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Is it really okay for Sora to sell things like this?
She's not sexy enough to pull this off

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is this real twhos the artist this looks so good bet its fucking sold out AAARGGHHHHHHHHHH

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Will buy it and cum on her thighs.

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>She's not sexy enough to pull this off
Hags are sexy and cute. Only gays and undrage b& don't think this.

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She is in her sixth year of the idol cycle, by this point its time to shill out as much as you can before graduation

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Her hoodie outfit is the sexiest holo outfit

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purchase an advertisement

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Are you gay?

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front is sex mode, back is comfy mode

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Ankimo will watch me defile soda

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Fun fact this pillow is exactly as long as Sora's height.

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You gay

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How new?
She had an official Dakimakura in 2018 and a official Long Cushion (half-daki) in 2020

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>t. gaylord prime
there is a reason she is the queen of Iwara

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>Not sexy enough
Anon, you are confused.

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>She's not sexy enough to pull this off
Gay man or woman?

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I have almost never fapped to any of the hololive girls in years watching them.
But Sora makes me hard every time. I swear she is a succubus that wants to become an idol, but she can't control her powers.

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Same I just want to hold hands

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Why would you post something so gay, so confidently?

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Sora? More like whore-a!

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Don't look at me like this Ankimo. After I'm done with Sora I will come for your little tight ass.

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>not sexy enough
pride month ended ages ago fag

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nice, a daki that won't make me look like a pedo if i own it.

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>Yagoo said to her, "And so I say to you, you are Tokino Sora, and upon this woman I will build my company, and the gates of Nijisanji shall not prevail against it."

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Unfortunately Sora isn't a hag.

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>Be /vt/
>Sora isn't sexy
>I want to fuck tranny Aqua
>That new crossdresser looks better than Kronii
It says a lot when I have never found a single place related to vtubers that isn't like this.

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Fag, that pillow is sexy as fuck

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The amount of cum I'd shoot on that would be unreal

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V1 body pillow is better change my mind

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>She's not sexy enough to pull this off
anon, you might be gay

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I lost

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I'm diamonds. Holy fuck i would plow that Sora daki like no tomorrow.

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Faggots are annoying and love being the center of attention. You have to filter that shit out or it's all you'll ever see.

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watch streams you dumb asshole

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Sora is erotic as hell and I don't even watch her streams

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Thanks for this thread. I went and bought it

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Who are you even to judge who is sexy?

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I can't take this with me to Dubai kek.
Well done Sora!
Now I need to rethink my life choices.

Great pillow cover!

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Brown-haired Holos are inherently sexy.

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*ifuudoudous on you*

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Purchased, thanks for the ad OP

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>She's not sexy enough to pull this off

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I'm getting to MY hot limit.

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>She's not sexy enough to pull this off
We know you’re a fag OP but do you really have to flaunt it in front of everyone?

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I swear. People get too caught up in the seiso/pure bullshit, and don't seem to realise that idols know how to be peak sex.

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Back is MADE for teenage dry humping

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my balls will be draining directly into this every night for at least 3 months

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this might be the one time I'll ever consider owning a body pillow

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>Hags are sexy and cute.
You aren't wrong.
But Sora is not one of them. Shes mid-20s.

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I don't want to cum to Sora, but god damn it, I'm going to.

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that's from Avatar

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I want to pronebone Soda-chan

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>teenage dry humping

...what does that even mean?

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It's when, as a teen and not wanting to his getting caught naked or with your pants down, you humor clothed until the friction does its work. Done either alone or with another party of there are parents about and you can't risk full sex or fappage.

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welp, more for me then

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The one on the left looks fine, but the right one crosses the fucking line. WHERE ARE HER THIGHS. ANOREXIA IS NOT HOT

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I'm going to cum directly on those socks.

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Besides this is a cuddle Daki cover, not I want to have sex with it one.

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Prone boning Sora while Ankimo jerks off in the corner!

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I don't even watch sora and I'm tempted to buy this

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unsexy girls trying to be sexy is sexy

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Sora sexxxxx
Sexino Sora

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>She is in her sixth year of the idol cycle, by this point its time to shill out as much as you can before graduation
That is cynical but to release a daki after 6 years might indicate that Sora is beginning to consider leaving. A vtuber isn't an idol so they could do this for 20 or 30 years but in Hololive they will never own their character design, models, or channel. They will always have to follow the strict corporate rules and considering what is going on with Haachama some of the early talents might be thinking of going indie.

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This is Sora's third pillow. The first one was in 2018.

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>She's not sexy enough to pull this off

Imagine being gay enough to think this

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?? Sora and Azki are the sexiest Holo though

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>They used the same position

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Being seiso is the sexiest thing.

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>Not sexy
uh huh

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See picrel >>57972302

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I’m not really a daki guy… But socks are so fucking hot and this is flipping all the right switches… May have to buy it.

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i dont remember posting this

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>Is it really okay for Sora to sell things like this?

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>She's not sexy enought
Anon i think you are gay

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Way to out yourself, faggot

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Sora’s subdued sexiness is too subtle for terminal coomerbrains to comprehend.

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Man, I need to watch some sora streams

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>She's not sexy enough to pull this off
you need iwara

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Rushia had the best daki cover.

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there it is, the gayest post of the century

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I'd sniff the farts straight out of sora's butt.

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>disregards this entire thread telling OP he's gay and threads like /hag/
Idk I think most people here are pretty straight

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you should - despite what some faggots here might tell you her streams are very nice and comfy

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I have fapped more to sora than any other holo or vtuber. She is amazingly sexy. OP is a faggot.

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Those were desperation days, anything goes to make a few bucks and float by

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sniff the pits

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i want it...

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>>58039911 (me)
i bought it.
thanks op for letting me know

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Was the shipping more than merch itself?

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i'll buy it because its cute