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you know, for a vsinger, her vsinging isn't doing too hot

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let it go enna

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>niji out of nowhere
though i don't know why you'd mention enna of all people, just comparing the past year's musical output between the two

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Even as a Holobro I admit Enna is a better singer. But IRyS has the better personality

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all i'm learning from this is that irys needs to do more FOTM covers and actually release songs WITH an MV immediately instead of waiting months for it to get published.

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looking at azki's numbers hurts me but I dont think either of them are worried about it

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>song about getting high on shrooms beat 4 of irys' output from the past year

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IRyS isn't known for her music

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i sure do love false advertising

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man I can't believe her audience of unikek incels aren't there for the music, that's crazy

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Azki is also a v-singer and her numbers are trash too.

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I'd say go back, but there's some truth to what you're saying actually.
A unicorn audience is inherently anti-big music career. Going beyond the holobox to enter the larger music scene entails male contact, and the rest is history. That same audience could care less about music. See how they just ate up Umisea without thinking twice.

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Irys also has the advantage in that her speaking voice doesn't make me want to puncture my eardrums and embrace becoming deaf. I hate Enna's speaking voice so much, it's so bad.

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It's the vsinger curse.
Suisei managed to get away, but INNK's spirit of terrible management and advertising still lives through AZKi and even IRyS.

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Don't know what happens with Irys reach, but it's so fucking bad
It took one of the biggest recent FotM songs like Idol to break 1million views, a song that a literal who male

Just to check how bad Irys algorithm is
I typed Idol cover on youtube
she is the 15th result
before her there was Kanata, Mori, Sara Hoshikawa, a starshomo
the first result being Amalee's 3week old cover that already got to 1million

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Thank omegatroon for that anon.

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NTA but you want to say go back to things you don't like to read because you place too much importance on 4chan, you stop yourself and see reason because you're slowly growing the fuck up. Saying that VTuber so-called unicorns are just antis when it comes to achieving goals and success is like saying the sky is blue. Some stop supporting Corpos and support indies, but guess what they do? Look for 1-2 views to groom, and they lose interest when they see any growth. Yes, the sky is blue, and it's true no matter where you go or go back to, and it will keep being true no matter the delusion.

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>THE HoloEN VSinger
>1.1million in 2 months
>a literal who with a edm english version cover

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Because Irys isn't that good at singing. Neither is the new Nerissa.
I have said before that I have long stopped believing that Hololive would eventually hire a good singer. It seems that they much prefer streaming charisma, and people dedicated to singing tend to be worse at that. In that sense, streamers like Bijou are top tier hires.

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>Niji out of nowhere
>Also has a comparison screenshot prepared
Seriously Enna, fuck off.

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Isn't this that one chick that whores herself out to all the Nijis? Inviting them over to her house for "off collabs"? Holding hands on stream and all that shit? I guess she sings well because she keeps that throat well lubed with cum.

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I just want to say I fucking hate the song Idol

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Obligatory support of brand vs natural growth and popularity.

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the fact is that, despite the branding and concerts, the singing and music isn't the draw. They help add variety to their content and show production value, but most people don't really care about vtuber music

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what do you mean "for a vsinger"? most vsingers would be glad to get 10k views on their covers.

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Is that maybe your account? I just did the same search while logged out in a new profile and IRyS is the first result.

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1) Vtuber music is a bubble wher ethe music is secondary. Thats why Suisei will remain a vtuber, because if she ever left vtubing not only would she likely end up doxxed, but she would be judged only as a singer with no backstory or personality. Mori got judged way more harshly by people outside the bubble.
2) IRyS got mismanaged hard. Delays meant no concerts to drum up views and advertise her singing, while her originals were ESL translations or in Japanese while she panders to EOP fans. IRyS is one of the best examples of management murdering a channel through sheer ineptitude. But it's pretty much tradition for Cover to mangle music talent, Suisei is the only exception and she was luckily able to make it big due to her streaming and backstory as a rags to riches rural girls dreaming of becoming an idol.

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Because she sucks.

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Yeah, my dick

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t. has never touched MS paint in his life
okay here's one comparing mori that I "prepared". have you any idea how easy these are to make?

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According to her she is working very hard behind the scenes and doesnt have time to stream.

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Never cared for vtuber music. Just stream the funny block game.

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let it go Kiara

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t.never watched suisei
suisei wants to leave hololive and become a pseudo-chuuba. has she said that? no, but she's leaving enough hints that she's gunning for it. she likes her "virtual-ness" and the girls in holo, that's the only reason she hasn't dipped with her success and gave cover the finger

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That's still too much effort for /here/

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signing her as a vsinger was a mistake, people would have loved just as much if not more if she had just debuted as a regular holo
singing is just one part of being a vtuber but people tune in because of the streams first and foremost

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>she's leaving enough hints that she's gunning for it
Ok Nijisister.

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Retard seething so hard he forgets that cum actually ruins your throat kek

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What's the point of "vsingers" when regular streamers who occasionally do songs for fun outperform them all musically anyways?

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Sub 400k - 11 months old
Sub 300k - 8 months old
Wtf irystocrats dont you listen to her stuff? Why are they so low?

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They should ship her off to council where she belongs at least we'll have a complete gen again. Its making a mockery of vsingers.

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whatever helps you cope, anon

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I put on a icognito tab
everytime you search the order change, but Irys was never on the first two results that get separated from the rest because of the shorts results, and everytime amalee cover is the first result

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These are mine. I don't think I've ever watched Irys, but I watched a bunch of Amalee shorts.

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Enna's speaking voice is genuinely the most disgusting thing I've ever heard in my life.

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AZki got fucked over, too. Vsinger is a trap. I know Irys much better as a streamer than as a singer.

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>Posts no evidence of her leaving

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your first question answers the second one

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what is it with singers and having ugly ass voices.
elvis, mj, freddie mercury, phoebe bridgers. it's like they traded being decent to talk to just so they can sing better

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>almost 400k for a clip

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meanwhile Houshou Marine is topping charts, being played in stores, shops and clubs across japan and has the most unicorns of anyone

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Senchou is just that powerful.

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Irys has probably the most soulless singing voice in all of hololive. Sure she has technique, she clearly knows how to sing and she sings very clean and really well, there's no question about that but it's still soulless as fuck, the most generic, derivative kind of professional singing you could possibly get.

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can i get a qrd on that? marine has unicorns?
im not even sure myself if anyone would care if she collabed with a male. would anyone? she already presents as a whore, what would even change?

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Marine is what you get when you combine a beautiful voice, really good technique and lots of emotion and soul. Suisei is almost there too but Marine is just out of this world.

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I don't do qrds for EOPs.

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When they hold auditions for these VSinger spots they should really hold off on hiring until they get someone really remarkable. No offence to IRyS and AZKi but they don't have that X factor needed to really take off. Their voices are kind of boring, and their technique is decent but not outstanding enough to save them. It's not IRyS' fault, if anything she should've just been a regular debut then her singing would be above average for Hololive streamers.

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Doesn't matter how good you can sing, if your songs suck no one will care.

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Suisei has the most generic sounding songs in Hololive and she does ok.

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おいこら。EOP? 俺が? 船長を見ないだけだ、、勘弁してくれよw

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>those spaces

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t. I am deaf

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Marine is just better than everyone. Bishoujo Muzai Pirates is already tracking to hit 10 million views even faster than I'm Your Treasure Box which was already the fastest music video in Hololive.

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The songwriting on Suisei's originals is on the same level as Irys' and that is just a fact.

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Risu and Moona mog most of JP and EN and it's not close

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>gives subjective take
>"that's a fact"

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The only truly generic sounding song she has is My Happy Transmission and predictably that one didn't do too well. Meanwhile every other song she releases reaches millions of views easily. Just now ソワレ is projected to reach 1M in less than 4 days despite the song having been around since december.

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>she already presents as a whore
outed yourself that easy huh sister?

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>has the most unicorns of anyone
This is the only false statement in that post.

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Have you looked at Fuwamoco vs Kiara streaming now? Their streams numbers aren't even that far apart. People watch certain people for certain things. If you care about song views, just do whatever FOTM song is out and release it quickly.

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Everyone comparing numbers of vids but can i get comparisons of their live 3d concerts? Show me a vid from irys 3d concert performance then one of ennas live 3d concert performance

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Marine has no unicorns. Unicorn = pure, virginal, no BF. Because mythological unicorns were associated with virginity/purity. The only girls less unicorn friendly are Matsuri and Choco.

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not necessary. just check their (actually) live karaokes. irys sings generic pop, meanwhile enna sings stuff like amagi goe.

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Suisei's music sounds generic but it's ok because she has a deeper, powerful voice that makes it sound different.

Power metal is generic as fuck, there is a reason no one ever had the level of success Dio had.

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>Power metal
What? The closest thing to that in hololive is Towa

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A tale of mismanagement. I don't even remember how many times she got fucked up. Her best song doesn't even have an MV. Also there is something I notice lately that is the holo EN audience is different. The amount of complains about Japanese songs confuses me. Like wtf you are here for anime and shits but hate Japanese songs. Then something struck me in the head, these niggers are different, these niggers grow up eating crayons and watching cartoons, these niggers then watch their popular anime with shitty English dubs, these niggers never listen to J-rock, J-pop or any Japanese music before, these niggers think that 2000 mainstream music is based, these niggers were never a weeb to begin with. These niggers are ...niggers. The management should see that and give them what they want.

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3D Lives are the same as music: Marine and Suisei dominate the numbers and everyone else is pretty much irrelevant in comparison.

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>it's the iryschizo tranny
kys faggot newtroon

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Risu is shit. She had potential but admits she's too lazy to actually push herself so she's never going to be as good as other girls who actually push themselves.
I'm not sure if Moona sings much I haven't really watched her, but High Tide was good.

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Risu get off this board and do more karaoke streams

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Azki has being fucked by youtube bullshitery multiple times. The most recent being the split channel thing.

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Gravity is really really underrated. Her Connect the World live performance was fantastic. The rest is shit.

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You don't you listen to her songs unikek? Aren't you guys supposed to be the ones that give all the money and views to the """pure""", """"idol""", """vtubers"""?

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Yea, that's pretty much it, plus the fact that a majority of them are only there for the parasocial GFE shit and what they personally get out of it but don't actually really love her (and therefore don't give a fuck about shit that matters to her) or even care about her success.
It's all about self-satisfaction for unicorns.
If she ever somehow had a blow up and made it big outside this tiny ass bubble, was offered opportunities for collabs with actual big artists ?
They'd lose their shit and she'd become a "whore".
But I can't even pity her because she's been enabling them, probably out of fear of losing her relative success as a holo talent but if her music career is actually important to her she'll have to realize at some point that she's gimping herself.

I don't even know who you're talking about retard, but I'm glad to see I hurt your feefees lil fag

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"I'm horny"

Shorts doing pushupswith sound effects when her breasts touch the floor, her skirt around her ankles(twice), just shaking her hips, bending over and showing the insides of her skirt to ina plush during a 3d event, and the POV intimate moments with her.

Her MV has very suggestive parts.

I am a marine fan but there is enough material that there is an argument for this.

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Well, she finally sings again 2 weeks ago, and her peak CCV actually increased without raid.

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Let's see you release a cover that gets over 1 million views

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Unicorns will cry about girls even playing games with men, but also spout memes about infertile hags. They are pretty much setting up a bunch of girls to end up as catladies after the vtuber train ends.
I'm not a fan of her because she goes too far in the other direction, but Choco's fans actually want her to find a guy.

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well youtube troons are extremely jealous so they cull her

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IRyS isn't the problem, the problem is that cover gives her the most generic, boring, dogshit songs to sing. Her voice is amazing, her MVs are solid, she's sexo and cute af. But no one wants to listen to the same goddamn bland, forgettable jpop shit over and over that always sounds like it's from a dollar store VN intro.

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>Even as a Holobro

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I mean he's kinda right, I can't endure any normal stream of Enna, her speaking voice sounds like a tranny trying too hard and yet, sometimes, I pull up her music while working; pretty much the opposite of Irys which is one of my only memberships but I can't be assed to listen to her music often

>> No.57183918

So how can they fix it, given Hololive is an idol company their contacts are 99% generic JPOP.

>> No.57184036

IRyS is just... there

>> No.57184833

she's treated as a sentient vocaloid; a voice meant just for singing and mostly left to the mercy of the producers for the creative input which is a big hit or miss

>> No.57186177

Maybe allow Irys to find her own composer?

>> No.57187006

I love IWyS and she's one of my 4 memberships (2 being brand new from advent). But damn, her songs feel super bland and corpo. Fantastic voice but it takes more than just raw talent

>> No.57187120

I unironically never heard an actual IRyS song.
I don't even hate her or anything, I'm sure she's a nice girl or whatever, but I already have too many chuubas on my plate and don't feel like I'm missing out, plus most importantly she's so sequestered that she pretty much never interacts with the Holos I do watch, so I don't even come across her stuff by second-hand happenstance.

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i'd say irys should do more covers and much less orisongs for a while
i see fuckton of good songs almost nobody did cover in holo just looking at my old as fuck vsinger+anime ost hybrid playlist

>> No.57188532

Honestly hearing what snippets irys has said about it, things like not being allowed to even commission her own mv for an existing song out of her own pocket or how for quarter bravery it just started when her team came to her out of the blue and said 'hey we've decided that this should be irish themed and cover four emotions' it feels like it's a corpo attempt aspiring to make the vtuber a mere figurehead and give the responsibility for success to the faceless replaceable backend so they can pay less all around. If she had taken off from that you can bet they would have put out more like that and claimed that the lion's share of the credit should go to the team that 'made it happen' and that the public face, while not replaceable as branding, was ultimately irrelevant to success and should be paid less.

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I've talked about this before but you know how we joke about shitty holosingers having "SOVL" well thats Irys issue her cover songs are actually souless. They are clean performances but also devoid of identifiable passion or character. So ironically her karaoke when shes still very good but not perfect often has more impact.

It also doesn't help that most her original songs are just not that good, off the top of my head Gravity, here comes hope and berserker are the only good ones.