldn't you?

>> No.614130

Apparently they still like it and send in the money. Don't ask me why.

>> No.616609

Hecatia's model just isn't as inherently goofy as Artia's. That said I'm sure she'll still sound as silly as she did before as soon as she starts doing game streams in English, which is all that really matters.

>> No.616675

>Missed both
Fuck. Archive? Navigating BB is nightmarish.

>> No.616873

You can jump on this one

Cute Catgirl boy

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>Sennke is a Catgirl Vtuber.
>But is actually a boy with real male voice
>And he doesn't even hide that fact.
>He just has fun on the VR rythm games
This stuff takes some serious courage.

>> No.619711

Based slut

>> No.622333

#artialivesmatter she’s such a retard

>> No.622503

I can understand quite a bit of japanese but chinese sounds too alien. How do you guys get into her?

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Yeah but she's our retard

>> No.622881

She used to stream in English, same with the punished unicorn. I never got into the non-English speaking CNs for that reason alone, probably should've given Yogurt a chance though since at least she spoke nip.

>> No.622925

She speaks english too, not with her new name so far, but she is planing to.

Here are some samples on how her content is (in her old persona)


>> No.625143

Do I need to pay to get into her discord?

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There is a new rookie streamer debuting right now

Truly a japanese semen demon.

>> No.625556

nah, here's a link to a bunch of VTuber discords including hers:

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>EN debut
Pls Tia...

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I just fap and imagine being NTR'd while she doesn't do english streams.

>> No.625808

Aren't we the NTR'ers since Tia's main audience is the bugs?

>> No.625917

>What's wrong with sucking dick?
Fair enough.

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S-sure Anon. If you like the be the NTR'er being NTR'd.
There is a really nicely drawn doujin about that one here:

>> No.625946

Unlike TBAs on twitter she actually streams and has a proven EN track record for content. She also barely posts on twitter at all.

>> No.626286

>229 pages
Plans today = postponed

>> No.626583

It's worse if you hide it.

>> No.627025

Tell me about Hecatia. Is she unironically autistic?

>> No.627044
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Tia, please stream

>> No.627213

I think it's the opposite, she's overly emotional.

>> No.627437

She's a massive Chuuni and got really emotionally attached to the Artia character.

>> No.627469

She used to be a hololive and she spoke english, that's literally all it took.

>> No.627688

The first bitch with the huge titties was such a good sex salve, he really should have married her.

>> No.627876

Tia please... Do twitch already... I love you babe...

>> No.627929

Civia too please...

>> No.628330

She strikes as me as the kind of person who is actually quite normal and well adjusted in real life, but uses vtubing as an outlet for her more nerdy interest, kinda like korone.

Of course, I am talking out of my ass here and I could be one hundred percent wrong, but that´s the impresion I get from her.

>> No.629294

Are there links to her past streams?

The only one I have seen was the debut stream, but not the other streams.

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>> No.633178 [DELETED] 

too much chink shills for one thread

>> No.633208

rent free

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I want to fuck Hecatia senseless and NTR all her viewers while she is streaming.

I want to imprgnate her 50 hours straight and make +10 mini Hecatias.

>> No.633779

>Bagged Milk
No wonder people thought she was in Canada. Damn Quebecois.

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>> No.634650

Is it NTR if she already said she doesn't love us and is just grateful?

>> No.635479
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What if I impregnated Hecatio while she was live and made her moan lewd Poggers?

Wouldn't her moans at least give you a rage boner?

>> No.635546

Why does tia get people this horny.
She doesn´t even do GFE.

>> No.635590

It's just one guy that thinks hes funny spamming in the threads.

>> No.635601

>inb4 it was all of the nijis master plan to not pay for the models

>> No.635626

Will this be a member-only stream?

>> No.635667 [SPOILER] 
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Artia didn't, Hecatia though, that's prime character design.

>> No.635788

you know even tia is horny for her own design so no wonder

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File: 452 KB, 1500x1600, 1612243279840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 4 KB, 116x126, 1310829173974s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm goign to fap hard if she makes lewd noises.

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>Trying to learn Chinese so I can understand Artia's stream, then convert the knowledge over for Japanese study
>Study with online resources and vocals.
>Listen to actual streams and movies.
>All the Chinese (save one) chew their words or mumble with the beijing accent, so you can never tell if something is "-i(r)" or if it's "r-".
How the heck are you supposed to learn this language?

>> No.637441
File: 3.81 MB, 498x280, 1613257459949.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's impossible
t. 2.5 year learner who got into vtubers to practice

>> No.637659

As someone that remembers her from the Overwatch days before she became a vtuber, she actually is autistic. For those who were in the overwatch community, she was the girl who was crazy obsessed with Aimbotcalvin and streamsniped him almost everygame with the account "Calvinsmercy". Lots of weird funny stories about her back in the day

>> No.637928

>Lots of weird funny stories about her back in the day
You can't tease us like that without delivering.

>> No.637966
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>> No.638119

I hate that I am going to have to learn Chinese just to watch Tia from now on.

>> No.638365
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Jesus christ, I can feel she's having orgasms when she asserts her dominance in the games.

>> No.638660 [DELETED] 

Her old IGN was Elyon the mercy one trick. One time she thought the N word was just a funny thing americans say and would spammed it around either in voice or chat. And when she was "caught", she blamed it on being on the spectrum and not understanding social cues.

Used to date the COO of the LA glads in overwatch league and used his influence to get semi/pro players to play with her in OW rank.

Tried to start a t2 team called Llama pajamas but they ended up kicking her off because she would throw tantrums during games. Was very sad since she started the team and used her bf's influence to get them to join. The team renamed itself to D: and made it to the finals in open division.

>> No.638822

Currently doing it. It's not even worth trying. There's not a Chinese resource out there that teaches you how to understand actual Chinese speakers. Their words get mashed up when they speak.

>> No.638889
File: 58 KB, 310x310, 1342581730824.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Used to date
Hecatia is no longer pure.

She is a real life semen demon now...

>> No.638914

>Used to date

>> No.638950

Wait, do we know what her roommate looks like?

>> No.639079
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Since Hecatia is already taken, I might as well just hit up the NTR doujins and drown myself in sorrow.

My life feels like it's over already.

>> No.639404

Probably Chinese

>> No.639410

I thought I would hate her new model, but it is actually really good. I love the little beauty mark under the eye.

>> No.639712
File: 161 KB, 785x438, 1453709960273.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's over.

Goodbuy bros. /tia/ was sort of comfy while it lasted.

>> No.640238

Would it be considered rude to ask her something in English?

>> No.640280

Just wait for the Twitch streams. Assuming she ever has them.

>> No.640363
File: 1.39 MB, 1566x880, Screenshot (73).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.640372

Yes, remember that bugmen still stuck there hates westerners.

>> No.640536
File: 89 KB, 235x268, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So will she give the cursor to everyone?

>> No.640661

no it's just you foaming at the mouth. one of the girls who exploded in popularity is an english stream who knows japanese and is learning chinese.

if it's a superchat then whatever is fine but a single message in the chat might not get noticed. if you're constantly repeating it then it'll get moderated.

>> No.640718
File: 152 KB, 600x900, __kongiku_oboro_muramasa_drawn_by_x_teal2__942f7b46c63eb0976c66fb6fc030f994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ciyana is playing some cool looking game

It looks like it might be Muramasa Rebirth.
But I'm not sure.

>> No.640757

>no it's just you foaming at the mouth. one of the girls who exploded in popularity is an english stream who knows japanese and is learning chinese.

>> No.640764

Has she announced antisatellite capabilities yet? If not, I'm not interested.

>> No.640766


>> No.640877

Probably referencing Hiiro

>> No.640977

This has stayed up for a whole day lmao

>> No.641057

没2s don't care about Chinese threads.

>> No.641077
File: 242 KB, 854x480, 1383729545627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah, nice. It's really easy to tell who they have the inspiration from.
Even the map system with the boxes are straight up the same as in Muramasa.

That type of 2D scrolling game is comfy as fuck.

>> No.641162

Can't escape it, no matter where you live.

>> No.641443

here is king sung with a mandarin translation of the lyrics

>> No.642030

Hiiro is blessed

>> No.642615

No. Just... No. Why the fuck do people insist on making fan translations of songs?
something tells me there's an English version but I refuse to even look for it because it'd probably be the cringiest shit ever

>> No.643183

i like to listen to chinese versions of songs.

i heard some decent english versions of songs too. i don't really look for english stuff though.

>> No.643288
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>> No.643873

>Civia graduated 11/18/2020
>Artia graduated 11/19/2020
>Hecatia debuted 02/13/2021
>Ciyana debuted 02/14/2021
definitely fucking on the DL

>> No.644565

This thread, board and site is for international fans, why not post on weibo or something?

>> No.645069

>on the DL
No its extremely obvious.

>> No.646102


>> No.647029

That´s cute.

>> No.650538
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Tia love!

>> No.650609

I just really like the design

>> No.653907 [DELETED] 

Thread is so full of chink shilling its not even funny i really wonder why

>> No.653929


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>> No.657206

>first retweeted fanart is full on bare cunny
absolutely based
also this artist appeals to me deeply

>> No.657565

tia horny levels can not be controlled

>> No.657893

Did she actually RT´d it? I don´t see it in her profile.

>> No.658075

She did. Its by the fanart is by Creep41347922.

>> No.658468

She did face streams on bilibili, I think the latest one was even under her current identity, so it should be okay to post.

>> No.658529

people mentioned she was ugly or something, but to be honest I didn't think she looked that bad

>> No.658560

It was literally the first fanart she retweeted.

>> No.658633

I have not seen her, but considering how controversial she is here, I wouldn´t be surprised if people only called ugly just because they already hated her.
Also white women and basedboys hate asian women.

>> No.658668

She was called ugly by Chinese too. Truth is, that she is not particularly ugly, nor good looking, she looks perfectly average.

>> No.658785

that's what you get for not using makeup, was kinda idiotic move by her to be honest

>> No.658997

Nah, incels need to learn what actual women look like. If they get filtered by that then good riddance.

>> No.659212

Shes always been a retard. She thought talking about politics was a good idea and eventually got shat on for it during the taiwan arc. I like tia but my god is she a absolute dumbass.

>> No.659584

I think she is cute, but I have a severe case of yellow fever, so I might be biased.

>> No.659601

How do you excuse her leaking private messages to blacken the image of her former colleagues?

>> No.659801

tia is based for exposing the truth

>> No.659814

So you're a retard, ok.

>> No.659837

Normally, I would just tell you to take your meds or go back to /pol/reddit/twitter, but I am on a giving mood so I will explain it to you:

First of all: I don´t know what happened, nobody here knows what happened, all the rrats are second hand information from reddit post with translations I can not posibly verify by myself.

Second and more importantly: I DON´T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS BACKSTAGE. I like tia because her personality is fun, seeing her makes me happy, that is all, even if everything said about was true, it won´t stop me from watching her, just like how Stanley Kubrick being a asshole doesn´t stop me from loving A Clockwork Orange, or Lovecraft being racist doesn´t stop me from liking his tales.

>> No.660206

I'm the Anon you replied to, and I liked Artia before all that drama was revealed.
I don't buy anything that wasn't reasonably verified because of all the dumb gayops various factions ran, but her retarded commie politics already soured her for me.
I gave her the benefit of the doubt with regards to the whole CN graduation fiasco, but then she leaked the messages and I've never seen anyone explain that in any way besides her being a menhera bitch.

If you look at all her antics even without the rumors, an unfavourable pattern emerges. The more believable rumors perfectly fit that pattern too. She comes across like someone with a shitty spiteful personality who thinks she can dunk on people but is too stupid to do it without things blowing up in her face.

That matters to me because her "product" is herself. You can enjoy Kubrik movies, because while he was a part of the creative process and the things he crafted are not himself, they are their own things. With streamers the product is mainly their own personality. Even with streamers who adopt a certain persona, that is mostly rooted in themselves and will be a reflection of aspects of their core character.

To give an example: I can appreciate someone roleplaying a cocky prankster, even though that person is timid and polite IRL. That doesn't detract from the fun.
I can't appreciate someone cracking jokes and being friendly, when I assume that person is actually an abusive asshole. I'd rather go have fun with someone who is genuinely nice.

>> No.660354
File: 8 KB, 249x249, hmmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't really give a shit about anyone except her so...

>> No.660443

No drum, you take your meds.

>> No.661028

I miss this design.
The new one may be more beautiful and of higher quality but ye olde retarded gremlin has more charm.

>> No.661220

>thinking that discordnigger drum would be here instead of jacking off to cute and funny somewhere else here

>> No.661222

I agree. but maybe the gap moe will at least fill the niche.

>> No.661257

hi, drum!

>> No.661929

>That matters to me because her "product" is herself. You can enjoy Kubrik movies, because while he was a part of the creative process and the things he crafted are not himself, they are their own things. With streamers the product is mainly their own personality. Even with streamers who adopt a certain persona, that is mostly rooted in themselves and will be a reflection of aspects of their core character.

On this point we will simply have to agree to disagree, maybe I am too cynical but I just don´t buy into the idea that streamers (not even talking about vtubers, streamers in general) are being "themselves", I just don´t buy it, everybody pretends, some more than others, but they all do. I don´t believe the woman behind Marine is a sex crazed maniac who is horny 24/7, but that´s what the Marine character is, and for me that´s enough.

Another thing is that for me, none of the narratives around Artia are "deal breakers", so to speak.

It doesn´t bother me if she is a nationalist, I am a spic, I am from neither china nor taiwan, or any country even close to them, I have no horse in that race, not only it´s it something that doesn´t affect me, it´s something that is none of my (or any other westerner´s) business. Thats a subject that it´s up to them, and only them, to solve.

Her other personal politics don´t bother me either, if she is a commie, whatever, I am not a libtard who cancels people for suppossed "wrongthink", which I don´t even think is true. You say she has "retarded commie politics", and yet she fangirls for Elon Musk (which is a thing I don´t like about her, but even then it also isn´t a deal breaker, and neither is Hecatia using trannyflags on discord), the quintessential corporatist oligarch. You said she is spiteful, and yet she still gives likes to art made of hololive members, and even follows some of them, desptie how bad things ended between them.

The one thing narrative around her that I do consider to be shitty (assuming it is true) is her supporting the antis who attacked Coco, that´s a shitty move, even if I never liked Coco.

Even then, I can not pretend I didn´t do shitty things like that in my younger days on oldschool /b/, I do recognize what I was doing was shitty, but because I can reflect on that I also don´t think it´s correct to give Artia shit about it forever, people can learn and change. Again, that´s even assuming that narrative it´s all true.

Finally, while I do want to believe I am above being carny´d by vtubers, I admit the parasocial aspect is a big part of why I watch them, and as such, as long as vtuber doesn´t do anything that would make me want to break a friendship if a IRL friend did it, it will not make me stop watching them. And none of the narratives around Arita cross that line, true, there are things would make me say "what the fuck gal" to her, but I don´t think there is anything unforgivable.

>> No.662174

Who the fuck is drum and why should I care?

>> No.662209

From the little context from these posts, I am guessing he is a mod from Hecatia´s discord.

>> No.662279

Jezas, get a hobby anon

>> No.662329

He's not. he's just a dumbass.

>> No.662385

well said anon

>> No.662396
File: 103 KB, 355x369, 1612069614689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am at work and there are no clients.

>> No.665596
File: 923 KB, 734x619, 1613226972752.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chattors rise up.

>> No.666020
File: 136 KB, 1036x614, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tia stream on twitch onegai...

>> No.666410
File: 275 KB, 506x567, 1612225619490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

live with apex

>> No.666465

>haven't been able to watch anything since debut due to work/sleep
Just kill me now

>> No.666495

She hates us...

>> No.666522

guys... I am afraid she ditched us for good...

>> No.666523

>No longer part of hololive, could stream any game in the world

It's shit.

>> No.666561

she is addicted to APEX just like nearly every jap please understand

>> No.666613

I hate Apex mostly because it is Titanfall 2 with all the interesting mechanics gutted out. Only good thing about it is that it inspired girls to play the Titanfall 2 campaign, so that is something I guess.

>> No.666669

Does she have a schedule or does she just stream whenever she wants?

>> No.666685

It is kinda interesting how big Apex got in East Asia, but not so much in the west. I wonder why.

>> No.666807

seems to be kinda random so far

>> No.666817

I think when ever. But you can use this https://github.com/Bililive/BililiveRecorder
if you miss anything. It auto records when she starts but comes out as a flv.

>> No.666831

Considering how many Nijis play it there was probably some sort of deal made with Ichikara. Nips saw streamers playing it and picked it up just like games in the west are.

>> No.667212

no schedule but you can get notified by her discord when she goes live

>> No.667280
File: 54 KB, 1095x548, 725a03a3dec7ae5c8b5d18d9c3e2db48c6e98e52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New Ciyana video, looks like her debut

>> No.671391

oh no she's hot!

>> No.676462

Has anyone recorded her streams? I haven't seen anything since debut.

>> No.676761

here's some of them

this guy seems to have a number of them on his channel including ciyana

>> No.688253

Where do I know that BGM from?

>> No.688275

Kamiko Kana's BGM?

>> No.688305

Ah, yes. Is it free to use or something?

>> No.688356

I think it's royalty free BGM from Dova-Syndrome

>> No.688386

Thanks. Tia's start where she sits on a table is adorable. Her new model is really extremely cute with how the design droops downwards. It makes her look harmless, deflated.

>> No.689409

wow "self-sacrifice" lol

>> No.691079


Why is she affraid to show her phone?

>> No.693091

Now Anons know Hecatisa is a bad girl who never answers the SMS texts.

>> No.693281

lmao her fighting the dragon

>> No.693311

scuffed but soulful

>> No.694293

So, Hecatia is Artia on the lore too, interesting.

>> No.694748

>I think the latest one was even under her current identity
Don't see it, but all of her content is gone anyway. Even the APEX stream from 2 days ago. How did you find that?

>> No.694887

Its now gone. The 2 people on 2 different accounts who re uploaded it deleted it. She did the face stream on the garlic account ages ago. She has recently changed the account name again for whatever reason.
You can find re uploads of her recent content using this.

>> No.694948
File: 615 KB, 1920x1080, e-hentai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Err, based?

>> No.694996

holy based

>> No.695032

Im still annoyed that I still cant access despite waiting for months and doing everything to try and get in. So can you give me the name.

>> No.695046


>> No.695049

(C89) [Satellites (Satetsu)] LORIM (Touhou Project)

>> No.695144

Thanks anon

>> No.695587

The Chinese version has a comment in it mentioning tia now...

>> No.695607

>not even a week and already YAB'd
That's our gremlin.

>> No.695630

why is she so horny

>> No.695779

She's a gamer

>> No.695796

She likes shooting guns

>> No.695867

When she accidentally leaked hentai before her discord wanted to know and she gave it to them. I cant remember what it was annoyingly but it had a blond fox girl I think. It was before all the drama so I cant remember it clearly.

>> No.695882


that doesn't really answer the question, but okay.

>> No.695960

Stop asking stupid questions then.

>> No.696017
File: 184 KB, 500x394, 1379957577437.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She selfinserts as flat breasted loli characters who wants to become nakadashi.

>> No.696317
File: 184 KB, 1548x1824, __sanjouno_haruhime_dungeon_ni_deai_wo_motomeru_no_wa_machigatteiru_darou_ka_drawn_by_drawfag__357296ad8c240cde5f8c2c103f6e7a11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a blond fox girl
This one?

>> No.696537

I honestly dont know. It was hentai with a blond fox girl on the cover. This is the only time in months that I have thought about it.

>> No.698255
File: 54 KB, 800x1300, 1612114413631.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Speaks and reads Chinese
>Reads English translations

>> No.698444

All translations starts with the same filename, of cours she would choose the Chinese one

>> No.702105 [DELETED] 

Why is she horny on main

>> No.702128

all girls think about is sex sex sex. they can't get cock off their mind.

>> No.702616

It just means she is ready to become a mother.

>> No.702720

she's gonna be streaming RFA right now!

>> No.702741
File: 459 KB, 2800x2800, 1612023013948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The time has come and so have I

>> No.702774


>> No.702918
File: 255 KB, 744x760, 00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what a fucking cute gluttonous demon

>> No.702997

>eating right before RFA
She's gonna puke

>> No.703308
File: 242 KB, 502x538, 1611208080269.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Struggling with the first level

>> No.703628
File: 19 KB, 317x323, 1305629335882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She is so exhausted and moaning so much.

>> No.703656
File: 625 KB, 2004x1956, tian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

will she survive this?

>> No.703730

Please telll me someone is archiving this whole fucking video.

I can reuse this for fapping over and over.

>> No.703776

there's several members of her discord that are recording it. they'll probably put it on mega after the stream

>> No.703825
File: 178 KB, 378x363, 1613540683916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that moaning and gulping sound. now she's panting really hard like in a jav. this is the most erotic sounding ring fit i've heard.

>> No.703910

This boss is going to kill her. Pay your respects now.

>> No.703944

Thank you Nintendo

>> No.704019

What does hso mean?

>> No.704020

Good fucking lord. Tia is not for lewding, but these noises....

>> No.704105

according to a person with an anime avatar on baidu question it means 好色哦

which i understand to mean something like erotic

>> No.704124


>> No.704210
File: 974 KB, 833x815, 1613222184038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>died to the first boss
All that cake and crackers got to her.

>> No.704364

I think you found the new bottom of the schizo iceberg. I completly think this would be reasonable for them to do, and would not have been hard.

>> No.704773

"So erotic", roughly

>> No.704877


>> No.704918

Is Tia trying to be more seiso in this persona or am I imagining it?

>> No.704954 [DELETED] 

Changs, Changs. Just fucking stop. Just speak fucking mandarin. You aren't fooling anyone.

>> No.704998 [DELETED] 


>> No.705031


based sourcechad, thank you

>> No.705076

What makes it worse is you fucks keep using the obvious "Dude, bro" talk bullshit. Fucking too obvious.

>> No.705098
File: 155 KB, 348x339, 1603256915807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But that doesn't sound like the Tia I know

>> No.705142

its essentially a demo, the rigger is lip-syncing the model to the song to show it off.

>> No.705204

Listen schizoid, come to terms with the fact that Chinese vtubers have fans outside of China. Not everyone is an obsessed, paranoid Cocofag who thinks the reds are out to get them when off their meds.

>> No.705214 [DELETED] 

im EOP, but i do sound pretty ESL there.
im only a little retarded, i swear.

>> No.705215


>> No.705230

you mind fucking off kid? since you won't take your meds go fight the revolution of our time somewhere else. >>>/vt/coco >>>/reddit/ >>>/pol/

>> No.705327

Her followers on twitter are chinks with locked accounts and sjw's. You faggots aren't fooling anyone. Anyone or thing that gets pushed this hard is utter fucking shit (shark tranny). Or there's some kind of hidden bullshit/angle behind it.

>> No.705359

No one on pol is white and I don't care about Coco. Sorry I don't suit your narrative you ugly ass shit head. I just know bullshit when I see it.

>> No.705424


Ah yes, all 8000 members of her English-only Discord are chinks who all have a hate boner against the dragon. Go the fuck back to /pol/ retard.

>> No.705478

She doesn't even have that many you fucking schizo. Keep making shit up that doesn't exist.

>> No.705525


Bait harder retard

>> No.705550

not everybody in this world is bored enough to be some faggot reddit internet warrior for free on the web. go unleash your impotent rage from your boring and shitty life somewhere else.

i learned japanese and then i learned chinese. i want to watch jp and cn vtuber not read subhumans fighting wars in their imagination.

>> No.705573 [DELETED] 

Nice one shartia. Blow your brains out yet?

>> No.705609 [DELETED] 

Make a new narrative. Didn't ask for your life story. I don't care that you speak commie.

>> No.705626
File: 189 KB, 1540x1078, artemis_bait[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.705637
File: 456 KB, 557x557, breathing TBAs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based repposter

>> No.705640

How pathetic can you possibly get? Her only "angle" is streaming games as a source of income and maybe occasionally expresses solidarity with her countrymen. I realize burgers hate each other to an unhealthy degree so it is probably very scary for you to see any kind of unity. Your brain only processes this as a conspiracy of some kind.

>> No.705713

They hate the fuckers that caused the whole mess to begin with but were slow to act on it. Keep posting shit you know nothing about.

>> No.705785

And remember, the angle of today everyone is lewd Tia noises in RFA. Study the archives with the greatest detail and importance.

>> No.706006


Yes sir!

>> No.706938

Ciyana live

>> No.708629
File: 27 KB, 1743x137, unknown[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


"Is this the one Tia was looking at wwwww"

Well fucking played by our little autist

>> No.708795


>> No.709361

Oh no, now all of Hecatia's fans know she is fantasizing about being impregnated.

>> No.710277


Oh no! The horror!

Let's fantasize about making her fantasies come true then :D

>> No.711796


>> No.713192

just calm down bro

>> No.715776

I won't huff dried rhino penis like you retards.
Proving my point.
Why would you link chinktube?

>> No.715826

>Why would you link chinktube?
because that's the only place they stream (for now)

>> No.715827

have sex

>> No.715942

Go cum on sharts massive 6head and uneven legs.

>> No.715966

write that again but in English

>> No.716013

>Zhanger is ESL
Yes, everyone here already knows what and who you retards are.

>> No.716039

I'm a newfag so idk what that means but ok

>> No.716081

Kindly fuck off this board and site zhang shitter.

>> No.716121


>> No.716180

Says the legion of tiny 5cm dick faggots.

>> No.716214


>> No.716292

That's just spam at this point.

>> No.716770

Where the hell are the BB VODs kept? I know they get archived but does it not get uploaded on their channels? This site is a nightmare to navigate.

>> No.717027

Some of the VODs that are posted are also divided into 1-2 minute parts. What a shitty ass website.

>> No.717396

I don't understand, are the VODs even archived conventionally at all, or does it have to be hosted on some other channel? I didn't think it was possible to have a worse archiving system that twitch.

>> No.717415

Sometimes the English translations actually use better raws or have better cleaners than CN or even JP copies, but this can be true to any other version (I've used CN ver to typeset with because they used a better raw than whatever else was on panda)

>> No.717742


Please keep this meme alive

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