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Nyanners! The SEISO bismuth subsalicylate cat girl/woman! Aww fuck. I can't believe last thread died. Can we have a nice thread for once? Do you enjoy her cute, soothing voice as much as I do?

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Suckstart a shotgun, faggot.

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OP likes sluts

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Do you enjoy being angry for no reason?

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Kill yourself

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Stop making Nyanners threads

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Something always felt off about her the few times I watched her clips...... and that odd feeling was proven right when I looked up the bullshit surrounding her. What a terrible person.

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to all the antis that precede this and follow:

get fucked

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I don't even like her but I'm sorry that dumbasses feel the need to shit up your thread over things she said years ago, OP

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What has been done cannot be undone. Regardless of time she must be held accountable

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Unironically rethink your life and your retarded sense morality.

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I'm neutral on all this, but has she ever apologized for what she did?

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No she has not she just went back to doing loli shit and hopes that everyone has already forgotten about what she said.

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So let me get this straight. She threw her audience under the bus, and wanted everyone to just forget?

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You have to understand there are also two kinds of people who make Nyanners threads: those who actually enjoy her content and those who intentionally create a shitpost thread to antagonize the antis (sometimes done by an anti themselves). It isn't like we don't understand why people hate Nyanners, we just don't give a fuck.

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Itd be nice if she apologized, but frankly 5 (?) years is long enough that I could not give less of a shit that she hasn't.

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She's funny and provides good entertainment. You autistic faggots need to stop being autistic faggots.

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I'm no stickler for apologies ether, however, I just can't watch someone who'd turn around and treat their audience like that to please the tumblr/twitter crowed. You do not do that to those that get you to where you are.

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So before Nyanners was a Vtuber she was a yt shitposter who made vids targeting 4channers as her primary audience. She did this for years and built up a respectable amount of subs that she used to help her transition into becoming a successful EN vtuber. Recently though she deleted one of her most popular older videos of her singing a cover of PomPomPom except replacing the jap lyrics with English ones that reference the “Pomf” loli doujinshi. Even worse she made posts after that talking about how glad she was to put that part of her life behind her and calling all of her old fans pedos while STILL portraying herself and her character with the same loli aesthetics she pretends to hate and supposedly wanted to distance herself from.

tl;dr she is a hypocrite who also took a huge shit on her og fans

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Years ago, Nyanners was a /b/tard or general 4chan denizen who did voice work for manga, usually doujinshi, and was a general memelord shitposter like the rest of 4chan at the time. I say "at the time" because the 4chan of today doesn't even come close to resemble those old days anymore, but I digress. Being the memelord that she is she eventually did a parody song done to https://youtu.be/M9XbJxKSTlk changing the lyrics to match a particularly notorious loli doujinshi and some of the memes that sprang from that notoriety called "PomfPomfPomf" which you can still find on YouTube if you look. The details after this get a bit murky because some people say that the response she got from that scared the shit out of her because it got taken in a way she didn't intend to she just went full SJW. Regardless of what is true, it is a fact that she publicly denounced the response to that song and declared that loli was gross and akin to pedophilia and she deleted that video and a lot of her old content (keep in mind she was in middle school when she made all this). There was also some stuff about people pissing on her dead sister's grave, but whether that happened before or after Pomf I don't know. Anyway, Nyanners mostly distanced herself from that old content and went relatively obscure for a few years until she started coming back making more shitposting content and this year became a vtuber and later joined VShojo, keeping up a lot of the kinds of things she used to do in the past, but not quite in the same fashion. She does a lot of meme stuff and shitposting, but doesn't do anything associated with loli or more hardcore aspects of old 4chan culture. She still makes use of a lot of 4chan memes, especially old ones that most people these days don't even remember, and has become even more popular and successful than she ever had been before getting 1m subs on YouTube this year and becoming one of the most successful Twitch vtubers.

That's about all I know that is solidly backed. The antis love to spout a bunch of other shit that has no basis in fact and is just opinion, and there's a ton of exaggeration and outright making shit up that goes on. It's hard to keep track of it all. Anyway, that's the long and short of it.

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Is the intro video on her twitch channel an accurate representation of her content?

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>Pissing on grave
you like to keep repeating this uso so you're no better than the antis making up shit

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thanks doc

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>she called her old fans pedos while portraying herself and her character with the same loli aesthetics she pretends to haye and supposedly want to distance herself from

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Yeah, she doesn't belong here

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where the fuck is all this unbounded rage and vitriol coming from? not even /pol/ gets this bad
it has to be women and trannies, they are the nastiest antis

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>but doesn't do anything associated with loli
She has a fucking loli avatar and just the other day she pranced around in a school swimsuit you disingenuous cumrag

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She basically used 4chan to become popular then took a shit on the site. It's not rocket science, there's no antis for this. If you don't give a shit about the site your posting on then you might as well go somewhere else

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women and trannies would like her the most, retard. she sells out to tumblr and twitter

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Thanks doc.

Somewhat. I think that captures the frenetic nature that some of her content contains, but it ignores some of the more subtle lowkey moments and general shitposts she'll do and has nothing regarding how she is during collabs.

Honestly I think this clip compilation does a better job (tho it has no collab stuff):


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I should have put anti's in quotes. I was saying there's no proof anyone pissed on her fucking grave and she's a lying bitch, calm down sperg

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The better question is where the fuck are all of you fuckers coming from because nobody who's been on this site longer than a few months would think that making nyanners threads on 4chan is a good idea.

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oh fuck i was half asleep when i read that. I'm not a spurge, sorry bro

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the ones on twitter sure
not the schizoid ones here

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>The antis love to spout a bunch of other shit that has no basis in fact and is just opinion, and there's a ton of exaggeration and outright making shit up that goes on


Blam, blam, blam, and blammo.

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>women on 4chan

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>She basically used 4chan to become popular then took a shit on the site.
sounds based to me
imagine simping for 4chan

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They come strait from nyanners own posts she made. I don't see how we're just making up stuff

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Sure whatever, enjoy watching her I guess. She'll end up doing the same shit again to her "fans" for sure

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using made up twitter vocabulary on 4channel
take a hard look at your life

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Yeah, sure. Keep coping.

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Where you belong.

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I guess coping is the only thing you know how to say

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I don't watch her
I get enjoyment out of you and your cadre of seething subhumans

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I don't watch her either, that's a cute image btw

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But that's all you're doing. Coping by assuming she'll turn on her new fanbase like she did on the old one even though this one doesn't include grave pissers or as many stalker freaks like the prior one did. There's nothing for her to want to distance herself from so she won't. Assuming otherwise is just sour grapes.

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I'm starting to feel bad for nyanners fans, guys. Maybe we should calm down...

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If she had "betrayed" reddit and 6 years later redditors were still butthurt and arguing about it for weeks straight with hundreds of posts a day 4chan would have roasted the shit out of them for being pathetic snowflakes. That's how you guys look. Literally worse than redditors.

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No proof of the grave pissers or stalkers.

>> No.575755

Several years ago. I don't remember how many but it was during Gamergate so like, at least 5?

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I'm from the NIDF and I'm here to ruin the dreams of "oldfags" and eceleb pissdrinkers that believe old 4chan is in any way the same site as new 4chan.

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As stated prieviously: cope

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only someone far too invested in old-nyanners could possibly be this asshurt

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>pathetic snowflakes
The fact that you use this term unironically tells me exactly which hellhole you crawled out from.

>> No.575824

>Recently though she deleted one of her most popular older videos of her singing a cover of PomPomPom
It was 6 fucking years ago. That's not recent

>> No.575829

4chan? Snowflakes isn't a /pol/ exclusive term, sweaty

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It doesn't take much effort to see a nyanners thread while browsing the catalog, enter it, type "Kill yourself" and then leave. It doesn't take much time to type this out either, considering my WPM is over 100. Nyanners will never belong here

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It's recent to those that found out about the whole situation from an eceleb on youtube telling them about it a couple months ago. The entire anti-nyanners crowd is just a group of monkeys trained to hate nyanners without any logical perception of "why" except for what they're told.

>> No.575858

And evangelion is 26 years ago, what's your point?

>> No.575879

One's an influential work of a medium, the other is a teen's online shitpost

>> No.575887

and she's now a v-tuber, which is recent.

>> No.575896

Yes, and?

>> No.575902

And? Do you still feel proud about every shitpost you've made in your teens/

>> No.575919

And this obliges us to forget them because?

>> No.575921

No one's calling Evangelion a recent anime. I don't understand what point YOU'RE trying to make with that

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And Maya is best girl.

>> No.575942

Misato is better

>> No.575962

Because it's in the past, and dwelling on the past over the present is for uncool dusty old fogies with nothing else to live for.

>> No.575963

Would be fine if she didn't use a lolibait avatar

>> No.575964

She's basically hated on every board I can think of except /vt/ because it's full of coomer 14 year olds

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Actual cope, you'd be bitching up a storm either way.

>> No.575987

What is your idea of hated, because this thread is just full of hate. Fuck off -oomertard

>> No.575990

Look at this thread and tell me again she isn't hated

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>> No.576006

you're just proving my point

>> No.576013

Or because it's filled with people that know how to move on with their lives unlike the rest of the site which is either teens that learn all their 4chan history from ecelebs and epic anonymous hacker videos or schizo oldfags that haven't moved elsewhere and remain eternally trapped on this degrading shithole..

>> No.576034

Go use your forced buzzword somewhere else, and maybe read a thread before making a post in it next time. Retard.

>> No.576038

sorry I don't talk to hackers on steroids

>> No.576054

oh boy someone is angry. I'm sorry, I'll leave now

>> No.576060

It's for the best.

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>lolibait avatar
it's less "loli" than almost half of the hololive roster

>> No.576090

It's youthful, and to those with an American perception that anything under 18 = pedo, it's loli.

>> No.576097

So nyanners perception? :)

>> No.576108

nyanners threads are the best

>> No.576114

She's never held that viewpoint, but I'm sure you have.

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It's not only that. Luna isn't as lewd and degenerate as her. Her using a loli avatar and being sexual all the fucking time with her bait and shit is just cringe.

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sure she hasn't

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>rev said so, so it must be true

>> No.576146

we got an expert pedo here, I will defer to your authority on the subject

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Where does that say anything about loli age range?

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The last VTuber you watched/donated to has now fused with Nyanners forever.
Post Results

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And yet you keep making threads here so I'm thinking you really do enjoy their company.

>> No.576192

There's really not a point in there being a Nyanners thread except for when she streams. The antis always come in during dead hours

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Only a little bit...

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>defending Nyanners unironically

>> No.576221

farming lolcows is peak entertainment
you will understand in time

>> No.576268

no I'm insulting your retarded ass
I genuinely don't give a fuck about nyanners or any of your drama crusade

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All this mad from retarded idiots about the Pomf video. Stay mad kids.

>> No.576278

>then leave
But you don't though. You stick around and poison the well with dead horse regurgitations of "muh hypocrisy" and "muh mental gymnastics". You want some ancient oldfaggotry to dictate how other anons perceive Nyanners and you're utterly asspained that not everyone is converting to your mooing mob.

>> No.576293

So this is just the designated shitting thread of /vt/ then?

>> No.576319

Nyanners obviously made this thread with the goal of baiting you autists into becoming her entertaining lolcows.
She's done it, Nyanners has won.

>> No.576323 [SPOILER] 
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jannies will give up soon

>> No.576335

Suckstart a shotgun is catchy to say. I bet it’ll be the new ‘no shit Sherlock’ and it’ll be uber cringe to say

>> No.576353

There's nothing wrong with shitting on people as long as you're not being terribly generic about it. People eventually get bored of doing it anyway

>> No.576361

Am I the only one who remembers that 5 minute recording she did where she pretended to be a lost little girl looking for her mommy who was convinced to lick some guy's cock "like a lollipop" until "ice cream came out"?
My friend used to micspam that shit in Source games and on XBL all the time to make servers as uncomfortable as possible. I understand "Pomf Pomf Kimochi" was her most popular one, but it's far from the worst thing Nyanners ever recorded and she definitely went over the line of "just memes" at times

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nyanners antis on the bottom, nyanners posters on the top

>> No.576386

only because every /pink cat bad general/ sputters out in minutes after its five active posters run out of new shit to say

>> No.576387

Well none of hololive shat on lolicons now did they?

>> No.576397

so let me get this straight
anon is mad at ny*nners because she used to pander to lolicons and then stopped, no he's accusing her fans of baiting lolicons

>> No.576400


>> No.576403

>he doesn't know

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Her voice is cute, but I hate her because others here hate her. Grrr.

>> No.576419

It's just a bunch of bs. People always freak out when they're called pedos or lolicons

>> No.576430
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you wouldn't happen to have the sauce, would you?

>> No.576439

He can't into japanese, he would never know. His basic Hiragana reading can only take him so far.

>> No.576451

Her voice is cute, and I like her because others here hate her. Brrr.

>> No.576472

I like Nyanners.
Shitting on her for stuff she did years ago is twitter level rage baiting.

>> No.576485

You know he's right. That's why you attack how he said it.

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Oh wow you actually think hololive shits on lolis.
I know nyancucks are delusional but I didn't expect them to be this delusional

>> No.576527

^Nobody tell this guy the difference between lolis and lolicons

>> No.576568

She BETRAYED 4chan!!!!! Us!!!! I was there and so were all of you!! How can you all like this bitch??????

>> No.576576

>Liking lolis
>Not lolicons

>> No.576579

I love her voice and she’s a nice occasional change of pace from Hololive, sucks I can never catch her streams since I’m always at work. I honestly dgaf about her past, i can’t come up with a good excuse for it I just don’t care. I wish her mouth tracking was better tho.
Vr trip was awesome and Seiso is 10/10 song. You faggots can like holo and others

>> No.576588

>japanese ironic humor

>> No.576599

She slighted my niche internet subculture many moons ago and never formally apologized -- even after she re-emerged from obscurity to capitalize on a trend that was basically made for her! For that, she must live in my head rent free until the end of time!

>> No.576615


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As predicted.

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>> No.576783

Why is she trying to sound a loli? It's annoying.

>> No.576805

Why english hard? America not?

>> No.576829

if that's what a loli sound like to you, i've got some bad news

>> No.576843

Funny thing is she also hates lolicons, not that you'd know looking her her content

>> No.576848

Dude get fucked there’s no possible way you can’t find that voice soothing, like you probably listen to all the jp holo’s and unironically think Nyanners is the only one putting on a voice

>> No.576852

>ESL samefagging

>> No.576874

>everyone I don't like is the same person

>> No.576885

>trying to sound a loli
>looking her her content
Either you're samefagging or all nyanners antis are retarded ESLs.

>> No.576895

What? Why does she roleplay as a loli if she hates lolicons?

>> No.576909

>all over 1 minute apart

>> No.576923

mfw this dude thinks people on the internet really have conversation like this

>> No.576958

Money, mostly

>> No.576996

I remember having a bunch of nyanners voiceovers saved as macros on my old PC. Can't remember that one but there was some aggressively sexual ones that, to use your own phrasing
>definitely went over the line of "just memes" at times

I don't know why pomfpomfpomf was the hill she decided to die on.

>> No.576998
File: 803 KB, 220x220, twirl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you not get money?

>> No.577047

The purest sweetest maiden

>> No.577070
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>> No.577071

Can't believe nobody posted the new video.


>> No.577096

would fap, but the boobs are too big

>> No.577269

>only lolicons can find lolis and loli-like DFCs appealing
Is that why Gura is so popular? Because all the lolicons have finally cornered the market on youth and cuteness?

>> No.577316
File: 58 KB, 840x415, 5_monkeys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like we got picrelated going on here. Did she change? No, not really. She was talking out of her unwashed asshole then, and does so to this day. Does her content now warrant any of this shitflinging? Barely anyone even seems to care. We got people who enjoy shitposting as a hobby at best and people stuck 9 years in the past at worst.

Can I ask for some numbers here? I'm legit curious. But I also realize most who actually like her content probably stopped coming to these threads

>> No.577338

dont hate nyanners and as someone who likes loli i understand why some people do hate here because its hypocritical. Doesnt get me worked up tho i couldn't give a shit less. I watched her priror to the vtubing shit and i liked her meme videos like pomf but im also indifferent and just watch her content. Cant stand the ASMR streams and sometimes there's too much toilet humor for me. But she can be funny like during that cooking stream.

>> No.577359
File: 3 KB, 728x64, Screenshot_2021-02-14 You're opinion on nyanners - Guest on StrawPoll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice poll

>> No.577545
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Yeah, not sure what happened there. Maybe You can't have polls with "Hitler", "cunt" and "fuck" in them. Oh well.

>> No.577747
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>used to have a page here, answering questions to people back in 2017, I think
>I posted a small screencap of it yesterday or maybe the day before
>it's gone now.
The cat's tidying up the trail. Possibly still lurking.

>> No.577780
File: 340 KB, 468x652, 1612998830138.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wouldn't you say so?

>> No.577949

She's a massive narcissist, of course she's lurking.

>> No.578045

She's also older, and has probably been on 4chan earlier than anyone here hating her has.

>> No.578054

She probably creates these threads herself even

>> No.578114
File: 237 KB, 765x1200, EnfiN9IW8AEw5lr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I find that extremely unlikely
only if she's insanely masochistic.. She's got thousands of viewers who actually mostly like her, many of them paying to hear her heartbeat or crying. She's got people drawing her cat-persona pretty much daily and posting on twitter. Who in their right mind would come back here

>> No.578161

Kek what an absolute whore

>> No.578172

Yeah but she made a loli avatar despite her opinion on her og audience

>> No.578209

These people are just mentally handicapped and project their retarded subhuman mental processes into others think thats how OTHERS think

Nigger i wish they were baiting

>> No.578240

Hi Nyanners

>> No.578281

Ok genuinely, what do you mean by this. I'm not saying this to shit on nyanners but do you like... actually believe half of hololive isn't lolicons? including the ones who have specifically talked about their taste and how much they like specific doujins and/or comic LO in general? And if so why? You can give JP clips, I'm speak it well enough.
Because I've ONLY seen stuff like people claiming "haha, the vtuber who's talked about her favorite doujins being ones like the one where 2 guys just go around in an unmarked van on a middle/elementary schooler raping spree and then kill themselves before the cops can get them was just joking. She was just kidding guys!!" which doesn't really... hold up.

>> No.578304

The genuinely believe the second sentence, because they cannot physically comphrend the concept that a culture might not follow american values.

>> No.578353

please get the fuck out
you are either a f*male or a r*dditor

>> No.578360

Americans have literally been living in an alternate reality to the outside world similar to the Chinese, at least they only shit up this board with their WWE level rrat instead of shitting up our Holos chats and hurting them emotionally

>> No.578363

How bad is your reading comprehension

>> No.578370

Go start your pedo hunt somewhere else.

>> No.578422

>yer reading comprehension
go back

>> No.578510

what. are women and reddit suddenly known for being pro loli these days or am i missing something?

>> No.578543

Holo girls have shat on "lolicons" via irony. They haven't shat on lolis.

>> No.578634

Ok but where? Where have they done anything to suggest they aren't just actual lolicons?

>> No.578673

my bad, i saw ellipses being used and assumed the worst

>> No.578685

Anon... I...

>> No.578704

Tell that to the flood of normalfaggots who utterly despise anime, otaku culture and fapping to hentai, and yet still insist on using 4chan. At least their influence presents an actual fucking threat to 4chan.

>> No.578707

If by "Irony" you mean "They can't actually mean it for real right?" that's not irony that's just you projecting.

>> No.578710

that's an exception

>> No.578717

I want to have sex with her,op

>> No.578721

So the nyannersfans in this thread?

>> No.578852

I've been here forever and I never gave a shit what she said about loli. If she got harassed for pomf I understand her completely. I recommend trying empathising with other people sometime.

>> No.578865

She didn't get harassed for pomf.

>> No.578945

No I mean irony in the way some weabs refer to themselves as "filthy weebs"

>> No.578960

So, projecting then.

>> No.578967


>> No.579064

As long as my favorite silkworm video stays up, I don't really care what she does

>> No.579308

That's not even what happened you absolute retard. None of that happened recently. She deleted the video 6 years ago.

>> No.579482

>She's a massive narcissist
I feel like this is a narrative you antis made up and want to believe because you want her to be a terrible person. Everyone who watches her knows that she has extremely low confidence and second guesses herself all the time. She gets super nervous. Calling her narcissistic is basically admitting that you have no idea what you're talking about. You should stick to being mad about her deleting a video when she was a child. At least that's actually true.

>> No.579514

Pomf did attract actual pedos too and she was still a girl in middle school when she made it. I can almost guarantee that at least a few of them tried to contact her.

>> No.579517

The world was a very different place 10 years ago

>> No.579525

what's so hard to believe about a video causing its creator so much IRL trouble with misread intent that they just take it down?

>> No.579570

>causing its creator so much IRL trouble

>> No.579684

Her name, age and city where out there even back then. She was a child. It would only take one crazy guy trying to make irl contact for her parents to notice and tell her to shut it down. Not saying that's definitely what happened, but we'll never have all the information. She's never going to share too much personal information with the internet again.

>> No.579696

I was being hypothetical. but just look at anyone from the mid-00s who's ever been cyberstalked and fucked with solely for being the subject of a viral video.

>> No.579742

They're still mad about that ONE(1) video she deleted for good reason

>> No.579781
File: 84 KB, 217x289, ThatsABigBox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Special delivery faggots

>> No.579849

This guy already debunked Nyanners like 5 years ago. Nyanners is no longer deserving of respect. She just isn't who she used to be.

>> No.579925

>middle school at age 16
What, did she get held back a few years?

>> No.579985

Never seen that video, maybe I'll give it a watch later, but I doubt it says something I haven't already heard in all those years. A grown woman no longer being who she was when she was a child should surprise absolutely no one. We will never have all the required information to know what she was truly thinking back then and these drama youtubers who make videos about it don't have the required information either. I'm pretty convinced that something happened in her life that triggered the deletion of pomf (content creators don't delete their most popular video without a reason), but we will never know for sure. I also don't care about her feelings towards lolicons, whatever those might be today. I like the content she's putting out, that's why I watch.

>> No.579997

Maybe, I don't know. I might also be misremembering things, maybe she was in highschool at that point.

>> No.580009

Didn't she redeem herself?

>> No.580056

I don't think she can redeem herself in the eyes of her haters.

>> No.580077

Yes she did. It's always a few newfag schizos spouting 5+ years old drama.

>> No.580116

She's mentioned 4chan a few times in her streams in a way that makes it seem like she still comes here sometimes.

>> No.580126

Not in the eyes of the aspiring """oldfags""" who've all hopped onto a bandwagon that hasn't moved in years.

>> No.580630

Doesnt she lurk /x/ or some shit?

>> No.581498

>waah everyone is exaggerating
Until she specifically addresses what's written here, I'm not changing my opinion.

>> No.581658

Not until she posts another apology video that uses the exact same template as the slime one.

>> No.582158
File: 1.05 MB, 984x1507, EuFskKNVkAUlARY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sitting in the slime was the actual worst thing she did. How could she? I trusted her.

>> No.582218

Until she specifically addresses what exactly? You want her to self-JUST and retract a bunch of anti-lolicon sentiments from a six year old blog post? I don't think your forgiveness is worth that much, bro.

>> No.582283

Come on anon, it would be a great career move to let her million subscribers know that she once made a song about gang raping a child, apologized for it, but is now retracting the apology because some lolicons on 4chan are mad about it. Why doesn't she just do it already?

>> No.582363

Most of Nyanners' fans know about pomf, when Haruka teased her about it in her one million subscriber congratulations everyone in chat knew what she was talking about. Her fans just don't care about 6 year old drama.
That said, yeah, she has at least a few normalfag viewers and just suddenly stating that she's okay with lolicon would not be a wise career move. She would lose normalfag viewers without gaining anything. Also anyone who knows shit about the internet knows that the harassment wouldn't stop even if she apologized now.

>> No.582545

this. You people are fucking insane if you think she would EVER do it.

>> No.582592

anon, please, she sighed at the start of her apology video and it had royalty free sad piano music playing in the background. has she not done enough to earn back your trust?

>> No.583481

being a based pedo hater surrounded her?

>> No.583602

The amount of antis she has, or at least the amount of effort they put towards trying to spread their hatred is baffling to me.
>complete denial of the fact that people can change a lot in 6 years, especially considering her age
>>but she has a loli avatar!!
No she doesn't, she has tits and ass, and she's a fucking adult, she's just short
>>loli voice!!
Again, literally just her voice, probably pushed a little higher like every other vtuber under the sun

>> No.583713

She doesn't even need to apologize, 4chan should be smart enough to understand the meaning in shit she says. Listen to her words and realize what she's talking about.


>> No.583715
File: 123 KB, 673x639, 1610337212194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's always the newfags that jump on the Nyanners hate bandwagon.

>> No.583825
File: 940 KB, 250x409, heheheheh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fact so many of you people get so pissed off at her makes me like her more
I might even donate money for the kick of it
Pink Cat Good

>> No.584004

the guy at the start of the thread didn't even change his typing style and samefagged a whole conversation with himself, that's dedicated autism.

>> No.584317

Just the fact that she can make you retards seethe so hard for 5 years straight makes me like her.

>> No.584566

How long will she stall the ending of FFX for?

>> No.584601
File: 1.62 MB, 2500x2500, 1604408446917.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the ny*nners anti is an unironic pedophile who is personally insulted that she grew up and changed
>he also calls everyone who still likes her lolicons
seething and projecting, qualities of a failed man

>> No.584716

I enjoy watching her and you people can't do a shit about it.
Catch me If you can cunts.

>> No.584724

I don't like ny*nners because she is boxxy tier cringe with retarded sexual innuendos everytime LE PEEPEEPOOPOO X---DDDD

>> No.584804
File: 2.30 MB, 800x400, caramelldansen.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.584821

that's fair enough and a reasonable reason to dislike her, unlike the insane schizo making the lolibait posts

>> No.584860

You realize she literally hates you right? She thinks all her fans are pedophiles

>> No.584884
File: 964 KB, 955x526, 1612655784566.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.585002
File: 280 KB, 687x458, 1612997010888.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pedobait? lolibait?
more like schizobait

>> No.585139
File: 389 KB, 548x538, 1613314900020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that the Nyanners discordfags literally come here everyday rent free to defend MILADY.
She will never fuck you.

>> No.585229

But i dont want to fuck RL Nyanners. I just want to pound that virtual cat ass into oblivion

>> No.585253

She fucked my wife, that means we had indirect sex.

>> No.585341

the worst part is that he probably thinks he's somewhat convincing with such a poor performance, even further outing himself as a newfag. any person with proper time on this site should know easily how to schizo samefag in a believable manner

>> No.585374

Man, I love nyanners

>> No.585433

this thread sucks

>> No.585513

Seems like you haven't joined the Nyanners rape gang yet. We WILL have sex. With Nyanners.

>> No.585542
File: 91 KB, 731x720, get out.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

door's always open, bro

>> No.585654
File: 138 KB, 500x583, 1608908430184.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did we ever establish if nyanners has a big throbbing futa cock or uses a strap-on to fuck your wife?

>> No.585659

pomf =3

>> No.585748


>> No.585786
File: 50 KB, 536x550, 1602846852193.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>any person with proper time on this site should know easily how to schizo samefag in a believable manner
I have no idea what you mean

>> No.585838

pretty sure most people have started hating her long before she became a vtuber, she's just a bad person

>> No.585861

more like nyanners' antis are bad people and nyanners grew up to be a better person

>> No.585877

This opinion I can respect. Even agree some of the time. But "HYPOCRIT 4CHAN BTRAYOR MUH PRINCIPLS 6 YRZ LEYTR" is ridiculous

>> No.585881

bad cat pink

>> No.585886

>fat neckbeard lolicons thrown under bus by society
>by 4chan
>and finally by nyanners
poor MAPs, will they ever find a home?

>> No.586185

Reminder that PINK CAT BAD autismos will not ever be more of an oldfag than Nyanners actually is. And those that are, are traumatized lolifags who got fucking told and never recovered.

>> No.586194

>She will never fuck you.
But she will fuck my wife.

>> No.586421
File: 24 KB, 662x822, 9lH5uDO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she lives in seattle, and so do i, one day i will massage her feet, i know it

>> No.586913

Loli hentai best hentai

>> No.586943

Gotta say, that flip-floper is actually pretty smart.
Ferrets stink though.

>> No.587071

If you read his posts you can tell he's got some issues up there so please be gentle with him. He may not be able to take it if you're too harsh.

>> No.587121

Guys... I think I'm forgiving her... Sukumizu is unfair.

>> No.587194
File: 61 KB, 551x551, yob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So guys how do you cope with the fact she's a popular vtuber with thousands of viewers who shower her with money and you're powerless nobodies crying on an anime imageboard?

>> No.587218
File: 241 KB, 220x205, 1613011132295.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>crying on an anime imageboard
that is precisely how they cope

>> No.587272

I personally enjoy nyanners videos but she better be saving and investing because she'll be old news and irrelevant in a few short years. Fads come and go quickly on the internet.

>> No.587371

That's a real interesting opinion you've got there. So how's that doubting working for twitch streamers, other youtubers, and vtubers in general going?

>> No.587452

She could last 10 years for all i care eventually she will plateau and decline, so she better not piss away all her money, thats all I'm saying. Theres plenty of youtubers and ecelebs that burnt out.

>> No.587513

Most people like her that live like hermits don't usually have problems with money.

>> No.587666
File: 109 KB, 900x600, EuNPGLlXcAUmv0Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Could a fellow VShojo fan please make a thread for Zentreya since apparently I can't. It's charity stream time for St. Judes and we're already at $9,600 and the goal is $11,5k so let's smash this bitch with vtuber love!

>> No.587692


>> No.587708

$10.7k already. Zen's followers are nuts.

>> No.587736

I don't need to cope, because pink cat good!

>> No.587762

It's impossible to hate her after watching that stream.

>> No.587807

By not spending money on some whore who betrayed and hates us

>> No.587902

If Zen can somehow enjoy any amount of popularity as just an avatar voiced by a text-to-speech program, then I'm pretty sure they've already got whatever charity fundraiser it is that they're doing in the bag.

>> No.587910

imagine living with a brain that thinks a 16 yr old girls can betray internet strangers let alone have a relationship with internet strangers that has enough meaning that it can be betrayed. 16. year. old. girl. lol

>> No.588667
File: 291 KB, 2239x879, I'm not really sure what this changes tbh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She wasn't 16, but I don't care about this shit, pink cat cute

>> No.589395

itt angry pedos

>> No.590141

>200 posts about MUH POMF and some ancienct shit not even oldfags care about

you niggers are beyond redemption

>> No.590174
File: 574 KB, 2926x4096, EuABFkyXAAEvhh1.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.590263

>None of that happened recently.

It's easy to spot the fucks are only influenced by Rev's video because he's the one who made that mistake and said "recently". To be fair to Rev he did correct that mistake but apparently this fuckhead followers didn't notice that.

>> No.590319
File: 47 KB, 384x401, 6E5ECBC0-6FD3-4D69-86F9-3B13178E998E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don’t give a shit about Nyanners

Don’t give a shit about antis

I see lewd arts of loli neko and all I know is I must coom

>> No.591139

I think the lasting nyanners hatred that pervades every thread is a good thing. It shows that cowardice and opportunism isn't going to be forgotten and that there's still a sort of cohesive culture in 4chan itself that has figures to loathe and figures to love. Also Nyanners fans suck and seeing them sad that they'll never get a thread of peace is pleasant.

>> No.591299

Sad? I'm really happy she's killing it and is making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in her pajamas making dumb jokes in front of her computer. Who gives a fuck about some retards in a 4chan thread who got btfo by a tumblr post?

>> No.591316

Clearly you

>> No.591335
File: 232 KB, 800x1326, bd4a077fc01c906e4d83decd8b0920ac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go back.

>> No.591367

Mundane Matt: animu edition? You mean there's actual anons in here who take that cancerous clickbaiting faggot seriously?

>> No.591387
File: 125 KB, 480x953, boioooooooooooooba].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.591500
File: 5 KB, 184x184, 1607274995285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really dont know what they were thinking with this model

>> No.591560

Who? Is it a narukami for eng chuubas?

>> No.591588

Yes, every anon who pretends to be an oldfag but bitches about nyanners being a hypocrite comes from that retards video. I have a bigger gripe with all the other videos that vanished alongside pomf.

>> No.591625


>> No.591640

Every time I see mouse she gets worse model wise....

>> No.591652

She's pretty obviously a hypocrite though. She made blatant appeals to lolicons when it got her attention and then threw them under the bus when she thought it was advantageous. Anything else is just mental gymnastics. Sure, she's successful, but she's not what I would call a good person.

>> No.591732


>> No.591776

$25.6k now. The goal has been reamed.

>> No.591907

>She's pretty obviously a hypocrite though
Maybe you've never changed your opinions and values over the course of almost a decade, but most of us do.

>> No.591933

Him and Hero Hei autistically churn out garbage quality content that relates to whatever weeb-related controversy is currently ongoing. Expect screenshots of tweets made by nobodies, cropped ahegao thumbnails and dull, droning commentaries that are neither informative or insightful.

>> No.592092

Once a two-faced phony, always a two-faced phony, she just got better at hiding it. You can trust that if she's ever put in a situation like she was back when she deleted pomf, she'll make the exact same decision she did then, and abandon her audience for what looks better. She's desperate to look good on the internet and has no moral scruples in the pursuit of doing so, which is not a good combination.

>> No.592124

I'll admit I used to like HH's content until he completely lost his fucking mind over the Kani Kanizawa "doxxing" Coco bullshit.

>> No.592137

good thing she never was one then

>> No.592143
File: 114 KB, 210x233, 1612581076020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he woke up

>> No.592257

What? How can you deny that deleting a favorite video for many of your old fans in order to be more attractive to a different audience is anything but two-faced?

>> No.592322

>and abandon her audience
Hardcore Nyannersfags were fucking weird back in the day, I have no doubt an underage girl would get badly scared off by the ones who were really into Pomf

>> No.592332

This has to do with nyanners how? Stop shitting up the thread with your "charity stream for some super rich hospital"

Now that's out of the way. Fuck nyanners. As a lolicon who likes her avatar and voice, I feel betrayed that she has thrown us under the bus. She's a tumblrina until she apologizes.

>> No.592421

>in order to be more attractive to a different audience is anything but two-faced?

This is where you fuck up with your bullshit.

>> No.592422

>sh-she's duplicitous! an immoral person!
t. lolicon

>> No.592438

she did it because she wanted to, no one cares about your made up narratives because you felt personally attacked

>> No.592501

She wanted a bigger audience filled with more fashionable people, and in order to get that she excised those that supported her prior.

>> No.592564

ITT we make shit up.

>> No.592606

It's okay to be in denial. I know you love your pink-haired goddess. It's just sad that someday, she'll get oh so scared of the toxic community she's cultivated and subsequently abandon them for a more fashionable niche. You can say it's not going to happen, but it will.

>> No.592630

Yeah you're a hero for caring about all of us.

>> No.592749
File: 1.82 MB, 1153x1001, seethe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.592775

Shedding Pomf's cancerous demographic in exchange for a future following of a million rank and file weebs? I'd take that deal too.

>> No.592790

Feel free to go donate some more, she's changed right? I hope you feel happy about her fortune a few years from now when she realizes what she has to gain from cutting you off.

>> No.592862 [DELETED] 

I actually have no idea why people hate her so much, what exactly did she do, other than taking down her older loli-related stuff?

>> No.592894

Made a blogpost condemning her entire loli-loving fanbase.

>> No.592951

>It shows that cowardice and opportunism isn't going to be forgotten and that there's still a sort of cohesive culture in 4chan itself that has figures to loathe and figures to love.
That's not really what's happening though. Nyanners' "betrayal" was forgotten, nobody cared about her or her blog posts anymore until Rev made that video, which rekindled the shitposting. The shitposters in these threads are literally e-celeb fags and people who got influenced by the shitposting of e-celeb fags.

>> No.592969

i hope nyanners does a good job officiating silver and vei's wedding today
should be cute

>> No.593003

>Nyanners' "betrayal" was forgotten, nobody cared about her or her blog posts anymore until Rev made that video, which rekindled the shitposting
I have nothing against the Nyanners shit, but thats straight up a lie. /a/ and /v/ have been seething about Nyanners ever since it happened

>> No.593007

Being a content creator on the internet is not a permanent career option for 99% of content creators. Almost all vtubers will eventually stop vtubing and do something else. If she gives me entertaining content for the next few years then that's everything I want.

>> No.593009

Nyanners threads getting shitposted to death is by no means a recent phenomena, and I hadn't even heard of that eceleb's video until this thread. You just want to feel like you belong and that people talking shit about you and nyanners is a new thing, that'll pass with time. Pro-tip, it won't.

>> No.593031

Why does she keep doing the fake voice? Her normal voice is still cute.

>> No.593041

/a/ had like 1 Nyanners thread per year before she became a vtuber, which I would count as "forgotten" and I haven't visited /v/ in a long time.

>> No.593068

>and I hadn't even heard of that eceleb's video until this thread
Which makes you one of the idiots who got second hand influenced by people who watched that video.

>> No.593084

She's a western youtuber. She has no back-up plan besides being a stay-at-home mom and you can bet your ass she'll cling to that sweet internet money for as long as possible. I would not be surprised in the least if she was doing this ten years from now.

>> No.593155

I actually like her content and wouldn't mind that, but I doubt most of the current vtubers will stay around for 10 years, including her.
She went to college, she probably has a back-up option.

>> No.593188

There were very few nyanners threads for years until she started this whole vtuber business. Pretty much all of them that I saw ended up getting filled with people talking shit about her. I don't know what alternate reality you live in where hatred for nyanners is some new paradigm. The only thing that's changed is that an uptick in nyanners threads caused an uptick in hatred that you didn't see before. You're just blaming it on an eceleb because you weren't paying any attention.

>> No.593323

>There were very few nyanners threads for years until she started this whole vtuber business
That's what I'm saying. Nobody cared about her and only rarely someone made a thread to complain about her. She wasn't a vtuber, she didn't put out much content, so the only reason people made threads about her back then was to complain about her past.

>> No.593378

This is blatantly wrong. She's lying about her age in that post if that's even a real post by her.
She has admitted many times that she was underageb& back then.

>> No.593398

>/a/ and /v/ have been seething about Nyanners ever since it happened
Not after GG blew over and the credibility of all of its anti-SJW figureheads started imploding on an almost weekly basis. By then she'd faded into relative obscurity and any threads about her instantly devolved into skewed history lessons about le betrayal, typically taught with second or third-hand info.

>> No.593494

Anytime nyanners was discussed(very little because she wasn't doing anything interesting) she was insulted by people for what she did. What you are seeing right now is an uptick in insults because more people are seeing what she's doing, remember what she did, and then insult her. It's not ecelebs that are increasing the hatred for your e-whore, it's more discussion of her in the first place. She never got talked about before, and thus there were few insults. The more she is spoken about, the more people want to talk about what a bitch she is. I have no idea why you're blaming it on some eceleb when hatred for her has been cemented in discussion for so long. It just seems like you're desperate to fit in and are misinterpreting reality to achieve that.

>> No.593553

Does it even matter ?
19 makes you marginally less retarded than you were at 16.

>> No.593617

>Anytime nyanners was discussed(very little because she wasn't doing anything interesting) she was insulted by people for what she did.
I agree with this. She was discussed very little because she didn't do anything interesting, but also because people didn't care about her anymore.
> uptick in insults because more people are seeing what she's doing
Yes and no. Her becoming a vtuber made her more relevant again and definitely had an effect, but it became worse after that video and people keep repeating talking points from that video by a certain e-celeb. It definitely rekindled people's hate even more. And they're outing themselves as retarded e-celeb fags.

>> No.593817

Nyanners threads have always been negative for the past several years. I don't know the specifics of how much some random eceleb impacted it, but that hasn't changed. Have you ever considered that negative opinions surrounding her grew following her foray into vtubing and the eceleb simply made his video cashing on on that negative sentiment? Hatred for Nyanners was probably transmitted from these threads to that eceleb, rather than the other way around. You're mixing up cause and effect.

>> No.593851

She could have been 40 and I wouldn't care. What she said 6 years ago doesn't matter to me because I'm not a turbo autist. People change their opinions all the time and it's not hypocritical to change opinions in 6 fucking years.
People are just mad because she struck a nerve with that post.

>> No.593897

Being duplicitous is sort of a difficult character trait to get rid of when you do nothing but profit off of it.

>> No.594001

Reading comprehension my dude
not arguing against her

>> No.594005

Again, it's true that people only discussed her negatively, but it's not like there was anything positive to discuss. Making threads for the sole purpose of shitting on a person for years-old drama is beyond pathetic even for 4chan, but that's how it was.

It's also true that her new success is the biggest driver for new shitposting, but there was definitely an uptick caused by that video as well, just look at how much people repeat the talking points from it and suspiciously get the same things wrong that the e-celeb in the video got wrong? There was an anon in this very thread who thought the drama happened recently.

>> No.594076


>> No.594109

buddy even 4chan takes a shit on 4chan, you're not fooling anyone

>> No.594133

People shitpost about her because she struck a nerve with her post. Donald Trump was a registered democrat from 2001-2009 and very few people call him a hypocrite because of that (people criticize him, but rarely for that). Changing opinions over a long period of time is COMPLETELY normal.

>> No.594206

People can change opinions over time, it's just that Nyanners has no reason to. Kicking her audience to the curb has served her well, so why would she not do it again?

>> No.594314

>Kicking her audience to the curb has served her well, so why would she not do it again?
I can see where you're coming from, but her old audience was lolicons from 4chan. Her new audience on twitch is not something she needs to hide.
She had a chance to maybe leave her current audience behind literally this week by trying to apply for HoloEN gen 2 and keeping it secret, but she adressed without being asked and told her chat she will not apply for HoloEN gen2.

>> No.594428

I like pink catgirl gremlin. She is pretty cute and makes me laugh. I dont care what 4chan says.

>> No.594626

Sure, right now here audience is nice, but what about later? If some new social cause comes along that demands she reshape her way of doing things, I can only expect that she will immediately fold. To be honest, I don't know why she would join Hololive-EN in the first place. She's already got a huge audience and doesn't Hololive demand a cut of the profits? It doesn't seem super advantageous to me. Any way, that situation isn't really the same, and it's not truly an opportunity that's worth risking it for.

Besides I don't like people that spite their audiences, it's disgraceful even if it did happen years ago.

>> No.595235

>nyanners grew up to be a better person
How so?

>> No.595491

>Besides I don't like people that spite their audiences, it's disgraceful even if it did happen years ago.
Rejecting and condemning an audience that masturbates to 2D pedoshit and doesn't care who knows is kind of a no-brainer, autismo. An audience isn't owed a content creator's loyalty by sheer virtue of them liking his or her stuff.

>> No.595890

She was catering specifically to this audience though, and fully aware of it and only stopped when it could get her a bigger audience. Also, you're a fag for being anti-loli. Just saying.

>> No.596135

Pretty sure that's a false flagger. These "lolicons are pedos" posters are just trying to shit up these threads further. I'm a lolicon and watch her content because I never really cared about pomf and my feelings weren't that hurt by her social media posts from back then.

>> No.597588

>and only stopped when it could get her a bigger audience
Yeah, the whole almost-fading-into-irrelevancy thing was clearly all just part of her diabolical scheme, right?
>you're a fag for being anti-loli.
Sorry, my lenience for loli only extends as far as it being an extremely taboo kink that's indulged covertly, as in you don't fucking parade your enthusiasm for drawings of bloody children's underwear around on twitter.

>> No.597869

Nyanners 100% thought that she could get a new audience at some point, with a much higher growth ceiling than some lolicons on 4chan. And she was right. She did get a new audience, it just took a while for her to worm her way into a different niche that has much better long-term prospects. And if you hate being open about lolicon shit, then you must've hated nyanners.

>> No.598617

Pursuing a new niche with higher growth ceiling and better long term prospects sucks for her old audience, but I can't hate her for making smart financial decisions.
That said, a decent part of her current fanbase have been watching her since back in the day (judging by things people sometimes write in her chat) and she definitely still has lolicon fans. She dealt lolicons a blow, but some of them either stuck with her or came back.

>> No.600566

>Nyanners 100% thought that she could get a new audience at some point, with a much higher growth ceiling than some lolicons on 4chan. And she was right. She did get a new audience, it just took a while for her to worm her way into a different niche that has much better long-term prospects.
Wow, Nyanners told you all that? I see that she likes to keep you very well informed about all of the thought processes behind her every decision, anon. Was it just something that came up while you were debating the ethical ramifications of molesting underage girls who aren't real for the millionth time in a row with her or...?

>> No.602399

Nyanners just had another pussy incident.

>> No.602472

>loli was gross and akin to pedophilia
fcuking pedos should be shot

>> No.602495

I'm watching from Melody's pov, how does this shit keep happening to her?
I hope she won't retire the VRchat model because of this. I like the model, it's cute.

>> No.603042

Totally not pandering to lolicons guise

>> No.603313

It wasn't visible on stream. Veibae saw it but she's not streaming and Nyanners immediately switched models. It would actually suck if this leads to Nyanners no longer using her personal models for VRchat streams.

>> No.603434

Well it's Veibae who said it so I don't know how seriously to take her, but it bugged the fuck out of Nyanners.

>> No.603578

I hope Vei is just trolling Nyanners. I don't want the model to go.

>> No.604330 [DELETED] 
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>> No.607387

She's now confirmed she has a dick

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