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>What's wrong lol? I've already interacted with males you know
>Doesn't matter if it's Holostars
>More than that, I'm happy to receive a sponsorship from Blizzard
>I love Hearthstone and their other stuff
>Been a while since I played FPS but I'll try my best and beat up the Holostars
Sakamata's response to an anti superchat.
It's so over.

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Oga warned you about this one

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So just another day of unicorns being retarded like normal

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Vtubers who reply to anti superchats will be doomed to obscurity. Once you give one attention, it festers and alienates the fanbase. This is why FUWAMOCO will be the top of vtubing, they're professionals.

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wtf is a 掃除屋 idol

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kek if he was an actual fan he'd know that Kuroe isn't a bitch ass pussy like Kanata or Nene

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Graduate everyone from 4th gen and beyond.

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Jesus first Rushia and now her too? Is there any vtuber that won't cuck her audience?

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>Jap anti didn't listen to his homobro
Should've saw it coming after Chloe took all their money

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>newfag doesn't know about the early male collabs

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>I'm happy to receive a sponsorship from Blizzard
the only yab in this statement

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Man first Coco then Rushia and possibly Chloe next, the the Top Supa earning have curse in them or something?

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But she did play with the other males in that minecraft collab where Kanata was in, this is kinda the same because they technically don't have to interact with them like at that thing, just play with the girls and let Fubuki do the talk as the MC and Botan as the leader

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You have to be stupid to think it's a win or anything, it's just consolidate the simple fact homo = trouble. They really don't catch a break, also give bad blood for the incoming shilling stream, who is already controcersial because OW2 is shit, and did chloe live under a rock for the past 5 years? blizzard is pretty much nothing but the husk of what is was nowodays. Honnestly that whole shilling campain will end SOOOOOOOOOO bad, and deffinitly holostars will have to tank it. If you don't see the total homo death here, i guess you lack a lot of thing in your brain.
I see mass graduation incoming, and the horizontal shit comming to a premature end at the same time.

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Of course this whore loves Activision and sucks the CEOs dick.

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>>More than that, I'm happy to receive a sponsorship from Blizzard
>>I love Hearthstone and their other stuff

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>Blizzard ruined Warcraft
>Blizzard ruined Diablo
>Blizzard ruined Hololive
Touch of death huh

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>throwaway account
At least they are getting smarter since the other 20 times they get exposed for only posting on nijisanji streams

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This is literally a thousand times worse than a male collab.

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I will never understand why people give money to someone they don't know for free.

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All that's left is for Irys to say something like that, but I think she'll do the smart thing and not stream the week before and the week after.

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What a shame. I'll miss those heavy tits.

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She's HoloX's janitor officially

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Based. Unicorns get the rope

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Gen5 is good tho

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Based Ogaman

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My girl is pretty based, isn't she? She also plays piano magnificently

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I want to beleib

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Based, i will support chloe on his journey to dab on the homos.

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he's not even a member

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>oga makes a joke
>autists who don't understand humans thinks he's being serious
A tale as old as time.

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We do not speak about war crimes committed by Americans during first stages of their involvement in ww2

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holy cope

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How can I get people who hate me to send me their money?

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Sisters, we always win

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Next week for sure sister

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Have a pair of tits and then q against a homo

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based jpchad telling her how he feels. shit she needs to hear.

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sometimes i just have to step back and look at all this mess. is everyone mentally ill?

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Wow, there's really no female chuuba you can trust anymore.

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Unicuck status?

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You have antis that hatewatch and spend months membered to a vtuber they hate so they can leak members shit

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throwaway account most likely. i'm sure that got him banned.

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In passing jest much truth is spoken, anon.

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>forks out an aka just to lodge a complaint
what compels a man to do this?

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Just because it's a joke doesn't mean Oga is wrong.

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She isnt even a GFE vtuber. Those stupid ojisans should blame themselves. They just fell for her debut buff and somewhat kind behaviour.

The true GFE vtuber in holo is nothing but Kanata. Actions speak louder than words.

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Can't trust the men either... just look at Vox.

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>first stages
The whole of America's participation in ww2 was one long rape orgy inflicted upon the very concept of human rights.

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if no one tells them to stop the collabing, they won't know their viewers are against it. they'll just end up in a towa/matsuri situation.

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Didn't that same guy also send a sc to Lui?

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Did anons seriously think Chloe was GFE? Or does this go deeper and it's just "She doesn't mind collabs with males regardless of whether or not she's GFE."

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Having dedicated haters is actually good for business in industries that rely on buzz, they basically provide free advertising if they won't shut up about you, and if you really know the meta you can use them to fish for sympathy. This isn't even getting into the guys mentally ill enough to send akasupahs just to bitch at you.

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She appeared to be a whore, but she was a slut all along.

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NijiEN is imploding. Tempiss lost Vesper and Fagni. Stars will always remain irrelevant shitters no matter how desperate management is.
Meanwhile Advent is a golden gen and full blown CGDCT.
We're winning.

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The way they dodged that WW2 superchat was pretty good.

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>sakamata in 1 year
>why my income fall
>sakamata in 2 year
>*playing apex off stream, only comes back to milk her remaining paypigs for renties*
>sakamata in 10 years
>broken down hag wondering why she squandered the best opportunity she ever had
I think it's weird the best girls in hololive are 30-40, the younger women are always completely retarded and get handed the equivalent of a zoomer 22yo in america graduating from a top school with a CS degree and immediately getting scooped up by FAGMAN, then just trashing that opportunity as much as they can.

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Yes he did

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She does it for free?

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Chloe was a GigaStacey this entire time.

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Graduate from life Unikek

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Chloe was never GFE... All she did was jiggle her tits for money.

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I wish, but it's unlikely.
Yagoo is too gay to give up on homos

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Don't underestimate hate boner I have seen someone throw 500 buck just to get his akasupa ignored

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>any vtuber that won't cuck her audience?
looks like you don't even know what that means lol
i won't snitch on you this time, but you need to be 18+ to post here

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Nah she is ludopath she gonna be broken in not time

>> No.56777935

>has never watched a stream
The GFE part is right, I'll give you that

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she's going to beat up the homos. good

>> No.56777984

and homobeggar asks why they are hated...

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its ok when JP does it

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>manufactured outrage
Lets see if /vt/ truly is low iq enough to bite still

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I've also seen an akasupa make Miko cry. I'm sure they're not totally ignored.
It's not even about gfe. That's not required to dislike the collabs.

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>shutting down a mentally ill inflammatory anti is cucking your fanbase now

>> No.56778030

Holy kek the dedication to throw away that much money is just amazing

>> No.56778048

I swear it's always a fucking 35p stirring up shit. And no, it's not "BASED". You just need help.

>> No.56778073

Money hungry whOrca.

>> No.56778083

She would've been based for this if she read it and only said "thanks for the akasupah!"

>> No.56778086

unicuck bros...we lost...

>> No.56778088

Only Gura is safe

>> No.56778111

Maybe change your icon before you send a troll superchat, 35p

>> No.56778118

I keep telling you fucks, Chloe is the Sexy dumb Sister experience - you lust after her but its wrong and if she plays with boys hearts you laugh at it - but if a guy makes her cry youre gonna step up and be big bro and fuck em up - so holostars better let her win!

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ive seen similar people like this, they would keep sending anti messages to different holos while being a member. what drives them to do it, i dont know

>> No.56778200

she always says it before reading it

>> No.56778222

uhh qrd?

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This is another idiot greyfag pulling this shit too

>> No.56778355

nice falseflag. couldve been more convincing though you toned down the ridiculously incorrect spellings

>> No.56778373

Imagine being put on the spot for a Collab sponsorship deal your company decided to take and you signed up for the money not really caring about some idol culture

How would (you) all respond? I honestly feel like this is the best response she could ever make. Light hearted comment that doesn't seethe too much against le evil unicorn like some "educate yourself" statement, yet not pretending like she's gonna be some LE EBIL MALES NOO idol. How the fuck else are you supposed to respond?

>> No.56778397

>what drives them to do it, i dont know
It works, that's why. Remember "condom money for connor"? Kronii's female friend gaffe? Fauna's not friends moment? A bargain price for drama that reaches thousands of people.

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Don't forget the bear called it out too.

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Wasn't expecting this from Chloe, honestly very based

>> No.56778472

have they been tested yet?

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Why aren't you watching the fags sister? Maybe that's why homoshits keep graduating and getting terminated...

>> No.56778548

yeah, beat their meat

>> No.56778592

*stops giving Holo anymore money*
simple as.

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what is the timestamp so I can just ban this retarded EOP tier Japanese larper (I'm a mod in her chat, you won't regret it if you show me)

>> No.56778675

lol, the same unicorn that previously SC'd Lui.

>> No.56778684

>didn't watch the stream
Yeah, checks out

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She gets a pass for sucking my oshi's cock.

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I just don't get what Cover has to gain from having this collab between Hololive and Holostars. Their audience clearly is very idol culture favored and no one cares about the holostars. Less people will watch the thing as a result and it will make a lot of fans upset. Just sack the homos already, no one cares about them

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File: 959 KB, 1080x1920, ChloeMeat[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F7qgjx7.mp4](1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Based, Holomembers are not fucking 2views to bow down to metally ill people

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It is clear now why it is called cgdct because it means "cuck gentlemens developing cuck tendencies". They want you all to be cucks.

>> No.56778898

>Fellating Blizzard
Now that is unforgivable

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>> No.56778945

You're right that's NijEN having to appeal to cucks and chink sisters to make a living. KEK.

>> No.56779008

This is what really matters. Who the fuck still plays hearthstone? The last gamr worth playing by blizzard was starcraft 2.

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Is 100% a throwaway account. He probably is going to refund both SC.

>> No.56779033

Diablo 4 was a decent release but the season pass content sucks ass.

>> No.56779037

With yagoo being "ooh, gay" backwards, it's fate, really.

>> No.56779075

also they're not leaving retard

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He warned them, they didnt listen

>> No.56779201

She and the rest of gen 6 were for zoomer casuals and ojisan newfags. Not surprising those newfag unicorns couldn't even understand who she is and what vtubers are like.

Although she will definitely lose some of her core fans. Just curious she can get as much akasupa as before the homo party.

>> No.56779243

yaaaaaas sister slaay!! #cut4hex

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>> No.56779329

You sure? Where are Magni and Vesper?

>> No.56779332

Chloe was never a unicorn kind of streamer. It's all on her model which is pure sex. Try again, homobegger

>> No.56779345

Cover keep trying to make the homos more popular, despite being shown repeatedly that majority really doesn't care for them or want them. This HOLIZONTAL thing is clearly an attempt to get collabs by the back door after the HoloPro thing failed. It's a test run and if successful, will be the first of many.
Cover have a complaint form on their website. Use it.

>> No.56779374

I pretty 99% sure the sponsorship was originally for Holostars and for some reason they couldn't pull two full teams (probably because Tempus the no-brain filler is banned because the comments of Altare and Magni against OW) and then opened the spots for the girls in Hololive.

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Hololive production only grows stronger :3

>> No.56779392

she's really working that meat

>> No.56779411

can you translate the supa

>> No.56779429

Mococo almost replied "Not enough" when someone asked about how many casualties happened in nazi death camps.

>> No.56779447

Thanks, it's mine

>> No.56779479

on a hiatus like Cover's statement literally said

>> No.56779545

Chloe was honest that she will have more collabs with holostars. After Cover announced the Horizontal project there will likely be several hololive talents that will do the same thing.

>> No.56779576

Do your reps, faggot.

>> No.56779587

>It's so over.
Yeah, over for Chloe kek. The only question is how she'll react when she notices viewers and paypigs leaving her. Will she apologize or double down like a retard?

>> No.56779589


>> No.56779752

>i've already collabed with males, you know that stream where kanata didn't know there would be males because no one talked about it beforehand
>i'm happy to accept money from blizzard, i love all the sponsor's games!
slippery slope. surprise male collab where chat didn't get a chance to comment is now her excuse for more collabs.

>> No.56779754

You have no proof she is yagoo's sister.

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File: 428 KB, 1920x1080, F39RqEEaAAETU_-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

come home, unicorn bros

>> No.56779835

Cover's problem is always going to be that japanese fujos go to nijisanji instead of holostars that's it. Male idol fans do not want to watch male idols unless gay.

>> No.56779888

She'll act like Mori.

>> No.56779999

>so casual she disappears months at a time after debut

>> No.56780046

Nature is healing

>> No.56780052

I don't doubt that, women are retarded, what will be funny tho is to see them crawl back to the unicorns because mysteriously their monthly paycheck is way less and less.

>> No.56780056

How are the talks with Zhangs coming along Mr Jap?

>> No.56780078

Nah, the Holizontal thing has a "regardless of gender" thing in it. It's planned. Before the year's out. Fauna v Axel or something.

>> No.56780081

HoloJP has fallen.

>> No.56780275

I'll anti her not for collabing with males, but for being a blizzardfag.

>> No.56780295

>Holo EN saved
>Holo JP in shambles
What an odd timeline

>> No.56780305

Ah then it truly is over.

>> No.56780347

Saved? Where's Irys

>> No.56780366

>holostars is a disturbance
YAGOO will personally intrude in this guy's house to teach him how to be a good Hololive fan

>> No.56780386 [DELETED] 

oh no no no unicucks look at her face, she's looking down on you as the pathetic faggot you are

>> No.56780392

I wonder where the guy is that told me the homo branches will be fired soon, kek.

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File: 2.07 MB, 2560x1440, 1680452633957582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm happy to receive a sponsorship from Blizzard
its over

>> No.56780494

Even if it is made under the Horizontal umbrella, I still believe is the holostars management the ones that buttered Blizzard and secured the sponsor. This is the same case when the Tempus Clown got the sponsored stream of Resident Evil 4 and the rest of EN couldn't stream over him.

>> No.56780506

She’s GFE. If you think she’s not you either don’t watch streams, don’t understand Japanese or aren’t a member.

>> No.56780543

This guy's back is literally one step from snapping in half with how hard he's reaching for a way to make this a bad thing.

>> No.56780566

EN just gained an entire CGDCT gen. The loss of IRyS is unfortunate but ultimately negligible.

>> No.56780567

WOW! How many Shiikuin here! Oh nvm it's just idiots that jacked off to her model and are now using her to push their dumb opinions

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File: 49 KB, 477x403, image_2023-08-24_022830219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>entire CGDCT gen
>who? advent?

>> No.56780697


>> No.56780707

Explain how it's a good thing. It gives Chloe some short term profit because it's a sponsorship but in the longterm it causes her to lose views and money.

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File: 78 KB, 731x369, all out war.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56780768

Seems they really want to kill there golden goose. Imagine trying to dip your toes in E-Sports as a company. Something that has historically been a fucking awful idea for the past 10+ years. Jesus christ what fucking retard is in charge?

The truth is that talented men don't become VTubers. This is just objectively true. The type of men that become VTubers are almost universally worthless. This just makes it even more questionable why you would pursue E-Sports when your selection of talent aren't skilled in it.

>> No.56780775


>> No.56780793

In two instances at least. The one comparing real WW2 war crimes with Spooky Mansion, and Lodong, the chink that Nene told to fuck off (Nene basically told him that he cannot buy Nene's love), and then started SCing FWMC asking them to read something in chinese, which they basically said "Sorry, we don't know how to read that" and moved on when they noticed that guy was bad news.

>> No.56780800

I thought they were the golden gen? What happened?

>> No.56780821

>they'll just end up in a towa/matsuri situation
Seeing their oshi hold a solo concert, release an album and participate in big FPS events?

>> No.56780831

Is FWMC in there?

>> No.56780838

Anon you're talking to a sister, they would glady take any holomen losing 80% of their income if it fits their culture war

>> No.56780862
File: 189 KB, 1058x1301, image_2023-08-24_023215869.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56780921

sorry you didn't pass the audition

>> No.56780928

It's over....

>> No.56780943

She is not losing anything because IF you actually watched her, you would know that she tardwrangles her chat. There is a reason why she is the most successful member of her gen.

>> No.56780945

>Jesus christ what fucking retard is in charge?
Jap-sama needs to be in charge of the JP branch too desu

>> No.56781010

Chloe was always going to cuck her audience, she openly admitted to how fake her kayfabe/voice is.
She also coomerbaited super hard early on to get the bank.

Girls like Chloe and Shiori do this because they don't respect the job or the fans, they just want to make money ASAP so they can go on extended breaks.
These kinds of women call it
>getting the bag

Whatever they do doesn't matter, as long as they "get the bag"
They don't really think about their appeal or fanbase longterm because the bag is all that matters.
This is a fast food job to them.
Hololive is their Mcdonalds job, they are cashiers giving scripted lines and pleasantries while they are clocked in to customers they could care less about.
Once it's time to clock out, the customers? The company? Fuck em.
The bag is what remains.

>> No.56781026 [DELETED] 

>CGDCT gen

>> No.56781065

>She is not losing anything

>> No.56781088

Why would feel offended by that? There are tons of talented male streamers out there. None of them are VTubers.

>> No.56781104

Lmao, yeah, I'm sure you're crying yourself to sleep worrying about a hololive vtuber's income.

>> No.56781109

I'll unsb, fuck advent

>> No.56781121 [DELETED] 
File: 233 KB, 1437x1000, 1692814288591219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is /#/ going to harass and stalk more people over this?

>> No.56781144

Advent is a CGDCT gen. I'll say it again because it makes you seethe.

>> No.56781206

>wow that's abysmal, but maybe it's just early in the stre-
1hr in is little better than 10mins in
that's twitch trash territory
I suppose they still make money through donations then
wasn't vesper getting 1k+ average a stream? if he us gone that branch withers away

>> No.56781216

During their last spooky's mansion stream, they reached the final boss who was named patient 731 or something which is a reference to some japanese WWII lab where people were tortured and experimented on. Some retard supa'd during the stream to explain this

>> No.56781259

t. confirmed as a catalogfaggot

>> No.56781280

PSA : half of these falseflag posts are from the same holoanniggers

>> No.56781307

lmao who the fuck still follows this grifting whore to begin with?

>> No.56781320
File: 60 KB, 329x448, Evdience-Matters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chloe-sama.... I broke my knees from kneeling too hard

>> No.56781322

Cover is trying to ease the unicorns in to mixed collabs, with these sponsored collabs so that there's no major drama when there's more in the future.

But Holostars is not gonna gain anything from this, not fans or viewers. They tried several times and it's always the same.Same for the hololive girls.

It's for the best I consider unicorns the same as chinks those fuckers can turn against the talents at any moment.

>> No.56781378

Irys would never.

>> No.56781381

women don't owe you sex

>> No.56781414

The real yab right here

>> No.56781456

why else would you try to present your extreme bias as "truth"

>> No.56781468

Not any moment, only the moment that the girls betray them.

>> No.56781488

I think it's more the investors want to have a reason to keep the holostars otherwise they'll just graduate the whole roster.
The fact that they are pushing for a blizzard sponsorship of Overwatch 2, the worst reviewed game on steam in it's PR death spiral, shows that investors are the ones pushing this.

>> No.56781525

Yeah Hololive is great and all, but what if we had a bunch of men come in with their dicks out? Wouldn't that be fun?

>> No.56781538

It's the girls who turn on them, if anything the unicorns are too lenient.

>> No.56781543

seeing their oshi handicapped in growth by their actions. sure, towa has grown, but she could have been much larger. the male voice on stream early in her career almost killed her career entirely.

>> No.56781558

>t. room temperature iq newfag unicorn
So who was your first Holo anon? One of the new Advent girls?

>> No.56781614

Because it is. Male Vtubers are talentless hacks.

>> No.56781615

Botan has crossed the hag event horizon, a perimeter beyond which fucks are no longer given and only doing that which amuses her matters. Not all hags pass this barrier, forever circling the blackhole of hagdom but never reaching the singularity of
>I just want to cackle like a toothess crone from a fairytale

>> No.56781621

Cover isn't a startup. For what reason would the company have to bend the knee? Just how much control is Yagoo giving these senile motherfuckers?

>> No.56781622

But nobody said anything about sex. Why are you bringing it up out of nowhere? Are you literally retarded?

>> No.56781737

Or you know you can leave your basement, touch grass and find a real female outside?

>> No.56781755
File: 150 KB, 410x430, fubs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek not only retarded but also newfag, is every unicuck like this?

>> No.56781768

Iirc she said during debut that she loved money
nobody can say they were not warned lol

>> No.56781833

Yes they do and refusal is punishable by death.

>> No.56781922

I mean don't you love money anon?

>> No.56781961

don't try to pretend it's not about sex, this is the root of all your anger. You are unable to get intimacy from females so you despise them.

>> No.56781989

I remember a clip of some jap ojisan comedians who were interviewing a male I think niji and they basically asked him something like
>fucking why? lmao who even watches male vtubers? lololol
cue nervous laughter from whoever it was

>> No.56781999

>i've already collabed with males, you know that stream where kanata didn't know there would be males because no one talked about it beforehand

>> No.56782037

reps? nigga its a whole different language

>> No.56782047

Damn homobeggars are truly annoying, see how they take this as a victory? It's always the same they were crying for vesper and magni and now they use this chance to shit the board kek
If all tuber fans are retarded incels
Imagine being a fan of male vtubers even lower than furry porn

>> No.56782110

talking about the MC tourney that she played with pekora, botan, kanata and laplus

>> No.56782171

No, because it's the root of all evil

>> No.56782178

Basically. Sponsors feel more safe about Ninisanji style corporations where boys and girls mix, not just the western ones but also the Japanese.
It will probably be very clinical and not intimate or friendly like normal streams. No different than group interviews or main channel stuff.

>> No.56782242
File: 21 KB, 579x285, SmileProtected.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You Really Think Someone Would Do That? Just Go On the Internet and Tell Lies?

>> No.56782248

The investors have no control as Yagoo and whatever insiders have controlling stake so that other anon's speculations are false. The share offering was basically B class useless shares.
They can all screech and threaten to sell and those with the controlling A class shares don't have to listen.
>b-but we'll all sell and tank the price!!!1
lmao trying to get all of them to do it simultaneously such that it matters

>> No.56782253

Oga is a person who Friend likes to collab with. He shares her wisdom. We don't have to watch him but we should listen to his warnings.

>> No.56782259
File: 88 KB, 1005x273, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56782264 [DELETED] 

>don't try to pretend it's not about sex
Fucking a vtuber through the internet is literally impossible so sex isn't part of the equation at all. Why are you pretending like it does have something to do with sex? Oh right, you're because retarded kek

>> No.56782327


>> No.56782351

Even people big into esports will tell you it's a hole you throw money into.

>> No.56782366

She's the only holo, the only chuuba in general that matters at all as far as I know, that's admitted that during debut. And people thought she was just joking and that it was all just part of the kayfabe .

>> No.56782371

>hmmm should we damage the channels of the girls that constantly get audiences of 10k for the slight chance that we might add a dozen viewers or so to the stars who are 3view, some of them bordering 2view?
>yeah sounds great!

>> No.56782372

japs are westaboos, they are unaware of how shit Blizzard became

>> No.56782399

Hey! Have fun starving then

>> No.56782426

Investors, it's that simple

>> No.56782448

>don't try to pretend it's not about sex
Fucking a vtuber through the internet is literally impossible so sex isn't part of the equation at all. Why are you pretending like it does have something to do with sex? Oh right, because you're retarded kek

>> No.56782471

Why would people even want vtubers to collab with males. I'm convinced this is all just contrianism to own the "unicorns"

>> No.56782480

Are you illiterate? Is english your third language? Read it again, dumbass

>> No.56782509

To troons everything's about sex. It's the root cause of their fucked up pathology and why they self-mutilate.
That's why it's their answer for everything because for them it is.
Sad, but fucking disgusting because they're trannies.

>> No.56782510

Watson said her favorite color is green because it's the color of money during her debut

>> No.56782572

It wasn't even bad or mean. Why was she such a bitch about it?

>> No.56782578

>for the fifth time even though it never worked ever?

>> No.56782589

Too late, poor guy probably unexisted themselves. Can't believe 4chin would take away a homeless man's puppy away like that. Shame.

>> No.56782592

most don't care either way, when non-mentally ill people see something they don't like they simply ignore it, rather than obsess over it with delusions of being cuckolded

>> No.56782626

We know. At least "unicorns" are passionate and actually watch Vtubers. These troons are only interested in winning their culture wars and spamming dogshit catalog bait. And if you check any homo split like /MANS/ you realize it's absolutely filled with faggots and fujos.

>> No.56782643

So retarded

>> No.56782726


>> No.56782762

>Are you illiterate?
Are you? Because you keep claiming about sex when it's literally impossible for it to be about sex.

>> No.56782781

Audiences that are so touchy they will explode over such minimal contact with males as a collab that won't ever have shares voice chat are a problem. I can see the merit in controlled purging, making the more radical elements stand out and get crushed by the community.

>> No.56782815

The people you are referring to have a "take it or leave it" mindset. Which you're right is normal, but they're not the audience that is going to be with you probably even a year down the road much less 5 or 10.

>> No.56782880

I have gained massive respect for Sakamata after this

>> No.56782893

Fuck off 3DPD. you won't get my money.

>> No.56782901

Young Japanese people know about as much about Japanese idol culture as Western people. Most of the fans of idols of the 2000s are in there 40s now, and it's mostly teens and early 20-somethings who watch Hololive. You look up to them for guidance, but they probably know less about idols than you do.

>> No.56782914

There was a popular niji chuuba that made liking money her gimmick and it worked so well for her she got one of the biggest superchat counts in, i thiiink, her 3D debut? because she had a money falling animation.

>> No.56782922

Which is why unicorns constantly make comments that are extremely uninformed about how the community was 2 to 4 years ago or just contradict simple facts of real life.
In fact I don't even think there are that many western unicorns, people is this board feel more like horny drama fags with little to no commitment. Very different from the Japanese unicorns

>> No.56782954

this but unironically

>> No.56782976

That is true kek. No matter how much they try holostars and tempus will always be irrelevant.

Idk why they even try to pretend like they aren't the same or worse than unicorns.

>> No.56783037

>Audiences that are so touchy they will explode over such minimal contact with males as a collab that won't ever have shares voice chat are a problem.
There's a very easy fix for that: don't collab with males.
>I can see the merit in controlled purging
Yeah, what could possibly go wrong with purging the top paypigs? Kek

>> No.56783034

Anon, who'sgonna last longer:
- a well adjusted person that can ignore what he doesn't like
- a literal manchildwho throws a fit every time he doesn't get his way
You can complain and express how you feel but I'm pretty sure the latter isn't going to stick around for 5+ years like you suggested

>> No.56783044

EOP spotted

>> No.56783045
File: 37 KB, 640x360, images (13).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is the amount of support the girls lose in sponsored streams with males? Pekora herself has a few, and there wasn't drama.
Clearly the problem here is Irys.

>> No.56783046

Has anyone ever bridged the gap between people who claim not to be parasocial but will also go onto tibetan taxidermy boards to defend millionaire e-celebs who don't know of or care about their existence?

>> No.56783165

Because he is clearly and anti. Even the chat spitted on him.

>> No.56783168

The second one. Only people who are passionate will ever get angry. You don't get mad because you are apathetic not because you are well adjusted. If someone were to fuck with something you actually cared about you'd get angry too.

>> No.56783197

Paypigs that flip out over low interaction streams are not that numerous.
If you can't do an advertisement campaign, tv appearance or interview thar involves a male then you become far less profitable.
It was a problem Rushia had, which is why Cover didn't hesitate to end her.

>> No.56783245

I'm lost what does any of this have to do with irys?

>> No.56783248

>>More than that, I'm happy to receive a sponsorship from Blizzard
>>I love Hearthstone and their other stuff

>> No.56783252

Most catalog arguments aren't made by people who do it for some actual cause. People are bored and want the dopamine hit of arguing with someone without fear of consequences, while also looking at hot anime women on the side.

>> No.56783265

holy hexas of truth, truly the words of the heavens

>> No.56783301

They just don't have a life it's just words and a way for them to feel better about themselves without doing anything worthwhile.

>> No.56783320

Unironically the bigger tell. Imagine loving anything Blizzard released in the last 15 years.

>> No.56783337

the girls do interviews or sponsored content related to males, people just don't like the stars because it comes as a attempt by cover to make holopro a more ''mixed'' group

>> No.56783348

Are you equating celebrities that are just as much out of the girls reach as he girls are out of the audience's reach to what are essentially their coworkers?

>> No.56783372


>> No.56783383

I was watching altare yesterday and it was a comfy stream.

>> No.56783408

unicuck cope

>> No.56783412

Love of money, not money itself. It's only a problem if you want more money than you need.

>> No.56783429

>Paypigs that flip out over low interaction streams are not that numerous.
Correct. They mostly don't flip out. They just quietly leave.
>If you can't do an advertisement campaign, tv appearance or interview thar involves a male then you become far less profitable.
You don't have a single fact to back that up.
>It was a problem Rushia had, which is why Cover didn't hesitate to end her.
What kind of weird headcanon is this? Rushia got terminated for breaching her NDA.

>> No.56783480

On Japanese Twitter there is basically no outrage, but on the western side there is. And it is all people who Irys pandered to.

>> No.56783503

It's not being apathetic at all. It's realising that there's more in life than this, getting mad at a girl online who you're willing to give money to. I'm probably the only Shiikuin on /vt/ and the stuff I've seen ITT are laughable at best from people that have never watched a stream of hers. This gets me angry, not her collabing with a fucking group of coworkers

>> No.56783504

Activision-Blizzard is about to be taken over by Microsoft and this OW2 collab is already Xbox-branded. Chloe might like some old Blizzard games, but in terms of money and future opportunities (both for her and for Cover as a whole) this is about Microsoft, not some washed up game studio.

>> No.56783581
File: 24 KB, 579x285, 1682129078514033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not.

>> No.56783615

fine, but the guys didn't have to be involved.
>paypigs quietly leave
yes, most won't say anything. even normal people will notice the content isn't as good and leave.

>> No.56783649

>They just quietly leave.
They don't when the highest earners and most subbed all have done controlled sponsored collabs with males.

>> No.56783652

There are so many pathetic parties involved in this thread, how do I decide who to shit on first?

>> No.56783741

>On the VTuber board
>Calling others pathetic
Pot meet kettle.

>> No.56783756

Chack MANS and tell me it's not real.


>> No.56783775

but horizontal is explicitly about starting these collabs as a regular thing. better to speak up now before it's just established as a thing.

>> No.56783781

When in doubt, go for those that talk as if they knew what was happening but don't know shit. There's like 5 people on /vt/ that actually watch Chloe.

>> No.56783811

being here means you are equally as pathetic,

>> No.56783838

>They just quietly leave.
sure, if by "quietly leave" you mean "throw hissy fits and pay money just to anti-post"

>> No.56783862

Isn't that what you're doing?

>> No.56783874

people with taste don't watch chloe, she's a low common denominator streamer

>> No.56783895 [DELETED] 

have a (You)

>> No.56783945

>no u
You got told you were gifted in school growing up a lot, weren't you? lmao

>> No.56783956
File: 11 KB, 410x323, FJ8_TH2aAAE59mK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It works, that's why. Remember "condom money for connor"?
Even a low functioning autist can experience remorse

>> No.56783958

>Blizzard is a washed up has-been of a developer
What a time to be alive

>> No.56784063

The second one? is it even a question?

>> No.56784090

He wasn't an anti, he was an honest deadbeat that thought he was doing a good thing by making a joke about how he thinks unicorns think

>> No.56784168

So deadbeats continue to be Mori's worst enemy

>> No.56784207

> wasn't an anti
> was an idiot
This is even worse. The only thing more malicious than malice is incompetence.

>> No.56784210

>On Japanese Twitter there is basically no outrage
You're lying or stupid. Try actually looking at the HLZNTL hashtag.

>> No.56784308

Anon there are literal whales who have given rushia $40,000+ who had mental breakdowns after being cucked that crawled back to her
You really don't understand this industry

Non-unicorns are nothing, gomi, garbage, trash, number fodder, meaningless CCV
They give no money and are practically on the same level as botted viewers to the talents

>> No.56784318

>Thinking the girl who laughs at virgins will tolerate unicorns

>> No.56784342

>The only thing more malicious than malice is incompetence.
Edge but true.

>> No.56784402

Of course.
Everyone talks about how magni shitting on overwatch is a 'yab' but we all know the game fucking sucks.
In the true political scene, japan is sort of in a bit of hot water when it comes to trade relations involving digital goods with the US thanks to sony and their efforts to stop microsoft from competing in japan.
Xbox branded advertising is there so microsoft can now make efforts to get an in on the japanese market. Blizzard desperately needs vtuber attention to save overwatch since its getting clapped by every other fps game out there. There's an incentive to get that big fat microsoft sponsorship money and they should take it. It's free fucking money landing straight in their h ands.
Fuck the unicucks. They can just sit there, seethe, and watch like the cucks they are.

>> No.56784418

>Oga was right about her the entire time

>> No.56784524

Lots of machine translated broken Japanese.

>> No.56784564

Chloe has always just been a more honest Ayame, she straight up said early on that she is doing this for the money and hates simps. She simply does what she has to for money but only tolerates the obsessive fans to an extent as we can see here. Fucking dropped then btich

>> No.56784582
File: 2.54 MB, 1871x915, skcwcrlcocgz1a9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy based

>> No.56784598

This, surprised no one has pointed it out sooner, Oga spots these BPD landmines a mile away

>> No.56784708

holy fucking checked

>> No.56784719

Acquisition of Blizzard is taking a lot longer than initially planned. I know that Microsoft is better (praise them for revitalizing Age of Empires II) but that doesn't mean they managed to root out all the spoiled seeds from Blizzard. It will take another year or two. Warcraft 3 still hasn't been fixed.

>> No.56784804

ironically enough, if the unicorns actually watched the jp stars (and could understand them) they'd probably find they're not as bad as the voices tell them they are

>> No.56784864

>least disingenuous unicuck

>> No.56784869

based, Festival is safe

>> No.56785019

>a bunch of no-pfp 0 follower machine translated niggas
Wow much outrage

>> No.56785032

I assume this is default along with the other branches within holo they're subbed to.

>> No.56785193

This cope that only dirty gaijin are unicorns is crazy

>> No.56785202

Weird to be reminded there are actually people who believe this Unicorn shit and not just larpers.

>> No.56785250

Yes it's called the whole hololive business model

>> No.56785350
File: 71 KB, 950x482, 1676444877568864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56785410

based ojisan

>> No.56785411

The hololive business model is idol vtubers, but the definition of "idol" varies a lot even within hololive.
According to hololive, Towa and Kronii are idols and they do earn a good deal with that job.

>> No.56785458
File: 2.13 MB, 1920x1080, Roberu_Suisei.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Graduate everyone from 4th gen and beyond.

>> No.56785492

all the whore songs in her first karaoke should have been a giveaway

>> No.56785531 [DELETED] 

There is no functional difference between a unicorn and a chink. Weeding them out is a good thing.

>> No.56785572

comments on twitter and the hololive blog are pretty bad, what are the chances this gets canceled or changed?

>> No.56785799

>and they do earn a good deal with that job
incorrect, kronii failed to sell her merch within the deadline and they had to extend the sale due to overstock

>> No.56785818

and she wasn't even a bitch about it, you're reading too much into it

>> No.56785864

I thought it was a nothingburger??

>> No.56785885

you will never ever have sex

>> No.56785930

probably no chance, the best outcome is girls avoid any future horizontal stuff.

>> No.56786008

this should have been expected, everything about this scenario is bad

overwatch 2 is just flatout bad and it's a PR disaster right now, it's why they obviously set this shit up, to try and appeal to japanese fans because western fans hate the game

forcing the male and female talents to fight each other is obviously another fucking L, not just for the idol/unicorn angle, but having women either get destroyed by men in a competitive setting or give the women a free win because they are women looks like hot garbage

this entire thing is actual hot garbage, fuck blizzard

>> No.56786038

I mean if you aren't willing to make a stink about this now, the next logical step would be a mixed collab and that's already too late.

>> No.56786070


>> No.56786270

Its not gonna get canceled because the press would be even worst.
They'll probably not try to do another shit like this for a long time tho.
And by that I mean that they'll try again in far future for sure because cover is obsessed in trying to save the Stars.

>> No.56786309

I think a lot of people are willing to make a stink about this, Blizzard is a dog ass company trying to do damage control for their dying brand and are just using Covercorp as a meaningless pawn

Blizzard doesn't care about the drama, it was 100% their idea of doing a men vs women competition like idiots.

>> No.56786325

I guess you can argue about what a good deal is - she's still earning much more than most vtubers who work as hard as she does.
But whether the male collabers are successful or not isn't really decisive; as long as they exist, they're part of Hololive's business model. Even if you wish it had a different one.

>> No.56786367

Its not going to get cancelled but I hope they learn something from this.

>> No.56786395

Zero chance, in the business world and especially in Japan, to u-turn is to admit failure and show weakness, which is even worse than just flopping.
Best case scenario is it flops so badly they don't do it again and it shows the other girls not to do it.

>> No.56786476

Why he is bringing VSPO? They are even a bigger male collaborators. Astel basically has speedrunned half of their members.

>> No.56786487

zero cover already got the money, we will see if the next collabs will be less mixed

>> No.56786531

the horizontal thing is an attempt at esports. he's telling them that vspo will always dominate that and they should give up.

>> No.56786549

>Zero chance, in the business world and especially in Japan, to u-turn is to admit failure and show weakness, which is even worse than just flopping.
but it's the opposite? they say sorry a lot

>> No.56786584

it was super smart by whoever in management set this up to do girls vs boys. that's going to end well.

>> No.56786637

Anon, you're still not out of the danger zone yet with Advent. Shiori is a ticking time bomb and Bijou is a FF14 player.

>> No.56786681
File: 39 KB, 567x524, 1686752252728581.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OD on your meds, fucking faggot

>> No.56786687

>people send red superchats to someone they hate
yeah okay

>> No.56786739

on a throwaway account and refund the charges.

>> No.56786757

Based. Telling them in a language they understand

>> No.56786759

>the hololive blog are pretty bad
There are 14 negative comments (one of which was unironically made by an authentic zhang), and the rest are from other people replying and chastising them.

>> No.56786771

>she's still earning much more than most vtubers who work as hard as she does
Kronii doesn't work particularly hard either, it's another one of the reasons why her viewership fell off a cliff this last year.
She doesn't make that much money, most of the small corpo girls are making as much as she is

>male collabers are successful or not isn't really decisive; as long as they exist, they're part of Hololive's business model
Also incorrect, they have never been a significant portion of the revenue for the company, EN management tried hard to make Tempus a thing, but that gamble ended up being a failed one as old management was thrown out and mandatory male x female collabs were culled, along with 2 Tempus talents being put into inactivity.

Males have not been a consideration for the business model in over 5 years, since before the company became an Idol company and were competing with nijisanji for the same market cap

>> No.56786805

Bettel has better numbers than Vesper or Magni.

>> No.56786841

Have you ever thought to stop being a homobeggar?
You don't have to have low standards

>> No.56786880

But VSPO is the biggest company in E-sport related matters in Japan. Much bigger than Holo or Noji. His comment doesn't made sense.

>> No.56786941

Are these girls that desperate to cuck their fans or something? They have such a good gig of just being a cute anime girl that doesn't interact with men, yet they literally cannot help themselves to interact with men while streaming. Just fucking play with them offline like Ayame does, don't bring this shit into Hololive.

>> No.56787035
File: 942 KB, 1080x1588, 1692816161793281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He sent a similar SC to lui a little after

>> No.56787073

>one of which was unironically made by an authentic zhang
blizzard shit on them too, of course they'd be pissed about this kind of collab

honestly, i don't know how cover didnt foresee this issue, fubuki is going to have to disable her chat again

>> No.56787091
File: 628 KB, 726x888, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I know who the second option are and why they are like this...

>> No.56787092

On top of that, he is a grey name.

>> No.56787130

Let's see if IRyS gets any, whenever she actually streams again.

>> No.56787227

You can't blame Blizzard when it's been obvious that Horizontal is Cover's latest attempt at integrating Holostars from the beginning

>> No.56787290

blizzard is funding this dark initiative.

>> No.56787467

>thinking she was being a bitch about it
Anon plz end it all before a girl (if ever) says sorry and you go blasting

>> No.56787474

It's possible they get big and think they can have their cake and eat it too. Happens all the time to successful people.

>> No.56787515

>Why he is bringing VSPO?
He is pointing out that they try to adopt VSPO business model, but they won't succeed

>> No.56787549

If this was something like a monhun speedrun I wouldn't care, but this is Blizzard marketing the worst rated game on steam to JP fans through a JP company who doesn't know all of their shitty history

I guarantee you that no one at cover even knew that there was major chinese backlash against Blizzard because they nuked all their products

>> No.56787631

I think he is just a japanese schizo from 5ch.

>> No.56787706

Big true, they won't change or cancel anything obviously, but even without unicorn angle it's just dumb putting men vs women, have any of the stuff seen how girls play games? They are worse than a guy coming home from his shift drinking beer playing COD Warzone

>> No.56787719

are they talking to eachother?

>> No.56787836

I remember when Chloe was watching the countdown live and she was very polite and was praising the homo collab portion. You guys always ignore the signs.

>> No.56787871

that's the japanese. even known creators have names like h-437. pretty sure matsuri does this too.

>> No.56787946

This. It's so obvious that they're trying to market xbox.

>> No.56787961

probably because they get catfished by other /vt/ niggers. Have you seen shiorifags?

>> No.56787976
File: 165 KB, 680x671, gj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>retarded foreigners taking machine translated 5ch in-jokes seriously
there must be an irl historic event that mirrors this phenomenon

>> No.56788144

filthy fucking whores. I'm quitting hololive

>> No.56788220

Didn't this whore play FPS in her previous life? They're all the same.

>> No.56788234

I know you're memeing, but this is blizzard and covers fault, not the girls
This shit stinks like corporate interests

>> No.56788290

Leaning heavily towards cover. Why would blizzard want the homos?

>> No.56788462

Explain how this is more egregious then people disliking DSP for example for snorting too much?

>> No.56788564

Blizzard is supporting the cause. They offered holo girls more money than corns could afford.

>> No.56788644

Holy numbers

>> No.56788695

There's a good chance blizzard has no idea what hololive is. Given the way they are about removing paintings of pixelated boobs in their games they would almost certainly cancel the sponsorship if twitter raised a stink about the holosummer shit.

>> No.56788737

Blizzard invested billions of dollars into a failed esports venture in overwatch, starcraft 2, WoW arena. hearthstone and heroes of the storm
They are now begging overwatch teams to allow them to buy them out so they can end the league

Blizzard has no good ideas at the helm, a man vs women tourney for a foreign country is exactly the type of shit they would push, they want JP people to go for overwatch 2 like JP fans went for Apex

>> No.56788947

This is equivalent to drawing devil horns and a mustache on a picture of someone you don't like.

>> No.56789137

Would you rather he not be honest?
Do you want people to be less genuine to spare your feelings and sensibilities?

>> No.56789377

Well yeah everyone should think like me. And they should only dislike other people especially entertainers for reasons I find acceptable.

>> No.56790273

Anon don't act surprised, it's a shitshow look :
> people who hate blizzard
> people who hate OW2
> people who hate homo collab
> people who will get angry at the result
You have at least 4 more or less separate groups that will form a league to make it a big ya be. It will be a miracle if no one graduate from this shit.

>> No.56790338


>> No.56790345

We must seen different pages. There are 60 comments there and large majority are negative.

>> No.56790532

I've noticed people just lie about what Japanese are supposedly saying constantly

>> No.56790694

literally go there and look for yourself lmao

>> No.56790742

>Cover is obsessed in trying to save the Stars.
Investors have probably been asking what's the deal with them. They do shit numbers, bring shit money and have the biggest graduation number in the whole company. Yet Cover still spends lots of money that just goes down the drain. This whole HLZNTL shit feels like a last Hail Mary to give some relevance to the homos like
>See see investorsan they're bringing numbers and money on this sponsored stream! They totally have value please let them stay!

>> No.56790961

That's not how it works
What's more likely
>these guys are pretty smalltime
>why don't you let them work with your super popular girls
>Nijisanji does that, so we should think about it
>we gotta diversify our product and start fighting for the industry leader's market on coed vtuber streams

>> No.56791060

>and have the biggest graduation number in the whole company
They do?

>> No.56791101

Holy based

>> No.56791456

No. If you count Chris, HoloJP have 4 (Chris,Rushia,Coco and Aloe)
Homos have 3.
And there you also have HoloCN that got closed with 6.
You could say they have biggest percentage wise if you exclude the whole CN situation, but not raw number.

>> No.56791598 [DELETED] 

Homos have 3???? Since when? HomoJPs or something?

>> No.56792307

Because this sponsorship probably was an idea of the Holostar's management. They have an OW veteran and two fps autists in the line up. The girls probably were an afterthought or were added in an impromptu.