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>create an entire event
>work hard to make many interesting stalls with your company
>suddenly Miko invites herself in and
>makes a vastly superior stall
>spends all her time at the festival roleplaying in her stall to make sure other people were having fun
>becomes the center of attention for the rest of the time by making first contact with Gura using elite English skills
>again all focus on Miko as Rushia assassinated her
>Miko stood with Coco during the finale fireworks display while Pekora crawled around underneath making sure it was working properly
>finally forced Pokora to go through her superior maze as a final humiliation
Admit it, Miko saved the festival.

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miko is based
pekora is cringe
simple as

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Pekora Hate

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>miko is based
based on what?

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>and [new line]
Newfag, either learn how to greentext or go.

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based on a good personality

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>35piss getting uppity
post numbers

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I forgot a few things
>sweeps the crowd with a bow with finger on the trigger
and more importantly
>Spends time after the fest just enjoying herself with Susei

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Ill greentext any way I want fag

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Pumped up kicks cover when?

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this is why mikopi are the worst fandom in hololive

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The rabbit is more attractive though.

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>ah de udda keeds widda pammped up keeks yuu bedda run bedda run, fasta den my gun

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Post relevant numbers.

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Fuck that stupid autistic rabbit for abandoning my baby mikochi

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How many flumps per halfminute does Peko or Gura get on her videos? Oh, not half a quintillion? Post your meaningless numbers somewhere else you nincompoopic rube.

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Put dan wardo be fwendry

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nah, she has an ugly personality

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Thank you Miko for making Gura happy!

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>pic. The highest live views recorded
Can't get more relevant

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0 - times you had sex with a woman
infinity - amount of time to pass until you become a woman

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The last time that i was truly happy was when pekomiko last collabed

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I miss the times 35p and nousagis were friends...

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MIComet > pekomiko

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Chumkek hands typed this post

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I feel you bro.

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God miko is so hot. Too bad she’s a faggot loving dike

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Miko bowed to Gura
she is a traitor and should graduate

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>only the numbers I accept as relevant are relevant

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not like you'd have a chance with her if she wasn't you pathetic retard

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Hi Peko

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Holy dramanigger

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oh no no no no.

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pic: the highest SC earnings on a 3D stream ever.

would you rather be a poor shark or a rich chad?

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So nice of Pekora to stop streaming and let Miko get some views at the end. Maybe they don't hate each other after all.

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Gura isn't 3D, i will get back to you when she gets 3d model...

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find the ENs on this list for the minecraft stream. I can't seem to find them.

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>Two orange women get 66k views
Looks like JP were watch Pekora POV because she was the organizer of the festival...

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Gura isn't even needed for that one

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this was such a blessed stream

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Not new fag, Gura got better numbers...
Made the faggot leave the thread.

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it was absolutly amazing and hey Miko is getting her wish to hang close to Lamys Lamys right now in the Ragnarock collab

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Best stream of 2020 and i didnt think anything would beat Towas 3d debut stream for me

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35p rent free and pussy-whipped just like their oshi. No one can resist the bunny cunny

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i don't know, i think she's probably more upset about being raped than some stream

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"Grab them by the pussy"
~Sakura Miko

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>collabing with another blue woman
>paid more attention to Gura than Ame during the festival
I'm beginning to think that Miko's supposed love of blondes is merely a ruse to lower the guard of the blue women. She is seducing all the blue women.

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>Pekora in shambles
that was long ago, can't even talk when I'm around
her bunny hole still wrecked by my pic related
>"b-but she got more num- "
her "numbers" aren't made for healing

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Look, Miko knows what the fans want and she gives it pain & simple

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Your eigo reps...

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Maybe she seeks blue women to force them into wearing bunny ears to play out her twisted Pekora based obsession

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eigo jouzu desune

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35cucks are a bunch of backstabbing /u/schizos

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this tbdesu

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>maybe you should just kill yourself Calli
what did she mean by this?

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falseflagger-san... it was botan's event.

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>Pekora gets fingered
>Miko feels guilty for a while
>Gets over it and mogs her again
Based shrine maiden.

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was the schizo's ban lifted today?
maybe 3 days was too short

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If anything, the festival just showed that they didn't have a fight but definitely have drifted apart. It's the worst case scenario for pekomiko.

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their feud have come a long way.

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It's falseflaggers who just wanna hate on Pekora, anonchama. 35p would love to see them together.

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we lost nousagibros...

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His greentext was fine, schizo.

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This is why I don't understand pegor getting most of the views. Botan organised the whole thing.

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what caused the drift? The fingering.

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Nah, 35p schizos are always the real deal, no exceptions. Pekora might be their favorite target because of the rrats but they shit on other holos all the time. Though I have to admit their obsession is kind of impressive in a way.

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Really. That's not how I read it. The fact is that they used to be close. Very close. Then it all stopped suddenly. You can't call that a slow drift.

Of course they are still colleagues, and partners in songs etc. so they can't have a bitter fight in public. But something got in between them. Did it all stop after the IRL sleepover or is my memory faulty? I know it's bad to speculate but it's been long enough that anyone would become curious about it.

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>something got in between them

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I actually don't think it has anything to do with Miko herself. They did that horse racing collab right after the sleepover after all. If you recall, Pekora had a collab with Marine shortly after the new year. In this collab Marine was bombarding Pekora with questions about the sleepover and it was obvious she was implying stuff of a sexual nature. You could tell it was making Pekora uncomfortable and I think she got super self concious about the way she acts with Miko due to it. Pekora being the autist that she is doesn't know hiw to deal with this normally so she just chooses to avoid Miko because she doesn't want people to get the wrong idea.

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No one managed to work out a timeline tho. >February 21th
Marine does the 'profile' stream. She had sent those earlier that week. In Miko's profile, she wrote 'member you get along with' as 'Usada'. Meanwhile Suisei wrote 'Miko'. Pekora didn't submit a profile.
So by that time, Miko still considered Pekora the closest person to her, while Suityan being into Miko is nothing new.

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No one managed to work out a timeline tho.
On February 21th Marine does the 'profile' stream. She had sent those earlier that week. In Miko's profile, Miko wrote 'member you get along with' as 'Usada'. Meanwhile Suisei wrote 'Miko'. Pekora didn't submit a profile.
So by that time, Miko still considered Pekora the closest person to her, while Suityan being into Miko is nothing new.

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Yeah, this timeline checks out with this>>5778601

It was all Marine's fault because she doesn't know how to control her horny level.

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where is Ayame and Shion? didnt see them during the festival

>> No.5778902

Shion is on hiatus. Ayame is being Ayame.

>> No.5779245

So everything still seemed ok after the sleepover.
But you say they don't want the dirty implications? Hmm. Gura and Amelia are super introverted and they looked at their teetee art on google and just laughed. It's just one among many ships in hololive, and we all know there's a joking quality behind it, like nene marrying ina etc. While it is a theory, I don't think it satisfies me as an explanation.
I guess until more info comes to light (maybe in member streams), it may have to remain a mystery.

>> No.5779378

I think it was the fact that Marine was going so hard on the questioning that made her super uncomfortable. Everything was fine with them until Pekora had that collab with Marine.

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fuck off 35penis

give me the real 35p

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Who's that? Some indie? Looks pretty cute actually

>> No.5780118

>>becomes the center of attention for the rest of the time by making first contact with Gura using elite English skills
clip of this?

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Still would rather be gura

>> No.5781160

>emitido hace 1 dia
gura members are spics so she gets less money, nice

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Absolutely based.

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You forgot: put a bunch of gay-beams to lag the shit out of event

>> No.5786541

simple as

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I subbed to the shark for the a meme never seen a full stream cause shes boring

>> No.5790874

What was the final real pekomiko collab?

>> No.5791053

You know what? I buy this rrat, considering that Miko is a lesbian I can see Peko getting weirded out by all the shipping stuff, especially when it get's brought up by her co-worker.

>> No.5791422

ironically pegora pressured miko serveral times as a joke to do minor dyke shit in some streams

>> No.5792950

holy based

>> No.5793257

>miko is based

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Oh, just like 90% of her subscribers then

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b-but I like all Holos...

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All the rabbit tards can spout is “post numbers!!!” As if the number of EOPs you can shove into your viewerbase are any indication of quality.
If Miko was never in hololive, then all of the holos would be FUCKED. Hololive likely would have withered away to nothing as they fade into obscurity after gen 2. Also not to mention that PekoMiko gave pekora a great head start in terms of viewership.
Bow down to the queen of hololive

>> No.5793782

The absolute state of 35piss and cumsharts.

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Rent free

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File: 547 KB, 270x294, based[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fs6cufb.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>miko going school shooter while kiara tells calli to kill herself
based screenie

>> No.5793983

>anon posts a picture that establishes their BTFO metric as views in video
>anon replies with an image that proves them wrong
>someone else who's incapable of piecing 1 and 1 together looks elsewhere to try and 1-up but fails to realize that he just looks like a retard

>> No.5794015

It's not peko, peko bowed to gura during the stream too.

>> No.5794043

This is not normal behavior

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dont forget that Elite english its better a Usagi english and Miko get the heart of same chan (because its elite) when Usada only have a cringe form same chan and humiliation for her employee Towa sama

>> No.5794332

FAQ men! blond USA cunny its Elite!

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God I fucking love Miko

>> No.5794766

>miko turning into the next haachama
no thanks

>> No.5794823

Why are 35piss always like this ?

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File: 1.54 MB, 2560x1440, 1617976826552.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop fighting... they love each other...

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>> No.5797422

Why is Miko the only one getting bullied in that pic?

>> No.5805246

>sniffing her hair and taking screenshots
Absolutely based

>> No.5805708

Nene isnt even let in the back line, she has to jump to be seen.

>> No.5805821

Isn't Miko's type blonde with big breasts?

>> No.5805927

Delusion: wahh peko better noo miko better
Reality: Same-chan banging them both with her dual shark cocks

>> No.5807332

That is what she says. However, her actions imply she is more into blue women.

>> No.5807463

Peko and Miko did have a moment at the sleepover, but are now in a relationship. They're trying to keep it out of their professional lives and try not to interact too much onscreen so they don't spill their spaghetti and reveal it.

>> No.5807517

When Pekora came on Miko's mouth, she shat on her face. Such a shitshow would cause any relationship to drift apart.

>> No.5807569

I wonder what the numbers will be on the day they manage to drag Gura out onto a stage with a 3d model to do proper idol stuff.

>> No.5807591

Probably pretty large

>> No.5807625

this is true

>> No.5807704

Pekora should graduate. The management clearly hates her despite her bringing in cash. She gets mogged by other members. Everything she tries is inferior to other peoples work. Her solo streams are good but so are everyone else's. Just leave already.

>> No.5807995

EN debuted for less than a year.

>> No.5808097

>Debuted literally a month ago

>> No.5808934

maybe /u/schizo shipfags will chill out and touch some grass now.

>> No.5809021

Pekora is THE Minecraft vtuber.

>> No.5809171

yeb hehehe

>> No.5809577

>aqua and coco in the same pic
Zhang don't look!

>> No.5809917

Peko and Miko both did their best to make the festival enjoyable for all, they both did great and are both lovable sweeties

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Remember, the true star of the festival is Botan the host. Kneel to the best holo hag.

>> No.5810660

I thought Pekora seemed to have a lot of fun at the festival and it was a very fulfilling experience for her.

>> No.5810701

I don't think Botan really marketed it as her own festival though. It was the Usaken festival.

Also >>5809021

>> No.5812794

Lamy in pekora outfit would be an absolute win for 35p and all of us

>> No.5812827


>> No.5813501

>Saves the festival
>Saves the xbox brand in Japan
>Could save Japans birthrate by giving everyone an insatiable desire to breed hags
Based La-Lion

>> No.5815485

>Saves the xbox brand in Japan
not a good thing
>Could save Japans birthrate by giving everyone an insatiable desire to breed hags
not sure japs want more autists and people with disabilities

>> No.5818817

Numbers are never relevant, numberfagging isn't relevant.

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I love POMU.