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Why is Yagoo beloved while Riku is seen as some sort of villain?

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Look at his face.
He have the face of kdrama highschool bully.
And his hairstyles.
Did the barber pranked him or something?

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god his face looks so weird like it was warped by evil or something, he could be the joker or something all he would need is the make up

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punchable face

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Do you see his face anon?

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Young CEOs are overwhelmingly seen in a negative light due to the perception that they lack wisdom. In Riku's case, he doesn't look anything like most Japanese businessmen. Yagoo may be an unconventional leader himself due to how strongly he prioritizes talent over profit, but he still has the physiognomy of a wise old man.

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Anycolor's terrible business practices have been coming to light for months now, hell in that recent shareholder Q&A the CEO himself basically said he'd see the talents off rather than try to convince them to stay.
Cover has had its fair share of issues like how they let EN stagnate for an entire year until Advent, but at least Yagoo seems to care for the talents.

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Yagoo pay his talents fair amount.
Riku blame his livers for graduating.

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>Cover has had its fair share of issues like how they let EN stagnate for an entire year until Advent
EN was managed by an EN branch and the issues literally dissapeared once the japanese branch took control of it

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Yagoo is a saviourfag and puts talent first before money.
Riku steals his employees youtube plaques to decorate his yachts.

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Once Omegatranny was 41%'d everything became good again

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A-chan really was a godsend for EN.

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>He have the face of kdrama highschool bully.
Yeah about that

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Are you blind?

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Cant believe Anon-kun forced me to download a r*ddit meme

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Nijisanji livers have suffered a lot because the company debuts a lot of them and doesn't care for them properly.
On the other hand, a Cover shareholder asked why they pay their talents too much and was politely told to shut up because the talents and their image are central to the whole business. Luckily, Yagoo and his associates still own the majority of the company.

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Yeah, the moment he lost majority was very ominous

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Yagoo compensates his employees fairly
No Hololive member has to work a day job to make ends meet

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There's always that rumor about Fubuki and how much of Hololive she owns...

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They don't call her Fubuking for nothing

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Yagoo is literally me if I was born as a based Japanese salaryman, guy just wants to watch cute girls doing cute things

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And homos. Don't forget he obsesses over them

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>He have the face of kdrama highschool bully
He looks like the faggot who GETS bullied in K-dramas.

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I can't tell asians apart either

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Dude the black company shit anycolor pulls is reaching comical levels.
Don't know how people still support that company. If anyone actually likes Riku they're retarded.

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Because he treats his employees like trash and has sold his soul to Chairman Pooh, that's why

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Damn, EN was so fucked YAGOO had to sent his best personnel, huh?

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The rrat I hoped to be true

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He really do got that punchable face. I really do want to punch his face at least once.

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riku is one level below going full joker, he already has the face

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>Riku is seen as some sort of villain?
no idea why

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>why blue dorito good and gay pacman bad?
go back to your hole /#/nigger stop shitting up the catalog

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Yagoo: helps his talents
Riku: steals 98% of their revenue, doesnt pay them salaries, tells investors that the talents are ungrateful for graduating, chinese

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Riku gave an interview in 2018 that he might switch his business to something else if VTubing doesn't work.
There was an article about him being the youngest billionaire (in JPY) so retards think he owns multiple yachts.
While Yagoo became le funny reddit meme with his idol dream being shattered by Haachama and the reddit dragon.

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>Why is Yagoo beloved while Riku is seen as some sort of villain?
I can think of about 98 reasons

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He's too narcissistic

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Kill yourself Aloe Harasser

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Yagoo paid for good pr in the west

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Anon, nobody actually thinks he owns multiple yachts. It's a meme referencing the fact that everything he does serves the sole purpose of enriching himself and exploiting his talents while doing so.

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Anycolor is just the Japanese Linus Tech Tips

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This is the shit I was talking about. Anycolor would rather see off their talents than do anything to turn the company around. And that's even assuming that some talents "pursue" a life or career outside of vtubing since Bora is still around, just not part of Nijisanji.

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doesn't riku try to sell merch of himself?
riku comes across like he thinks the company and everyone else is there to prop him up and make him popular
yagoo just seems like a guy that likes vtubers

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>And that's even assuming that some talents "pursue" a life or career outside of vtubing since Bora is still around, just not part of Nijisanji.
It's always funny seeing nijinigs trying to cope whenever a vital organ announces their graduation by saying that they are moving onto something else... only to keep vtubing 2 weeks later

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Lets see Riku allow one of his talents to put him up on a live show with 100k viewers with his face under a bunch of meme insta filters. I actually laughed out loud when Aqua did that to Yagoo yesterday lol

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Where are Ako and Fox mommy?

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nijinigs should kill themselves after what they did to aloe

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because Hololive talents have only good things to say about Yagoo, he seems loved and presents himself in a very humble way

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Kill yourself

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I met Yagoo
I never met Riku
Yagoo is a down to earth japanese business dude

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YAGOO was reluctantly dragged into being a meme by the Holos and their fans. He does it because he wants to oblige them

Riku saw what was happening and tried to MAKE himself a meme. He's literally a forced meme. He does it because he wants to be YAGOO.

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Riku deserves to have his entire family massacred for his followers did to Aloe

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>Riku saw what was happening and tried to MAKE himself a meme. He's literally a forced meme. He does it because he wants to be YAGOO.
Honestly, I hate how seemingly every single fucking vtuber corpo is trying to do the whole "friendly neighborhood CEO who doesn't get any respect from the talent" shtick ever since Yagoo became a living meme.

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yagoo is from keioh
riku is from waseda
those uni are rival each other
they are ying yang

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Black company and white company

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>doesn't riku try to sell merch of himself?
No, the merch is a joke that gets send to the talents. It's not being sold.
Probably some of it are prototypes before they go into production.

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>It's not being sold.

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Uhhh nijibros how do we spin this lie? Do we abandon thread?

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April Fools

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I hope you bought his totally real birthday goods and voice too.

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Riku at a Shareholder's Meeting
>Shareholder: "Why do talents leave the company?"
>Riku: "Because they're ungrateful for what we've done with them."

Yagoo at a Shareholder's Meeting
>Shareholder: "Pay the talents less so that we can make more money."
>Yagoo: "No."

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Riku doesn't have enough money to buy NijiEN's good PR in the west.
Turns out it's cheaper to just not be a dickhead and not hire clowns.

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>Fox mommy
Having a massive hotel orgy with EN and taking them to strip clubs and letting your former genmates that hated you announce to everyone they went to strip clubs

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Kill yourself Aloe harasser

>> No.56242259

She's on vacation and having sex with half of NijiEN and also Kiara.

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Before Riku became a forced meme, Nijisanji COO was the real meme. Well, until Riku fired him. Sorry "went their separate ways"
Now he's with vshoujo jp lol

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>Cover has had its fair share of issues like how they let EN stagnate for an entire year until Advent, but at least Yagoo seems to care for the talents.
There have been enough fights over redesigns with the EN branch that I would argue that might be too optimistic. Cover did quickly resolve the problems with Tempus but allowed the problems with holoEN to get worse for 3 years.

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The west has an inherit anti-corpo sentiment so Anycolor striking the dramafags who have deep connections with vshojo just put them under a microscope. Coincidentally it also happened around the time they kept having yabs so public sentiment will always be that they’re a shitty company.

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Yagoo wants whats best for his talent
Riku wants what's best for him at the expensive of the talent.

>> No.56243039

>not even the CEO is safe from copypaste merch

>> No.56243090

Riku uses niji to enrich himself whereas yagoo uses holo to enrich the world

>> No.56243105

That's for harassing Mano Aloe into graduation.

>> No.56243167

Ugly people trying to do pretty people poses will never work unless they're so ugly it wraps around again and becomes funny as a parody. The fact that this fucking loser thinks he actually looks cool is just sad.

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His entire family should be massacred for sending his cohorts to harass Mano Aloe into graduation.

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yagoo is a fool for not going full businessman and using the holomoney to buy himself a big yacht

>> No.56243682

what the fuck is he gonna do with a yacht? rich faggots obsession with those things never made sense to me

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I’ve never heard any NijiEN say anything positive about Riku while Yagoo has been praised by pretty much every HoloEN talent on multiple occasions.

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>has a few yachts
>is a billionaire
>still 2%

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well i guess they are both japanese

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Footnote: You will be left poor and degreeless

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The actor behind DK is actually a Korean living in Japan (Zainichi Korean). If you read his wikipedia page, he said he experienced having his invitation to a company rescinded when they found out he was a gook, so he always uses a Japanese name (like the Koreans living in Japan) to avoid that experience.

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They try to copy without understanding why it works for Hololive in the first place.

>> No.56244424

april fools on 23 June 2020...

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Brand expansion

Hololive collaboration with Japanese Red Cross

Hololive Japanese Baseball League Collaboration

Tokyo Dome City x HololiveCollab for various amusement park attraction

Tokyo Tourism Ambassadors Gawr Gura, Mori Calliope, and Sakura Miko

Red Bull Japan announced two new virtual ambassadors from Hololive

COVER Corporation promotional collaboration with Marvel for the upcoming movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Azur Lane
World of Warships
Groove Coaster
BanG Dream!
Valkyrie Profile
Phantasy Star
Earth Defense Force

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>Niji tries to praise him and love him
>Behind the scenes people getting axed like crazy
>Hololive tries to praise him and love him
>Behind the scenes they are laughing at him like the infamous akb48

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Hololive is a talent first company. Nijisanji is purely about profit.

>> No.56244911

And now make a list of the Nijisanji collabs without crying.

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Yagoo's not buying some damn yacht.
He's using all that money to buy a submarine so he can roll up on Riku's yacht to sink it.

>> No.56246491

Because Holodrones are fucking retarded and are just as blind with their corpo worship and Nijiniggers
t. Hololive fan

>> No.56247086

Because Yagoo cries when Hololive has a graduation while Riku wonders how he can monetize their his employees sorrow to pay for new lighting on his light.
Because when the holocaust happened, Yagoo gave up months of his salary as a gesture of camaraderie towards the girls and he took responsibility for what happened. Meanwhile, Riku tries to hide anything shitty that Nijisanji does to save face like a fucking chink.

>> No.56247182

because riku is an evil indiviual on basically every level?

>> No.56247801

>took responsibility
by mass deleting and privatizing illegal streams to cover their tracks?

>> No.56247967

Dont know about Riku, but Yagoo's popularity grew organically over the years, he let himself be the punchline of many jokes and slowly interacted with the fans, never overplaying or overstaying his welcome, but above all, he has done nothing remarkably bad, so when compared with the other CEOs, he looks squeaky clean.

>> No.56249720

Riku isn't running a talent agency. He's running a call center.

>> No.56250331

Someone should email riku about neurosama, you just know he'd start debuting AI vtubers if he thought he'd make a quick buck

>> No.56250457

>to cover their tracks
Anon, everyone knew about the hundreds of streams they took down. Independent creators don't have to ask for permission to stream games because no one ever goes after them. Cover mistakenly thought that no one would have cared about them streaming video games, but as they got bigger, they became a target. They didn't want to risk companies coming after them because Japan has no fair use defense when it comes to copyright law.
So what else were they supposed to do? I am genuinely wondering why you're being so fucking retarded.

>> No.56250606

riku legitimately doesn't care about the talents, they are basically fast food workers to him

>> No.56250641

Yagoo = Friendly uncle
Riku = High School bully

>> No.56250697

2% + yacht buy

>> No.56250992

Riku is a trust fund baby who never had to work for his money while Yagoo was from a no name household and worked to get where he is.

>> No.56251569

Well, duh? Or do you want them to let the members took the blame instead? This ain't Nijisanji anon

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I do not like Gura's originals or covers and prefer her karaokes instead

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Yagoo is basically a tech dork who stumbled into being the CEO an idol agency. Cover was originally made to produce VR and AR tech and the vTubing thing was intended to promote their main line of business.

And you can still see it too in with the development of stuff like Holoearth, which few other companies would have the balls to try. He has plowed tens of millions into its development, because he's trying to ensure the company can survive long term and diversify away from YouTube, which could ruin their business with rule changes (just like their parent Google ruined a lot of independent media through constant search engine changes).

Basically, he's nothing like Riku who is just in it to make a quick buck and treats his idols like fast food workers, invests nothing back into the company, and just pockets the cash.

>> No.56256440

Yagoo is a former salaryman who built his own company from scratch.
Riku is a rich techbro with a couple of failed startups under his belt.

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>> No.56260784

"You see how about we lower it from 2% to 0.5%"

>> No.56261751

yagoo knows that talent over profit is how you grow and how you succeed. it's his wisdom that grants him this knowledge, that quality over quantity is how you rise to the top
>Verification not required.

>> No.56262504

You tell us Holodrone!

>> No.56266866

Yagoo eating vegemite was pretty funny though

>> No.56267111

EN management was created and maintained by higher up JP management.

>> No.56267440

I kneel mr. Jap.

>> No.56267511

In my eyes they're both basically the same. Yagoo has consistently tried to copy nijisanji and he has even said during an interview that he regrets separating the males and females, he wanted constant interaction between them just like niji. Of course this was before the money REALLY started to roll in so he's ok with how things are now. Both are in it for the business aspect, none of them give a fuck about anything else.

Yagoo was just another worker at what was supposed to be some shitty bottom tier "tech" company. They all got lucky with the vtubing thing and Yagoo got famous due to people making memes about him. All the good things that happened to Cover were all luck, they got lucky people enjoyed their vtubers a lot. The niji guy is like a more honest version of Yagoo without all the fake glamor and fake humble persona. The guy is a ruthless (standard) businessman. Yagoo is the same, you just believe otherwise because of all the memes and shit about him. Both can go fuck themselves.

>> No.56267533

2% VS 40%

>> No.56267682

Because Yagoo has repetedly demonstrated how much he also loves and supports the girls we love.

>> No.56269405

>Yagoo was just another worker at what was supposed to be some shitty bottom tier "tech" company.
>Lying on the internet
Yagoo owned and operated his own game studio that worked with Sega, then sold it and used the capital from that sale to found Cover because he thought VR was the next big thing. Then not too long after A-Chan and Sora found him and rented VR tech from his company.
He was hardly "another worker at some bottom tier tech company".

>> No.56271417

What a moron and a liar, you can say every success in business is basically got lucky and Yagoo said that holostars was aiming for different audience

>> No.56272056

I imagine Sora and A-chan own even more. As long as they're still a part of Hololive I'm not worried.

>> No.56274545

Wow, thats so much cope its insane.

>> No.56275682

STFU nijiniggers don't make up your own story

>> No.56275686

I hope that steam gift card you got has already expired.

>> No.56275794

No ones perfect, but one thing Yagoo has consistently shown is that he wants to do right with everyone he works with. Once in a while we would hear about how he was one of the first people to extend an open palm to try and save his talents during major yabs.

>> No.56276145

Didn't this guy say that he would drop vtubing if it wasn't profitable anymore? He's kind of like those accidental millionaires that fumbles their way to success rather than sound business decisions.

>> No.56281306

here's a classic

>> No.56281426

now I want to see how shitty an ai chuuba made by anycolor would be. would they give some random off the street a coding for dummies book because it's cheaper than hiring a trained programmer?

>> No.56281572

I think he did. Plus Riku shutting down Yumenografia despite it not doing horribly really showed his true colors early on to EN fags.

>> No.56282195

there's nothing accidental about the money he inherited to start anycolor

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>Why is a ceo who does villain things viewed as some sort of villain?

>> No.56283582

You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

>> No.56283698

this is still retarded fanfic

>> No.56284392

>His company rarely if ever publicly chastises talents
>Apologized and willingly took a hit to his salary during the Taiwan controversy
>Continually invests in the company (New studio, giving talents equipment, transparent about not hiring new gens until they increase support staff)
>Frequently lets talents use him or his face as an asset, even as the butt of a joke
>Didn't kneel to stakeholders who were pestering him about terrible ideas like reducing talent pay because they're above industry standards

>Official statements frequently shit on their own talents
>Incompetent managers
>Terrible hiring where they let menheras and sex pests in
>Little if any support to talents
>Concerts cancelled

>> No.56284683

So does half of /vt/

>> No.56285890

Yagooo is beloved because he seems to care at least a bit
Riku is visibly a villain once you start noticing patterns on talents post-graduation, that after "dickness" and long hiatuses can just stream nonstop
My 3 favorite vtubers are in niji, and i cant wait for the day the remaining 2 graduate and free themselves from that company

>> No.56286053

Yagoo didn't buy a yatch and shaft his talents.
t. seething Nijifag

>> No.56287454

he also goes to public events unannounced, Riku seems like the type to announce it

>> No.56287583

Kill yourself Aloe harasser

>> No.56287852

The Hololive talents all love Yagoo, some meet with him on a not-infrequent basis and I think everyone meets him at least once. He very evidently has a hands-on approach with how his company is run.

Nobody talks about Riku.

>> No.56287888

I hope that one preppy vampire, Tania was it, is doing well...

>> No.56289197

Because Riku gave an interview where he said he just wanted short-term profits from the vtuber fad and planned to abandon it after it ran dry.

>> No.56289889

You have cause an effect flipped, he was already hated before that interview started getting thrown around here

>> No.56290429

dude wdym. cause and effect flipped? you mean hating riku caused him to give that interview rather than the interview causing riku to be hated? surely not. i don't think that's what you mean but it's the words you used.

>> No.56290552

No as in the hate was there before he gave that interview, not that he gave the interview, therefore he's hated.

>> No.56290741

Who the fuck is Aloe? Mano Aloe? I didn't even watch her.

>> No.56290937

The interview is from 2018.

>> No.56291034

it seems that yagoo just want to have some fun after work

>> No.56291124

Stop playing innocent you fucktard. I hope you die in your sleep and suffer in hell for harassing her into graduation and making her attempt suicide

>> No.56291204


>> No.56291313

You don't become a billionaire by being generous

>> No.56291793

And nobody here knew about it until late 2021

>> No.56292220

So is this guy an actual billionaire or a yen billionaire? Because that's cheating.

>> No.56292688

Actual billionaire

>> No.56293315

ars billionaire

>> No.56293554

I'm starting to think this Aloe schizo is a falseflagger.

>> No.56295414

>Hard working salary man
>Filthy rich kid
It's just that simple

>> No.56296165

Nah he's a genuine Aloe fan.

>> No.56297565

chin too big

>> No.56297725

Is Aloe schizo even a Deluta fan?

>> No.56297877

Why is Kaela’s button different? It can’t be because of a change in design because Hakka would have got his after?

>> No.56297931

Yagoo actively fights investors because he wants to pay the talent well
Tazumi freely admits to using Nijisanji for quick cash

>> No.56297941

>Apologized and willingly took a hit to his salary during the Taiwan controversy
true, he also completely abandoned Coco, did nothing to help her and just was waiting for her to call it quit due to overwhelming stress and feel of abandonment.

>> No.56298768

i think its's for a different achievement, not subcount like the others

>> No.56300484

IT tard, somewhat accidentally became rich. Good guy since he isn't a businessman
Rich kid, jumps from one fad to another. Complete disregard for human life.

>> No.56300830

Cover was willing to burn all of holoCN and suffer financially to keep Coco. She wanted far more than that. She wanted them to fight her battle for her.
Imagine that. An entertainment company fighting CN over a talent who couldn't keep her mouth shut and wanted to use political issues for cheap content.
She brought it on herself. For her to graduate with dignity, many suffered. Gura lost muse dash, FBK was humiliated to the point her sponsored stream was cancelled hours before they were about to run, everyone from talents to support staff in CN lost their jobs.
If anything, yagoo was overly kind to Coco. That dum talent didn't understand the first rule of showbiz. Don't get political.

>> No.56300943

fuck off chink, coco didn't say anything political

>> No.56301012

You got to face the faces. I personally hate CN. I'll say it. "Taiwan is best. China is asshoe". No skin off my back.
But everyone suffered for coco. EVERYONE. If you have a oshi she suffered.
You coco fans need to put down your victim mentality and realise Coco said the taiwan thing for cheap easy content. It blew up in her face and people suffered for her mistake.

>> No.56301056


>> No.56301090

>Why is Yagoo beloved while Riku is seen as some sort of villain?
Because Yagoo acts with love and Riku acts like a villain.


>> No.56301113

retard, coco literally didn't say anything political. other members did the same thing she did and nothing happened. the chinks just got assmad because she's the american.

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Getting upset over an interview he gave couple of months after Nijisanji started is not really something to refer to nowadays. He was a college student when he founded the company and had no business experience before. Saying he would commit sudoku if his business fails wouldn't be a great prospect for his career.
Do you also have proof of Riku being a villain?

>> No.56301275

"Why should I pay talent 2% when I can stick MY face on it and get 100%?!"

>> No.56301333
File: 1.71 MB, 1915x1079, 1659419763243371.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow look at all these politics
us proud american people must stand up against this reddit wokeness and respect the feelings of the chinese people!

>> No.56301436

You can't acknowledge TW as a country without being political. There's no place for this in showbiz. Haachama properly grovelled in apology when reading analytics and was forgiven. Coco went out of her way to intentionally say it and paid the price. She also forced everyone around her to pay a price they weren't willing to as well.
Naturally she found herself more and more isolated. While holos and yagoo go out of their way to avoid criticising a fellow holo, you can't do what coco did and expect people to be nice to you behind the scenes.

>> No.56301541


>> No.56301554

coco said 4.7% of her viewers are from taiwan
she never said anything about it being a country or anything

meanwhile china's favorite vtuber explicitly says taiwan is not china:

>> No.56301676

>Do you also have proof of Riku being a villain?
Yes, their names were Gundo Mirei and Zaion Lanza.

>> No.56301720

Haachama was criticised for reading viewer analytics. She grovelled in apology. Coco intentionally read that analytic.
It doesn't matter who else says Taiwan. It doesn't matter if CN is a villain. It doesn't matter if we shouldn't bow down to CN.
What matters is many in holollive suffered for her actions. That's why she got isolated and eventually chose to leave. She caused too much suffering for the other holos. And its her own fault.

>> No.56302021


>> No.56302048

Incredibly based.
The world of warships collab was just a research project.

>> No.56302739

Truly the only thing America ever did wrong was not glassing China back in the 50s

>> No.56303636

Well if u yanks properly glassed them, things would have been better. Unfortunately you didn't and hololive paid the price for not keeping the dum women in line.

>> No.56303861

oh yes, I was reading this chain of replies and was only waiting for this kind of reply, classic. Masking your true intentions behind neutral stance and sophistry while constantly victim blaming orange woman, and making her the big bad.

>> No.56304203

They fired McArthur when he suggested that.

>> No.56304254

Kill yourself Zhang. Your ancestors should have died in the famine that Mao Zedong caused.

>> No.56304720

I don't know much about the business, the drama or the rrats, but the fact that none of the ex-holos (kson or mikeneko for example) have ever said something bad about Yagoo always makes me think that, at the very least, the guy isn't a scumbag that only plays it for the camera and he does care about his staff.

>> No.56304763

King shit

>> No.56304787

Jp to to rape CN. At least they got to do that.

>> No.56304862

>Unironically responding to zhangs and not just telling then to kill themselves
Come on, guys...

>> No.56304953

Jay Leno chin lookin' ass

>> No.56304962

Can’t wait until the day Beijing is glassed for their crimes against Hololive

>> No.56305015

Based DK enjoyer

>> No.56305082
File: 691 KB, 1551x1239, 1691307999384010.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to own fren

>> No.56305957

vedal is the only one who did this bit right

>> No.56307104

I heard it's pretty comfy, like having a seaside house without all those people around.

>> No.56307251

I look like this

>> No.56310408

thanks for the information

>> No.56314195
File: 1.07 MB, 935x700, 1678772776214290.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56314824

I still wonder what exactly happened that the whole Mizuryu Kei thing fell through.

Was that middle-management fucking up? I only remember hearing that Mizuryu Kei called Cover "the most unprofessional company he ever worked with" but no details beyond that.

>> No.56314970

Holotards are corporate bootlickers who worship their le heckin wholesome CEO, while Niji fans only care about supporting the talents.

>> No.56315017

no one has ever given a fuck about Riku more than /vt/, ironically
Yagoo is just Iwaiwa but for 2020 newfags and genuine vtuber reddit users

>> No.56315124 [DELETED] 

The best way to support their talents is to burn down the trash 2% black company instead of letting the corporation give them crumbs and not even their YouTube Play Buttons

>> No.56315211

The best way to support their talents is to burn down the trash 2% black company instead of letting the corporation give them crumbs and not even their YouTube Play Buttons

>> No.56315564

>Kei agreed to do the HoloAlt Marine manga at a standard rate
>HoloAlt was announced and was all over the internet, trending worldwide
>Kei realizes he undersold himself and asks for more money after the job was already done and he was already paid
>Cover says no
>He chimps out
>Cover takes his work down and scrubs him from the credits for HoloAlt

>> No.56315710

Hololive vs Nijisanji. It's that simple.

>> No.56315945

has absolutely nothing to do with my post but keep on truckin'

>> No.56316272

The adoration for yagoo is cringe and riku looks like he has downs

>> No.56316726

Kek, good luck, no one knows or cares about what Niji has collabed with.
Not even nijifags have a list of collabs.

>> No.56316829

Consolewar faggotry

>> No.56316941

He should've realized how much of an idiot he is cause he could potentially be contracted again in the future and he could sell himself at a higher price at then
It's even funnier that he thought it won't be a big thing like he forgot he's working for Hololive

>> No.56316944

You have to understand that newfags don’t even know ichikara was supposed to be a software development company and nijisanji was launched when they had a total staff of 3 people

>> No.56317080

Iwanaga literally got cancer.
He sells NFTs now good riddance.

>> No.56317199

It's literally written here: >>56301333
Why are you even pretending that you understand what happened?

>> No.56318064


>> No.56318832

Kill yourself Aloe harasser. I hope Maimoto dies in his sleep to atone for his sins for harassing Aloe into graduation

>> No.56321001

In either case its the losers role

>> No.56324164
File: 51 KB, 166x166, 1692301265057765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just look at that face nigga i mean jesus christ

>> No.56327475

Who kept all the Google Play buttons?
Truly shows what they think of their talents.

>> No.56327807

I think red buttons are for time achievements. Kaela is known for breaking those records.

>> No.56328310

worst part is Google will ship free copies of play buttons if asked.

Both Hololive and Nijisanji keep the original play buttons, but only Hololive request copies of the play buttons for their talents to keep as milestone rewards. I wouldn't be surprised if those play button pictures the Livers use are all the same play buttons.

>> No.56328566

No, only the original is free. You have to pay for to get copies. It's probably because they have too many people and it would be too much of a hassle to send copies to everyone.

>> No.56328729

This dude looks like a creep

>> No.56329019

Kson in particular has been vocal that she butted heads with a few Holo higher ups and has even implied that the rrats that they did some of that shit on purpose were true. But she has only ever expressed admiration and trust for yagoo himself

>> No.56330371

Coping nijisisters are so pathetic LOL

>> No.56333331


>> No.56333996

>too much of a hassle
Sums up Niji working with their livers

>> No.56337614

He is a villain.

>> No.56340074

How's that different from regular college?

>> No.56341907

besides the way the company treats its talents he also looks like a fucking kpop zoomer while Yagoo looks like a fun uncle and I like his cameos with merch

>> No.56344720

Do you guys really get paid 20 cents per post? The steel mills must pay better than this.

>> No.56347905

>they let en stagnate!
New gens do not need to be spammed, faggot. That shit is why most of niji's talents are forgotten nobodies and they lose so many, not counting shit like when lulu got sick of being told not to work every time the legal department did anything.