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>elira in the audition tweet
The clique is going strong I see.

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Well, they have to keep replacing the ones who graduate

>> No.56810265

time to replace the old and rebellious talents with the newer and more obedient ones

>> No.56810349

time to get less views than Phase Connect

>> No.56810377

They really are taking the Amazon approach. Cycle through workers until they run out of potential vtubers to hire.

>> No.56810558

They really do not give a single shit that Luxiem is now forever incomplete. They don't care that Selen, the person who was doing the most unity with JP is one foot gone, and never collabing with NijiJP again. They think these people are replacable

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Good, more waves more yabs, more Niji organ liver yabs, more ammos to dunk on Nijiniggers.

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Looked at the application form, why do they need to know your height?

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Obsidya 3D when?
Illuna and XSoliel new outfits when?
Personalized merch when?
AR live concerts when?

>> No.56811760

for 3d

>> No.56811786

They dont want another fulgur, they need you to fit in those 3D suits

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bandage and co left to fend for themselves..

>> No.56811902

New ESL group on the way

>> No.56811951

why arent they asking for weight?

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>> No.56812119

Nice more yabs incoming

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>> No.56812207

After Selen graduates
Probably soon for Illuna, the members have been teasing theirs for a while now
Birthday and 1m celebrations

>> No.56812387

Because Nijisanji are retards who are still poorly casting for predetermined "roles," and they can't have a midget end up doing 3d for a character that's 6 feet tall, and vice versa.

>> No.56812512

Nijisanji is good.

>> No.56812706

i worry my small comfy indie streamer who doesn't know i exist will apply and get in

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No, no, it's the Facebook approach: hire as much as you can and hoard them so your competitors won't have anyone.

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imagine if they try to attempt the duo talent like HoloEN did after the dogs blew up

>> No.56812927

Ironically they could have had it to begin with, but they fucked it up

>> No.56813375

Nijisanji will do it better by hiring an actual two headed person and their model will be two headed too

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quantity over quality as some may say..

>> No.56813600

really? Can't they just wait few weeks after mysta graduation?

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They really named this nigga Bandage

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If they cared about the roles fitting they wouldn't have given kyo's model to the black man that they did

>> No.56815156

Mysta has been "graduating" for a month now, and at this point I'm not convince he won't pull a "change of heart" last minute and stay on because the massive support he received "changed his mind"

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>Be gay
>Join nijisanji
>Build trust
>Off-collab with pomu
>Rape pomu
This is my mission

>> No.56815784

He is already gone. Bro doesn't care enough to have a change of heart

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She is literally the daisenpai of the branch

>> No.56816208

After Lazulights flopped it's never happening again

>> No.56816316

Tempus 3 confirmed

>> No.56816436

they won't stop until there are more vtubers than viewers

>> No.56816505

Black sounding, whatever, the point is that his voice does not fit that model at all

>> No.56816912

My friend, that's a large portion of vtubers.

>> No.56817225

Why do nijifags love to project so much?

>> No.56817312

Why do you think I'm defending them? Look at most Western vtubers. most of them have voices that do not suit their models.

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Generally speaking western corpo try to at least match the model to the voice, unlike nijisanji who made a buff burly inner city voice come out of a shota

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Gonna apply, bros.... i just REALLY want to fuck finana. if i get in im going to work towards fucking her and once i've plap plapped her im gonna graduate. wish me luck

>> No.56817664

What even is the name Yu Q. Wilson supposed to be

>> No.56817874

Is this the gamer wave?
Oh god, this is the first time I've actually heard of them and knowing their name.
Nijisanji is really something.

>> No.56818078

So how many graduations are in the pipeline that they need a new wave already

>> No.56818084

>2021, 4 waves
>2022, 3 waves
>2023, 1 wave (probably a 2nd wave soon)
how much slower do they want???

>> No.56818259

I wish you luck my friend

>> No.56818273

They are just mad about EN not having 3D beside Lazulight, people that debuted after ILuna in the JP side already have 3D models.

There are rumors about Selen having trouble to go to Japan or that she can't get on the 3D suit and her model keep clipping.

>> No.56818421

UQ Holder i think

>> No.56818453

>Selen and Fulgur are so fat that if they have 3D models the entire fabric of reality collapses

>> No.56818564

anycolor does need to fix their logistics issue in regards to their overseas talents, I can agree with that

>> No.56818746

0 waves please

>> No.56818846

I think NIjiEN is reaching the point where they can outnumber Holo 3-to-1. Although other companies may have similar numbers too.

but well, the missing 3D for Obsydia is definitely a key point. Cover managed to give both Myth and Council a proper 3D already, and even have an actual overseas 3D concert. I got feeling Advent will have 3D pretty soon too. Anycolor is still the bigger company here.

>> No.56818982

The sequel to Negima.

>> No.56819007

duh, anyone watching nijisanji should know thats how they work. even if you are an EN only fag you should know at this point after fucking 2 years. if not just stop watching because thats the way the company works and never will change

>> No.56819021

If they have a weight limit they’d have to graduate at least 2 of their organs

>> No.56819255

I doubt this will debut any time soon honestly. these auditions generally take 3 months or more for the wave from it to debut. anycolor with EN is also going a lot slower since last year so i dont understand why retards in the qrt are acting like that

>> No.56819523

I will read the middles ones name as vantacrow nigger kek

>> No.56819593

Honestly i dont understand either. by all means in EN they arent in accelerate mode kek each year they have been debuting less waves so far and unless theres a miracle i think at best we'll have 2 this year including krisis

>> No.56819647

Niji strategy is.... Slavery?

>> No.56819740

I''ll join and my debut will be a 6-second video that will go like this
>I'm Zumphag Nyeguh and I'm here to rape Pomu.

>> No.56819978

>Only one wave debuted this year
What did he mean by this?

>> No.56821528

Why would you ever join NijiEN when VSPO EN, idol and Phase Connect are a clearly better option

>> No.56822846

Preferably 0 new waves until they properly support their existing waves

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>Vesper and Magni join nijisanji EN

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I'm hyped to see what the future got in stock for us.

>> No.56823234

youtube silver play button farming for Riku to build a tower out of youtube play buttons

>> No.56823611

Nijisanji has graduated more people than active Hololive members including the holostars. If you are losing that many people that it can eclipse your rival company, I think most people would say stop and fix management because there is a problem that needs fixing. Though given what has been revealed behind-the-scenes, I don't think that thought will ever cross their mind. If NijiEN just turns out the same as what they did with IN, ID and KR, they'll only have themselves to blame for not taking the warning signs seriously.

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>no play buttons for achievements
>2% rev share
>you are done if you dont get inside a cllique
>non existent help from management
>90% chance of becoming a 3view
>fans will harass you and never take your side if you fight the company
Remind me again what's the benefit of joining Nijisanji?

>> No.56824169

but luca said nijien is happy and the morale is only low because of antis!

>> No.56824353

I will follow Luca's footsteps and travel on the company dime to go to offpakos

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Who? buy an ad nijikek
I'm buying front row seats to activision blizzard mandated unicorn genocide events.

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You get to fuck your oshi... of course you have to share

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Apply to idol instead

>> No.56824870

They are incredibly replaceable. For every vtuber that gets fed up there are 10 more willing to do the same shit

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ruh roh

>> No.56825495

>Ken Honda
Bro is literally just named after 2 street fighter characters lmao

>> No.56825625

>Ken in street fighter 6 is an NFT scam bum

>> No.56825892

Why not fix the leak in your boat rather than buy more buckets to bail the water out?

>> No.56825959

Time to collect the HoloEN rejects

>> No.56826053

For the 3D that they'll never get around to giving you.

>> No.56826116

my time has come to become one of the worst and most hated male chuubas out there

>> No.56829030

Keep ‘em coming

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Riku... My 3d...

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>> No.56829921

>Generally speaking western corpo try to at least match the model to the voice
>start process Shiori_deflection.exe
For the record, I don't hate her. You are, however, a fucking liar.

>> No.56830037

So they can steal %70 of merch sales cool

>> No.56830052

I also think that Fauna was a great mismatch to be MOTHER nature. She's no mommy at all.

>> No.56830238

I think he named himself.

>> No.56830493

Is it still acceleration when you losing like 4-5 for debuting another 4-5?

>> No.56831343

Why? She's probably top 5 most vile.
Don't you remember her secret discord and literally leaking her audition? Or generally being a vile garbage person?

>> No.56833810

riku needs his play button encrusted yacht please understand

>> No.56833902

Wait did he just dump 50%? This can't be real unless he's retiring from being CEO or something.

>> No.56833938

Have you tried bandage?

>> No.56833973

No, he just stopped being plurality shareholder by doing share-split. It went from 42 to 21, and this took place July 31. Nothing new and shitposters just used it as a bait.
But it does raise concern of his bailing out completely in near future,

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>> No.56836901

Explain in simpler terms

>> No.56836947

After the fulgur catastrophe they are now demanding to know your height and weight
Pretty funny

>> No.56837004

Basically if the other shareholders get together they can make changes and he can't overrule them

>> No.56837018

Based why not marry her, her physique is 100% made for being chubby

>> No.56837174

For 3D and to avoid another Fulgur scenario.

>> No.56837562

qrd on the fulgur incident?

>> No.56838512

Shes the best girl though

>> No.56838959

He is such a fat piece of shit that he physically cannot do 3D

>> No.56839363

thinking of applying just so i can speedrun graduation for funz

>> No.56839689

What does being fat have to do with your height???

>> No.56840066 [DELETED] 

he's very tall vertically

>> No.56840112

he's very tall horizontally

>> No.56841882

Riku’s greed knows no bounds, the response to the latest wave should have shown that people don’t want new talents for now.

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>> No.56844583

Magni and Vesper deflection thread. Ninisanji won.

>> No.56847108

I think she's Gundou Mirei?

>> No.56847911

You are talking about it since last year and nothing happens, looking at Cover shareholder list, Cover is the one will change the owner first lmao

>> No.56848055

So the rrat about chinese owns anycolor was rrat after all huh

>> No.56849345

Please no more