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Kek, not even subtle

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Fucking catalognig taking things out of context.
Context: her phone battery is dying. There's a screenshot that shows her battery is in the red.

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i don't get it

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Phone battery percentage

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And she waited for the magical number to appear

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she knows

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God, people around you must love you so much...

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>not charger
>no power bank(s)

Women spend so much time on their phones yet somehow they never bother charging them in advance.

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most people in japan they only charge thier phone when goes 0% battery

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Why? Dead batteries bring fortune or what

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What the fuck
That's an easy way to permanently damage the battery. Li-ion batteries work the best between 20% and 80% charge.
Is that one of those old myths from the times of old brick phones? Like, where I'm from people still believe that they need to "format" brand new phone batteries by completely discharging them to 0.

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Thank you!!!
I thought she was attacking nijisanji with that tweet so I'm glad you cleared things up.

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So, have the commented on losing subs because they got 50k nuked when they were at 60k before.

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she was guessing how many of her subs she would keep after the cull

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making fun of

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Please understand, Japan is still a highly superstitious society that still believes in ghosts and blood types defining your personality. This is just par for the course for them.

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What's next? They tape charms and talismans to their PCs to ward off yokai that bring viruses?

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She's relieved she dodged the 2% share

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Her favorite type of milk.

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She knows

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thank god you were here to protect nijisanji from this joke, they must have a deadly allergy to them given how many livers they fired for jokes

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>Oh NO 2%

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they've got the power of meme magic on their side. i think everything will turn out well

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If I could hire a cute miko to come and cleanse my possessions of evil spirits I would. I'd also invite her to cleanse the bed, before we got on to making some evil spirits of our own.

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you know what she meant

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hard wordfilter on "what did she mean by this" when?

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NIJIKEK status????

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>Is that one of those old myths from the times of old brick phones?
I dunno about phones but it definitely used to instantly ruin batteries if you charged them early. That was a long fucking time ago though