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>Oh 100k subs? That's cool thank you, I won't pretend it's not cool
>The numbers game is a dangerous game to play in the content creation sphere
>I wanna be here with my family
>Let's just have a good time. Let's just have some fun
So he was either lying or he played the numbers game and lost

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Shiori has been saying the same thing lately.
Let's see where she ends up next year, she's already the runt of her gen.

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all content creators who say they don't care about numbers are lying

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Timestamp? I provided one so surely you can do too right?

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Missing context
>Already passed the 100k milestone as PL and is 165k away from 1mil
Yea I wouldn't give a shit either.

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I genuinely think Tachibana is the reason for burning down all his projects. No NDA was breached but goddamn the doxxing and the spoiling if special surprises fucked him and his plans for the anni.

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Uh yeah huh... Copium.

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damn you guys are obsessed with Shiori now

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He also said that he would be in Holostars for a long time because he loves his magmites. He is a pathological liar just like Vesper.

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nice copium kek

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>le copeium hehehe gotten
rent free

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>he's mad

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That "context" doesn't change the message through, he said he didn't care about numbers...

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Her pl after 6 years was 433K she will hit 400K sometime this week, as far as numbers go she will probably surpass anything she had before by October and that's with missing a week.

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The funniest part is they hired an IT guy who admitted he literally just ran away from a job once like a kid and from what I can tell some self admitted serial quitter who probably had rich parents so never had a real job.
It's like they were asking for the more fragile gen they could get.

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I mean its one thing to not care about numbers its a whole other thing to lock yourself in a contract where more than half your money goes to someone else and that's on top pf taking a huge dip before that. I'm not going to say I enjoy their decision but when you go from steak to hot dogs you gotta make a decision.

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Many of his stories were about getting in trouble, quitting his job, ghosting friends, etc. The red flags were always there but vesties are retarded

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don't worry bro i'll make the next thread you can count on me

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i think so too. but then again, i can see it was an internal problems including both the contract renewal and another conflict.

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Shiori is going to be Holo's Scarle, low sub numbers but massive SC revenue relative to her size.

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He got too greedy and tried to take (what he thought) was a shortcut to high numbers by collabing with the HoloEN girls. If he had grinded away from the girls and the drama, he'd probably be slowly inclining but I guess that wasn't good enough for him.

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damn I feel bad for these guys why would you do that kek
I wonder if laser tattoo removal is expensive

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he lived true to his lore so what's the problem?

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Who did it better?

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Magni, he lied about way more things than Sana and didn't even have a graduation stream

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It is

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Shiori is going to be EN Rushia...

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At minimum a few thousand dollars and multiple sessions spanning over a year. Also probably end up with some mild scarring in the form of lighter skin in that area.

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it's easy to not lie when you don't post anything on any of your holo accounts

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>didn't even have a graduation stream
Why do you people think this was his choice? There's literally nothing to indicate that he didn't want to, and it would only benefit him to do one.

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relative to those size of her huge milkers

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Cope magmite, enjoy your twitch streams

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Come up with an argument, faggot. Defend your position. Or at least try to. You're so mind broken you literally make shit up just to hate someone for no reason. I don't even like the guy, but this autistic hate is so fucking weird.

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>I have no argument so I will yell cope

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It's the only thing they have because they want to believe that Cover Corp management won't eventually fuck over Hololive the way that they've fucked over Holostars.

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If it's the contract rrat it was entirely his own choice.

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>if this one assumption is right, then this other assumption is too

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They would have to extend the contract for just that final day to let him in to stream and I’m pretty sure neither party was interested in getting into all that legal bullshit just for the two to fuck off right after a couple days.

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It's pretty much the only thing that anyone's come up with that makes any amount of sense unless you want to just assume he quite for absolutely no reason, which I can tell you're doing everything in your power to avoid doing. You can try to hide and demand some signed statement from Cover, Magni and his mother about exactly what went on, when to pretend it's everyone else's fault but his but you aren't going to get it.

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I wonder if he also expected Cover to reimburse him for the cancelled projects or at the very least give him an advance on future payments so he could have his money back, only for Cover to refuse which lead to him wanting to leave.

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I find this strange when I think of Mumei who has not yet reached the level of her PL, a few seem not to be interested in numbers that much but I still think that Shiori will have problems soon enough

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Ohhhhh, I get it now. This is why Magni did…whatever he did to get suspended and leave without a graduation.

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jannes would earn back so much good will if they would just ban these fucking faggots that spam the catalog with their numbers shit.

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Believe it or not, numbers ACTUALLY matter.

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Are you trying to say it's both their faults then? I was saying it's entirely his since from everything we actually know, it looks like they sprung all this last minute on Cover after their redesigns while running out the clock in an effort to pressure them into giving them better contracts. Since they didn't get them they couldn't do their graduations either, which shows he cares more about the contract than giving his fans a graduation stream.

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Damn, orcschizo was that big before holo?

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I think Mumei just cares more about having friends to talk to online and she genuinely wants to do idol stuff. WIth the HL perks I imagine she makes more than she did on PL, despite less subs.

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faggot knew he'd only be there for a year KEK

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>I wanna be here with my family

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Everybody still loves Sana and references her to this day.

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expensive, arduous and permanently scarring, thanks Great Magni Dezmond

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uhh honey, they "screw over stars" because their numbers suck and when push comes to shove, cover corp is a company that is trying to make money.

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Sana plushie sell a lot more than Kronii. That just shows how loyal Sanalite is

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Both are incorrect.
It's more like despite sacrificing the numbers to have a good time, he cannot have a good time, plus with Cover going public and Omega decapitated, the new management demanded numbers, and as a faggot, he cannot handle both, so he fucked off.
In summary
>he sacrificed numbers for fun but it did not pan out
>he is required to produce numbers, regardless

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Omega was never their manager and even Magni laughed when someone superchat led him regarding it

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Holy grifter.

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>Both are incorrect.
Proof next thread?

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>the way that they've fucked over Holostars.
Sisters are hilarious. The goodwill of Cover and supporting them is the only reason they've survived for years. Keep blaming Cover when those two were just shitty menheras.

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>the new management demanded
kek, sure, then how are the other guy still streaming

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So the rest of Tempiss is going soon too? Neat

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Isn't it cut out of context? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mMjq6lBSIw
His wording is weird and I suppose this was meant as a tsundere bit and was executed poorly, but it still reads like "even if I had some moments I'd thought I want to quit, I can't because there are fucking madlads who literally got tattoos for me, I should continue for their sake". All that determination went out of the window in half a year but that's a separate matter.

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I believe he quit not because of new management demands. He just can't fulfill his "idol" duties. Like Vesper, they only want to stream. But making songs? Doing 3D? Doing concert? they had to be forced to make them. Even Vesper's cover song was obviously autotuned so much it shows.