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have you ever seen your oshi get mad? like legit angry?

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Luna after the claw game error

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This and hachama takoyaki

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All. The. Time.

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I dont think I have. Ive seen some claim to be angry or act it but there just exaggerating themself to be more entertaining

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I don’t want her to get angry but it was so refreshing to see her angry side.

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Ame that one time in a members stream when chat kept mentioning her picking movies about dogs dying.

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Yes and it was dope, based, and super lit


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She got really mad about getting ligma'd

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Nope, been watching her for at least six months now. The only vtubers I can think of off the top of my head that regularly get genuinely angry on stream are Ame and Kiara.
>You're an EOP
Not at all. Most other vtubers will get frustrated with a game from time to time but they'll play it up for entertainment or just choose not to show it, which is fairly simple to do behind an avatar. I think I've watched at least 40 different vtubers regularly at this point and honest anger is genuinely rare.

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Ame singled me out during a watchalong so I cancelled my membership and blocked her on Twitter. Fucking aspergy bitch needs to relax

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I think Ame was really mad that time some idiots go to haachama stream saying Ame raid

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that feels like a very pikamee thing to do

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I want context to this.

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Maybe don't be a stupid fuck and your oshi won't chew you out

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I remember this, she took like a week off streaming to recover from the ligma. Brutal.

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What happened?

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BTFO nerd

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I don't really believe you but I want you to prove me wrong because that sounds fucking funny

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>Sora get's a bit annoyed at the comms spam
>Sora flexes 1% of her full power
>entire voip shuts the fuck up dead silence

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oh, so you're that retard

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>Mario Kart

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What's her problem? If she didn't want to speak indonesian why did she even join HoloID?

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Ame at least once in APEX

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all the ID members have vids doing angry ass rants the ollie one just the big meme of the week here right now

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>blocked her on Twitter
Yeah, cuz I'm sure she was spamming your feed, right?

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Kind of a weird thing to get mad about too. Pikamee seems to be the type of person that likes that type of humor.
Guess I was wrong.

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Ame used to get really pissy but she's better at handling it lately.
Unless she's playing Mario.

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Her Jump King playthrough was therapeutical.

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thread is lacking clips. i wanna see them getting mad

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I immediatly unsub from vtubers that get mad at chat. They don't have the right to get pissy with their paypigs and simps.

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Yep I remember a bunch of us making her mad about gwent. Tbf though she wasn't playing enough gwent

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Towa is angry

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Have you seen chat? Bunch of fucktards. They deserve it most of the time

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This is why Cover should stick to hags.

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paypigs and simps deserve to get punished.

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holy based, faglings btfo

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Ame trying to beat K.Rool in Donkey Kong. Just the sound of desk hitting then complete silence for another hour as she struggled to beat the final boss of this game for children with save state.

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the ultimate rant from ollie

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Wait... What's ligma?

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The common rrat about Ollie is that she tried to join either HoloJP or EN, but they saw she was a filthy indog so they shoved her into ID2 instead.

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ligma nutz

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IN a super rare moment for her, you could feel her soul getting sucked out by a game. Even then she didn't get visibly or audibly angry.

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holy shit

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She felt like she was being taken advantage of. Especially since her English is somewhat limited and she didn't really understand English wordplay.

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oh yeah Witcher 3. Teamates are never getting that back again

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I don't know if Risu even has an angry face on her model honestly.

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I've never heard someone speak Indonesian while seething, man that was something else. She really is a YAB machine.

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Fuck off with this entitlement. Tossing a chuuba money doesn't make you a customer.

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Which stream? Or do you have a clip? Can't find it at all.

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This was a few months after debut and it really endeared her to me, I'd rather her be honest and get annoyed than bottle it up and have a full menhara episode like Ollie.

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Backseater BTFO

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Lmao you got fucking rekt

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I forgot which one did it but it went something like look here listen and she got real mad

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Kana gets really mad at chat every now and then but she deletes the vod afterwards

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I want Ame to scold me!

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Yes, yes it does. Vtubers make content for OUR entertaiment. If they're going to take advantage of mens' loneliness for money they shoulnd't be talking back to us.

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99% of chat is filled with mouth breathing retards. I'm surprised they don't lose their cool more often with them.

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being tri-lingual her ID watchers would give her shit for reading other language superchats in their language rather than ID. The bigger problem is the ID watchers dont superchat for shit so she went off on them for not sending superchats in ID

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You know who won't talk back to you. Your therapist

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it wasn't even her fault, they really kill so many dogs in movies...

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Watame is unironically cheaper.

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the most based holo stream of all time

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steve jobs

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that's on you for using them as GFE boyo

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Absolute kino, she's cute when she's raving

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To be fair most vtubers actively sell that experience.

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I get really uncomfortable when I watch this. I cant handle people getting angry especially Sora

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Based watamate.

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what a beautiful language

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I know this isn't true, but still, fuck you anon.

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I'm an Onigiriya. I personally would never in my life burden a stranger with my personal issues but it seems to work for Watame and her fans.

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You need to take your pills anon

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That's not necessarily true lol

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Low end therapists will charge you 190 dollars per hour to talk at them. Watame will read your message for 10 and regularly talks to chat for free for 6+ hours at a time. If you're just looking to vent or share misery Watame is definitely the way to go, my man.

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You are delusional.

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What the fuck man that doesn't even qualify as being properly angry. She is slightly annoyed at most.

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>doesn't play along

What a bitch sora is

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I love that Ina decided to try Character Action games (specially the ones from Platinum)
and GOD KNOWS W101 deserves some recognition, I cant wait for her reaction to all that is Mission 9.


I wish some holos were more skilled for action games. like how Botan is for Shooters (how much SC would take to make Botan play Vanquish) ??

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I don't believe this at face value but I hope it's true, and out of all the chuubas I can only really picture Ame singling out a particular chatter and being legitimately mean and bullying to them to the point of making them have a meltdown and unsub.

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When I ever so slightly raise my voice in an argument my sister will go "No need to get so angry jeez". This is one of those moments. If you think that video shows Sora angry then youd instantly cry in fetal position if someone actually got angry at you. That barely counts as getting annoyed

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Knowing the posters here, she probably scolded him lightly and he exploded like a spaghetti grenade

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Only once, and it was really an "oh shit" moment because of how incredibly genki she is at all times.

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ID vtubers are incredibly pissy, especially niji because they're not really enforced to be seiso. Dunno, maybe it's the hot weather and jakarta's horrible living condition.

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What the fuck is this language

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Kiara gets mad often and I find it hilarious.

>> No.5704983

My oshi is Rushia, so what do you think?

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To be fair, english curriculum in indonesian school is pretty shit. My highschool teacher has the comprehension of a 5 years old and I lived in the capital.
People who are good in english are either nerds, their parent is an english teacher, or rich enough to afford an english course.

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>That top comment

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>someone superchats you in English
>respond in Indonesian

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Probably the same reason why she didn't understand updog, since calling someone a dog in japanese is a serious insult.

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Aruran had no problem. Pika is just bad at English dayo.

>> No.5705613

Chat isn't to be taken seriously. It is all tongue and cheek.

>> No.5705714

you are the reason they get pissed at their chat

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lol based.

>> No.5705917

holy mother of god this is based

>> No.5705922

You do know no one's forcing you to give them money, right?

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Oh my God, she went fucking apeshit.

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Probably, but I could imagine her going really hard and making someone feel very miserable and small if she wanted to.

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It entertains me when they get mad at the spergs in chat though.

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It was like listening to an angry machine gun in cute girl form.

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She gets mad sometimes, at least I think she does. It's really funny regardless.

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I pee'd

>> No.5706585

There was that one time Gura got absolutely dominated in amogus.

>> No.5706626

holy basado

>> No.5706671

link you getting owned

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Botan never gets angry

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I personally want to see Gura explode. I feel like she's the type to cry when angry. Fat chance of that happening though, she has an insane amount of patience.

>> No.5706867

Based if true. Wheres your proof?

>> No.5706945

Gura exploding would destroy her entire image and career

>> No.5707063

Closest she got would be around Christmas when she mentioned having a bit of Champagne and shitters went to town calling her a drunk until she threatened to start banning people.

>> No.5707082

what tone? It was just text. amekeks, your oshi is fucking stoopid

>> No.5707543

>she gets mad sometimes, at least I think she does
I never really saw Nene get actually mad. And I actually can't see her getting mad at chat because for some reason, she has chat on a very very tight leash. Nene of all people...

>> No.5707557

Any male chuuba rage?

>> No.5707589

Astel did a powerpoint when someone insulted his apesex skills

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Mori got pretty close when her WoD permissions got revoked hours before the character creation stream

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I want all fucking HoloEN, HoloJP and HoloID get extremely mad at me and charge at me and fucking trample me underneath their feet to oblivion

>> No.5707733

Yeah that's the one time I can think of where she was getting angry. I still don't think she should have apologized for it the next day

>> No.5707761

she was pretty upset in the among us collab

>> No.5707771

Astel and Izu...

>> No.5707895

I think it's not so much the chat being on a tight leash, rather the chat is more or less in on the "joke" that is watching Nene play video games.

>> No.5707926

I really hate it when my oshi gets sagun

>> No.5707960

doxx all of them and let them shit onto you

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no and i won't see her rage, she'll be unbreakable till the end

>> No.5708358

you cant just say that and not expand further anon thats not fair

>> No.5708388

i dont watch her but i lover so much

>> No.5708471

I sent my oshi an akasupa and joked about not being able to afford food now and she seemed to be genuinely upset

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>A minute in
>Look at the total time
>4:33 of this


>> No.5708571

Ame when she sperged against the gwent spammers in her chat

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You're so funny anon. Tell us more.

>> No.5708878

Choco was legitimately upset that one time when she said Tibet, and the chat went into shit. For some reason she really handled it well and I'm surprised no zhang wheelbarrowed her.

>> No.5709025

joe mama

>> No.5709062

What's her longest freakout time then?

>> No.5709116

If you live in SEA you're practically forced to learn English if you want a decent job. It's practically a measure of intelligence. There is no excuse.

>> No.5709232

She'd not be a yelling anger I figure it's the cold anger that makes you realized that you fucked up.

>> No.5709268

That shit only applies to all SEA except Indonesia, maybe if you said malaysia, singapore, and brunei. Then yes i can agree, but Indonesia? Nah

>> No.5709583

I find that hard to believe. Unless you don't have internet, it's impossible not to learn English in developing countries.

>> No.5710000

Please punch me harder Mr Koro

>> No.5710285 [DELETED] 

I can’t find the ligma clip or the one where someone superchats to ask what color her panties are. She went on a small rant about how gross that is to ask and simp mods were full “don’t worry I took care of him”

That dude probably came off a Holocuck stream where that’s a regular question

>> No.5710500

I guess Tibet is less important than Taiwan?

>> No.5710869

And didn't she slam her hand down hard enough to injure herself playing Donkey Kong Country 1?

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Yes, in fact it's his default mood

>> No.5714000

That's a very prudish attitude to take for a fucking pedophile.

>> No.5714441

Indonesian sounds like a language a writer would invent for an uncontacted jungle tribe.

>> No.5714650

>She went on a small rant about how gross that is
wasn't the rant more about how it's not ok to make the streamer say yab things for the lulz?
imagine if a vtuber got tricked into saying nigger on stream. that could ruin a vtuber's growth even if she didn't know what she said.

>> No.5717944

>that could ruin a vtuber's growth even if she didn't know what she said.

>> No.5718137

holy based

>> No.5718151

>imagine if a vtuber got tricked into saying nigger on stream. that could ruin a vtuber's growth

Or it could get your channel a massive boost in views and subs and inadvertently kickstart a major vtuber boom in the west

>> No.5718383

Based. Fuck chat.

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File: 1.55 MB, 1485x1400, uh_oh_were_in_trouble.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5720135

>imagine if a vtuber got tricked into saying nigger on stream. that could ruin a vtuber's growth even if she didn't know what she said.
Nobody cares if someones tricked into saying it. Aside from all the JP holos, Mori and Chicken both got tricked by SCs into saying it, and nobody outside of here gave a shit

>> No.5720521

I want her to scream at me holy fuck

>> No.5721679

They actually do have that right. Chst certainly doesn't deserve anything more than that

>> No.5722412

Isn’t this the normal custom?
Just like they don’t care about you, you shouldn’t either. If someone drops from your taste, then unsub and move. Why people pick on him?

>> No.5725995

are you the dog dude?

>> No.5726957

>IN a super rare moment for her, you could feel her soul getting sucked out by a game
I remember her getting really sad in a few games but I never got the feeling she was angry. Are
sure she isn't a hag? She certainly faces games like one.

>> No.5728122

>imagine if a vtuber got tricked into saying nigger on stream
Oh, you mean like the thing that grabbed everyone's attention to vtubing?
Yeah, it could be absolutely disastrous, Nii-guh~!

>> No.5728244

To be fair, tw101 is very unique in what it is and has a pretty steep learning curve. Everyone's first playthrough is really rough and ina is no exception

>> No.5728823

lmao I love it. Just fucking learn English, you god damn indogs. It ain't fucking Japanese levels of hard to figure it out.

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she's too perfect to get mad

>> No.5729075

explain pls

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This woman does what most women do when they get mad. She starts to get flustered, gets upset, then starts to get teary. There's a Minecraft stream where she had to leave at the tail end for a minute because she got so mad and upset at her computer fucking up she started crying in frustration. Still want a link to her Fire Emblem deleted vod where she breaks down and cries loudly on stream.

>> No.5729366
File: 118 KB, 500x605, what the fug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this language is just gibberish, you can't change my mind

>> No.5729435

what did you do?

>> No.5729516

some costumers are just fucking stupid and need to be called out.

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I remember she got mad at chat or probably just people from /here/ to be honest for being mad at the kids in chat and basically said stop bullying the kids

>> No.5729640


>> No.5729891

>ID vtubers are incredibly pissy
Hana's based.
She's also half American and half Japanese though and is only there on a uni scholarship.

>> No.5729934

I'm telling Botan...

>> No.5730078

she actually hates getting called a drunk since 'her' always gets wasted on stream. thank god cover put her on a leash

>> No.5730277

sui gets mad plenty of times

>> No.5730414

And I fucking love it, peak oshi

>> No.5730467

Related though https://twitter.com/Hana_Macchia/status/1408608356042870786
She doesn't like being called Niji EN gen 0.
Probably because there used to be a different Niji EN (Niji IN) so she thinks it's disrespectful to them and the new EN members.

>> No.5730563

Kiara is such a quintessential girly girl that it's hardly surprising that's her go to. Very on brand.

>> No.5730572

>it's really rare to get an Indonesian superchat
kek. Why does cover even bother with this branch.

>> No.5730871

wtf i love undead zoomer now

>> No.5730909
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Yeah, thats the one I'm talking about.

>> No.5730966

I wanted to add a few rage moments:

Pekora: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m2ECND7VrY

Noel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yV_lPkRFaA

Miko: https://youtu.be/4zzzCMUXs90?t=604

Okayu (not extreme rage, but rare angry moment): https://youtu.be/zPIEPKehONM?t=97

>> No.5731072

kek based

>> No.5731107

He's not my oshi, but I like this example. Team AIM(Astel, Izuru, Makea) were tormented multiple times by cheaters through their climb to masters as a trio: https://streamable.com/y8apjr
When they finally manage to kill a cheater team, Izuru unloads his pent-up anger on the guy's corpse: https://youtu.be/iwGmkQER-Uk?t=615

>> No.5731279

What a retarded logic, no wonder they're irrelevant fucking pissy shrews.

>> No.5731801

What's retarded about not being a dick?

>> No.5731867

There's nothing dickish about joking about being EN gen 0.

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Completely based comment, the redditor beta orbiters here on /vt/ have a completely warped view of female streamers, they have this awful parasocial relationship with them while denying it like >>5699175 >>5698655 >>5705922 >>5698585 >>5705714

These women are products, they have managers to market to you fags, merchandise for you to obsess over.
You are consuming content that is supposed to make you give them money.
If these products aren't doing something you like, you can completely tell them about it.

Donating to a streamer is not charity, you can literally take your $1000's of dollars back through your bank if they they misrepresented their product, which is in more cases than not, being a GFE.

Yes, you can completely request a refund and cover can't do shit about it, it's not a charity donation.
This goes for any streamer, and any content you have not found acceptable, including;
>digital games purchases
>stream site plans
>digital subscriptions

As long as a product isn't physical, you can easily refund it, because as the consumer, you have the right to say it sucks.
These girls have the right to say anything they want, but as consumers, we have the right to tell them you don't like it and to refund.

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File: 25 KB, 527x408, E3LCEM0VoAQYcUj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based Ame

>> No.5732489

It kind of makes me feel bad about laughing at Korone getting tricked into reading "eating Mike Tyson's ass. Even though she was a good sport about it I guess it is kind of a dick move to take advantage of their ignorance.

>> No.5732650

I've seen Korone be very scared about the FBI and very upset about numerous things, but I've never seen her legit angry. Playfully violent yes, but never actually furious.

>> No.5732664

Was this clipped? This was in response to some shitter trying to backseat game that wasn't even high ranked wasn't it?

>> No.5732814

That counts as rage for maletubers? Really? That was nothing.

>> No.5732892

Highly disagree, getting mad at chat is one of the best things a streamer can do. 99% of the time they deserve it, and even when they don't it's still entertaining.

>> No.5733050

Too long, didn't read.

>> No.5733779


>> No.5733916

It was like 40 minutes of Astel scribbling in paint to explain how the viewer was wrong, it would be a long fucking clip.

>> No.5734382
File: 28 KB, 720x478, 200902082_1156487058189443_4684491700391608103_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus christ why are you like this, remember that you're only a viewer to them, just gtfo if you don't like their hustle. come on man, you can do better than that....

>> No.5734880

I dont really like Ollie's content, but this is a good rant, even if it just sounds like random noise.

>> No.5734956

I was there for that. Honestly, it wasn't even that yabai for her standards but chat made it sound more worse than it really was. She thought that what she was saying was incredibly sexually yabai. Kind of like if someone had tricked her into saying, "I love getting fucked hard." Considering how she says "Nice" after seeing 69 and her sperging out over loli's, I find it hard to believe that she would actually be offended if she understood the ligma joke. Chat was just overreacting.

>> No.5735208

what were you saying
not like it matters, you 100% deserved it
probably some racist/homophobic/misogynist shit, outside of your safe containment box, which is the only place content to let you be a disgusting piece of shit

>> No.5735364

get fucked teambait

>> No.5735529

based ame

>> No.5735577

I can see it now
>Says "Oi" in frustration
>Everyone shuts the fuck up instantly

>> No.5735775

i don't care, i will keep on bullying the children because it makes chat better and that's the only way they'll learn
Rose is too nice with everyone

>> No.5735886

I hate reddit

>> No.5736052

Can someone link me to this stream, that sounds fucking hilarious

>> No.5736289

Same. They deny they watch it because of the GFE and the want to fuck the vtuber, post about how superior they are over places like this because they 'moderate' and have a more 'mature appreciation' for streamers, and then they're the ones who pop up in roommate socials trying to coddle them into loving them. Fuck discord groups and fuck reddit. Anonymity means a lack of repercussions AND a lack of accolades meaning it's much more free and honest here.

>> No.5736755

>DennisNedry "Tibet he said Tibet!" nobody cares.jpg

>> No.5737088

/vt/ BTFO

>> No.5737217

Ame obviously did the right thing

>> No.5737327

I mean, you're not wrong, Indog has some primitive rules e.g. there are no plurals, you just repeat the same word twice to express more than one

>anak = child
>anak-anak = children

Tolkien's Elvish language is more fleshed out than Indog.

>> No.5737361

Off topic but that is a really ugly outfit and I don't understand how anons can unironically like the huge forehead.

>> No.5737454

Someone has to whip those idiots into shape, why not them?

>> No.5737633
File: 16 KB, 498x84, 1622483285193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For (You).

>> No.5738525

It was one guy from /here/ iirc who went off almost completely unprompted. She threatened to ban him and it stopped

>> No.5740665

>no ame dog or pikamee ligma clip

>> No.5740815
File: 137 KB, 355x405, hmmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. It's pretty hot.

>> No.5745394

Laughed out loud I can't believe that's a real thing.

>> No.5746545


>> No.5746803
File: 1.72 MB, 220x220, 1615359208958.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've watched every Botan stream since debut and I don't think I've ever seen her get legit angry. Maybe playfully annoyed at Polka.

>> No.5747110

That seems way too delicate. Laughing at people's linguistic errors and ignorance is as old as language. It's all just for fun.

>> No.5747124

This is the best one kek

>> No.5747224

Oh you mean like Temako who got to 10K in two weeks by saying slurs live on stream while visiting 4Chan because she doesn't know english to know better?

>> No.5747242

Japanese has no plurals whatsoever, you just have to infer from context. Does that make it more "primitive" than Indonesian?

>> No.5747244

Botan just seems unendingly chill.

>> No.5747369


>> No.5747748

Krispen Wah

>> No.5748202
File: 469 KB, 584x412, Amelia Ame fear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5748354


>> No.5748622

>literal reddit response

>> No.5748812

based ame

>> No.5749015

tl;dr has been around longer than reddit converted redditor

>> No.5749694
File: 122 KB, 689x733, 1624103742802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ame will def fuck you up if you're annoying, the girl has nerves of steel from dealing with twitch idiots so you know if she loses her temper it has to be some incessant troll

is probably this retard >>5696334
Dude was basically a 2016 tourist whining about some of the charities AnimeEX was donating to and Amelia wasn't having ANY of that shit

>> No.5750046

>calling self deprecating fags disgusting
Might I say, based?

>> No.5750565

mucho texto

>> No.5750626
File: 203 KB, 1400x1320, 2070115a1dd3a52aa122bced44cd8f36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'll never forget the time Fubuki called stream snipers a bunch of phimotic pencil dicked faggots

>> No.5750736 [DELETED] 

>whining about some of the charities AnimeEX was donating
I looked at their website and its cringe as shit. Its not SOME of the charities, the only charity they are donating to is some liberal virtue signaling charity. Not only is it stupid, race dividing trite, these charities are also notorious for money not going to their actual cause and instead lining some random fuckers pockets.
The guy who did this is retarded though, he shouldn't be complaining to Ame. He should instead send an email to cover. Cover participating in this is bad for the brand and goes against their policy of "no politics". There are thousands of other anime conventions so they should switch to another one

>> No.5751185 [DELETED] 

>Cover participating in this is bad for the brand and goes against their policy of "no politics".
You're a fucking retard if you think a Japanese company is gonna pull out of an Anime event because they donate to a charity that promotes treating Asian people better, or that the Japanese domestic audience would even consider it political. Kill yourself faggot tourist.

>> No.5751705 [DELETED] 

>promotes treating Asian people better
Japanese are basically white people in the eyes of these people. Japanese society is next on their hit list after white western civilization is dismantled. These people are only clinging onto "stop asian hate" because its trendy, and another method to enact gun control and sway public opinion against whites.

>that the Japanese domestic audience would even consider it political
Even if they don't consider it political, it certainly is. This money is being funneled into political programs and is being used to promote political ideologies. Its not just "treat people nicer!!", its about wars of culture.
But I agree that hololive and this board aren't the places to be discussing it. Hence why "no politics at all" should be the stance taken by cover and other agencies. All it does is create arguments and vitriol. Call me a tourist (I'm not) but I don't care. I will not stop emphasizing the importance separation of vtubers and politics.

>> No.5751879
File: 67 KB, 375x415, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao I bet this was you. Hope it was worth the $50 to get told to get fucked.

>> No.5752017

What a massive faggot

>> No.5752055

It wasn't me, I'm self aware enough to know that a superchat like that is retarded.
Still you shouldn't be celebrating this as a victory. Politics getting involved in any form is a cancer that will spread if not snuffed out early. Slippery slope is real, and if you care at all about the hobby then you will realize how important it is to keep this shit out.

>> No.5752205

holy shit mega faggot alert

>> No.5752543

Intellectually disingenuous faggot. Everything is political, just because you don't agree with this specific kind of politics doesn't make it more political or whatever.
And even if you were being honest (which you aren't), wishing for something to be apolitical is in and of itself a political stance.
The fact that AX is supporting charity is tangential, holos are just here to represent their brand and identity and that says absolutely nothing about their deeper political beliefs and no one should care about that. If you're going to be a just-for-fun faggot be that to the end.

>> No.5752647

You will never be a woman

>> No.5753217

>Everything is political
No it really isn't. People who say this are just trying to justify shoving their politics into somewhere they do not belong. How is any stream from hololive political????
>Wishing for something to be apolitical is in and of itself a political stance
I suppose it is. But its a neutral political stance, which is WAY more agreeable than a political stance tilted towards one side. Look at hololive, people from every array of political ideologies can enjoy it. Any political opinion they lift from it is simply a product of schizophrenic rrats.
>The fact that AX is supporting charity is tangential
I mean, it really isn't tangential to the event itself. The charity is at the core of the event. But if you are saying its tangential to hololive, then I suppose that's true.
>holos are just here to represent their brand and identity and that says absolutely nothing about their deeper political beliefs and no one should care about that
Yes but associating with these types of people and charities is bad. Inevitably it will attract people who are interested in bringing the political cancer to the hobby.

Apathy from people like you is what will inevitably leave the door open for political twitter users to ruin agencies like hololive. All you have to do is look at indies or vshojo to see what effect political crap has.

>> No.5753433

i'm so glad you felt comfortable enough to come out to us

>> No.5753494

>Any political opinion they lift from it is simply a product of schizophrenic rrats.
At least you're self-aware I suppose.

>> No.5753732

Faggots and twitter trannies who want to insert politics and social justice into vtubing should get the rope. Simple as that.

>> No.5753871 [DELETED] 

Can you identify a charity that would not be political though (in that there are not people who would oppose it)? Any charity about protecting the environment is political. Any charity aiming to reduce death and suffering for poor Africans and/or Asians is extremely political. I actually lean towards agreeing with you but it's not as simple as saying just keep all politics out of vtubing.

>> No.5753893 [DELETED] 

You contradict your first point by conceding to my second point here. Apolitical stance = political, therefore everything is political. Being apolitical is also not a neutral stance, it's a deliberate stance in favour of the status quo. Sure everyone can enjoy hololive and I wouldn't want to see chuubas start holding political streams, fuck no. But you have to be aware that most of them probably disagree with you politically, even if they don't talk about it.
Yes, I meant tangential to hololive, since hololive isn't the company that decided on the charities present.
Listen, you seem reasonable to a certain extent, I don't care about political orientation but I care about intellectual honesty. Say it like it is: You want vtubing to be as far removed from leftist ideologies as possible. Which is a stance I can understand but you should know that you are fighting a losing war, people in art and entertainment tend to be left leaning (even in Japan by japanese standards) for a reason.

>> No.5754013

Ame's recent animal charity seems fine.

>> No.5754163

I agree, but, aside from Graduating, there's not much of anything Ame can do about the dealings between Cover, AnimeEX and whatever this charity is, so bringing it to her and not the company's like slapping a kid cause his dad went and ran a red light & tboned you

>> No.5754560 [DELETED] 

Only until your far-right mouthpiece tells you animals are actually part of some liberal virtue signal plot to raise taxes on the rich and you eat it up and decide animals are suddenly political. When the hell did asians go from "model immigrants" to political targets in your eyes? Pretty much happened overnight when the tourists got the latest directive from King Retard.
That's exactly the other anon's point that everything is inherently "political" if you twist it that way due to your own personal ideology being incompatible. The idea that acknowledging LGBT people is "political" or stopping asian hate crimes is "political" is just your own political bias clouding your interpretation of reality.

>> No.5754617 [DELETED] 

>Can you identify a charity that would not be political
Animal protection
Environmental cleanup (It only gets political when they enact policies)
Cancer research and treatment
Child Abuse protection
Crime prevention
Mental health and disability treatment
Feeding the poor and hungry
Relief from natural disasters.

Literally I can go all day. You seem to misunderstand what I mean by "political". I'm referring to people who have a distinct and divisive ideology. The whole "stop hate!!!" charity is this kind of political charity because it engages in spreading divisiveness between whites and minorities. Why would you support a charity like that instead of one of these non divisive (and much more helpful) charities above???

>Apolitical stance = political, therefore everything is political
Ok I suppose so. But again, read my post. Saying "everything is political so why not do blah blah blah" is a horrible stance to take.
>Being apolitical is also not a neutral stance, it's a deliberate stance in favour of the status quo
Cringe. Imagine thinking literally everything is about promoting some political bullshit. Sounds like you are the one who has spent too much time on /pol/ or twitter if you think that politically neutral things are inherently biased in some way.
Again, refer to my analogy that hololive is apolitical. You can't find ANY sort of political stance within a hololive stream. If you do, then you created it in your own head.
>But you have to be aware that most of them probably disagree with you politically, even if they don't talk about it.
You are projecting very hard here.
>Say it like it is: You want vtubing to be as far removed from leftist ideologies as possible
Hell no. I want all politics out. Modern "politics" are just a gross tabloid sham to get the public riled up. Modern right wingers just praise trump and fall for ragebait articles. Left wingers just try to kiss minority ass all day and get mad over the smallest act of "microaggression". Its tiring, I just want a safe haven from it all.
>people in art and entertainment tend to be left leaning for a reason
Yes because these industries are owned by people trying to push the leftist agenda, and the general public is too apathetic or lazy to say anything about it.

Yeah, read my earlier post:
"The guy who did this is retarded though, he shouldn't be complaining to Ame"

Holy shit you are seething. Go back to twitter

>> No.5754642

>posting all that shit
>accusing anyone else of seething
lmao cope

>> No.5754678

>holy shit he showed some kind of genuine interest in a discussion??? CRINGE!!!!!!

>> No.5754747

Are you ok anon...? It's not healthy to be this autistically mad over nothing.

>> No.5754804

ah yes the classic tactic of pretending not to care

>> No.5754841

MArine, playing amogus

>> No.5754988

Right wingers like animals. Far-right people don't care about the rich. "Stop Asian Hate" is not about protecting asians (from the recent rise in attacks from blacks), it's just anti-white. Trump is not in power and was not even effective in furthering right wing causes, stop thinking about him.

>> No.5755160

Imagine unironically thinking anyone hates animals.
Literally go back to r*ddit you dumb r*ddit nigger.

>> No.5755203


>> No.5755254
File: 26 KB, 220x239, 1601644498976.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>open thread
>see /pol/
>close thread

>> No.5755292

I bet you guys arent even old enough to vote.
Go watch some anime girls.

>> No.5755435
File: 42 KB, 175x159, fubker.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>open thread
>see fubker
>made my day

>> No.5755443

>Everything is political
Kill yourself

>> No.5755547

Licking balls isn't very family friendly

>> No.5755553
File: 160 KB, 702x518, 1608022617324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5755561

Read nigga read

>> No.5755766

wait, were you the one who complained about the en girls doing that virtual con?

if so you got btfo'd

"at least he paid me money to say that"

>> No.5755781

She was hit on the head a lot as a child, please understand

>> No.5755956 [DELETED] 

>Only until your far-right mouthpiece tells you animals are actually part of some liberal virtue signal plot to raise taxes on the rich
Jesus Christ, the twitter tourists are indeed real.Go back to your faggot website you retard nigger

>> No.5756358

she was probably on her period

>> No.5756404

or he was autistic and cringe

>> No.5756517

To be fair, she definitely was drunk

>> No.5756822
File: 3.58 MB, 588x640, tenor (12).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread...

>> No.5757113

back to discord with you

>> No.5758487
File: 98 KB, 660x789, FRIENDS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>open thread
>see friends

>> No.5759419

Glad at least one Holo knows how to stomp out the annoying faggots in their stream, more should take note.

>> No.5759610

Its not surprising that the people women cant stand in real life congregate to a virtual forum and want immunity for that same cancerous behavior. If the chubbas had to bend a knee to every paypig the streams would be absolutely unwatchable GARBAGE.

>> No.5759933

>still replying to the obvious bait posts

>> No.5760020

I wonder if people like this are even capable of the self reflection required to realise how fucking retarded they sound

>> No.5760160

Funny how you “keep politics out of my ______” types are overly political and have a strong political agenda yourself.

Enjoy the virtual tubers like the rest of us idiots and get over yourself.

>> No.5760270

>you will never chill with lionhag drinking monster zero and playing vidya on her xbox as she sandwiches you with her thighs

>> No.5760656

Yes everyone has political opinions. And how exactly does that disprove my point? There’s a time and place for politics and vtubers are not it.

>Enjoy the virtual tubers like the rest of us idiots and get over yourself.
Yeah just sit back and watch your hobby get ruined over time until it becomes unrecognizable.
Also the fact you said “virtual tubers” tells me that you are a tourist, so why are you here??

>> No.5760676


>> No.5760760

I don't think I've ever seen Tia legitimately angry, just sad

>> No.5760792
File: 23 KB, 381x492, Horseshoe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5760827


>> No.5760876

The streamer who used to be Artia.

>> No.5760879
File: 51 KB, 745x745, Ragefoob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Friend at her most furious.


>> No.5760887


>> No.5760955 [DELETED] 


>why are you here

Because he wants you to sit back while he ruins things you like, because it's only 'political' when you're telling him to stop inserting his politics into it, but when he's doing it unopposed it's "stunning and brave" because it's never about "making /pol/ go away" but about "making our opponents stop trying to stop us while we insert our gay rainbow shit everywhere and getting mad when someone tells us to take a fucking chill pill"

>> No.5761055

Except for my queen Reine!

>> No.5761377

Astel.... Even pros gets backseaters in their chat. Just ignore them

>> No.5761473

how the fuck is this angry?

>> No.5761560


>> No.5761686


>> No.5761740

Imagine wasting 50 dollars on this.

>> No.5761774

>Everything is political
And here we see a liberal activist in action.

>> No.5763230

>resisting my tranny propaganda is political but not my tranny propaganda itself is non-political

>> No.5763252

>wishing for something to be apolitical is in and of itself a political stance.
this is what happens when you fall for brainwashing by corporations folks
you do their bidding for free

>> No.5763319

>2016 tourist
why do sjw trannies project so much?
its obvious you didnt touch 4chan until Trump won
>saves ame's pic with a gun
>while his side dilates over gun rights in blue states
hilarious and hypocritical. as always.

>> No.5763695

I don't think i have seen Mori that pissed before and she was holding back a lot. Only other one i remember was when she got serious about people calling her "tomboy" and putting her foot down.

>> No.5763706

Pretend anime girlfriends should never get uppity.
They pretend to not be ugly online as a living, that's bottom of barrel

>> No.5763761

Then fucking post it to Cover and not SCs to a chuuba.

>> No.5763857

Yeah, I don't get why people are so offended when I call them niggerfaggot like I do on here. It's so weird. They must just be too delicate, I'll keep at it.

>> No.5764078

They're right. People don't exist in a vacuum. You can't arrive at the conclusion of choosing to be apolitical without considering the "politics" of the situation at hand.

>> No.5764144

I think there's a difference between laughing at honest mistakes, and intentionally setting someone up to make a mistake so you can laugh.

>> No.5764187

want me to guess your gender?

>> No.5764278

Is this the angriest Ina has been?
(Not for the faint of heart) https://youtu.be/xRBZ1W11GXE
Generally she was pretty annoyed at the backseaters during HK, but this time and right after beating lost kin is the part where she actually lashes out.

>> No.5764554

I don't know the context, but since you're on /vt/ you probably said something that justified her behavior.

>> No.5764600

No and I probably would stop watching her if she did. We are talking genuinely mad here, not mad played up for laughs. I have a childhood trauma from a friend throwing a controller against the wall smashing it because he lost a game online. Well, the controller he was using was mine.
Since then, to me, people that get mad during games are the lowest of the low, worse than SEAniggers or KFP. So if my Oshi would get angry, I'd drop her. She's too weak to deserve my support. I don't mind if she despairs, that's adorable. But if she notices she will get genuinely angry then she should just stop playing and do something else.

>> No.5765174

>muh childhood trauma
what a baby you are.

>> No.5765627

>I have a childhood trauma from a friend throwing a controller against the wall smashing it because he lost a game online. Well, the controller he was using was mine.
Oh my god that's so traumatising! I'm so sorry you had to experience that you colossal faggot

>> No.5765642

high-quality bait

>> No.5766150


>> No.5768042
File: 81 KB, 680x680, 3a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Everything is political

>> No.5768989

i was waiting for her getting angry, but the video ended

>> No.5769033


>> No.5769144

That's bullshit... but I believe it.

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