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She was for a brief moment for the Tempus boys

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She was senpai of ID3

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She threw away her chances

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Good , considering >>57943567 she would've been terrible anyway

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I thought she graduated just before

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She chose chinese gacha over Hololive.

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>oof owie my back, can't stweam
>haha nevermind
good, RIPiss

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She chose to leave before she became one, nobody should feel bad for her

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God, I just realise most of these people never watch stream or just a pure retard.

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She had the position that every indie vtuber wanted. Had an easy road to six figures and she turned it down. It sucks cause she was so weird that it actually became entertaining.

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How is that a bad thing?
She decided being a vtuber wasn‘t for her and quit so I doubt she feels any big regret

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>hears about tempus debuting
>instantly decides to graduate

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oh look, OP is a niggerfaggot that doesn't watch streams, imagine my shock

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Thank god, the collabs with tempus would have been terrible

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What streams, she disappeared for entire weeks only showing up for major collabs.

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She said she talked to them all off stream, and they all left farewell notes on the board she read in her final stream.

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this, sana was exactly what cdawgva criticized about hololive
she did not deserve that spot, she didn't give a shit about the job and just treated it as vacation time from her real job

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the homos said they talked to her for hours, probably her venting about what she considers are problems with streaming

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She didn't deserve to be a senpai.

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She left right before forced homo collabs, honestly based

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>used the homos as emotional tampons
>fucked off afterwards

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He was just mad that only Ollie would collab with him, and he couldn't use her to get into EN collabs.

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It's a bad thing because think how many other talented girls that slot could have gone to. Not to mention a waste of Pako's hard work

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>gave up her chance to be senpai and anything else that comes with being in Hololive
Fixed that for you, OP.

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no one's fault but her own

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good. She didn't deserve it

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She dropped it because she couldn't spend 18 hours a day streaming Gensh*n.

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She doesn't even want the chance, stop feeling sad for her

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correction, she never got the chance the chance to be the senpai of anyone worth giving a shit about

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>sana thread

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why do people pretend her graduation was somehow a tragedy?
she just didnt like being a streamer and thus left

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i don't know why I was expected to be sad she left. I wasn't mad either, she wasn't around enough for me to make up my mind about her

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Why don’t sanalites go enjoy her daily Arknights retweets

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I did, until the muskrat fucked twitter up.

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>the chance the chance
How the fuck do you stutter while typing?

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Anyone who replies to me or OP with Tempus is a turbo faggot

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>I was expected to be sad
By who?

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It was sad because I liked her content in Hololive but it wasn't a tragedy.
It's just sad how many people shit talk her just because of the rrats that have been spread.

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She gets shit-talked because she couldn't handle juggling her artist work and streaming schedule despite Ina managing to do it just fine. So just ended up being a waste of time for nearly everyone involved.

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She never got a chance to be my wife.
I wanted her choco tits and ass so bad, I still get boners just thinking about it. But I also cant bring myself to rewatch her streams again cuz it will just make me sad.

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She streamed enough when she wasn't on break.

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I'm not sad she's gone
I'm just still seething that her design was wasted on her

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And? She still called it quits.

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So you will shit talk anybody that leaves?

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Not saying I would, but others will.

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And that is sad.

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or 3D

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VShojo awaits

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Ever heard of Netflix and chill.
Girls don't "talk" to guys for hours. They literally fucked for 3 hours.

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I don't give a shit, I don't know why you give a shit either since she was barely fucking there.
At least I know why MASStards never shut up about their vtuber, because it was a shitstorm and they're all saviorfag seanigger retards.
Literally what the hell is your excuse?

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Aside your Chinese boogeyman she figured out she can do things at her own pace instead. Good for her. Get fuck corpo bootlicker

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maybe the case of u anon. maybe its a you thing of a woman never speak to you.

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She's just mostly done with streaming so I don't think she will resurface as a vtuber in Vshojo or anywhere else for that matter.

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She had one. She simply chose artwork for gacha

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Literally who?