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yes more idols pls I don't want more generic streamers

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You will get exactly what you asked for

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which company is this?

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>Those who can continue to work
hopefully no more like Gura/Ayame

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But this is the same requirements as it was last year?

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If only they could afford to be more honest, then they could have added "not prone to cause drama and do things just to spite people". Many would be filtered, but the shortlisted ones would be the cream of the crop.

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But I like Bijou

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More like a statement added after Sana.

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Thats basically goes in "agree to the various regulations set by out company".

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Can nobody wayback machine this to see how much the requirements have changed over the years? I don't remember them being this clear that you essentially must be multilingual (aka japanese and english).

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They should probably proofread this.

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Is that for the JP side only? Are any of EN3 fluent?

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Same poster, just remembered doggos are fluent, but i have no clue on the other 3.

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>Those who meet even one of the following requirements are welcome.

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>Multilingual person who can use Japanese at native level and English / other languages at business level
I guess we now know how Axel got in, if this is all it takes.

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Being multilingual is not a "must have" requirement, see how they preface it by saying you can also meet other criteria instead (you just have to meet at least one from the list). So you can still apply as an EOP if you make up for it by being a good singer or whatever other standout skills you have.

But yeah sure, the fact that they explicitely mention language ability as a skill they also judge you on makes it clear that it's at least a "nice-to-have bonus" you should bring to the table. While it's meaningless in itself - just "being able to speak japanese" says nothing about your stream entertainment ability or work ethic etc, so it shouldn't be the ONLY skill you have - it can be a deciding factor when the Cover hiring staff has to break a tie between two people who have vaguely the same entertainment / content creation skills, but person A is "just" an EOP while person B can also speak other languages like japanese especially, which will tip the scales so that person B gets the nod instead.

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>eagerness or determination

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>multilingual who can use japanese at native level
now there's the great filter; i wonder how many got denied (including repeats) because of that prerequisite

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Nah, that part is bullshit. They're not hiring someone who just ticks the second box, for example. It's a fancy way of saying "The below is what we're really looking for"

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what is comedians/comedians supposed to mean?

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They should add a binding requirement in the contract that states the talent must reach at least N3 level japanese within the first year, or their wage is halfed upon their renewal.

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Axel rm is/was an utaite.

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Is his japanese native level? I never got that impression, he seems fluent but not native.

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Explain all the girls who can't speak nihongo at all in HoloEN then.

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It's obviously not a hard prerequisite when so many in Holo can't speak japanese at all.

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Where's the "You must have asian heritage" requirement? As Cover seem to have a bias in choosing EN talents that have some form of asian ethnicity.

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Mori's a fat texan.

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>Those who meet even one of the following requirements are welcome

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>tfw I meet none of the requirements

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>People with unique skills that can be used in talent activities

Like what? The only one I can think of is Ina and Sana who are/were good at drawing.

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Who wouldn't have gotten in if she didn't live in Japan. Same probably goes for Kiara. (I should probably have included the "Do you live in Japan?" condition)

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>Making their own shorts

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That's just because women of asian descent are more likely to be weebs. You don't see a lot of white women being into anime and manga either.

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I think making that Undertale mod counts as a "unique skill"
Also actually being good at video games

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One is the male form, the other is female.

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Those are unique skills? What retard can't make a short in Premiere Pro let alone After Effects?

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>3/4, only missing JP language reps, which I could fix if I really cared to.
>Male, so even if I get in I'll basically be Magni/Vesper/Bettel's sloppy thirds at absolute best, and an instant pariah at absolute worst, even if I'm a complete gentleman to any female that dares to so much as acknowledge my existence, let alone collabs with me.
>My main skillset is at its best in collabs, and happens to align with multiple holo girls, including HER, meaning the odds that I would be in a female collab is very much non-zero.
Yeah, you can miss me with that shit. Better a literal who that streams when I want, rather than a corpo who's entire job is to be hated for no reason.

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I can't tell if you're fucking with me or not. Is this translated and there's two terms for it in JP? the other thing/thing aren't male/female versions.
Also I guess it says comedians/comedians...ect. but I still have no clue what that's supposed to mean?

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Just the dogs in EN3.

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Dancing, editing skills like song mixing, acting experience are examples.

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Looking at Holo ID audition requirement which also uses English language, it's referring to two kinds of comedians, one is stand-up comedian, the other is comedian-actor

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This is such lying bullshit. They should be upfront about what they REALLY want.
>do NOT apply if you don't have at least 50K+ subscribers on youtube
>do NOT apply if you don't have at least 300+ viewers on your current streams
>people with no experience streaming may apply but only if you have at least four videos on youtube that have one million views or more
>If you are an artist, apply only if you have worked/work for big name companies

This is what they should put on there if they wanna hurry up the hiring process. They haven't hired a proper "nobody" since the super early days of the company. Even for the EN males they at least expect you to have some numbers to your name.

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You sound like a retard so they'd never hire you to begin with.

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Nothing you said is true. Kobo had basically zero internet presence and got through based on talent.

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In addition, even FWMC were nobodies.

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Cover seem to have the least asian bias out of any corp, small or large. But it's really just far more Asians being into vtubing, even in western countries.

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Bijou had at best around 100 CCV in past

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I mean you could just work to earn those skill anon, but yea if you don't have LITERALLY any of these? you probably aren't a stream nor have the professionalism to just not start drama like the fucking wester vtubers that sometimes just do shit out of spite.

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>Weebshit attracts Asians
Woah. You're a fucking genius.

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Making an actual mod would count, that was an asset swap. I can do that within a day and I expect most people do achieve this in a day.
If this counts as being talented, then I am talented as fuck.
The actual skill is that she can do (pixel) art which requires practise.

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Lol you are so casual

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Lol, that's how they probably argued in favor of Sana and look how that turned out. They're better off judging shit themselves instead of who got lucky in an oversaturated market.

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No point in auditioning, they don't even watch auditions.

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They only had 15k subs but IIRC they were 3 views.
I remember back in the day when Kanawho now retires thank god had about 20k subs and her CCV was like maybe 50-100 people.

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EN will never get a hag streamer
everyone will be turned off by the japanese requirement as you learn slower with growing age
EN4 will be full of (half) asian zoomer weebs

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I'm tired of Asians, I want a EU chuuba

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>as you learn slower with growing age

This is untrue.

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>can speak english
But why can none of the jp girls except lui I guess speak english?

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It's weird to me that japanese companies have stricter management than american ones, but american ones have absolutely absurd job requirements where you HAVE to have 10 years of experience, while japanese are like "10 years, or be THE BEST" and they actually unironically mean that.

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I would be cool with these if they are part of the animanga culture, it would be incredibly UNSUFFERABLE to have an EU/US(any fucking one) getting into hololive only for their retarded ass to complain about fictional shit, calling it problematic and say it needs to go, literally kys you shit-stain of the world. They don't have to like it but at least have a like that a normal fag would consider "problematic".

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Because the company is Japanese? that's their main language? Why would they need to be required to learn English in a jp branch, it's required to learn it in the EN branch because they go to japan to do shit. They're adults they need to take care of themselves not have babysitters.

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Europeans are conscious enough to not apply for that when they are normalfags. It is mostly the americans that are insufferable fucks.

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Live in caves and eat snails.
Are some kind of toxic sludge mixed with mcdonalds.

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do japanese not have english classes in school? genuinely curious
i thought asian countries are so hardcore with their education and then they don't learn at least basic english?

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Of course they have

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This has been their hiring policy since forever. Arguably they did hire non-streamers, but many of them ended up just streaming.

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Hololive EN is mostly white unlike Niji EN.
>Myth is 3/5 White and Ame is a Latina
>Council+IRyS is 2/5 White
>Advent is 3/5 White
Holostars EN is a different story though.

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Tbf small corpos have a couple Europeans and they're all absolutely adorable, EU normalfags don't apply to Vtuber agencies.

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Nips are white though

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They emphasize that you need talent in something. You know the Asian stereotype, but it's because Western society has embraced mediocrity for the masses.

>> No.57291558

Which is extremly ironic because Asian culture preaches collectivism while Western culture does indivualism.
But when you never have the need to break out of the collective you just end up being a wet noodle.

>> No.57291690

why are most of the holo girls so bad at it then?

>> No.57291938

>English classes
RUMAO yes they do but below half of them pass, there was an article (which I take with a grain of salt from soranews24) where over half Jp students in nationwide test score zero percent in English speaking section, and since they don't use it they forget most of it in 1 year and everything in 3 except for VERY FEW word like hello, how are you.
The thing Japanese students usually "excel" at is listening with a avg. score of 58.9, For English listening, the average score was 51.7 percent and for English writing 24.1 percent. Then, way down at the bottom of the four English language skills came speaking, for which the average score was just 12.4 percent. Even more startling: 63.1 percent of the test takers got a zero for the English speaking section, failing to satisfactorily answer any of the five questions it contained. 63.1 percent of the test takers got a zero for the English speaking section because they didn't answered 5 questions satisfactorily, BUT i'd say its a bit unfair or bs because one of the questions involved listening to a recording of a English speaker talk about differences in disposable plastic bag usage between shoppers in New Zealand and Japan AND than they were fiven 1 MIN to organized their thoughts on the topic and 30 seconds to answer, KEK like who tf is talking about plastic bags of different countries hahahaha, but yea they're not very concerned by it.

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Again I'm cool as long as they don't think something fictional is "problematic" and go on virtue signaling shit. I'm sure they're adorable but nobody likes those kinds of retards even if they're are adorable because they automatically insufferable.

>> No.57292052

>haven't hired a proper 'nobody'

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they become automatically insufferable.

>> No.57292117

They don't preach, they tend towards either in their cultural context, but the differences within cultures are greater than the differences between cultures. From a collectivist standpoint it's about being useful and obeying your elders, from an individualistic standpoint it's about self-determination and rebellion against elders. It's also interesting when you examine how "storm and stress" is essentially wrong, because it's more commonly characteristic of development during puberty in a Western cultural context. In another cultural context puberty can even be tranquil, and it incites not tensions between child and parents. There are also differences in generally accepted theories of child-rearing attitudes (permissive, neglectful, authoritarian, authoritative), and a unique Asian attitude called tiger parenting. That's thought to be some of the reasons you see these stereotypes play out, so no wet noodles.

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They have English classes and a preference for hiring Americans as teaching assistants for them. Which really does explain a lot.

>> No.57292284

based, she was fake af nepo-hire.

>> No.57292594

Have you heard her karaoke? Her singing capabilities and music understanding is above average. Might be even better than western average. She could even go further if she put more effort into it. I assume thats the reason she passed the audition.

>> No.57293311

Beats the alternative of using Japanese native that can't speak English.
I talked to English teachers in Japan and their Japanese native colleagues would not pass any english test ever.
The other issue is that those Native english teachers can't speak Japanese.

>> No.57293409

It's fluent but I wouldn't say native. It got the staff convinced the second he told him his dad taught him japanese when he was a kid

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>meet every single criteria
>get rejected because muh numbers
FWMC could have been triplets

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Appeal to niche whales or a broader audience who pay less. Tough choice.

>> No.57296220

If it had been her instead of Shiori, it would have been a fantastic gen.

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Japanese is now a requirement?

>> No.57296861

>even one of the following requirements

>> No.57297384

It's not. Only Kiara, Mori, Bae, and FWMC know Japanese.

>> No.57297458

Did she even apply?

>> No.57297551

Utaite and vtuber that spoke Japanese on a native level and had talents that made him a boon for management (setting up all his own collabs and doing the legwork for projects). He's THE defacto example of a instahire

>> No.57297580

Hag as in irl or hag as in korone gaming

>> No.57297728

HQ is half asian, Vesper is black and Axel is a mutt
VG is
>one white guy
>one texan twink

>> No.57297758

>Idol shit
No thanks

>> No.57297824

>Japanese at native level

>> No.57298099

You mean IRyS, right?

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Built for vshitshow audience

>> No.57298357

Look at advent:
Shiori was a oldfag but almost completely forgotten and very far from 300 CCV
Nerissa was big and already as a Voice actress and anime cover singer, but her vtuber twitch channel was completely unknown and unsuccessful
Bijou was a literally who Twitch vtuber
Fuwamoco was actually quite well known. But in a kind of "I know them but don’t actually watch them" kind of way. Everyone here and on reddit knew them, but their views were extremely low.

So out of 5 (you could say 4 as Fuwamoco shares a channel), you have 1 literally who and the 4 other ""famous"" ones were absolutely not famous in any kind of /#/ way, only for playing part in the community in some way or for activities unrelated to vtubing.

>> No.57298560

Ironic post

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Yeah they should stick to hiring big content creators right?

>> No.57298788

English "teachers" are really just teaching assistants or at best conversational training partners. Their English isn't the best either. They will even hire Americans with Spanish as their first language over someone from the UK or Europe that is a native speaker.

>> No.57298893

So you want Idol and Phase Connect girls?

>> No.57299031

Was Fuwamoco that big? Scrolling through that channel they only had like 1-2k views per stream. Of course when they were debuting everyone and their mom knew the old channel name but I assumed that was typical anons pretending they knew the whole time in order to look intelligent to each other.

>> No.57299035

HoloEN is not the group to say this shit for. They're like the only group in EN vtubing where a majority of the girls are white

>> No.57299211

FWMC were not consistent 3 views. They COULD get there but very rarely and the majority of their streams were VN streams to like 50 people

>> No.57299239

Axel is either half or full Japanese.

>> No.57299375

Retards that haven't even bothered to learn the program

>> No.57299419

No, that’s my point they were not big. They were known from hobbyist looking at a list of names on vtuber wikis or because they were super active on Reddit and also from having a thread here, but they barely had an audience.

Being representative of a brand and with the uniqueness of being two, they’re often designated as an example of stuff vtubers can do. But then people are like "yeah cool, this exists" and don’t watch. Same for /here/, I’m pretty sure a lot of anons knew they existed, but didn’t watch them.

>> No.57299434

She joined a 2view JP chuuba corpo. Yes she applied.

>> No.57299492 [DELETED] 

Ina is a hag next month

>> No.57299535

Bijou was also an artist and made her first VTuber model by herself. She also modded a game for her audition and developed gamer skills.
Shiori made 360 view 3D videos, skits, and story videos. Her main skill is video editing.
Fuwamoco was partially by reputation, but also because they grinded their JP language reps.
Nerissa was almost purely on singing. But it's worth remembering that Bijou and Fuwamoco also released covers, so they can sing a little too. Only Shiori can't sing but she can play the piano at a mid level.

There are many reasons why these girls were hired but people prefer to believe it's all just numbers. It's easier to cope why your audition video didn't land you an interview if you believe it's numbers, and then you don't need to develop any skills or talents. Just keep making audition videos with an L2D in a corner while talking for 5 minutes. That is unironically how the vast majority of applicants think, and how many fans think too.

>> No.57299588

They advertised themselves everywhere but they weren't big. They auditioned like 5 times despite that their main skill was fairly decent conversational Japanese.

>> No.57299704

FWMC were only know by /vt/fags and redditors who also use /vt/. It was a super wake up call for me how much of a bubble /vt/ is when it became obvious it would be THEM and how little people on the bigger subs and twitter knew about them

And even Nerissa wasn't that big. She had less subs than IRyS, Kronii, and Mumei

>> No.57299851

It's okay femanon, (You) can always just go be vaguely lewd and unhinged on Twitch.

>> No.57299868

To back up that anon, FWMC had a ton of threads here at the end. Most of this board knew of them because of that, even if they never went to the channel

>> No.57299912

To be honest, I find Advent in average to be more talented than Myth and Council. They also have more experience streaming.

>> No.57300047

>you learn slower with growing age
This isn't correct. When you're in your 50s you can expect some neural changes that make it difficult to learn new things. However, habitual learning and learning to learn are tools you can maintain into old age. It's just that most people stop trying when they finish college.

Kids learning languages fast is also incorrect. They learn slowly, and it takes at least 10 years for them to gain any competency in their first language. The critical period is merely a pruning event that predisposes them to certain ranges of sensory stimuli to which they have been exposed. That's why it can be difficult to "learn" to hear and vocalize certain sounds, whether languages or even musical notes. It doesn't mean you learn faster, but that you've been predisposed to make some things easier.

The main challenge for adults is that they don't learn, they rather make up excuses, talk about how they only learn a certain way or that certain methods are bad. In truth learning is very mechanical. If you can mechanically make yourself do the reps you will learn.

>> No.57300298

Experience streaming is also kind of trash tier. I don't really see the market for gaming streams in particular growing. You also have people that try to improve while auditioning by only streaming as indies and doing nothing else. However, Nijisanji is the corpo people should apply to if all they want to achieve is streaming. That's not even a dig at them, but their audition forms emphasize streaming in a way Hololive doesn't.

>> No.57300530

They do but it's the blind leading the blind. If you're lucky enough to have a teacher who actually knows any English, it's some 20-something burger weeb on JET with zero teaching experience.

>> No.57300971

Arent those more common in america?

>> No.57301170

That should be comedian/comedienne then

>> No.57302114

What i've heard several times now is that instead of approaching it like westerners learning a language do, they do it like every other subject in school and just memorize and repeat. That and lack of use makes them shit at it.
Then again, high school language classes seem to be universally shit. I'm ESL and i took up english apart from school because damn.
Come graduation day most people couldn't read or speak, and they could barely write the most basic sentence.
Going to university, there was a general requirement for english for like half the majors. I skipped the class and went for the finals. People were absolutely shitting themselves over grade school questions

>> No.57302446

Good post in a shit thread

>> No.57302546

I know your shilling operation for le hecking grifter duo is demanding you fags to pump out threads about the most inane shit possible, but at least do your archive reps.
This are the same terms they agreed and has always been the same for since the start

>> No.57302716

less obvious grifter shill

>> No.57302829

>Already intimidated by requirements
>no Confidence
atleast try anon. you could even be better than the rest of your gen.

>> No.57302976

the cope is unreal

>> No.57303164

Holofags might deny it but you're right, the people in charge of auditions are numberfags through and through. That's the only way Shiori got to the point where she is, despite her numbers being entirely artificial. Nerissa is also guilty due to how shit at singing she is.

>> No.57305457

It's Hololive, dramafags will apply regardless.

>> No.57307199

No they're not. wtf?

>> No.57307317

>Ame is a Latina
LMAO no she is not.

>> No.57307494

>But when you never have the need to break out of the collective you just end up being a wet noodle.
That's some delusions you have. The western ideology is such a poisonous evil mindset. I'm glad it will be gone very soon.

>> No.57311275

oh yeah?

>> No.57311376

>do NOT apply if you don't have at least 50K+ subscribers on youtube
I guess that's why the doggos weren't hired until the 4th try I can see the logic of this and the rest but still fuck you

>> No.57311475


>> No.57311696


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>>do NOT apply if you don't have at least 50K+ subscribers on youtube
>>do NOT apply if you don't have at least 300+ viewers on your current streams
>>but only if you have at least four videos on youtube that have one million views or more

>> No.57312593
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Cover has probably just hired Holy Mad

>> No.57312729

>>do NOT apply if you don't have at least 50K+ subscribers on youtube
>>do NOT apply if you don't have at least 300+ viewers on your current streams
>>people with no experience streaming may apply but only if you have at least four videos on youtube that have one million views or more
Bae got in with 5k subs, 15 ccv and something like 12k on her most viewed vod

>> No.57312732
File: 150 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Context for plebs

>> No.57316206

>do NOT apply if you don't have at least 50K+ subscribers on youtube
>do NOT apply if you don't have at least 300+ viewers on your current streams
>people with no experience streaming may apply but only if you have at least four videos on youtube that have one million views or more
>If you are an artist, apply only if you have worked/work for big name companies
Didn't know Omega was posting on /vt/.

>> No.57316884

The joke is that women can't be funny on their own.

>> No.57320277

>Great track record and experience as a broadcaster
they address it in line 1 anon

>> No.57320556

If you want idols, watch idols, not vtubers.

>> No.57321042

If you want full-time streamers, watch just about anything but Hololive. Hololive are virtual idols.

>> No.57321287

Please read it again, only this time do it slowly.

>> No.57321916

Mr Koro is a hag though right? She is borederline 40 afaik

>> No.57322032
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I don't know why you're complaining about this: hololive has made it clear they want to take a more idol approach as of late. Hell, streaming isn't even the major thing they all do now.

>> No.57322656

Yeah, I knew of them way before fuwamoco and whole EN3 thing, but I never watched them, maybe clicked once when anons here would link something. Funnily enough YouTube did recommend me their graduation stream recently, I guess because of viewer overlap

>> No.57322710

Why do we automatically assume OP is being ironic? Maybe he's really just saying "more idols pls i don't want more generic streamers"

>> No.57323530

100% just take a pic at american when an anime like "my dress up darling" or "jobless reincarnation"

>> No.57323934

Irony on this website? are you crazy?

>> No.57324067

Cover doesn't numberfag. There's some overlap because a record is a record but most batches have at least one talent that really never had much success

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Cover has hired some damn irrelevant people if you wanna talk about PL's. You make it seem like Cover only cares for big fish, when they care for who really cares about the idol route and being a good entertainer. Its why all of holoX is a mix of small time people, and those who were fading away.

>> No.57326646

They're not fluent yet

>> No.57326947

I still remember the rrat that she had two kids but lost her parental rights to their father whom she beat regularly.