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Korone isn't even my Oshi but you have to admit she provides the ultimate vtuber experience.

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Yeah she's a solid S-tier streamer

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Based as fuck. She’s not my oshi either but this is hands-down absolute truth.

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I agree.

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I’m gonna miss her bros

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Unfortunately, she will graduate too

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I just wish she stopped tormenting poor listener-san
He suffered enough

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She doesnt sing enough and is too much of a comedian to make you desire to properly wife her


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She's really good at what she does.

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I feel the same about her. Watching her streams is always enjoyable.

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When she graduates, I hope she gets her own show called Korone in the House and is very successful.

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She just makes me smile bros

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She's a real natural at this stuff.

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>too much of a comedian to make you desire to properly wife her

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Anime about her daily life in the bakery when guys?

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her bakery gimmick isn't used that much anymore is it?
I hardly ever see it brought up

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she quit a long time ago since she's making truck loads of money as a chuuba

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I'm 100% EOP but I agree.
I wish we ever get an EN chuuba as good as koone.

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we already do, her name is Nyanners

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I've never watched anything of her outside of the stuff she posted on the chins a decade ago. What VODs would you recommend?

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I think what EN lacks is the chemistry interactions, and banter that JP have. The only thing that came close were some of the AmeSame collabs, but Amelia understandably stopped doing them. There's no OkaKoro, Shion Aqua level interactions in EN.

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her truck simulator ones are kino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xb3xDWICglw

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>truck sim
holy based

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>There's no OkaKoro
There is TakaMori

plus the problem is there are 5x as many jp members as en

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wish some Holo En would play it desu

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She still seems to have a day job, she just doesn't use the bakery excuse any more

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What is her dogs name called? I love its design so much

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I believe the dog is called "korone"

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TakaMori always has felt forced as fuck, specially since Calli can't play a tsundere for shit

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is one person or several?

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are you not aware that names can end in an "s"?

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Korone is waifu? Nonono... Korone is doggo.

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TakaMori is really funny to me because Mori very clearly wants genuinely nothing to do with it

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then why did they go on vacation together?

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Because it gives her attention, pretending to care about this played out dynamic thats still didn't die out thanks to morons taking the most fake yuribait between vtubers

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I don't doubt they are good friends, but the yuri aspect is just forced and fake as fuck

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Why even have a day job when you're making tens of millions of yen per year?

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She's unironically a genius. Has been responsible for many of the best moments in the history of Vtubing.

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I agree. Very cute, her endurance streams are a blast and she's always entertaining.
t. nijifan

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Better to keep a stable job instead of a shitty youtube career.

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Not when it's a shitty menial job

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Any job works, as long as it guarantees a stable life.

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I want to bring life to her dusty, barren gamer womb

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You can have an extremely stable life by using a significant amount of money intelligently

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In America they'll give you shit for having blank spots in your resume where you can't explain what you were doing, and they're explicitly not allowed to talk about working for Hololive. Even a basic job where you work 20 hours a week would be better for keeping up appearances than saying "yeah I was a youtube entertainer for 2+ years".

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did her beating the shit on you all this time not send the message that you should worship her only based on fear and not lust?

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not lust, love

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My friend, everyone will graduate some day. Everything is temporary. Enjoy it whilst it lasts or live in a pit of despair.

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>In America
Stopped reading here and laughed

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Both of these things are good, and it's exactly why she's my oshi.

She constantly posts ab

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You're retarded if you think cover won't give them a reference. Contract covers public disclosures, not private affairs

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At Korone's level she needs to make smart investments with her current money. If she sticks around long enough or invests wisely she won't need to work as long as she lives in moderation.

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peak wagie

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They didn't give Kanata/Coco/Suisei references to prove they're not deadbeat hooligans that will shit up an apartment. Why would they give anything more than a "Yeah I guess they can call us" if the chuuba actually leaves?
kson is against the current if she ever has to move or get another job.

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My oshi since EN debuted is Ina but this is 100% true, korone is the most powerful vtuber

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Peak chuuba

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kson already worked in corporate before so she's fine in that area for references.

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Nyanners is forced cringe.

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>he doesn't want funny wife who will entertain him all the time

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Kill yourself faggot

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Nyannerzzzzzzzzzzz(LE FUNNY DICK JOKE LMAO XDDDD)zzzzzzzzzzz

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I believe its a King Charles spaniel breed, thats what she said her breed is

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>13 year blank spot
bros I don't feel so good...

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She's too powerful.

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That's why I like her. Never been big on the idol thing.

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>homemaker, caretaker

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Honestly, my roommate doesn't give a shit about vtubers but still looks up Korone clips

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When she does sing, it has old Mecha and Toku. Based doog.

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Koone combines the innocence of a child enjoying retro games with the cynicism of a jaded veteran chuuba. Her stream is always a whiplash between pure entertainment and absolute kino.

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Korone makes sucking ass at video games fun. It's always fun. She is dog shit at nearly every game she plays, and I still enjoy the fuck out of it. It's like watching a golden retriever run around.

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where is this from? cant seem to find it

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hands down the best at the job

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those are both pluses what the fuck are you smoking

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my fav korone screencap is from that stream

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>he doesn't want to fuck that which he fears

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Yeah she's talented at this. Was probably born to be a vtuber

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its kinda like how people say xqc was born to be a streamer
i dont really watch him but i have to admit he is objectively entertaining/perfect for the job

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she'll provide the ultimate graduation experience soon

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I think Korone Sucks!

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It's clear you don't think

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Why should I?

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I choose despair. Fuck enjoyment and fuck life.

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>streams sonic over the festival
Kneel, all of you.

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Hello yes this is doog

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I kneel, Korone-sama.

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It's undeniable that she's a natural entertainer.

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Korone's content is too childish and repetitive. Pekora will always be number one because she appeals to all audiences, is very smart, addictive, sex, and a very hard working perfect pure idol.

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Watame is #1. I am not going to explain why.

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I don't even care that I got bogged this morning. Korone's stream is too cute.
Send 無敵 in chat if you want her to get invincibility. It will still likely kill her. Xpotato is a SOUND ONLY cheat. It will play Xpotato.

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smug bunny begging for rape

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cope more nu-saggy, pekora kneels for korone

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Why not both? They're both my favorite VTubers

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Korone, Peko and probably Mikoti are the 3 holomems that stand out to me as natural born streamers

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Gura outperforms all of them. Numbers don't lie.

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>super cute
>naturally funny
>deliberately hilarious
>multiple high quality memes
>based games(no apex)
>regularly streams 10+ hours
>strong moral character
>highly intellectual
>fashion goddess
Not my oshi either, but I kneel.

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Eeekum bokum.

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>Numbers don't lie.
Yes they do. A whole fucking lot

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> pedobait outperforms actual quality content
News at 11. Doesn't mean it's better.

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fuck off freud

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She’s got them funny bones

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He didn't say anything about fucking his parents though.

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I always liked her efforts to reach out to EN bros without actually being fluent in English. It was easy for Coco as she was basically bilingual, but Korone with her A1-level English made the effort time and time again.

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