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Gundou confirms niji doesn't let you see your youtube play button IRL, you just get a photo of it.

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Who cares?

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I do, now fuck off shill.

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It was all real after lmao

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I do. It's straight up comical how Nijisanji is exposed as a black company, but it's also sad that they have some good talents in there.

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Black company

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this is his second thread in 10 minutes, so OP probably does

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does it at least include a picture of the yachts as well?

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What do you mean confirm? this is known for more than 3 years, just like merch being the smallest cut. I have no idea why you faggots act like this is new so i guess its just a bunch of EN fags

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Then why do nijifags still deny it?

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Is Gundou back to streaming?

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Why are blatant PL posts allowed when it's about ex nijiholo?

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you know what difference that makes for them? zero, they still will make money and be highly profitable. The only ones affected are fans and the members who have to deal with a bad atmosphere, at least in EN side, because in JP that couldnt be more relevant as none of that is new

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That's gotta suck for them, but did you know numbermonkeys are harrassing and doxxing people over holostars chat messages?

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wasn't this known ages ago?

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idk, im only speaking what i know about the jp side

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This is a direct confirmation from a former niji vtuber.

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You're also probably okay with 2%

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Nijisisters denied it when it came from Zaion.

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If that's the case why are people still denying it?

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not gonna defend numberfags but
>one guy
>everybody shits on him
also you're exaggerating. he didn't doxx anyone. also WHO GIVES A FUCK go back to plebbit

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And here we have an example of a cuck whose oshi is Nijisanji (Riku Tazumi)

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This confirms it's not an isolated incident. Nijisanji has a policy of not allowing their talents to keep their youtube milestone trophies.

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i thought selen or someone had confirmed in a clip a long time ago but i don't watch nijis so i might be wrong

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Nijisanji fans apparently don't seeing how many of them are still in denial about this.

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Such short sighted thinking. You don't think keeping the fans and livers happy is worth the small amount of money it takes to order a second play button?
This is why Nijiniggers have such a bad rep

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This is getting comical at this point. Really taking the meme of "you don't own nothing" to the extreme.

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>Noooo they're not supposed to expose my oshi’s (black company) bad practices!!!

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This is not PL. This is her current persona, retard. Stop deflecting.

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Nijiniggers deflections tend to be retarded, yes

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>Why are blatant PL posts allowed
Because they're not actually against the board rules?

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Here is your employee of the month award! We'll send you a picture of it, actually we're just going to keep it and you won't get to see it ever. We'll keep the prize money for it too.

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i love the blob avatar

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That's all fine and good but you are actually not allowed to talk about PLs when they have boyfriends or do heinous shit themselves.

Her current persona is not Gundou. You are PL posting blatantly

Then why do PL posts result in bans when it's about boyfriends and other things. Hell, IM's shit isn't even about her PL, it was literally posted on her current accounts and it still results in a no IRL ban.

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>Her current persona is not Gundou
Precisely, you dumb shill. Gundou is now her PL.

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>they deserve it sister
>You should thank anon for disclosing what he’s doing, as it serves as a warning for the rest and get people to behave better
>based correction is needed
>based, containment breaking faggots need to learn how opsec works
Numbernigger trying to hide how much of a subhuman he really is. Literally the same as the nijisisters harrassers.

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I think its been speculated, but its shitty nonetheless that a company as big and that's been around for 5 years as Anycolor is behaving like a shitty record label or doomed indie start up. Half a decade in the game and they still haven't changed, that isn't good.

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And you are PL posting

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>why do PL posts result in bans when it's about boyfriends
Talking about real life stuff is not allowed. Those things are always outside a vtuber's regular content.

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Why is it nijisisters can only deflect when the reality of how black their company is gets revealed?

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What's wrong with PL btw? As long as it doesn't encroach personal stuff, it's always allowed.

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>3/20 people support it
cry more you little bitch. again who gives a shit, they did deserve it

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Because they are also EOPs.

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Weird how posting a certain senzawa collab clip gets banned then, it happened on stream

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What is "real life stuff"? Family members seem to be ok unless it happens to be a female vtuber's child mentioned by the vtuber.

Yeah what's wrong with it? You are not allowed to bring up PL if it to mention a boyfriend.

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Because this came from the /#/monkey thread, so I'm gonna expose you for literally breaking the law every time you make one of your shitty threads

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Yeah, the last time, it came to light that they'd lost someone's youtube play button and they seemed really upset about it but put on a brave face.

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Nobody knows, which is why it's a fucking retarded rule because it was never defined.
That goes for 90% of the sites unwritten rules that have developed over the years.

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>breaking the law

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Stop derailing, anons. You guys are now questioning the wisdom of meidos and this is not allowed.

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>>56714299 (me)
found it

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"I never said all vtubers are cattle; what I said was all vtubers should be treated like cattle. " -Nijisanji CEO

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>posting a clip about play buttons is breaking the law
Kek nijisisters are pathetic

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We already knew this but the extra confirmation that Nijisanji is a black company is nice nonetheless.

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Wait...they don't ever get the plaque when they graduate? LMAOOOOOOOO
Nijis literally have nothing to show for their efforts. That's crazy. Why the fuck would the CEO want to keep the plaques anyway

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Harrassing, doxxing and stalking people is. Literally the same as the nijisisters they hate so much, you third worlders have no shame: >>56712869

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Zali got his

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It was probably your post to begin with, faggot. Go rope.

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Because it adds a cloud of doubt on whether all the time and money they've invested into supporting NijiEN's talents was worth it or not. The talents already get very little from the shitty merch, now they don't even get silver plaques on top of that. They're literally disposable to the company, even factory jobs may treat them on par or slightly better.

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I really don't understand why the fans can tolerate this company abusing their own talents.

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Your sister harass the girls all the time for your homo is fine, but suddenly 1 of your get to be on the receiving end and it's illegal.
Don't start shit if you can't take it.

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What isolated incident? ratna and naraka talked about this before LMAO its not new

Its not short sighted thinking. Most of their market is in japan, this thing is known for 5 years and they still are making money in there. None of this will change anything as thats already known, thats my point. Even in EN thats known for months already and most EN fans dont care or even know about this. Like i said, nothing changes for the company itself. Anycolor could graduate the entire ID, KR and EN and they still wouldnt have a significant change in their earnings.

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You should care, bro. Nijisanji mistreating their vtubers is not cool.

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>What isolated incident?
I don't know. That's the usual defence the fans use to protect Nijisanji.

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What the fuck does any of those retards have to do with notGundou stating a fact?
Fuck off back to Twitter with your "le doxxing" bullshit.
She's a literal vtuber so it is on-topic. Cry about it all you fucking want. (even if it is old as fuck news that anyone with half a brain knew about)

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I too wish to have this factory job where i can buy ps5 and travel to whenever i want like even fucking finana can do lmao imagine being delusional to think those members dont make money. Ask Luca and Kanae what they said about how if it was this bad, no one would be in the company in the first place

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Nijisanji management doesn't treat these talents like people. They are disposable in their eyes.

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The court has judged and it declares numberniggers as guilty.
>two wrongs make a right
Numbermonkey logic. Don't cry if your drama/anti general ends up getting banned.

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two wrongs dont make a right idiot. both are horrible

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I don't understand it either. Moreso because this year had easily the largest amounts of doomposting ever in the branch, the talents very much aren't happy and I doubt it helps them knowing that their own "fanbase" wouldn't care or even believe them if they said they felt treated shitty.

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>two wrongs dont make a right idiot. both are horrible
We don't even know if there was any doxxing going on and the poster just dm her stuff that's already on her profile. But keep believing the Nijinigga I guess.

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> Everybody knew so is not a big deal, boring.

That's an archetypical libetarian nerd defense to try to pretend that things are not as bad. Despite, you know, still being incredibly petty as fuck and that the obvious comparison is Kson showing all her play buttons on stream. And it still brings the obvious question of why the hell should anybody give money to Nijisanji if is going to hire more replacements for your oshi and to Riku's yacht.

>> No.56715378

>Why the fuck would the CEO want to keep the plaques anyway
What do you mean? Those buttons represent the efforts of their CEO, he earned them

>> No.56715389

so just like 99% of the companies? why do vtuber fans act like companies are some good thing when most of them are exactly like that?

>> No.56715568

>even if it is old as fuck news that anyone with half a brain knew about
If it was the nijisisters wouldn't be so desperate to deflect

>> No.56715605

>no buttons for achievements
>2% share
>you are done if you dont get inside a cllique
>inexistent help from management
>90% chances of becoming a 3view
>fans will harass you and never take your side if you fight the company
remember me again what's the good side of joining nijisanji?

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>Niji changing their policy to give a new liver his play button
>Nobody itt acknowledges this
This board is just one big holobrony infestation

>> No.56715634

This. Hell, even Cover, the supposed darlings, likely do dodgy shit that hasn't even come to light.
Fuck man, people forget the Mel x Manager abuse so easily.
Google, beloved company of the tech industry, did a total 180 and have become one of the most hated companies on the planet, have lost a large chunk of their good talented staff trying to flee them.
A lot of companies trend towards scummy activity sooner or later. It's rare for a company to ever remain good whenever it gets listed on exchanges, extremely fucking rare.

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anon im sorry you are an ENfag and dont know shit about the japanese side of vtubers. to anyone who is aware of jp reality, this isnt new as that has been talked about on stream by multiple talents and the company never have hide that fact or punished anyone for it.
as for my oshi, i have 15 in nijisanji and they are in there for 5 and 4 years, so i dont have a problem and even if they graduated, i just would follow the ones who do and call it a day. im not going to lose my mind over something so small when this is just entertainment, same reason why i dont lose my sleep over video game crunch on games i play or slaves who make my clothes

>> No.56715724

Imagine thinking he actually got his play button kek

>> No.56715868

Idk, ask the 90 vtubers who are there since 2018 and 2019? so like, half of the agency

>> No.56716141

I still remember when they came in and took over the fan reddit instead of just make one. That shit just seemed so shady to me. Oh and the jp members doing forced Eigo shit to rope people into to the coming of the EN branch. Even the red head nijijp girl that was posting in there constantly at the time is now outta of the company.

>> No.56716142

Offpako is allowed

>> No.56716219

Did he steal it from management?

>> No.56716342

Akane... she was so cute.
I will miss her singing shorts.

>> No.56717021

so even jp fags are a bunch fucking cucks lmao
>nijijp defense force reporting in!

>> No.56717041

Then why are they doing the graduation conga?

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If you get into the clique you get to fuck all the girls in all expenses paid hotel trips

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What goes on in a /vt/ anons head to think their console war squabble on an image board justifies stalking and DMing a random homofan?
I'm actually disgusted, stop fucking breaking containment.

>> No.56717537

what defense force? ask yourself why almost half of the company would be in there for 4 and 5 years including all members of wave 1 and 2

they arent. Only 2 graduated from JP this year, the least JP graduations since 2018 at the same time period. Most graduations in niji have been in ID this year, just like kr last year. after that things will normalize until everyone who wants to quit from id quits, like it normalized in KR

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>Don't discuss or notice riku exploiting his employees, just keep consuming niji content
Sometimes i wonder if these people are anycolor

>> No.56718018

It's not surprising if they are.

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Nijifags defending this makes me wonder if there's a cocksucking academy for their fans

>> No.56719157

>two wrongs
i would say there were a lot of wrongs kek

>> No.56719207

Who saying to not discuss anything you retard? im only saying none of that is new. If that offends you because you are a fucking EOP who discover things that are public knowledge for years, thats your problem

>> No.56719379

VTA but for bootlickers

>> No.56719459

Nijicope lmao, your oshi (Anycolor) has had this problem for years and you just accept that nothing will change for the better?

>> No.56719987

Stop coping, bro.

>> No.56720020

There is a current Nijisanji talent who has told this story many times in the past.
This story has been known in Nijisanji JP for quite some time, and the only people making a fuss about it are those who know Nijisanji from EN.
I guess they are desperate to create a buzz because Niji's fans did not follow them as expected.

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>> No.56720875

>Classic Nijinigger deflection
As long as Sora stay the major shareholder of Cover, things will be alright for the talents.

>> No.56720982

Oh boy, another Niji catalog thread!

>> No.56721087

>call them oshi
>not pushing for better treatment of his oshi
You view them solely as tools for entertainment, that is somehow worse than parasocialism or whatever the fuck the sisters are buzzing.

>> No.56721127

For some who said "I don't care this is just entertainment" you seem care enough to argue for hours and so what if people only know about it today ? If you know about this years ago and fine with it then you're a drone, a bootlicker and that's your problem and rather than people trying to create a buzz it's more like you're trying to somehow stop people talking about it in order to prevent even more people know about the fact, I hope they pay you well intern-kun

>> No.56721153

Except for Hitomi Chris right holobros. It's best to memory hole that one. We woudn't want the worst and most scummy termination in vtuber history to be remembered.

>> No.56721184

Gotta smelt them gold and silver plates for a fancy new yacht

>> No.56721276

ITT: Fake outrage to own the nijisisters.

>> No.56721284

Kek actual Niji 5cent army came out of the woodwork.

>> No.56721392

How much do they pay you to damage control here intern kun

>> No.56721419

>no argument
If you thought Zaion was bad you really don't want to learn about the details surrounding Hitomi Chris termination.

>> No.56721603

It's funny even small corpos don't do this.

>> No.56721812

>niji friend deflecting hard for the management
I hope you have as much tenacity when defending your oshi from such mistreatment.

>> No.56721860

>Still trying to deflect
This is actually funny so I will bite. That was around the time of inception for Hololive to be anything tangible and that was on her, try parrot it somewhere outside /here/ nijinewfag, your not fooling anyone here.

>> No.56721915

so is Riku collecting them to put in a special room or some shit in his mansion?

>> No.56721980

They will do their damnest to shit on graduated talent instead

>> No.56722040

At least no one in niji gets sexually harrassed by their managers

>> No.56722058

kek, bet this retard is the same moron that keep peddling the Mel yab trying to paint Cover as malicious not just incompetent in that case and conveniently ignoring the fact that Mel still stay with them in every thread

>> No.56722088

We already knew this ages ago

>> No.56722162

Nijisisters are throwing everything at the wall to deflect lol

>> No.56722195

The different between Holo and Niji is that Holo learn from their mistakes, Niji double down on it.

>> No.56722257

You retard that is the exact same table that all of NijiEN got their play button on

>> No.56722280

>And another one
Keep on keeping on sister, you might get invited to the yatch someday

>> No.56722312

>Gundou confirms
we already knew about it for a long time since the first drama about it started
and everyone went back to see the obysidia/lazulight playbutton photos and noticed it was all in the same office desk

>> No.56722384

Sis this is a Hololive board. We only grant you refugee status here so know your fucking place.

>> No.56722406

>underage girl gets tricked into doing sexual favors for someone for streaming equipment
>refuses to do it
>scumbag leaks all her information
>Cover fires her to cover up the situation
>that was on her
Holobronies, you really throw your talent under the bus like this to protect the company?

>> No.56722475

>already knew
Who give these interns a bunch of repeatitive script lol

>> No.56722546

Funny it's
>we knew
>who cares
>w-what about holo

>> No.56722622

Newfag retard it was everywhere in the catalog
pretty sure it all started with a mysta clip saying he never received anything
which also included a clip of a JP girl crying because staff literally lost her playbutton in the office

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ennaschizo just because you posted Reimu doesn't mean people don't know it's you
fatass bitch

>> No.56722720 [DELETED] 

>If I try to twist the narrative nobody would notice it
This is why we don't tolerate you Nijiniggers around here. Chinks and SEAnigger I tell you.

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>> No.56722803

And we are not allowed to mention it?
Retarded logic.

>> No.56722842

>trying to rewrite history outside his chinese firewall

Why do they try to do this

>> No.56722841

rent free

>> No.56722948

>work for Anykara
>Daytime job is to shitpost and damage control on /vt/. I would just neck myself ngl.

>> No.56723013

Zhangs often forget not they aren't talking to bugmen anymore when outside the firewall and so try to use the same brainwashing tricks that work so well on bugmen

>> No.56723024

It's exactly what happened though? I've only seen people arguing that it she promised to fuck him so she deserved to get all her information leaked when she refused to, but trying to blame a naive underage girl for getting taken advantage of sounds like sociopathic behavior to me.

>> No.56723196

>little bug still trying
How cute

>> No.56723216

Niji is just a springboard for upcoming vtubers. Get in get out hope you attracted enough of a following to become 4view. Personally I think the optimal straight is go in for 1 year, our a lot of energy into it, get viewers, get connections, next time contract comes up “oh no my boyfriend’s wife’s dog got pregnant, I have to leave.” Redebut in 2 weeks.

Niji still has its perks to joining but you need to plan a quick exit.

>> No.56723434

>The court has judged and it declares numberniggers as guilty.
Who is this court, some butthurt nijinig? Hello, # still exist hello numbnut.

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Normally I'm very vocal against unfair treatment from management. Such as this case.

But I'm through it when it comes to this board, you faggots manage to pick the biggest nothingburgers imaginable to make try to spin them a million times into the next big drama all while patting yourselves in the back about how great human beings you all are.

I'll never give you a day of rest as long as I'm alive, you'll never see a sunrise in which my shitposting doesn't reach you in your dark crevice, you'll never have peace as long as I'm around.
Shitposting has existed since the dawn of time, and it has waited for me, it's ultimate practicioner.
I will never tire and I will never die, I will dance all night.
For anything that you do I will stab you in the back a hundred times.

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File: 293 KB, 1516x1122, 1691015208942381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn it's so easy to be a holodrone. Just accuse the person criticizing your religion of being Chinese, ignoring that Cover fucked Coco over with black company banishment room shenanigans.

>> No.56723647

mentioning is a thing, acting like this is Le new epic revelation that finally confirms it, is just retarded

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>Zhangs often forget not they aren't talking to bugmen anymore when outside the firewall and so try to use the same brainwashing tricks that work so well on bugmen

>> No.56723972

>acting like this is Le new epic revelation
It is for you niggers, youd efended your yacht colector so much and whiteknighted him to death and someone then confirms it bet your ass is gonna be talked about, sister #Cut4Hex

>> No.56724035

worthless post #hang4gura

>> No.56724106

They wouldn't have gotten 90% of those subs without the brand name.

>> No.56724285


>> No.56724314

>Getting taken advantage of
Ask yourself from where they guy got her info to leak, he leaks their private chat and all because she refuses to do it after he gives her the equipment and shit, try again retard

>> No.56724395

It's so funny that YOU are the one getting riled up and losing the composure
Feel like I am seeing a woke protesters saying "You should act now" but for corporate vtuber bullshit

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>> No.56724525

>Niji would have 0% of their current brand name recognition if not for the livers.

>> No.56724598

>holo would have 0% of their current brand name recognition if not for the organs.

>> No.56724777 [DELETED] 

Funny thing about this image, it's exactly how nijinig drone behaved even coco acknowledge she got more than 50% cuts.
>holofan always criticise cover over their talent, the fact coco acknowledge cover give 50
>nijinig always hate their vtuber over their company treatment, even mysta acknowledge nijinig are a cancer.
It funny how most niji vtuber escape from niji and describe how they live like a prisoner, gundou, gibara, ziaon, yugo, lulu and even other than not quit yet describe the same, mysta, vox, alban, selen and all nijiID

>> No.56724875

>ackshually it was her fault for getting groomed by a shady person, minors never get taken advantage of
Holobronies not even once. Imagine accusing people of throwing Zaion under the bus while saying shit like this at the same time. Zaion arguably did more wrong than Chris. Cover only fired her to cover their asses.

>> No.56725014

>as for my oshi
wow nigga just like that you made every single thing you said invalid
also stop larping as jp viewer please nijiennigger just because your nijidicksword spoonfeeds you some jp knowledge, the actual nijijp viewers staying in /jp/ threads still busy gatekeeping

>> No.56725075

Uhh... sis??

>> No.56725139


>> No.56725146
File: 134 KB, 1244x1166, 1692577136155323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Aki Haato
>not an organ
EOP retardbro??? your JP reps?
Don't tell me... you're an ENcel?

>> No.56725154

They hang all the play buttons in the Anykara main office like trophies.

>> No.56725189

>Getting groomed
Lmao, it's still a scam even if the guy is a scumbag

>> No.56725537

This bitch is still alive? she should take the hint and bruied herself under the ground. Nobody likes her and just exist to spread misery.

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File: 148 KB, 1920x1080, 20230823_103642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Picrel from one of ex nijisanji last stream, unfortunately even her thumbnail got replace by nijisanji after her stream end
It pretty much sum all the feeling of every nijisanji vtuber, mysta and alban acknowledge it they don't have the freedom, gundou gibara feel like they a prisoner, maimoto can't even leave they shackle him like a prisoner and want to resurrected his dead body for koshien next years. Other like roa is still a niji prisoner, used for niji court battle and will discard when she lost another trial. Selen freedom got stolen and now want to disassociate herself from niji.
Funny thing the NDF will deny this and praise riku for making them money while killing their vtuber.

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File: 384 KB, 694x1023, 1663892291133890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So nothing has changed since the debut of Mito, I could say that at least the fans are better people but in the end Anycolor is just a poison tree, everything it rotted the Company, the livers (not all but most) and somehow the filthy fans.

You all deserve this, you should have never called AI a boring old grandma and should never have sict your disgusting fandom on Aloe for mentioning Chitose, this is karma

>> No.56725621

me, this black company needs to be called out for how badly they treat talent

>> No.56725667
File: 67 KB, 1214x351, 1692682516903356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I hate chumbuds for harassing aloe into trying to commit suicide

>> No.56725790
File: 226 KB, 330x391, 1600252324297.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like her ESL king, where do you from?
A Gura image? damn you caught us detective how did you know?

>> No.56725817
File: 7 KB, 231x218, migo-question.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do Youtube Play button made with real metal or is it just shitty plastic?

>> No.56725864
File: 79 KB, 1403x334, 1692682117664357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aloe's graduation is your fault faggot.

>> No.56726058

Were they all treated like prisoners?

>> No.56726202 [DELETED] 
File: 145 KB, 1250x866, 1653074830660.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No that would be the nijiniggers, don't lie faggot

>> No.56726228

It's not the same for everyone. Obviously an Indonesian who got her branch dissolved due to lack of profits doesn't get treated the same way as Kuzuha. And Gundou herself did say she was going to leave if the company became more restriNctive, so there's nothing surprising about her statement.

>> No.56726283

Just because some remain in there doesn't mean i remain in the same place retard. Im not even defending anything, i just said this shit aint new for any jp fans, you en fags are the ones discovering it 5 years later, in my case i discovered in 2020
i just want to watch vtubers and thats it.

>> No.56726327
File: 87 KB, 1168x347, 1692681865818352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are solely responsible for this.
You cheered her on as she jumped, and you celebrated when she was gone.
She graduated in less than 16 days, all because of you holofaggot.

>> No.56726418

> mysta and alban acknowledge it they don't have the freedom
literally has nothing to do with management but the EN fanbase, retard
the rest is the usual stupidity and generalization of 180 talents as if everyone has the same experience and opnions. Funny enough, the statements from Luca and Kanae are generally ignored, isnt that funny, ESL indog?

>> No.56726599

You really are gonna use Luca, management's favorite pet, as a counterexample to why everyone else is miserable? Your room temperature IQ is showing

>> No.56726686 [DELETED] 
File: 2.45 MB, 4933x4108, 1644777659288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4chan posts
>meanwhile nijiniggers sending actual death threats through youtube
Kill yourself

>> No.56726997

yes, because "management favorite pet" dont have 3D or anything.

>> No.56727019
File: 77 KB, 1066x386, 1692680946645456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You will ALWAYS be guilty of her suicide attempt you souless holofaggot

>> No.56727054

They offer him sex with Rosemi in lieu of 3D

>> No.56727326

Nijinigs moved on from "That didn't happen" to "If it did then it's not that big a deal". Naruhodo.

>> No.56727345

Don't forget meloco too for the 3P

>> No.56727348


>> No.56727426 [DELETED] 
File: 3.44 MB, 2337x2576, 1682417918128.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You will always be guilty of constantly harassing hololive talents nijinigger

>> No.56727531

Inb4 they move on to "everyone does it"

>> No.56727730

its as if "nijinigs" arent the same and watch complete different livers and branches. I only ever watched jp and only hear from other branches from others who watch them
What do you want me to say? whoaaaaaaaa im so surprised that merch is the smallest cut its not like i knew for years that VP and SC are the best ways to support :OOOOOO or whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ratna, mito and kanzaki talking about youtube buttons years ago never happened i only learned that from vt and dramafags DD:
sorry bud but im going to tell my experience, and like i said before, nothing is new to any JP fan be it japanese or overseas one

>> No.56727794

He says as he is using some Indonesian that experienced the same thing Coco did (banishment room employee strategy) and Gundou, the literal yab drama machine that couldn't get away with her yabs anymore after the company went public. I doubt most people have the same experiences as them.

>> No.56727798
File: 86 KB, 1250x320, scum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You harass hololive talents yourself you vile holofag.

>> No.56727987

Conveniently ignoring multiple organ failures talking about how morale is at an all time low, I see

>> No.56728889

just like you ignore how luca himself says the morale is low mainly because of the people who hate the company making it harder for them to work in a hostile place? i guess you ingored the part where he says other livers have the same feeling about that because a surprise for you, the shit you all do by breaking containment in twitter and youtube dont affect anycolor: only the fans and the own livers see and care about it, the company is and will continue making billions every quarter, thats the reality all of you ignore.

>> No.56728981
File: 539 KB, 1492x801, 1660545370836.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nijiniggers calling other people vile

>> No.56729289
File: 370 KB, 2143x1704, 1683785908578995.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56729347

Based, lets keep the money extraction machine running and maybe Riku will get his 15th yacht by the end of the year

>> No.56729359
File: 101 KB, 1642x336, awful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holofags are shit people who lie to themselves about being good

>> No.56729403

Why jpnijinigs didn't tell anything about "le common knowledge" when buttons were discussed during Zaion drama? And only appeared only now?

>> No.56729519
File: 2.91 MB, 3873x3151, 1683181088295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice falseflagging bro

>> No.56729577
File: 275 KB, 907x555, selenfag pc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's based for shitting up the numbernigger general, but he's not an actual Selen fan you know. He's a vtuber anti.

>> No.56729684
File: 629 KB, 2016x2743, 1690136816580615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And then they wonder why the numbers thread keeps shitting on nijisanji

>> No.56729741

>no true nijifan
Oh wait I've seen this one

>> No.56729830

Hoocuck... sapcuck.... this is pathetic

>> No.56729937

>Doesn't deny the allegation
>Also doesn't realize that the criticism from the Internet are symptoms and not the problem
>Doesn't see the need to improve the situation and thinks everything at the company is hunky dory

>> No.56730025

that's so fucked

>> No.56730138
File: 52 KB, 479x355, 1451759424670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>half the thread hijacked by some /#/tranny forever butthurt at nijisanji
You love to see it.
Sucks to work at nijisanji though, hope management gets fired.

>> No.56730351
File: 211 KB, 1015x559, 1692216641038450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>accurate depiction of nijisanji hq

>> No.56730426


>> No.56730843

...who'd she collab with?

>> No.56730850

Why should i care about that? they are all contractors, not even employees. If gaming, movie and other employees dont own the shit they make why the fuck it would be different for vtubers that are basically on a loan with a company?

>> No.56730911

>Weird how posting a certain senzawa collab clip gets banned then, it happened on stream
the "im your prostitute" clip?

>> No.56730930

So redditors are faggots would fuck off. And neck yourself. Go back to >>>/out/

>> No.56730934


>> No.56730992


>> No.56731054

What allegation? at least see the statement itself which was related to mysta and a talk to his own chat.
>>Doesn't see the need to improve the situation and thinks everything at the company is hunky dory
this is specifically about EN and even in EN youll differ from each person. It amazes me how retard you people are when you think they are all drones who have the same opinion and experience. Like they say, if it was that bad, they wouldnt have vtubers. Thats why some stay and others leave, independent of their popularity.

>> No.56731057

>numbermonkey exposes himself
Reminder that they are harrassing and doxxing people over holostars chat messages:

>they deserve it sister
>You should thank anon for disclosing what he’s doing, as it serves as a warning for the rest and get people to behave better
>based correction is needed
>based, containment breaking faggots need to learn how opsec works
Literally the same as the nijisisters harrassers.

>> No.56731166

vtuber fans for some reason dont know how companies work, they live in their own world and ignore capitalism.

>> No.56731417
File: 79 KB, 1348x328, reddit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/#/ is a thread made up entirely of schizos who go out of their way to shit up everywhere they go.

>> No.56731613

>the same
Meanwhile in reality

>> No.56731830

if nijisanji is this bad why dont they lose every member like re:act and wactor do? proportionally, they dont lose the same amount

>> No.56731870

Why nijinig trying to move goalpost from WhereIsButtonsRikusanji?

>> No.56731871
File: 70 KB, 1112x262, numberseething.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And the numbernigger reveals himself

>> No.56732158

Because it's old news and all of these threads come from the numbermonkey general. Go harass more people filthy numbermonkey.

>> No.56732377

Because they need to deflect ir they don't get the yatch ride

>> No.56732380 [DELETED] 

Holofaggots are the scum. The same with numbers biggers. Redditors. That need a safespace.

>> No.56732382

>old news
>meanwhile nijisisters in this very thread still believe they receive their play button like this guy >>56715610

>> No.56732500
File: 1.35 MB, 1189x1200, 1683171818679603.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>one whole legion of holocucks is being stomped out by a few stray nijidudes

>> No.56732540 [DELETED] 

>The nijinigger cries as they fail to establish their safe space

>> No.56732608

so no one is going to ask why this here matters but no one gives a fuck when Nintendo owns Mario and all tof the franchises instead of the developers who created them? or any company? why in vtubing this shit is suddently different and unacceptable when they are literally just working on everything owned by a company as well?

>> No.56732691 [DELETED] 

Holofaggots seanigggers cucks. Are cum eating cuckolds. And trannies jannies. Redditors.

>> No.56732755

>nijicucks in shambles because nijisanji has been exposed as a black company for the millionth time
You love to see it

>> No.56732882


>> No.56732905

Like Hololive and their fans are bunch of Psychopaths.

>> No.56732977

Why would anyone bother addressing your retarded question? I'm only replying to laugh to you kek

>> No.56733056

no one will answer you and they will act like vtuber isnt part of capitalism as if those arent all in the entertainment industry.

>> No.56733264
File: 9 KB, 239x211, 0848328432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus this thread really mindbroke nijisisters. They're in an absolute state of seethe just because Cover is decent enough to let their talent keep the play buttons they earned

>> No.56733277

Hololive is a cult like this guy said

Which is why it's always sweet to them get their comeuppance. Cause they parade themselves as morally righteous while being corrupt and emotionally bankrupt.

>> No.56733334

hard agree

>> No.56733339

so you wont explain how its acceptable for warner bros and nintendo, for example, to own mario and batman instead of the creators but you think its unacceptable that someoene who is contracted to be in a position dont own anything including a button that is just the channel owned by the company. if you want you can also go in the process of why an actress dont own the character they portray

>> No.56733747
File: 649 KB, 3641x4096, 1680639340268122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't reason with retards like the chumbud a few posts prior. They lack the IQ necessary to address the world in terms other than binary.
They don't address you because your position shatters their entire perception of their morality.

Basically all they can do is cope and proclaim themselves winners while sitting on a puddle of their own feces like this specimen here >>56733264

>> No.56733793
File: 1 KB, 300x168, kuro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, we all can agree that nijicucks have only one oshi, and it's kurosanji

>> No.56733819

This is a thread about nijis not receviing their play button sis. Go make another Mori, Kiara, Shiori seethe thread since you believe yourself to be so morally righteous

>> No.56733858

>They don't address you because your position shatters their entire perception of their morality.
>Basically all they can do is cope and proclaim themselves winners while sitting on a puddle of their own feces like this specimen here
this one too >>56733793

>> No.56733944

Are you seriously comparing an employee not owning multibillion dollar IP to a company not being willing to spend $150 for a plaque that the talent earned?

>> No.56734035
File: 79 KB, 448x448, 989838921803221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>corrupt and emotionally bankrupt
But enough about Nijisanji and its bootlickers

>he's still going

>> No.56734124

>You can't reason with retards like the chumbud a few posts prior. They lack the IQ necessary to address the world in terms other than binary.
Top kek right on the money

>> No.56734164

>comparing multi billion dollar IPs to a 150 dollar tin plaque
lmao even

>> No.56734167
File: 462 KB, 800x800, 1654319731831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there's really tubers named bezalius bandage and banjo kazooine

the absolute state of male tubers

>> No.56734186

Wtf, zali is a thief now?

>> No.56734229

>puts a curtain over the window
>claims it's a different white desk
It's that easy

>> No.56734354

>samefagging this hard
Why are nijisisters so pathetic? Even homobeggars have more dignity than this

>> No.56734415

Corporations aren't people faggots.

>> No.56734443
File: 890 KB, 1000x1288, Mysta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It just never ends, does it?

>> No.56734498

Yes I am, because thoe IP didnt began as multi billion ones. I see no reason to be mad at something that is just owned by the company and not by the contractor, same reason for why i dont care that the creators of series, games and movies dont own it, because thats how IP ownership works.

>> No.56734623

You're too sane for the cultitsts anon, just watch as they reply with another one of their preprogrammed NPC deflection posts.

>> No.56734708

The nijisanji defence force has switched tactics I see

>> No.56734722

You're retarded then. No one is saying they should hand over the character IP, we're saying a decent company would send them a copy of their plaque.

>> No.56734748

Yes sister, we get it, you're stupid

>> No.56734811

You're a fucking idiot if you think copyrighted company IPs are the same as a youtube play button. If you want a real comparison to something in the industry, it would be if a record company kept an artists Platinum or Gold records from the RIAA. Nobody said they should keep their IP you're literally making shit up out of your ass.

>> No.56734871
File: 121 KB, 700x364, IMG_20210608_131347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The absolute state of Nijisisters, the sunk cost fallacy must have hit hard. all Nijisisters could ever muster up is saying >NO U >NOOOO WE ARE THE SAME

>> No.56734889

Called it

>> No.56734956
File: 2.34 MB, 400x467, 1688594666838.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw holodrones

>> No.56734982

>no argument
Called it

>> No.56735152

Cover isn't a decent company just because they send people a shitty copy. They let their talents get sexually harrassed by managers and only do something about it when they're threatened with a lawsuit. Holobronies have their priorities backwards.

>> No.56735160

This is the correct take.
Even if sisters in this thread want to pretend it's not true, what is indisputable fact is that Hololive vtubers get to receive their subscriber plaques and Kurosanji doesn't.
The vitriol here shows OP's clip really hit hard huh?

>> No.56735240


>> No.56735242

>i dont care that the creators of series, games and movies dont own it, because thats how IP ownership works.
So if some actor got Oscar for example, then it's not an actor's Oscar but company Oscar?
come back to reality nijinig

>> No.56735249

It's okay buddie, you can just admit you're wrong without resorting to whataboutism, we all make mistakes

>> No.56735595
File: 118 KB, 587x1140, holobeggar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Yet another thread of holofaggots BEGGING people to be mad
See holocuckolds, this is why you'll never get rid of nijisanji, you're just autistic cucks who can't convince people to do your bidding, maybe touch le grass and get maidens?
Who am I joking you're dying alone after your oshi marries.

>> No.56735641

> They let their talents get sexually harrassed by managers
>bringing up something that happened years ago
>Cover fired the manager and reevaluated their whole management system
>all this endless nijiseethe seethe because Cover simply lets their employees keep their own play buttons
Holy kek

>> No.56735662

Considering how the prize from TGA goes to the company itself and not the creator, yes

>> No.56735694

>They let their talents get sexually harrassed by managers
There was single case of that and that talent is STILL working for Cover. Not much of a harassment culture huh.

>> No.56735752

>not a new IP
Sorry you failed in your stupid argument bro.

>> No.56735920

i ask once again, where the fuck do you vtuber fans came from that you think companies are inherently good? do you fags live in another world where 99% f the companies arent shitty? i would love to live where you live, because in the head of vtuber fans here and out there, theres a ton of decent companies out there instead of the case of most if not all of them being anti-worker, anti-consumer and moneyhungry. I really have to wonder if none of you watch movies, play games or hell, go to a bank

>> No.56735923

I dunno, it doesn't seem like they changed much to me going by that shady MV filmed in a love hotel. And the fact that it happened in the first place is enough to mark Cover as a black company forever. Hitomi Chris termination was also a hundred times worse than Zaion's.

>> No.56735988
File: 19 KB, 764x401, plebbit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56736604

The world knew about Zaion's termination but nobody knew about Chris so I'd argue the former is still worse. It significantly impacted the trajectory of her career

>> No.56736738 [DELETED] 

>years have passed and there haven't been any more cases of management sexually harassing talent
>i-it doesn't seem like they changed...
You're right nijisister, Cover hasn't done much about the problem aside from putting a stop to it entirely. Kek.
>Cover is a black company because some bad things happened a long time ago and they made changes to ensure those bad things don't happen again
>Nijisanji is doing bad things right now and they don't plan on stopping B-BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE THEM A BLACK COMPANY
>Hitomi Chris
Nijisisters can only bring up ancient history because Cover yabbing quite awhile ago. Meanwhile, Nijisanji yabs every day of the week.

>> No.56736861

>years have passed and there haven't been any more cases of management sexually harassing talent
>i-it doesn't seem like they changed...
You're right nijisister, Cover hasn't done much about the problem aside from putting a stop to it entirely. Kek.
>Cover is a black company because some bad things happened a long time ago and they made changes to ensure those bad things don't happen again
>Nijisanji is doing bad things right now and they don't plan on stopping B-BUT THAT DOESN'T MAKE THEM A BLACK COMPANY
>Hitomi Chris
Nijisisters can only bring up ancient history because Cover stopped yabbing quite awhile ago. Meanwhile, Nijisanji yabs every day of the week.

>> No.56737069


>> No.56737281 [DELETED] 

Why do nijiniggers hate chuubas so much? They actually have good talent but spend all their energy harassing other chuubas, there former chuubas, and even their current chuubas.

>> No.56737473

whoa anon your call outs are doing a lot of difference. i really wonder how anyone here thinks those clips or anything said on yt or twitter will change anything in the operations of a company. if you havent noticed yet, anycolor gave up on en and is only interested in making money now with their reputation here, so they just are going to focus in JP and invest more in there kek

>> No.56737631

ah yes i too remember former niji members being harassed by niji fans like uh..... yeah, no one, to the point that Bora aka Tsuna collab with NijiJP every month.

>> No.56737747

Holt shit man, all this deflecting and coping in this thread from nijifags is enough to make a fucking mirror maze

>> No.56738193

yes all is deflecting and coping, thats the only thing you all can say

>> No.56738221

>I have 15 "oshi"
> i just want to watch vtubers and thats it.
>feeling superior because you know they got shit on since 2020
They're also human you know? Getting better treatment is not a bad thing. Sure they wont achieve anything without nijisanji help but the same applies to nijisanji as corporation.
While most anon here only come to shitpost, it's a fact that they dont get their silver button and thats kinda sad.

>> No.56738357

>Who is Zaion Lanza

>> No.56738595

Holy kek they actually memoryholed zaion

>> No.56738626

Unironycally equalising game studios and people... Wake up, nijinig

>> No.56738979

no you imbecile, im equalizing Nintendo and Sony owning awards just like anycolor owns the milestone shit. If anything the yt button shit is irrelevant when they get a much more expensive prize with outfit and 3D models because of that milestone than a fucking Yt button.

>> No.56739114

zaion harassement was as zaion, not as sayu, retard

>> No.56739155

which isn't against the rules
read >>1 again, it's "No real life", past chuuba identities are fine to discuss.

>> No.56739206

ill be honest i completely forgot the how they get free shit by reaching milestones so even more reason why i dont think this matters

>> No.56739283


>> No.56739286

> Zali
fucking kek poor bastard literally got named "Bandage" and he had to make up a fan nickname to try and rebrand.

>> No.56739448

im always amazed at how you holobronies are so fucking out of touch to nijisanji that you dont undersntad how the own livers name themselves.

>> No.56739512

>They didn't harrass sayu

>> No.56740121

Bandage? More like Bondage, the sister love getting bondage play from Riku-chama

>> No.56740175
File: 15 KB, 492x334, images (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56740591

>they dont deserve their play button because they get 3d and outfits. Ungrateful organs. They should be kissing rikus feet

>> No.56740720

>Cover fired the manager
no they didn't

>> No.56740875

more like play button is completely irrelevant compared to what they get for free by reaching milestones. No one will remember that, everyone will remember outfits, 3d, concerts and everything they get via milestones

>> No.56741072


>> No.56741168

Nijikeks have been falseflagging as Holofans even as far as Miyabi debut when he got flamed for nothing.

>> No.56741529

Aren't niji outfits based on literal lottery?

>> No.56741683

Holodindu cope, there are literally numberniggers (holobronies) harrassing, doxxing and stalking holostars fans right now and getting support for it in their thread: >>56731057

>> No.56741843

did it get changed to a lottery? you got added to a list once you hit 100k last I heard

>> No.56741985

>If anything the yt button shit is irrelevant when they get a much more expensive prize with outfit and 3D models because of that milestone than a fucking Yt button.
Are you sane? It's the same if Blizzard employees instead of got part of their salary in wow/hearthstone gold on their corporate account...

>> No.56742148


>> No.56742220

>people who hate the company
Dragoons, Zaimons, OG Lazufags and even Luxiem sisters all have legitimate reasons to shit on Nijisanji.
Ike, Vox and Mysta fucking dunked on them PUBLICLY for lying about "Covid" being the reason for canceling the AR Live.
Hana cried about having to watch her branch dying right in front of her and Mika publicly said her branch was "nerfed to shit".
Azura, Warabeda and Gundou likened Nijisanji to prison and graduation as freedom from it.
When even the livers themselves shit on the company, why would you expect your fans not to?
> the company is and will continue making billions every quarter
kek yet another Riku assmuncher

>> No.56742594

no, the first outfit you get is based on 50k subscription. after that you can get outfits via a point system which was talked by rin in 2020. before it was either company or liver funded but since 2020 its only liver funded in 50k and then point system which is subs, frequency of streaming, sponsorships and lots of things that you get points and can trade for other things including outfits. thats how even lesser popular jp have a lot of outfits, like alice

>> No.56742597

Not surprised, and I don't care

>> No.56742777

Anon are you a legit retard? im literally saying what Luca have said, at least fucking search for things instead of being a dramafag who only know about drama from catalog
>kek yet another Riku assmuncher
ah yes, me being realistic about a company making money means im kissing riku ass. Its not like 5 years exist in anycolor history and other companies with much bigger controversies exist for decades. Its not easy for a company to go bankrupt when they are that big, imbecile.

>> No.56742856

Anycolor has its problems but it will always be better than Cover as long as no manager tries to rape anyone and the company stays by doing nothing about it.

>> No.56742889

Anycolor stealing the YT plaques that belong to their talents is some real black company shit and there's nothing you can do but nijiseethe about it, sister

>> No.56742919


>> No.56743055

stealing LMAO they own those you fucking retard. Try to argue to a jury that they are stealing anything.

>> No.56743117

anon.. just watch this instead of being a retard

>> No.56743126
File: 783 KB, 1415x1597, 1692554756927.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56743286

>im literally saying what Luca have said
You're blindly believing in a dude that chooses to avert his eyes from the reality around his company.
Use your own fucking brain jesus christ.

>> No.56743391

So you are really generalizing the opinion of 2 people over 180 livers as if they dont have different experiences, opinions, etc? whoa, for some who act like this, you all really just chose to ignore the vast majority who remain in the agency for years and dont quit.
you mean the same hana who just a few days ago was extremely happy and confident in nijisanji, praising anycolor and saying how shes happy to be in there? thats the problem with you holobronies dramafags, you dont watch nijisanji members, you look at drama and ignore everything else sa if they dont exist.

>> No.56743427

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>bro just believe twitch pogman bro there is no war in ba sing se
do nijifags really

>> No.56743449
File: 3.19 MB, 1280x720, kazaki_silver.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56743543
File: 2.76 MB, 3984x1745, niji v holo play button.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> same room again
do you retards never tire of getting so thoroughly btfo every single time?

>> No.56743598


>> No.56743629

Ill believe him on things related to EN at the very least when everyone loves him in there. For JP and KR Ill believe in the fact that almost all JP members remain while no KR in there wants to quit. No one says its fucking perfect, but you fags act like theres not benefit and everyone hates everything when theres evidence of it not being true. the fact that you all think everyone will be omg its so perfect, nothing negative happens, is insane, of course some times frustrations and complaints will happen, its a fucking job. The difference is that some will remain and others depending on their individual experience will quit, thats the part you fags ignore: each person is one person, thats why you have more than 100 members in there for 5, 4 and 3 years just like you have others who quit. Like... any company where some decide to remain and others decide to quit.

>> No.56743634

If they were they wouldn't be nijiniggers

>> No.56743756

> you mean the same hana who just a few days ago was extremely happy and confident in nijisanji, praising anycolor and saying how shes happy to be in there?
and then all the NijiID members ungraduated and they lived happily ever after.
The end.

>> No.56743798

Why the fuck are you LARPing? You don't even know half of the KR already left years ago

>> No.56743903

>when everyone loves him in there
being blind due to not having enough information is understandable.
being wilfully blind to reality just to cope is unhealthy and pitiful.
get some help.

>> No.56743936

For someone who yabs as much as Gundo of course she would say that with the new rules. Warabeda is just going along with her stupid joke. She still stayed in the company for 4 years, so it doesn't seem like she wanted out that bad to me.

>> No.56743945

Larping what you imbecile? im obviously talking about the 12 KR who are in there and have remained without any graduation since 2022.

And then you ignore Hana saying how much she hates the negativity of ID members and ID fans and how she spoke with her manager and shes confident in what the company prepared for her. But hey for that you would need to actually watch streams and have memberships, but none of you holobronies have anything, right?

>> No.56744013

the prison where you renew contract for 2 more years, interesting. I too would like to stay more time in prisons if I was in one! make total sense!

>> No.56744084

in addition to every other point made, keep in mind that the Zaion saga proved beyond doubt that there are times the company will pressure the livers to blatantly lie to their fanbase to protect their brand from fan backlash.

>> No.56744242

yes ignore the rest and also ignore everything else because you dont actually watch anything and only get information from here, dramafag
next time explain to me how EN isnt having an exodus like KR and ID if its that bad in there, same for JP.
unlike you, im someone who work and understand the fact that employees leave and that each one will have their own experience and opinion about their work, instead of generalizing it for 180 members of nijisanji, i look at them individually, with only ID having a bad situation right now as far as lots of members wanting to quit

>> No.56744310

There's literally no such thing except for inventing an excuse for suspensions.

>> No.56744607

> next time explain to me how EN isnt having an exodus
> Yugo
> Nina
> Mysta
It's only starting now buddy

>> No.56744679

> And then you ignore Hana saying how much she hates the negativity of ID members and ID fans and how she spoke with her manager and shes confident in what the company prepared for her.
see >>56744084

>> No.56744936

>without any graduation since 2022
>now 2023
>nijinigger thinks it's achievement

>> No.56744959

> except for inventing an excuse for suspensions.
and lying about your talents receiving their play button
and lying about the reason for canceling the AR live
and lying about the all the reasons for Zaion's termination
it's almost as if chronically lying about so many things publicly will cause people to distrust what your company says...

>> No.56745133

I don't really get why people are bringing up Hololive in particular because regardless of how good or bad you think Hololive is, that doesn't change the fact that Nijisanji keeping the plaques is shitty and petty when literally everyone else, small corpos included, gives it to their talents.

>> No.56745288

Nijiniggers need to deflect please understand

>> No.56745303

Except they didnt lie about zaion, AR live was cancelling from scheduling reasons which was said as much in the announcement but you all just focused on covid and the play button isnt a lie, its something told by the own livers in JP that they dont receive it.

>> No.56745397

Oh why they are bringing hololive in particular. maybe because its hololive fans who are containment breakers obsessed with nijisanji to the point that they are all the time searching for drama in there or in tweets about it? oh no anon, its just all a coincidence that SEAniggers and indogs are all up to the date with the latest niji drama HEHE

>> No.56745609

>they didnt lie about zaion

>> No.56745686

everything they said happened, you just chose to believe its not worth

>> No.56745697

> play button isnt a lie, its something told by the own livers in JP that they dont receive it.
Meanwhile, Finana, Selen and Petra being forced to lie about "receiving their play button" >>56743543

>> No.56745866

Let's assume that's true. Let's even agree that this is overblown and not as big a deal as people are saying. ...it's still kind of shitty and petty. Shitposters latching onto it has absolutely no relevance to that fact and in no way changes it. It's still bad that Nijisanji is doing this, regardless of if you think it's a relatively "small" bad.

>> No.56746003

ah yes forced to lie when posting about play buttons isnt even something obligatory to do but optional LMAO
also funny how use petra on here when shes the one who wanted a tazumi puppet and to this day makes tazumi jokes and buy nijisanji merchandise. another subject that is ignored by you all btw: livers who all buy merchandise of other members be it from their branch or others while knowing the cut. Why that happens??? could you explain the reasoning?

>> No.56746205

they are just like fans, they buy merch not to support but because they like the merchandise. thats the part those retards dont understand about nijisanji and their fans. VP and SC always have been used for support, while merch always has been just to buy merchandise of their favorite vtuber. Thats why both fan and member buys it, unlike their own merch that they receive freely