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The rain stops for a moment Edition

>Teamup Schedule
>Divegrass team

▼Former Tsunderia Members
>Inukai Purin - Mesugaki dog
>Hoshino Char - Gunpla extraordinaire
>Kamiko Kana - Stinky NEET fox
>Ember Amane (formerly Yazaki Kallin) - Beloved tomboyish firestarter
>Matsuro Meru - Sweetest person alive, recovering menhera
>Nini Yuuna - The embodiment of chaos, breadcrumb-sized braincell
>Miori Celesta - Freaky deaky beertuber and your new girlfriend
>Orla Gan Ceann † - Half-toxic, half-wholesome dullahan shut-in
>Amemachi Hanabi - The golden-voiced mayor of Rainy Town
>Tetsuya Kazune - Insomniac head popper and music dork
>Chikafuji Lisa - The giggling and screaming little sheep sister experience, music nerd
>Uzuki Tomoya - Punished bnuuy; a brotuber denied his bants, now focusing on music and podcasting
>Tsurugi Nen - Scuffed dream eater and dick confuser
>Amiya Aranha - Itsy bitsy spider mom and certified retro hag
>Dizzy Dokuro (formerly Umiushi Urara) - Bane of Tsunderia, invader of Phase Connect, and savior of /tsunX/
>Yomi Cham - World's cutest singing wolpertinger
>Haewon the Heartstring - Frenemy of the thread and wannabe cumdumpster
>Maria Paradisia - Spicy Latina priestess on a mission to cleanse the world of sin
>Juri Shima - Tall, handsome, and rich chad king of Shima Kingdom

>/tsunX/ Friends
Prism Project >>>/vt//ppg+/
Phase Connect >>>/vt//pcg/
Production Kawaii >>>/vt//pkg/
Idol Corp >>>/vt//jidf/
PixelLink >>>/vt//pxl/
VReverie >>>/vt//vre/
AkioAIR, MYSPACE, and other small corpos >>>/vt//corpo/
Shabel Tonya & Korean Vtubers >>>/vt//vnug/
Hakos Baelz >>>/vt//rrat/
Onolumi & Retro Vtubers >>>/vt//vrt/
Sheeptubers >>>/vt//wool/
Moon Jelly - https://twitter.com/moonjelly0
Tsukimi B. Dohrnii - https://twitter.com/TsukimiBDohrnii
Mogi - https://twitter.com/monomogi
Shimada Tiger & Duskward - https://twitter.com/ShimadaTiger
Synthion - https://twitter.com/synthionmusic
Yukinoshita Peo - https://twitter.com/yukinoshitapeo
Arakita Seigi - https://twitter.com/ArakitaSeigi

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We must give our full support to the meme wizards of /Anya-Petra/. It is clear that their magic is at work here.

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>I'm HanaBEE

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I love Hanabi

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Mio Love!

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I always thought the ID4 rrats/cope were absolutely ridiculous but at this point, weirder things have happened in /tsunX/...

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(You) are (Me).

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this general is nothing but the weirdest shit dude. /tsunx/ is a goddamn treasure trove of "okay that one's bullshit" trivia facts.

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>Scrolling through her entire art tag and liking everything
This is how you know this is the big one

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>I miss Orla

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>I miss Orla
I miss her too

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>hanabi didn't comment on my squib
sadge. i know she saw it before though

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Goblins... Townspeople...

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Can someone give me a qrd on Tsunderia? Particularly on the rise and fall and what caused the fall to happen if it's public knowledge?

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[Hanabi news]
She didn't put a heart on Meru's halloween group art from 2021, she is ashamed that she is a fake Meru fan

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>She said it's not for school and given her record i don't see her getting into college in the near future.
>Not pregnancy or marriage.
>Almost got gaslit by chat into doing short or guerrilla streams.
>Vague non-denial when someone suggests "becoming idol".

Possible outcomes:
- Immediate hiatus is likely illness related or operation.
- Has long COVID and it's not getting any better, opting for some kind of intensive or novel treatment.
- Intervention for sleep issues and general poor health.
- Got hired to grind out art for chinese gacha - this lines up with Sana's experience who also had to choose between streaming and gacha art.
- Going to focus on singing as a 3D vocalist in an Indo idol group or rock band.
- Appearing on some TV talent show or idol group elimination show that are popular in east and southeast asia.
- Got picked up from free agency by Idol Corp, Going to be busy preparing for debut.
- Got picked up by phase when Sakana noticed she was active again
- and the _long_shot_, got picked up for Holo ID4. I really doubt she would even apply though.

captcha: 0GTW02

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>Particularly on the rise and fall and what caused the fall to happen
Nothing happened.

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That was literally the problem that brought the company down

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Remember her voice well, you'll be hearing it onstage one day

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Can I get a qualified medical expert to confirm for me that urgent care is less serious than the ER or ICU? When I think of urgent care I think of a bad cold.

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Ami really loves us doesn't she?
I don't think I know any vtuber that genuinely loves her fans like she does.
It makes me want to be the best bucko I can be and support her.

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The CEO was a lazy fat fuck who ran the company into the ground. Made Lisa pack merch while he sat around doing nothing, and made Mio manage all the covers on top of her streaming duties. Wasted potential and mismanagement the company

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>PPP maxes "eye for talent" stat, mins everything else. Including doing any actual work.
>Slugma has a sisyphean struggle to keep everything together.
>Slugma's psyche eventually snaps in half, and half the corp leaves with her.
>Remaining talents are basically left to manage themselves and each other.
>Eventually, the corp finally shuts down. Nobody tells Hanabi, even though she was the daisenpai.
>Brief smoldering, followed by glorious independent revolution.
>Including the shattered remains of Slugma's psyche re-debuting.
>Hanabi returns to smother the last cinders of Tsunderia before disappearing again just as quickly. <---------- You are here
>Kana ritualistically consumes the flesh of S-Train
>Hanabi career change
>Bucko singularity
>Lisa animated cartoon
>Yuuna is finally found at fault for being late to stream.

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Jelly on the telly

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>Kana ritualistically consumes the flesh of S-Train
And I chop him into bite-sized chunks for her (he is still alive and conscious during this)

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>I'm getting kind of sad

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>Yuuna is finally found at fault for being late to stream.
this is the post credits scene, she's being put in the back of a police car, crying that Tonya is going to starve without her

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I am going to miss this adorable little goober like you would not fucking believe

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>Maybe in another life

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Is the whole "it's the last stream -in a while-" Hanabi trying to let her fans down easy or does she not expect wherever she's going to last long?

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Hanabi will be back. Trust the plan.

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>> No.56764032

You're right. I didn't consider she's saying she'll stream again. Just >>56763901

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>> No.56764073

She already said she expects this hiatus to be a long one

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I sometimes feel guilty that I don't love Ami as much as much as she loves buckos

>> No.56764136

Well, yeah, as Hanabi.

>> No.56764157

might wanna DL those member streams in case she does turn off memberships I won't leak mine unless it's clear she's gone for good.

>> No.56764304

>Liking stuff on her art tag
>Going through her maro backlog
It really is that, huh..?

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Purin: https://marshmallow-qa.com/inukaipurin
Char: https://marshmallow-qa.com/hoshinochar
Kana: Closed
Dizzy: https://marshmallow-qa.com/dizzydokuro
Rei: https://marshmallow-qa.com/reidaimonji
Ember: https://marshmallow-qa.com/YazakiKallin (No Ember yet)
Meru: https://marshmallow-qa.com/matsuromeru
Yuuna: dm her lol
Mio: https://curiouscat.live/mioricelesta
Rei: https://marshmallow-qa.com/reidaimonji
Orla: https://marshmallow-qa.com/orlaganceann
Hanabi: https://marshmallow-qa.com/amemachihanabi
Kazu: https://marshmallow-qa.com/tetsuyakazune
Nen: https://marshmallow-qa.com/tsuruginen
Tomo: https://marshmallow-qa.com/uzukitomoya
Lisa: https://marshmallow-qa.com/chikafujilisa
Amiya: https://marshmallow-qa.com/amiyaaranha
Maria: https://marshmallow-qa.com/MariaParadisia
Yomi: Closed
Haewon: https://marshmallow-qa.com/HaewonTheHeart
Shima: https://marshmallow-qa.com/jurijurishima


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I believe so, anon, I believe so

>> No.56764607

If she were just straight up graduating, she'd say it

>> No.56764648

That sneeze? Me.

>> No.56764816

>Will I look at my art tag during hiatus? Maybe, if I remember
>You can always send me a maro about it, I get a notification
Maros confirmed to be a more reliable way of contacting Hanabi than literally anything else

>> No.56764820

>it was a nice two years
It's SO over

>> No.56764838

My boyfriend is dying...

>> No.56764927

you're gonna have to put the black ribbons on her portrait for future ritualposts...

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What about "I no longer miss my boyfriend" on the divegrass team?

>> No.56765002

Jelly is talking about having kids again

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...would she though

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[Hanabi news]
Tsunderia has finally been wiped from her Throne account

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Hanabi is Tsunderia

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Only a few traces of the curse left to scrub out.

>> No.56765140

I trust Hanabi

>> No.56765145

>I am Tsunderia.

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Mayor of Tsunderia

>> No.56765197

[Bad News]
Hanabi is keeping the Tsunderia curse alive on purpose

>> No.56765199

>"Tsunderia is still on your marshmallow"
>I kind of want to keep it there as an easter egg

>> No.56765202

This is our last chance to wipe the slate, chat's making good on it.

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>One day I'll become Tsunderia President

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Purin could've had an EMPIRE if she held off on leaving for a couple days.

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File: 41 KB, 806x444, Curse of the Crown[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fm11czs.opus].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tsunderia 2, I'm gonna make the sequel

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need to invert hanabi & tsunderia's placement here

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I yearn for the timeline where all of the talents mutinied against PPP after TsunDream debuted and installed Slugma as eternal empress

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This reminds me of a guy that made a list of niche imageboards for UNITY or whatever and then some Russian used it to find boards to spam with child porn and they all started getting taken down.

>> No.56765493

I would compensate her with marriage and access to all the BL she wants

>> No.56765517

[Good News]
Hanabi will never play Valorant.
worse than nothing

>> No.56765580

>I don't wanna say goodbye

>> No.56765718

Mio literally can't live without beerpals

>> No.56765746

I worry sometimes that there's someone in her life to make her happy and then I feel guilty for worrying because I know that isn't true and she's better than we deserve

>> No.56765778

yeah she cant. thats why im with her now

>> No.56765823

i wrote this

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>> No.56766090

>V A 11 Halla
I'm gonna miss Hanabiisms

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>> No.56766142

I'll be Hanabi's 4chan friend

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>> No.56766183

Honestly with her if she did I would be totally cool with it. I just want her to be happy. Her content wouldn't suffer as a result

>> No.56766377

I can't believe Hanabi is a /v/irgin

>> No.56766382

>making streaming plans
>on hiatus stream

>> No.56766445

Proof that she's not joining hololive if you really think about it.

>> No.56766763

Not necessarily

>> No.56766833

>"Think I'll be able to do a cover?"
>"Hmm..." [next question]
jesus fucking christ it's happening

>> No.56766914

An idea for a drawing

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[Sad news]
Hanabi's cat doesn't like her

>> No.56767140

>Open Jelly stream
>Chinese devilry

>> No.56767201

You're right and her happiness comes first of course but I would still be sad, she loves her buckos so much

>> No.56767261

You know it's big when Hanabi would rather chat than do karaoke

>> No.56767330

So... will it be Kawaii gen 4 of EIEN gen 2

>> No.56767387

NijiID :^)

>> No.56767437

That water? Me.

>> No.56767519

Speaking of, one of them resurfaced. And her name is, I shit you not, Purin.

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Attention all Vtubers! This is your new wifey speaking!
Throw away all pride. Throw away all pride and just pander. Pander to the lowest common denominator. Do GFE if you have to. That is my advice. Do vore ASMR, yeah, just do vore ASMR. Just throw away your pride and do the vore ASMR.
Thank you for your attention.

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Things are gonna be different, but I'm happy for her...... UWEEEHHHHHHHHHHH

>> No.56767720

>This is not the end. I'll be back.

>> No.56767807

or Idol Corp Gen 3

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Nen waiting room.

>> No.56767875

They pushed back their audition deadline again. So that doesn't make sense if wherever she's going moved up their dates by two months.

>> No.56768035

He still won’t tweet it out in advance, will he?

>> No.56768049

>Maybe once in a while I'll drop by...

>> No.56768053
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Nen is learning!

>> No.56768116

I can feel my body beginning to UUUUU already...

>> No.56768158

>5 minutes remaining

>> No.56768212
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>Preferably marshmallow, because I'll always see it
marshmallows are the most powerful vector of meme magic in existence. Never forget it.

>> No.56768241

I'd advise people to archive everything on her channel just in case

>> No.56768338

doesn't even exist anymore

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hanabi said she loves me, later virgins

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Rainy Town will grow larger.

>> No.56768460

It's been 5 minutes...... This is it.

>> No.56768526

Hanabi loves ME more

>> No.56768599

I miss that one anon's boyfriend...

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Rate the goodbye

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I would follow you through the depths of hell and then a thousand miles more, boyfriend poster.

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>Hanabi? Yeah, I used to know somebody with that name

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File: 1.85 MB, 850x1188, .webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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It filled me with the burning determination of a million suns to wait eons for her return, but also UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I MISS HER ALREADY/10

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I miss that one anon's boyfriend/10
I hope we don't have to wait too long to find out where she's going, and that wherever it is she ends up thriving there

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File: 7 KB, 149x91, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I am the last Rainy Town citizen.

>> No.56769275
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Friendly reminder to take care of yourself

>> No.56769676

Urgent Care where I'm from is for non-life threatening conditions that still need quick treatment, but I'm not in the US so I'm not sure if the same applies there

>> No.56769718
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Please, if she's ID4 or anything else, let her be our wolf mayor. I don't know if my heart could handle my boyfriend not being my boyfriend...

>> No.56769885
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>> No.56770133
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In the end it was a bittersweet goodbye but I still feel kind of happy. Good luck Mayor, and Godspeed boyfriendanon. What will you do?
Otsuverse, hopefully we see them sooner rather than later.

>> No.56770277
File: 165 KB, 512x512, Bj8LY7nJMKWH_9EPkdmZqAE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never has an it's so over been so we're so back.

>> No.56770419


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>> No.56770686

oh good catch

>> No.56770748

The sun came out/10

>> No.56770870

It's so weird seeing nothing but graynames in chat

>> No.56771072
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Purin is BEEGer than usual today

>> No.56771222
File: 2.21 MB, 195x202, 1667780953799225.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Today's song is the wolf whistling song, courtesy of Amiya Aranha.


>> No.56771241

[Good news]
Purin's womb feels okay

>> No.56771389

hopefully it's a "I want to force myself to stream again" and not "I'm insecure and think I'm manipulating you"

>> No.56771482
File: 147 KB, 1920x1017, Ff-ZdpCaAAA3AGa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Purin schedule soon.
>Purin anniversary stream soon.
>Purin announcement of some kind soon.

>> No.56771583

>Purin announcement of some kind soon.
Schedule seems good but the fact that she paused members worries me greatly. That's usually something people who take a long break or move accounts do.

>> No.56771638
File: 668 KB, 945x927, 1688554207118036.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why is she naked right now???

>> No.56771743

doog alert

>> No.56772000

No matter how many times i hear it it still feels like a bit of a culture shock that non-rich families hiring maids seems so common in SEA

>> No.56772150

>purin is going to be on birth control

>> No.56772374

I hope Hanabi is having nice dreams right now

>> No.56772376


>> No.56772426


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>"Smoking weed might help the rocking you have"
>Smoking weed might get me executed in the Philippines

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Ember Fallout: New Vegas at 12pm
Dizzy Welcome to Kowloon at 5pm

>> No.56773034
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Mamafuji has covid (again) and Lisa will be looking after her, streams may or may not be affected

>> No.56773074

Mamafuji is currently coughing on everything and making sure Lisa catches it.

>> No.56773118

Zero streams since a /tsunX/ girl talked about having babies

>> No.56773188
File: 332 KB, 857x429, There is no need to be upset.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56773289

>What if somebody injected sperm into the ovaries through your tummy? You could be a virgin mom.
>You don't put it in the... vagina...

>> No.56773311

I need to know. I need to know. I need to know. I need to know.
Please let it not be what I think it is. Please let it not be what I think it is. Please let it not be what I think it is.

>> No.56773331

So Purin and Hanabi got hired by the same corpo.

>> No.56773355


>> No.56773367

Please no. Please no. Please no. Please no. Please no. Please no. Please no. Please no. Please no. Please no. Please no. Please no.

>> No.56773447
File: 488 KB, 487x475, 10472329.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Purin didn't get hired because she's one of the founders
AuntieDoggyLive is REAL

>> No.56773492

The flan? The rare covid flavor straight from the tap

>> No.56773525


>> No.56773579

>Reflexes are like trying to i-frame IRL

>> No.56773605

I need Dizzy with Slugma eyes. Anyone has the image?

>> No.56773657

Already posted. Nice

>> No.56773725

Purin is being her usual bratty self and laughing her ass off, all is well

>> No.56773801

examining purin’s prostate (female)

>> No.56773956
File: 136 KB, 1920x1137, Fwsp8joaQAA0mF_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it a weird and degenerate idea for a drawing?
I hope it's a weird and degenerate idea for a drawing.

>> No.56774024

well fuck

>> No.56774025

it's actually over

>> No.56774033


>> No.56774035

Its so over

>> No.56774087

>Two in one day
They have to be related.

>> No.56774110
File: 182 KB, 704x704, 1692076942129313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56774127

She said basically the exact same thing Hanabi did. It's connected

>> No.56774134

Middle class people affording live-in maids is pretty common throughout the third world where labor is super cheap and cost of living is low.

>> No.56774155


>> No.56774167

They're phase gen 3

>> No.56774192
File: 515 KB, 635x635, pwin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56774198

Does Lisa even use medical masks, never mind N95 masks around mamafuji...?

>> No.56774244


>> No.56774248
File: 65 KB, 400x400, fish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.56774262


>> No.56774268

Purin I could see but Hanabi would be an absolutely awful fit for PC

>> No.56774334
File: 116 KB, 1159x1242, 1680474450626854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well I guess it's an IT'S SO OVER kind of day after all

>> No.56774388


>> No.56774422
File: 143 KB, 1384x1384, 1689044667934883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i will remain hopeful. purin will feel in good company with tenma and pippa types.

>> No.56774424

Over? Things are just getting started.
I hope they're not joining that corpo that's rumored to be debuting a 15 year old.

>> No.56774429

Is it possible there's some under the radar SEA startup that could be scooping up graduates?

No, who am I kidding. Slugma wouldn't let Purin join any corpo she didn't trust. I think she still cares at least that much. It's gotta be a nepo/cronyism hire.

>> No.56774485
File: 71 KB, 701x478, 1688120289045299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Noo! Why? Why? Why? Is it pcg? She said if it was a company she would have it be a new persona and that flans would be smart enough to know. Fuck them if they take the indie dog, She said she would be back but the date lines up. ;-; Why do I feel this way.
Fuck you all!

>> No.56774518

Depends if you consider a bikini degenerate

>> No.56774554

glad at least it sounds like it’s business rather than health.

>> No.56774580

you know those reverse bunny suits? How about a diving wetsuit except it's actually a reverse bikini

>> No.56774663

Could also be family.

>> No.56774688

That's too much for my current skills, sorry :(

>> No.56774693
File: 588 KB, 797x620, 1689005953703733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56774704
File: 1.51 MB, 1566x1500, 1297427382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't bloody think Sharia allows it!

>> No.56774784

What the hell is happening?

>> No.56774838

Purin I know for a fact is joining Phase, but I don't think that's the case for Hanabi. It's been set in stone for some time that phase gen 3 would debut/be revealed in September, but Hanabi doesn't even know when she'll be active again, and said that the reason for her hiatus was moved forward 2 months, so she can't be part of the new phase generation. I think Hanabi just very coincidentally has a lot going on in her life right now

>> No.56774929

Who else is joining them? Haewon? Lisa? Maria?

>> No.56774975

Honestly yeah, any Purin announcement that doesn't boil down to "god has decided to take a fat shit all over my life (again)" is a positive one in my book

>> No.56775031

Mass Graduations 2: Mass Indefinite Hiatus Boogaloo
So far:
Hanabi(unknown but suspected reincarnation), Purin(same)
Next up: Nen(nen), Tomo(work), Kazu(work), Mio(moving), Yuuna(job hunt), Lisa(covid)

>> No.56775072

>Made Lisa pack merch while he sat around doing nothing, and made Mio manage all the covers on top of her streaming duties.
What the fuck

>> No.56775114

Lisa is thriving as an indie, has stuff lined up for September/October, and even still seems to have Rei as an informal manager (or at least assistant) so I doubt she's going anywhere anytime soon

>> No.56775228

don't forget
>lost the handmade signed postcard prizes for Orla's mini VN debut promotion

t. goblin winner

>> No.56775260

I doubt she'd take a hiatus to post full time in our thread

>> No.56775372

Is it Phase or Idol, taking bets right now!

>> No.56775380
File: 143 KB, 1000x800, FDvPXseVgAEoe8B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wasn't a winner but I'm still fucking mad that he wasted her hard work like that and then didn't even bother saying anything, absolutely no respect whatsoever

>> No.56775406

I just know they have to be collecting dust in his apartment somewhere. I'm going to break in there and claim mine, and try to send the others to their winners too

>> No.56775433

Why do you say that like she'd be forced into it at gunpoint, your schizophrenic delusions aren't her problem

>> No.56775616

hoping idol because phase makes me imagine some gothic novel plot in which a heathcliff-type rich man driven mad by love successfully persuades the object of his obsession to live within his gilded cage even though she doesn’t love him back

>> No.56775662

Why? She has enough money I believe. So why? Is it the brain worms. Is it needing a new persona to not feel that everybody secretly hates her. Why? Relatively speaking I'm a newfag to her 3 years of streaming. But I'll be selfish. It's like like she couldn't collab with anyone in phase if she wanted to. I hate corpos. I consider their NDAs to be horrible. I consider their IP ownership to be abysmal. I consider their no credit policy, disgusting. Why? This feeling is all too familiar and I hate it.
I don't understand what this means or implies in regards to my post.
See above why I hate corpos. I don't give a fuck what you and your corpo shills think. You don't know what is to come so shut and let time reveal the outcome. We don't know her contract or even if dizzy or Ember knows her contract. We don't know shit.

>> No.56775703

Pcg is the thread.

>> No.56775706

Schizophrenic assumes anonymous poster's intent through the voices in his head, many such cases

>> No.56775800

Screeshot this. When half of the /tsunX/ OP is reincarnations, that will be the turning point.

>> No.56775870

Corpos protect them from groomers and give a numbers bump. What more could an indie want.

>> No.56775996
File: 1.45 MB, 4000x4000, FxMAQVAaEAIwyw2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thankfully that's still going to be a long time from now considering the current number of reincarnations in the OP as of right now is technically zero

>> No.56776004

Unless you're in Niji. They seem to be doing worse than small corpos with most of their talents, namely their girls.

>> No.56776010

Corpos also make it easier to get sponsorships and commercial art comissions. JP artists and companies often prefer to deal with company entities instead of individuals.

>> No.56776061

Because she already has friends in Phase, (Most important one being slugma) and because she wants to make more friends and more covers, which are both a lot easier in a company. And numbers.
>Corpos protect them from groomers
Lol, lmao. But if slugma trusts fishman with Purin then I will too, begrudgingly

>> No.56776088

Look at Ember, she joined Phase and was instantly more successful than she ever was as Kallin. Purin would be going from a 2 view to a guaranteed 3 view. It sucks to to be losing her model and complete freedom as an indie but the extra benefits and structure behind the scenes a corpo can provide are nothing to scoff at. I’m sure Purin weighed all her options before making a choice.

>> No.56776239

There are legitimate reasons to dislike phase but i swear to god half the anti-phase people in this thread are literally exclusively like that because they dislike /pcg/, which yes, is a shithole, but if your opinion of something hinges on the thread about it on the taiwanese shadowpuppetry forum you need to get a fucking grip

>> No.56776301

Can we at least wait until we know before we shit up the next two months worth of threads with OMG I HATE PHASE?

>> No.56776319

What are the biggest reasons to dislike phase? I really only started paying attention to them recently for obvious reasons.

>> No.56776547

It wasn't just A Guy it was the person who helped moot set up 4chan called Shii.

>> No.56776666

They make their talents play Mahjong and League.

>> No.56776780

Chinese devilry shills

>> No.56776844
File: 27 KB, 680x379, the plan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fishman pays for the talent's gym memberships

>> No.56776850

Mostly just stuff that'd make you anti-corpo in general, or the iffy management early on.
I somewhat understand concerns about the more unsavory parts of Pippa's audience leaking over but the other talents have proven time and time again that with proper wrangling they arent an issue.

>> No.56776886
File: 497 KB, 1258x417, 1675332247843325.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fishman HATES Jelly

>> No.56776910

So you think she's not joining?
>Corpos protect them from groomers
>give a numbers bump
She seemed pretty well off supporting a decent chunk of her family already.
Usually not risque loli art.
>friends in Phase
You don't need to join a company to continue to be friends. And friends are one of the reasons I think she's mainly joing. She can be friends without joining and giving a cut. Joining for friends is why I have such doubt.
>losing her model and complete freedom as an indie
>nothing to scoff at
I'll scoff. We don't know shit. We don't see the contracts. The talents can't speak about the contracts. The talent are under NDA. You have trust based on what? What knowledge has Purin showed of contracts before? You rely on Dizzy.
Biggest is probably the Yuri firing. Invader that joined then got fired. Reason unknown. All her stuff including before phase got deleted. Phasefags made up rrats for how she was in the wrong. Other reasons include trying to separate Pippa with different rules. Bonking hard after a nsfw joke about fleshlights. Trying to tell talent to be less in their discord (big one if you are a flan), trying to censor lingo, Sakana being such a bad manager for gen 1 that Pippa and Tenma almost graduated, and some others I forget right now. Then the general corpo stuff like no clue about nda, ip ownership, etc.
In case you haven't noticed by the above I am from /pcg/. Fuck phase.

>> No.56777015

Why didnt you just lead with that so i could tell you to kill yourself and move on with my life

>> No.56777150
File: 656 KB, 1274x717, 1685843050014234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gonna stay positive about stuff with thoughts of my beautiful spidermom

>> No.56777203
File: 118 KB, 630x212, 1673396116240.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56777204

Tsunbros I don't like today

>> No.56777278

There's been so many ups and downs these past three years I don't feel up or down. I'm in the "Alright, lets see what happens next" phase at all times now.

>> No.56777343

Goblins, is she gonna be alright?

>> No.56777356


>> No.56777417

Oh so you were playing an angle all along. Alright go back.

>> No.56777434

you sound boosted

>> No.56777446

Hanabi... is becoming a kpop boy?

>> No.56777454

No angle. I like Purin, that's all. Fuck you.

>> No.56777680

My family got infected except for me while living in the same house because I was using N95 in shared spaces, ventilating rooms when possible, and using HEPA filter air purifiers. Surfaceborne diseases require disinfecting surfaces. Airborne diseases need effective air filtration and ventilation. I just hope Sheepy learned from her first round of it.

>> No.56777740

I had almost filled enough google opinions to buy a membership and now they're paused...
I hope whatever she's up to goes well

>> No.56777748

Invaders is a thing, you know.

>> No.56777791

Wait, the one from several months ago? Orlag...

>> No.56777877

nta, Purin said if she would join a company it would be a new persona for a fresh start. IP around invaders isn't clear, look at Yuri. Why would there be a hiatus if she was an invader.

>> No.56777889
File: 572 KB, 800x800, UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56777931

>unsavory parts of Pippa's audience leaking over
Not a thing as those Pippigers only watch Pippa.
Lot of effort for a bad cold, bro.

>> No.56777990

She better stay a cunnytuber.

>> No.56778101

She explicitly stated that she doesnt like the idea, she wants the proper corpo generation experience because "then my genmates are forced to interact with me", the brainworms are that bad.

>> No.56778165

I know, just saying the ones that try get filtered pretty quick when they realize nobody else wants to put up with them.

>> No.56778260

There's loli but not really cunny. The closest thing to cunny in phase is Remi(too tall) or Jelly (too clothed). It's a corpo, I doubt she'll be as cunny as this model.
>the brainworms are that bad.
You understand. Please tell me you also understand that brainworms are a bad reason to join a corpo.

>> No.56778505

From Purin's perspective, I get it. She loves her flans but has always been a back and forth on feeling like she's getting to close to them and then pulling (too far) away and isolating herself.
Joining a corpo under a new character, brainworm reasons or not, gives her a chance to reset that distance and keep it where she wants it.

>> No.56778517

Sakana's a cunnychad himself

>> No.56778529

>wake up
>missed Purin stream
>it was an important stream
Oh god damn it. I hope everything's right with her and the hiatus isn't for health reasons, which would be weird if it were because you can't really schedule a health-related hiatus, so I hope she got into a corp, but then again I don't want her to lose the absolute sex model she has, but if it's Purin with a new model I have trust in her to have an absolute sex model in any incarnation given how cultured she is. But I'd still miss that ultimate sex doggy.
If that's really the case I hope it's Phase simply because she has a bunch of friends in there for emotional support, I don't care about other drama.

>> No.56778565

Anon they all have brainworms. Not just phase. All of them

>> No.56778619
File: 284 KB, 508x508, 16738483728294948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no cunny in Phase

>> No.56778721

>Ami sick
>Good chance she won't stream today

>> No.56778795

>Hanabi announced hiatus, thread is full of love and mourning
>Purin announces hiatus, thread immediately turns into shit
Flans, everyone

>> No.56778843

Ami is actually Mamafuji

>> No.56778846

"not loli" was bad wording but that's a "secret" toggle that had to be unlocked by a donathon (ew). It's not like you're going to be seeing it often.
That doesn't change my point that it's a bad reason to join a corpo. At least if the reason was money or fame I wouldn't doubt she would get low balled on the contract.

Speaking of low balled. Jelly signed the first offer she got, even when her close friend Lumi told her not to before hand. So I'll continue to concern that she got low balled because she has brainworms and wanted to hang with her friends.

>> No.56778888
File: 10 KB, 225x225, 2r35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>both canines on indefinite hiatus
What a week huh?

>> No.56779017

>I’ll continue to post my schizo delusions thinly veiled as “concern” because I’m a delusional schizo
How interesting!

>> No.56779038

> hanabi gone
> purin gone
> lisa canceled
> ami probably canceled
crying and throwing up rn

>> No.56779051

I feel genuinely bad for Nano if you're the kind of person she has to deal with now, seek help.

>> No.56779077

I like Hanabi but she would really need to up her work ethic if she were to make it in another corpo.

>> No.56779218
File: 3 KB, 676x780, 1679064088657158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.56779502
File: 460 KB, 618x868, hanabigoodboy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.56779607

I doubt Ami would cancel outright unless she feels actually insanely unwell or having vocal problems, keeping it short and chill has always been her m/o for situations like this, and buckotoxin always makes her feel a bit better regardless

>> No.56779706

it's so over

>> No.56779781
File: 27 KB, 256x256, kaguya.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just realized that September starts in a week.

>> No.56779892

There are multiple guys and multiple lists and probably multiple spam botters in the unabridged version.

>> No.56779949

and my gf will be back by then!

>> No.56780220

We are firmly in the "Hiatus" part of "Hiatus or overlap, pick one" huh?

>> No.56780257

Yes. Quite the schizo I am for wanting that Purin be able to get past her brainworms without signing a contract filed with NDAs and being in a new model that she doesn't own and will receive no credit for voicing if she ever leaves for whatever reason. Quite the schizo I am.

>> No.56780561

at least we have the long E-ber NV stream

>> No.56780624

You’re right. I’m sure you, in your infinite wisdom and knowledge know more about what’s best for Purin than she does herself. I’m so sorry for ever doubting you.

>> No.56780723
File: 33 KB, 112x112, 1690982498280840.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One of the goodest

>> No.56780812

Where do you think I'm basing this info off? It's based on what she has said herself.

>> No.56780834

I'd assume it is lesser than lethal but still vital to get fixed ASAP
Broken bones, ripped ligaments, chronic bleeding issues, minor heart issues, dizziness / fainting, dehydration, clogged throat / breathing issues / constant choking, low oxygen levels, general weakness, shit like that.
I was at my countries - UK, Scotland specifically - Rapid Assessment Unit (where my sister actually works, funnily enough) just a couple weeks back myself because of sudden dizziness and weakness. Dehydration. Was in over night.

>> No.56781089
File: 774 KB, 644x644, free her.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ember announces stream cancellation because she is too hungry and too not pregnant

>> No.56781110

Urgent care is just for things you could fix with a PCP schedule but you need it today.

>> No.56781380


>> No.56782077
File: 77 KB, 1000x1000, 1674985483386794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lisa Day is still on, get your girl dinners ready

>> No.56782132

It's her choice, and if she doesn't like it, she can go back to being Purin. That's why it's a hiatus and not an official graduation. She is keeping the option to go back, but having management to help her and gen mate to be around her is something she really wants, and I personally think it will be good for her.

>> No.56782503
File: 88 KB, 412x503, 1663361074125908.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ami is live chatting and animating!

>> No.56782577

Press F for all the cunny bros.
Those sunglasses aren't gonna get much use as a bra now...

>> No.56782596
File: 1.94 MB, 2000x2000, Eeebersawr[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fu25qgn.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ember New Vegas

>> No.56782894
File: 234 KB, 401x669, 1692388881703032.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bucko cute? More like Ami cute

>> No.56782984

My seed can survive in stomach acid, Ami

>> No.56783010
File: 116 KB, 1000x1000, FzvovCbX0AIGT6c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

E-ber will cheer me up on this dark day

>> No.56783105

what are you guys having today
might just buy a frozen pizza because I'm fucking broke

>> No.56783257

I want to be surrounded by Ember

>> No.56783259

Saw an ad for Domino's pepperoni cheesy bread, might get that

>> No.56783402
File: 24 KB, 617x707, 1682965259543130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Confirmed on stream live!

>> No.56783486

Boring and should be phased out.

>> No.56783538
File: 69 KB, 235x160, huhnabi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's a coincidence hanabi and purin announced their indefinite hiatuses on the same day right
blain bloken can't think good gomen

>> No.56783545

Half an egg and three sips of a glass of water (I'm matching her)

>> No.56783589

Wrong thread bro

>> No.56783721


>> No.56783734

I'm not saying it's not her choice. I do not think my ramblings have any power over her. But am I now allowed to dislike or have doubts of her choices without being considered a schizo? Contracts can have terms to how long before you can leave with no consequences. Just because she isn't giving up "Purin" doesn't mean I can't criticize the possible choice of joining phase for (basing of what she has said) friends. It might be good for her overall but it doesn't mean it's the best option or that it's wrong for me to wish the same without joining a corpo. What has Purin said that gives you hope that she is contract savvy? Or is joining to be famous or get more money, where those offers at least lead to her getting a low bargain. She to me is joining because she wants friends. Because she has brainworms that make her think she deserves the shit in her life, that everybody secretly hates her, that she is somehow manipulating people. Has Purin lead you to believe that she'll stand up for herself? But I am the schizo for thinking there's a better option. For thinking she can be friends with her past or future vtubers without joining the company and the NDAs, management, cuts, rules that come with it.

>> No.56783743

All things considered it probably is actually a coincidence, but it'd be pretty funny if it weren't

>> No.56783883
File: 538 KB, 641x617, 168738581295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I understand now, thank you. Purin is also joining HoloID4.

>> No.56783925

filipinos can't get in ID...

>> No.56783954
File: 716 KB, 691x889, dinkies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just tuned in, what happened to Ember's other Dinky? Is he safe? Is he alright?

>> No.56784003

managerlarping, i.e the "she can't take care of herself, only I can take care of her" is directly adjacent to being a schizo, yes. you've gone well beyond simple concernposting.

>> No.56784016

Once a decade or so leaf media manages something great

>> No.56784131

>she can't take care of herself
How the fuck do you get this from me saying she doesn't need a company. That she can make friends and fight her brainsworms without one is beyond me.

>> No.56784329

Lay out your growth plan and how she has shown she can achieve that growth solo.
And don't say "she doesn't need to grow." In this business you either grow or shrink into nothing.

>> No.56784341

Does this radio station Ember's listening to in-game just play the same commercial on loop?

>> No.56784434

I'm sorry for taking Hanabi away from you guys, but you have to understand, the pregnancy comes first. I'll let her come back after we've settled in with the baby

>> No.56784600
File: 655 KB, 1080x1080, Amiya Bananha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love my banana girl

>> No.56784659


>> No.56784672

Praying for the health of your 2 month premature baby.

>> No.56784710

You faggot. Like I said. Do you think she is joining for fame or money? And not mainly for friends. Please answer. You watch her right? For one I would say stream again on youtube consistently and not on discord. I could continue but that isn't my point. If she was joining for fame or money I wouldn't be as schizo. Again please tell me in your opinion if you think she is mainly joining for fame or money.

>> No.56784734


>> No.56784832
File: 399 KB, 867x827, 1688557236679427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not beating the schizo allegations like that my man

>> No.56784967

Whose tits are more powerful, Dizzy or Ember?

>> No.56785086
File: 113 KB, 558x370, Dizzy&#039;s dizzies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dizzy's are roped up to contain their maximum power, Ember's superweapon is her ludicrous ass

>> No.56785145

>Robots to serve me, women to please me

>> No.56785232

I want to cover Ami with my sauce

>> No.56785396

[Ember news]
She thinks House is cringe

>> No.56785676

I wanna upgrade Embers driver if you know what I mean

>> No.56785699

New thread

>> No.56786349

As a very casual clip watcher of phase talents, PCG is pretty aids incarnate as a general, and the biggest reason (it seems to mostly have calmed down recently) is Pippa's rapid ascent fucked with every other talents audiences what what they expected from fellow company mates. Pretty sure 80% of people don't have a problem with the talents, just a couple of sakana'isms and just the absolute spergy fans.

>> No.56786700


Anon. Take a step back.
This is completely maladaptive behaviour.

>> No.56786764

Well yes but that's irrelevant.