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Why do men who hate women come into /vt/?
It's a minority, sure, but it confuses me.

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They just jumped on the latest 4chan trend and want to be in even though they're obviously not interested in it

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If you like women so much why don't you just watch twitch thots? That's women without restrictions. The only reason to watch vtubers is if you hate women.

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we get it you hate the chinese. now fuck off.

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>They just jumped on the latest 4chan trend
>hate women(with reason) in 4chan
>latest trend
Retardchama I...

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They've mostly left though. Atleast it feels like a good amount are gone; it used invite rage replies to dismiss the idea that talents need to be 'kept in line' as if they're incapable of doing their job alone.
I still remember one thread where some incel schizos were going off about birth control and how modern women are all bad blah blah blah and how these virtual women are perfect because they're "kept in line" by their companies and can't be given the smallest amount of individuality or else they'll be too uppity.

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>grrr how dare they make fun of women grrr im a white knight
sounds like you're the tourist not them

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>It's a minority, sure
Pfft. A lot of people watch vtubers precisely because they hate women. They're acceptable because they're 2D and in Hololive's case, ostensibly "pure". Hence why you see memes like "I love vtubers, they're like women but funny." Even Joseph, the former spokesperson of unity and good vibes has publicly shat on "e-thots" in the past. Men have never stopped hating 3D women, the term 3DPD just went out of fashion.

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Women disrupt the homosocial harmony.

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you realize you just completely failed to understand basic english, right?
>twitch thots
>That's women without restrictions.
that's women catering to men ironically enough. they sometimes start like a v-tuber, wanting to play games and relax with a community, but then they see people lust after them, see low viewer numbers, and end up embracing the attention they're getting.

v-tuber's are far more what real women acting like real women are like.

sorry anon but bending over in a skirt while your bra falls off, jiggling your tits in a crop top, while talking about how much you like, um, like uh like oh my god soooo struggle with video games like please help me guys ohhh my
is not how normal women act. it's how a women trying to take advantage of men act.

you're actually retarded if this needs to be said. god help your family.

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>that's women catering to men ironically enough
women exist to cater to men, you need to have sex if you think vtubers act like real women

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I don't hate women, I hate dumb whores.

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this. I love women.

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It's not because they're 2d, it's because they're shy and otherwise discounted girls who don't have looks that would land them a streaming career otherwise.

Removing the physical layer remove the usual reality of male perspective... I dislike modern feminism in part because it fails to address the real issue, which is not taking women seriously on their own merits. Instead it's all "the future is female" and "free bleeding" -- just a general lack of any real meaningful changes and infantilization. The usual reality for a female streamer is male fans won't feel comfortable watching you on a platonic level -- there's zero reason to not just play up your sexuality. It's sad and disgusting.

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cope: the post

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i don't interact with any women but whores, the post

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why do americans always go on rants no one cares about

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Is this a bait, or are you actually retarded?

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Touch grass.

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Give us good reasons to like women, and we'll consider them.
We don't owe women anything, though. It's pretty rude for women to come on here demanding men to like them.

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V-Tubers are inherently feminist because they humanize women and don't play to just being wank material. It's a surprising outcome in some regards, but none the less if you watch V-Tubers you're likely watching women chatting with each other, and you, about what shows they're watching, female issues, their relationships, issues dating men, etc. It's literally like my sister's fucking friendgroup when they'd come over.

Be in denial all you want but you're going out of your way to do what many men make a joke out of, hearing their wife chit chat all day long about everything and anything. You're inherently more feminist than a good amount of men if you enjoy that.

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>Touch Grass
How original and striking. I'm legitimately shaking and crying right now.

You're the one who needs to touch grass if you actually buy into that shit.

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That's a loaded question. There is no single representation of billions of women.

For the demographics that enjoy vtubers and virtual idols, a sizable portion of them dislike the so-called "twitch thots" and the more vulgar aspects of modern Western urban culture. It doesn't mean they dislike all women on the planets. Step outside America, and when you get to Asian countries, the cultural difference is like day and night. Of course, this may change in the future.

But right now, many men watching vtubers are simply being honest about what kind of women they like. The line is blurred though, and not everyone really hates Western urban culture.

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>you realize you just completely failed to understand basic english, right?
My bad negro

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Trick for young players: the more effort you put into your bait, the more obvious it is that it's bait.
t. 4chan boomer

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You're clearly upset, maybe go take a walk? I know it's probably been a few months but no time like the present.

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I'm dead serious.
>if you watch V-Tubers you're likely watching women chatting with each other, and you, about what shows they're watching, female issues, their relationships, issues dating men, etc.

Feminist doesn't mean third wave dogshit I'M A WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR -- it's the opposite, actually, and valuing women as humans, not women.

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OP's image will always kill me from cringe

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Anon you can't use synonyms when trying to compare two things

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define whore

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I don't watch vtubers who talk about dating men because I don't watch whores.

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Found the Latino, good luck

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holy fucking based I kneel

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well you watch clips so it's to be expected eop

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What's your end goal? What are you trying to achieve with what you are saying?

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You will never be Japanese.

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>It's a minority, sure, but it confuses me.
I hate women. You're the minority, you nigger

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>v-tuber's are far more what real women acting like real women are like
When a twitch thot gets support, she angrily demands more. When a vtuber gets support, they thank the supporter. The former is an honest representation of how women think, the latter is a restrictive/oppressive standard catering to the male fantasy of what they want women to be like, which roommates openly resent.

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I extend the same sentiment to you anon. Know, I'm sure it's been a few years or so for you, but you'll pick it up sooner or later. I believe in you!

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I went out for wings earlier, they were great. Anyways, you're not doing too well hiding your anger.

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Forums are a place to have discussion, discussion at it's core is the story of conflict, usually with the best forms leading to conclusions or greater understanding. One uses forums to probe their thoughts and general realities.
I like women. Like, not just tits, but actual women. That's why I don't watch female streamers but V-Tubers. It works for me on many levels.

Maybe I like not having to deal with kids and losers shitting all over my hobby and trying to turn it into twitch thots 2.0.

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All feminism is of no interest to me, because I am a man.
Women get enough support everywhere.

I watch Vtubers for entertainment, and I feel good watching them. Of course I care about the Vtubers themselves, but that doesn't extend to women in general.

Stop acting like a filthy jew by spreading your propagandistic culture-dividing ideology

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> female issues, their relationships, issues dating men, etc.
No. Not at all. They don't talk about the real things women discuss among themselves. They make conversations that make them look good as women, because they are still public figures. For instance, hololiver certainly don't talk about going out on Friday nights to hook up at a bar, or gossip about the pathetic men they meet etc. Just be realistic.

>Feminist doesn't mean third wave dogshit I'M A WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR -- it's the opposite, actually, and valuing women as humans, not women.
As Orwell shows, any word in politics eventually gets loaded with enough baggage that it becomes poisonous and divisive to use. If you want to package that inoffensive "be nice" concept of yours into a phrase, you would have to redefine the word "feminist" each time you bring it up because the audience does not share that definition. And that changes nothing at all regarding what the audience hate about the modern SJWs they face on twitter, like people banning the word "trap" in anime forums because it's apparently a slur now.

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Women are, by nature, selfish and prideful creatures.

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We don't hate women, we hate attention wholesome who use their sex and existence as a women to appeal to the lowest common denominator of men, in order to milk their wallets. We also hate femanons who admit to being women because again, the value in admitting you are a girl is to seek attention because of your sex, intentionally or otherwise

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I have nothing against women, I like most of them.
I just don't like western whores.

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>They don't talk about the real things women discuss among themselves.
>hololiver certainly don't talk about going out on Friday nights to hook up at a bar, or gossip about the pathetic men they meet etc. Just be realistic.
Just one clipped example.
I know of another instance off the top of my head, not sure if it's clipped, where one of them talks about a bunch of men trying to hit on themself and their old group of friends. How they had to try to get away because the losers kept pushing themselves on them at the fucking beach.
They don't do it 24/7 but they do talk about inappropriate, rude, and cringey guys.

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>Why do men who hate women come into /vt/
whats it like being so retarded?

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You're doing that twitter loop thing where no matter what response happens you can go "lol they're just mad". It's kinda impressive.

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you realize when chanology happened there were women doing it too, right? i think you've fallen into the trap of thinking you're in good company because a bunch of trolls made you believe the shit they lol'd at. you're too young to use this site if you take everything here literally.

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>he says, with zero self awareness

>> No.5647948

you mean 90% of idolfags and unicornfags,

who hate "real women"
yet simp for these 2d women behind an avatar being the same thing

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well half of /vt/ is basiclly Iedit newfags who were banned r/hololive.

you got a bunch of people calling coco, aloe, etc a twitch whore and not even knowing hololive pre 2019.
literally everyone here is a clip only watcher. or chumbud who insults jp(who doesn't even know she works for bell delphine lol)

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The whole history of women on 4chan is actually surprisingly interesting.

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these guys literally don't actually watch anyone their just dramafags, why are you putting effort to find proof

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Yeah, you got me there.

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we get it you're a cuckold who likes to watch girls talk about their boyfriends. Now fuck off back to nijisanji.

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Hololive in particular is near perfect in creating the projection of the ideal feminine form in the eyes of man. Supportive and caring with a dash of humour and subtle raunchiness that knows how to not overplay itself. In an older time where this personality was encouraged it gave men a reason to fight and die for. Women served men and in return men would serve women. The moment women were encouraged to abandon this primordial contract men as a collective lost all purpose to view woman as anything more than a hole. Groups like Hololive attract men like a beacon because it gives them a glimpse into something that they've been starved of for so long that it's allure is inescapable. Imagine being a teenage boy in today's society; your choices of women being either the entitled rainbow hairs , the tik tok/Instagram zombies or some abomination in between. Seeing a girl like Ina or Korone would be alien to you

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4Chan has a complex and interesting history with enjoying the female form and with feminism.

>How 'femanons' get by (4 main methods)
>Denigration of femininity, assuming a pose of submission and subordination to male posters
>Degradation of male identities, hooking into the popular construct of 4chan posters as ‘incels’ or betas. Posts in this category tended to posit women as social superiors, either guiding 4chan men to improve themselves, scorning them as worthless, or some combination of these strategies
>Assuming a right-wing political identity that incorporates womanhood, but aligns with other 4chan norms against a posited Other
>Empathetic bonding with other posters beyond, despite or indeed because of gender.

>Notably, the two longest threads, with 332 and 325 posts, belonged primarily to categories b and d respectively. This immediately indicates that the construction of womanhood on 4chan is more complex than ‘incels degrade women’. Moreover, the degradation of men — by both male and female posters — was the most common type of thread. We should recall, however, that the degradation of particular men can sit within the discourse of masculinism, such as when men are criticized for behaviours coded feminine. Naturally, there was plenty of female degradation as well: as noted above, the customary response to any opening introducing the poster as female is ‘tits or gtfo’. Variations included ‘tits first, then we can talk’ (No. 808285798, 2019) and an image of the logo for stationary product ‘Post-its’ predictably photoshopped to read ‘Post-tits’ followed by ‘or GTFO’ in smaller font (No. 808287398, 2019).
>However, Manivannan’s analysis seems to be correct in that this meme functions primarily as a test, intended to establish whether or not the original poster is acquainted with 4chan discourse. Simply ignoring it gains respondents’ respect, whereas actually supplying photographs of breasts with a timestamp produces insults and incredulity as to why any woman would do such a thing. As one femanon responds to the request, demonstrating her knowledge of 4chan discourse. ‘I’ve been on here for 4.5 years [so] tits or gtfo doesn’t work on me’ (No. 190256634, 2018) Another poster explicitly affirms Manivannan’s thesis:

>Tits or gtfo applies to women who come on here and needlessly tell us they are a woman. This is a site for anonymous discussion, if a woman is going to go out if her way [sic] and out herself as female for attention, then she may as well go all the way and show off her body as well. No one cares if women come on here for actual discussion, or say they are women when it’s actually relevant (No. 160914208, 2018).

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That's a lot of words to say "women invade male groups by pretending to hold the same values, yas queen slay."

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I hate dealing with women irl, makes me want to become a serial killer, but vtuber girls help keep me from becoming a monster. I know they're women pretending to be anime girls but its therapeutic for me somehow, sorta like watching anime of cute girls but its happening live.

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Your ideal is not the ideal of others -- as hard as it is to accept not all men like moe or women with much personality.
Nah it's more that most of 4chan has always loved women but hated whores. This is unsurprising given the type of women an anon is likely to date (hint, not an overly feminine girly girl going after 'normies') and their experience with seeing whores or getting bullied by whores in their childhood. Nerds and social outcasts seek each other out, 'stacies', or rather whores, aren't social outcasts.

This outcome isn't all too remarkable -- moe is far from a universally loved medium but has been a staple of 4chan to the point of being it's mascot (yotsuba).

>> No.5648519

That explains a lot, but still leaves me confused about some stuff. Thanks.

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You know that conversation makes her look good right? That's why it's public. It's also not at all yabe. It is also like the stories Marine shared about her days in the office. They all make her more likeable and it's part of the charisma.

Real women gossip goes into the uncomfortable zone. For instance, two female friends of mine talk about how a guy friend is too short and awkward etc. Real talks don't make the women look good or likeable. They make the women look real. In any case, just the fact that hololive girls are always nice and supportive among themselves, is enough to show it's a show.

Also, Marine herself walks a very fine line, and is not representative of hololive. By all standards, talking about horny vulgar stuff should put her near the western vshojo side of things. But people find her funny instead of disgusting. It's like Dave Chappelle making racist jokes all the time but people don't think he is racist. It's all in the delivery and charisma. Marine's stories also suggest she's an IRL unpopular woman, so there's that factor too.

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Not sure if you're OP but you literally say some men hate women in /vt/ and then want to ignore that misogyny is part of chan culture? Pretty sure you're the newfag here.

>> No.5648875

>Nah it's more that most of 4chan has always loved women but hated whores.
You should have realized there was no actual distinction between the two by the time you were in your mid teenage years. The idealized fantasy of fellow-social-outcast-girl is an idealized fantasy, which is why it is so popular in such an escapist-centric media landscape. In reality, "social outcast" women resent men as much if not moreso than conventional women, and will fall over backwards to not be associated with them as soon as mainstream attention is viable.

The male idea of femininity is completely separate from what women actually are. The two have nothing to do with each other. That's why moe, idols and vtubers are so popular in the first place.

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This is true irrespective of gender though. We all do dumb shit and think dumb things, and, to varying degrees, we're aware we're being irrational or mean afterwards or during.
Though the height thing may be too far they've touched on awkward men and the like.
It's not all a show because some dumb cunts you know in real life act like dumb cunts. You can go find men, even right in this thread, who will dismiss a woman for trivial things, be they physical or not. Does that mean you're likewise the same? Of course not, and if you are I doubt you're very proud of yourself for being shallow such, regardless of how necessary your preferences are for your happiness.
You might talk about it among friends, I know I do, but I am far from proud of my preferences and would rather I was less shallow in many ways I can't fully control. I have a wide tolerance but some people are just too ugly, like on an objective level, genetic defects, for me to be happy with. I'm far from proud of that.

>> No.5648992

But what of the men who do hold this taste? It is still a large demographic of men that is being left to the wayside. You cannot just ignore the problem, lest social cohesion break apart and society suffered the consequences

>> No.5649088

>but I am far from proud of my preferences and would rather I was less shallow in many ways I can't fully control.
Women are proud of being shallow, because nowadays that is considered being empowered and knowing their worth.

>> No.5649161

The study is old and newfags as well as cancer have always been around. It's just much worse these days due to general social chaos and a generation raised on the internet.
Have you been by /pol/ lately? Don't bother going there, it's a dumpster fire of retards, the thing I'm talking about, a bunch of people who have taken seriously what was trolling. Not that none of it is serious, there is genuine critique of women, men, blacks, whites, etc, but the idea of completely wanting to annihilate blacks, or bring back the confederacy, or dominate all women -- all that has almost always been trolling.
Women kill themselves over being shallow.

>> No.5649326

>Women kill themselves over being shallow.
They kill themselves because they are shallow, not over it. Killing themselves "over" being shallow would imply self awareness and shame, when all there is is frustration at meaningless expectations not being met. I have as much sympathy for them as they have for male suicide.

>> No.5649365

>The male idea of femininity is completely separate from what women actually are
Nope. You fall into the trap of thinking people are a hivemind. There is no "women actually are" and it varies greatly between cultures. And it's not just men's expectations of women. There are also women's expectation of men, like protecting them and fulfilling their family duties etc. Each gender has their own expectations (which also differ between individuals in that gender) from the other gender. We grow up, shaped and infuenced by those expectations.

If you want to be popular or liked, you can choose to conform to such expectations. Wear a skirt. Get that six pack. In any case, within Asian circles for instance, many women and men grow up conforming to traditional gender ideals. In the West, however, individualism and freedom mean we are more sympathetic towards people breaking away from gender ideals and expectations. Over the last century, such ideals have become the symbols of sexism and oppression in the American culture war. That would be a separate topic.

>> No.5649427

>all that has almost always been trolling
As much as I want to believe that, this is pretty much the only place where people who unironically believe that level of toxic crap can talk about it without getting blasted.

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Only based take here. The "women/men are actually_____" trap is pretty much all confirmation bias. If you go in thinking all women are prostitutes or some shit, then you'd be more inclined toward any evidence proving your point and less inclined toward anything proving the opposite.

>> No.5649588

The internet used to be far more accommodating to such speech. The commercialization of the web, with advertisments and all else, is what killed stormfront and other sites, leading to an exodus to here.
Just look at Moot. Does he look like a white nationalist? Mocking the refusal to see reality, namely that blacks commit more crime or whatever else, or that yes, blacks have some genetic differences, gee who'd have thought, is not the same as saying blacks are inferior or that their differences matter much.

>> No.5649630

doesn't help that online we have vain young idiotic women, and outrageous women, pushed into men's faces 24/7 while women receive a massive dose of idiotic vain cheating horrible men to their face 24/7
outrage gets clicks

>> No.5649676

>people talking about electrical issues with calculators
>smugly interject with "what about an accubus" as though that actually has any relevance
I hate twitter tourists so much.

>> No.5649705

.... Abacus?

>> No.5649734

I guess the moral of the story is that everyone is shit, just to varrying degrees.

>> No.5649828

seethe more zhang

>> No.5649893

kill yourself

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Nobody says this.

>> No.5650012

very sad, many such cases!

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i hate 3d women
i love 2d women
simple as

>> No.5650054

Yes, I made a spelling mistake so the conversation is over, and you are correct that it is impossible speak generally about large group with extensive similarities because outliers and edge cases exist.

>> No.5650058


>> No.5650079

but that guy said it
help my braincells are dying trying to figure out if this is sarcasm or actual retardation

>> No.5650111

Do you have a peer reviewed study to back that up?

>> No.5650137

women are all vapid whores? your mother must've really sucked huh

>> No.5650142

why are you seething so hard, tourist?

>> No.5650202


>> No.5650291

>choice between stable family man and abusive alcoholic
>goes with the child-abusing alcoholic because vagina tingles

>> No.5650313

>when i insult people and act retarded? it's based and redpilled
>when you insult people and act retarded? it's cringe and bluepilled

>> No.5650349

Nobody says this.

>> No.5650405

who are you quoting?

>> No.5650435

yeah that explains a lot. you had a shit mother so now the rest of the world has to be full of shitty women. i used to wish such people to have peace someday, but frankly i don't think someone else should suffer your base tendencies. your happiness is not worth the suffering of others, better just let the sad line end here and not continue the cycle of debauchery. if you meet a young skank who loves you for being a piece of shit please do the world a favor and get your testes tied -- you can end the suffering your inbred family has continued.

>> No.5650484
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>> No.5650540

don't pretend to be a /jp/ oldfag globalnigger

>> No.5650597

I don't see much of an argument there, so I accept your concession.

>> No.5650622

That's rough, anon. I mean, it's not a logical, infallible excuse for your retardation, but I do genuinely hope things look up for you with your family life

>> No.5650700

NTA, but that's the internet in a nutshell

>> No.5650798

you're right, it's a statement and a request. not an argument. i'm sorry it hurt your feelings but i've seen enough white trash and inbred idiots to know the results. i don't know what made your mother into a dumb cunt who popped you out but it's obvious this is just going to keep happening and happening unless you end it here. i have sympathy for you but nobody deserves to suffer like you have -- my sympathy is such that i hope to prevent more from suffering as you have, perhaps the greatest sympathy one can give.

>> No.5650916

oh no no the redditor is losing it guys

>> No.5650965

pretty much. this place used to be such a goofy, retarded and generally well meaning place 10 years ago, i really do miss it

>> No.5651063

my mom did the same type of thing but I didn't end up as a schizo incel
the other anon is right, it's sad that people from broken families like you end up perpetually unable to grow up

>> No.5651209

eugenics isn't very wholesome 100
and i'm serious. maybe it's a coping mechanism, thinking i'm just upset and trying to get to you, but i genuinely mean what i say. i take care of a mentally disabled man who had real deadbeats for parents. i have to live every day with the results of some of the worst parenting you can give. do i hate him? no. do i justify his actions? no. do i want him to continue the cycle? no, he's the result of a cycle of abuse which got worse and worse from each successive generation, until it produced someone incapable of normal life. i imagine any kids he had he would not be able to take care of.

>> No.5651261

>but i've seen enough white trash and inbred idiots to know the results
Why would you assume that the behavior of ALL inbred white trash can be generalized from your experience with SOME inbred white trash?

>> No.5651280

we get it you're an edgy redditor :)

>> No.5651366

because white trash is white trash. vapid whores shouldn't raise children either, the results are clear there too.
>Oh? You don't think pedophiles should be able to raise children due to your generalized experience? Heh, yet you think humanity at large shouldn't be generalized off of MY experience!

>> No.5651372

nice projection. I've been posting in jp idol seiyuu threads since before /hlg/ was a thing.

>> No.5651415

Taking care of mentally disabled people and not wanting to see idiots abuse children is now edgy?

>> No.5651453

classic redditor behavior, reframing your gay cringe as different gay cringe

>> No.5651455

Why did this post get buried and ignored??? This is literally the direct answer to OP and my sentiments exactly

>> No.5651469

So you agree that it is possible to collect individuals into a group based on common factors (white trash, vapid whore, pedophile, and so on) and generalize their expected behavior? Yes, or no?

>> No.5651472

then you should be well aware that /jp/isms like "who are you quoting" are meaningless here
this is thoroughly a tourist board to begin with

>> No.5651488

Mf really just learned the word edgy and ran with it.

>> No.5651514

>if any generalization has truth to it then every single other generalization including my retarded one is also true

>> No.5651544

larping as a twitter user now? it won't work you're already outed

>> No.5651546 [DELETED] 

depends on the group size and how broad the chataceristics are.
on a basic level yes, practically all humans eat food, on a level where we call all women whores because our mothers abused us, no.

>> No.5651580

depends on the group size and how broad the characteristics are.
on a basic level yes, practically all humans eat food, on a level where we call all humans worthless scum because our mothers abused us, or where all women are whores because our mothers abused us, no.

>> No.5651584

How do you distinguish between retarded and non-retarded generalizations? >>5651063 provides an exception, so isn't your generalization fundamentally wrong?

>> No.5651622

No matter how much you argue in favor of women, they won't fuck you. I thought internet white knights died off years ago.

>> No.5651639

NTA but there's a difference between categorizing small, specific, unequivocally bad people groups with universal behaviors like pedos versus literally half of the human race. A half which you've have a somewhat justifiable, if extremely out of the norm, reason to dislike.

>> No.5651665

probably statistics and scientific method, for a fairly technical understanding. for non retarded people we just use common sense, then again most people aren't so heavily disabled.

>> No.5651676
File: 382 KB, 558x705, 69C2ED10-B3FF-41BE-A2C0-CB0B26673AF8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this the mod created honeypot thread to keep the shitposters contained??? Because nobody in this thread seems actually interested in discussion. All I’m seeing are buzzwords on both sides of the “argument” with zero substance. I swear that 90% of you aren’t real people and I am just posting among artificial intelligence.

>> No.5651688

Not the same anon, but whatever. Believe what you want, dude.

>> No.5651690

Women are not "worthless scum" because of the behavior of one woman. However, the reality of women is completely different from the fantasy, and the attempted "gotcha!" of >>5650137 doesn't work on me personally. That's all.

>> No.5651703
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The goal is to make the other side mad and I'm winning.

>> No.5651719

white knight means defending a woman or women unreasonably
saying not all women are whores is not unreasonable. even more so because we've spent this entire thread without a single complaint about the copious lampooning of e-thots.
are you done having a meltdown?

>> No.5651725

I'm not that anon
all I mean to say is arguing abstractly about generalizations generally (lol) is meaningless. Whether specific generalizations are true or not is an empirical question

you could say "white trash" is fine because it's inherently defined as being shit and trashy. saying white trash is white trash is a tautology. saying women are all vapid whores requires actual evidence besides anecdotally "my mom was abusive", because being vapid whores isn't inherent to the definition of the group

>> No.5651727

>meme image
>iphone filename
>pointless soliloquy
sure others are the bots Mr. totally not a bot.

>> No.5651735


>> No.5651754

No matter how you argue against women, your mom won't love you. I thought internet edgelords died off years ago

>> No.5651759
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>saying not all women are whores is not unreasonable
yes it is

>> No.5651769

Losers who turn anti when they realize they can’t control/groom their virtual anime girl

>> No.5651782

>doesn't work on me personally.

>> No.5651828

It’s midnight.
I’m in bed and on my phone. Unlike you I don’t feel the need to always post on my computer for a false sense of superiority.

>> No.5651900

It's always beautiful to see someone who thinks his retardation is in good company get a wake up call. Hope you're still young so you can learn from this, big thing here is learning what humor and shitposting is, got that little thing called "don't believe everything you read online".

>> No.5651930

Checked but cope.

>> No.5651939

I'm not whoever you just had an argument with but you are typing like a faggot right now.

>> No.5651964
File: 140 KB, 850x553, __kiryu_coco_and_akai_haato_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_dr_bug__sample-c1d76e46bfb89ac93f8d26534422a4e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5651966

God I fucking hate this conclusion.
Yes it's true, but it's a truism.
Everyone's shit, end of discussion. Let's justify everything shitty, because nothing's perfect.

Women love the attention from men because it validates their genetics and their existence. There are plenty of men who would gladly dedicate their limited life time towards securing the existence of her genetics, and who see her as a viable mate to create offspring with.
The fact that there are surplus men who would dedicate this to/for her makes her feel good.

>> No.5652021

>saying women are all vapid whores
That terminology was introduced by someone arguing against what I said, so I just agreed with their terninology if that's what they want to use. My actual argument is that the fantasy of women has nothing to do with the reality of women, but "women are vapid whores" is easier to argue against.

For one thing, I am not all of those posters. For a second thing, the attempted "gotcha!" is "if women can be generalized, what about your mother?" which does not work on me personally because my mother acted exactly as you'd expect from the generalization.

So show me a citation for your assessment of white trash.

>> No.5652136

as logical as such is, especially with male expendability theory involved, it's worth noting studies have shown a bias for monogamous paring in humanity.
polygamy is not the desired outcome for a woman and not the desired outcome in a stable group or society.
it starts falling apart when you realize women need someone reliable to take care of their offspring and protect them while they are vulnerable during pregnancy. a reliable man will be preferred over a cock carousal. naturally sleeping around causes issues, especially in harems where the children often end up fighting each other and getting preference based on the father's bias for specific mothers.

yes, in game theory both men and women can have far more lucrative outcomes by disregarding monogamy. if a woman can get genetic diversity while her main lover doesn't find out, and a man can have multiple wombs, they're better off, but both strategies have extreme risk, much more so than just being monogamous. it's unsuitable for the majority of humanity to engage in such strategy.
what you see in today's day and age is a result of many things, including longer life expectancy and hyper interactivity as well as an endless list of other things.

>> No.5652185

delete this its cringe

>> No.5652201

Who? How can I hate something that doesn't even exist?

>> No.5652246

I'm >>5651639 and where did I say jack shit about white trash? I don't care about white trash.

>> No.5652360

>the fantasy of women has nothing to do with the reality of women
depends on what your fantasies are and how delusional they are, and how lucky or unlucky you are with your reality of the women in your life
none of our socially conditioned idealized fantasies about other people or human relationships are true in reality, but that doesn't exactly mean that the reality is always negative. plenty of men have healthy, fulfilling, and non-zero sum relationships with the women in their lives. the same way categorically thinking of women optimistically is irrational so is categorically thinking of them pessimistically.
unfortunately the artificial bluepill/redpill dichotomy narrative on the net pushes people into only into either of those two extremes

>> No.5652563

The conversation you responded to had one anon generalize all white trash as a group, while simultaneously claiming women could never be generalized because exceptions exist.

For the purposes of this argument, "fantasy" is the Hololive/Idol model of Vtubing, and reality is reality. And while reality is not always negative, it is generally. I do not understand this obsession with focusing on exceptions and edge cases.

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