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You can dislike her. You can disdain her. You can hate her. But you have to admit that chicken loves vtubing and is one of the most hard working talents in hololive. Girl just strained her neck really bad and even so, will proceed with the streams normally, no breaks, no bullshit. This is a VTuber that dedicates herself and apreciates her community, unlike some others that just go away for weeks without saying a word. Hope she recovers fast.

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Of course she does. She loves having all eyes on her. Me me me

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you've gotta respect the grind, she got the Sigma Female mindset

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>is one of the most hard working talents in hololive
and indie too with her 2 other roommate acc

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I will never kneel to orange women. Orange women bad.

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This reminds me smegma.

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I just wish she had more live viewers instead of the army of kfp supachatting away their paychecks

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I agree

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She never will. Kiara panders to a very limited set of Tumblr saviorfags, she'll never have the mass appeal of other Holos because she stinks of western roastie

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She gets a single knee genuflection for these 2 hours for various reasons but don't get cocky chickies

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I can't unsee it

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She's pretty middle of the road when it comes to engagement all things considered. Last I checked her live viewership was floating somewhere around 8-10k, with her view average being 130k or something. It's pretty respectable.

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Chickim I fucking kneel

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I'll kneel, but I'll still dislike her.

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Orange chicken good.

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I will say she is pretty hard working.
If Kiara graduated, HoloEN weekly hours streamed would go down 33%

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I just want to impregnate Kiara. I Have no other opinions on her other than that

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I have confident in Kiara...
she's not my oshi
I will not defend her against schizos o etc.
But i respect her existance and work as Vtubing

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Then die.

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I just want to save the white race with her via marriage

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Isn't like half of her streams just superchat reading?

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Zatsudan superchat is content.

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They're closer to about 1/4 I think. But they're closer to chatting streams than just superchat reading

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I don't like Kiara but I'm not a crazy person about it. I hope things turn out okay for her and also she decides to stop being so annoying.

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>implying there is any superchat reading on her superchatreading streams

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fuck off zhang

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Wasn't that just an inane tweet, not actual damage to the neck.

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Didn't vtuber career put her life on rails again.

Something like this you don't wanna lose and risk to fall down the hole again.

I respect her.

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I believe in the Trinity, but this time I'll kneel

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The fact that she tries too much is exactly the problem with her, anon. It leads to her coming off as obnoxious/talkative and them clamming up in collabs when some jokes don't fly well, or moping over being the last of her gen to reach 1mil when most of her senpais would kill for her level of success. I used to dislike her for how she acted, but after doing my reps all I can feel for her is pity. She tries so hard because the idol industry made her believe that if she's not constantly growing or receiving positive attention that she's doing something wrong. I'd rather she take a step back and realize that she's made it big instead of working herself into exhaustion.

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She's a generic roastie who managed to make her way into Hololive and rode on her genmates coattails by an immense amount of leeching. She was a mistake but at least I take pleasure in the fact that no matter what she achieves she will always be secretly unfulfilled and seething because of her jealousy over the fact she'll always be the least liked EN.

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>Act like she love pekora and is the #1 nousagi to leech pekora's fame
>Completely throw away that character setting now
I hope she's the first one to graduate in EN

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>Claims she's watched every single Pekora stream
>Doesn't know basic mechanics of Minecraft despite it being Pekoras most played game
She's such a fucking retard, why lie like that?

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Yeah yeah we get it egg. You can stop samefagging.

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Very strange analogy but that is basically what happened. Poor Pekora, doomed to having to pretend she likes the Chicken to maintain her image.

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>Girl just strained her neck really bad
is that her new schtick for milking the saviourfags?

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>Still no new IP.

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Give her a break, coming up with new sob stories every week to milk the pay piggies is hard work

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>everyone who posts things I don't like are samefags

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>Doesn't know unique posters is a thing.
But I praise for at least being able to use inspect element. Go on egg.

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is there a mememe.gif with kiara?

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>If the IP count doesn't go up after each post it means everyone replying is samefagging
You can't possibly be this retarded anon. People don't just drop into a thread, post one reply then leave.

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they do all the time, especially when shitposting, wtf are you talking about

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>Literally 1 egg that hated on Kiara 5 hours ago before you came in.
You either can't handle the fact that I busted you or that one egg came back after 5 hours just to see if someone agreed with him, either way both scenarios are sad.

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>Only 1 person hates Kiara on /vt/
This is some enormous fucking cope right here chickenfag.

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We are obviously talking about the same thread, egg. I know you are seething but cmon I know you do have some brains in you.

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I don't like her personality, but yeah, it was pretty clear that she puts in a lot of effort into this since the beginning.

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Keep watching her streams for anything significant to use for your agenda Anon. The birb needs views too.

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>Only 1 person hates Kiara in this thread
lmao oh the lies KFP have to tell themselves to keep going each day

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Only clips. I make sure to like and comment on doxx vids of her too to help the algorithm.

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>Eggs get BTFO'd
>So they proceed to post doxx.
How many times have I seen this already?

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Thinking about how Kiara is still traumatised by having that sweaty Jap dry humping her in her Asuka plugsuit makes me smile every time

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How can one take you seriously Anon?
>I make sure to like and comment on doxx vids of her too to help the algorithm.
The absolute state.

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I will forever be happy knowing that you kiara fags can't get any discussion going on because of your insecurity and feels the need to argue against people hating on her for valid reasons.
Your threads will forever be in a mess, and you are as insecure as your pathetic oshi

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How do you feel that Kiara takes on superior BLACK COCK and SAMURAI CHINCHIN? Get cucked faggot.

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>Pulls the insecurity card after replying to himself over 5 times + doxx.

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Jokes on you.
I only replied to this thread 3 times.
& this.
The issue with you retards is that you can't believe there's more than 1 people that hated your pretentious fake vtuber

>> No.5709225

You know, Mori fits that criteria, but we know what stemmed your hatred.

rAcE TrAiToR
The absolute state of egglets

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Mori sucks too

>> No.5709288

Can someone make this?

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Don't listen to the voices in your head, egg.

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Still listening to Goodbye Sengen. 830k views, well on the way to 1m. I wonder what Kiara will have to say on stream about its rousing success

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I've been shitting on Kiara for months and it's always fascinating how many boogeymen the KFP concoct to try and deflect from the fact Kiara is an unpleasant person. First it was seaniggers, then discord trannies, then they found that egg guy. They'll just keep swinging at their imaginary bullies and never really hit the target.

>> No.5709599 [DELETED] 

They are
>lives with his mom and sister
>so fat that they can only use a couch as pc chair
>lives with my governments welfare money
>which means I pay this pigs meaningless life talk about being leech
>feels pride by being german
>but even worse than immigrants, at least they work and provide something to this country
I guess it's good that they aren't crackheads and shit up my street, they only shit up my 4chan board

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>Imaginary bullies
>then they found the egg guy.
The meds, egg. Take them fast!

>> No.5709648

>Find one retard
>Suddenly swinging at shadows claiming every single negative post is by this one guy
Yes, take your meds retard

>> No.5709753

I want to violently shove my foot up her ass.

>> No.5709802

if she works that hard, why did she get to 1mil last in holoen group?

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Her voice is unbearable.

>> No.5709881

Shit personality

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She is a stacey and the opposite of a numberfag. She plays whatever she wants instead of going for the most popular games. She mostly plays debuff Jrpg.
Her hard work shows in her money though. best in her gen

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Look guys, I use my phone and friends to chainpost in a dead thread to seem legit

>> No.5709917

>Her hard work shows in her money though. best in her gen
you mean paypigs savior fags, also superchats are only fraction of income on youtube
t. numberfag

>> No.5709929

>the opposite of a numberfag
This guy has coped so hard he's pushed himself into an alternate reality. Anon Kiara is one of the biggest numberfaggers in all of Hololive. She ties her entire self worth to the numbers she can get. She's a broken menhera who needs constant validation.

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>>Suddenly swinging at shadows claiming every single negative post is by this one guy
Well no point going over this when new eggs have spawned since then. I did bust his ass initially though, if you want to be a good egg at least change your IP next time.

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My man. You can be a schizo and hate a random anime girl on the internet for all i care. but you can't deny her hard work. She streams by far the most. Hololive and her fans are everything to her.

because she promots her own songs? Ogey

>> No.5709987

i agree with you but starting off with "kneel" is just annoying

>> No.5710002

I'm that friend
orange woman bad

>> No.5710016

Anon the guy is an anti who just creates threads to samefag in them and then post dox and roommate stuff. Her antis always spam threads about her. KFP are staying in their split and hlgg.

>> No.5710035

>47 unique IPs
>All negative posts are by 1 guy

>> No.5710056

I'd kneel on this bitch's neck.

>> No.5710057

>be euroniggr
>change ip
It's more than 1 guy though, probably 2 or 3

>> No.5710060

>Completely missed the point
See, I do know you're new in this thread.

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Whatever bros i'm off. Remember rule 3. Shitting on a chuuba is banable, you just need to actually report. Have fun

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yeah maybe
i know this isnĀ“t how /vt/ works but sometimes i wish more people would have a middleground between "the best vtuber that ever lived" and "hope she dies in a horrific way"

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Update the list you lazy fucks.

>> No.5710135

Just posting to say Kiara is garbage

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Same, was fun dealing with the egg for a while. I''ll let them seethe now.

>> No.5710164

Well shes still obnoxious as shit but at least shes dedicated

>> No.5710165

Apparently their new tactic is to watch the IPs and claim that all the hate is someone samefagging

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imagine thinking the numbers aren't absolute and only objective thing in the universe, but whatever allows you to cope...

>> No.5710205

>People hates my oshi!
>They just be trolling!!!!!
Grow up

>> No.5710232

>Posting that Kiara is a bitch is "trolling"
Even the trannies that clean up my shit for free here won't help you with that, retard

>> No.5710249

>hard work.
ever heard "work smarter, not harder"?

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File: 149 KB, 810x280, i kneel to shark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Stop using my Jackal Oshi for your shitposts Faggot

>> No.5710966

Tell Kiara that you like her signing and she might slurp yours up.

>> No.5711256

Kiara isn't smart, she's tough.

>> No.5717851

You're right, there are 4.

>> No.5718574

Count me in

>> No.5721729

Washed up idol likes faux-idolatry on thin chance of achieving her dreams of being an entertainer as a job, getting attention and being a japanese.

>> No.5722864

You were already counted.

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Face it faggot, people dislike Kiara because of many justified reasons
Not everyone is a samefag retarded KFPtranny-kun

>> No.5723651

And this


>> No.5732710

I want to hatefuck this bitch.

>> No.5733632

do you know why she refused to drop her fake voice? i remember in one of her early sc stream some random bloke lowkey critizise her voice and ask her to use her normal voice instead. she answer it but i forget what her answer is.

>> No.5737081

Yes but also no.

>> No.5737451

This, like "genius is never recognized", has always been the eternal cope of the kind of person that graduated highschool with all Cs and couldnt go to college because they have no work ethic, no motivation, no consistency, and wont even try to try.
"Work smarter not harder" only works if you actually do work smarter, or if you're smart enough to realize a smarter way. Since you dont work either way and you're a completely average midwit with no special qualities either way, it always means "work less and hope people dont mind pushed deadlines". Its always an excuse to not work harder.
You lack discipline and work ethic. You will never understand this.

>> No.5737744

Yes, but they're actually very entertaining zatsudans with tons of audience interaction.

>> No.5737776

I understand Coco and Kiara not being your cup of tea, but imagine hating Nene. Sad.

>> No.5738185
File: 598 KB, 800x1144, __takanashi_kiara_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_san_ke_yue_shi__66ba00c5d8093f259f9311f3bdb31d0d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jesus... You don't have to dislike Kiara to notice that she has an unhealthy habit of comparing her popularity to that of her genmates and other holomems.
Her making a gigantic deal out of reaching 1mil subs and then wondering if she reached that milestone because of pity subs makes this more than obvious.
Or her doubting herself because she was the last out of her gen to reach it.
Even without that you don't have to be a fucking genius to notice that she has some self-esteem issues.

>> No.5740567

She doesn't work hard per se. She works hard in the same way Rushia does. Pander to paypigs and saviorfags with parasocial tenacity. Also inserting herself into any and all situations to try to keep herself in some sort of spotlight.
This guy >>5706760 pretty much nails her as to why she's ultimately unlikable to me.

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