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Ksonbros, we won.

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what happen this month?

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Tawain wins!

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So what's the verdict on VShojo Japan? DOA?

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maybe she should have spent more time working on her "depression and ptsd"

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anon be careful someone might call you chinese !!

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fr fr?!?!

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michael cat chads, the long game worked

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Always was

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fuck, I hope Mirai Akari gets more support from vshojo fans.

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what a waste of a kino model

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lol is she actually graduating or just reducing her activities?

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Just quit already. I literally have no idea why she is still in Vshojo. Her main audience is JP and as Nazuna she has to stream on Twitch.

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Reducing activity on Nazuna to focus more on streaming as Mike. Probably because she got her old papa, yasuyuki, to make her a new Rushia tier model on Mikeneko. That and she doesn't really seem to enjoy being in VShojo.

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>to make her a new Rushia tier model on Mikeneko
it looks like shit, old one was better

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She literally just came back to say "Sayonara, Nigga!"

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>invite japanese person to western corpo
>western corpo has members who almost all unanimously disagree with unicorn shit and GFE
>new japanese person completely is all for unicorn shit and GFE
did they seriously not see this coming

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damn is she seriously already leaving? has it even been a year

>> No.56197039

She pull a hime, vshojo gonna use her for merch but her streaming for vshojo will end.

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who the fuck buys hime merch?

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>Have a decent idea
>Throw away it's potential by scouting ex vtubers from other large corpos
>take months and months between one single new member, who almost exclusively speaks English anyway
This+vei and pink cat leaving enforces the rest that vshojo is leaning back into the "not a corpo,just a friend group of streaming with a front for legal and merch" type corpo

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It's practically the same because her papa always draw sameface.

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Using a L2D that just Rushia making her more money

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Win what? What's the prize?

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I'm glad she's coming back to youtube. I don't use that crappy twitch website because I get ads and can't be bothered figuring out how to block them.

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Merch completionist also because of the rarity nature.

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>Haha it's (brand) that I like! I like (brand)! Buy!

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>it looks like shit, old one was better
Like he said, the same tier as before.

Get better shit, Hololive.

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>because I get ads and can't be bothered figuring out how to block them.
Yet you found a way to block them on YouTube I am sure. Selective laziness is fucking amazing.

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Congrats, you made a post simultaneously ironic, hypocritical, and projection.

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nta but you're a retard who isn't well informed. the effort to keep up with twitch ad mitigation is vastly more than the.. one extension required to block youtube ads. they aren't the same and it's not close.

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She probably cannot contractually quit for some time so that might keep Nazuna technically alive, although otherwise yeah Mike the Cat is at like 900k subs now on YouTube anyway, she doesn't need vshojo like at all. Arguably, they needed her. She just didn't adapt to it.

Perhaps nobody should be surprised making a "vshojo japan" "branch" and for practically just one girl who actually streams in Japanese, doesn't work out for making her feel welcome or properly supported. If it was a solid effort on vshojo's part it would have needed like a 4+ JP girl starter pack including her, and not be just-her. I don't think vshojo understood Nazuna aka Rushia's fans are there specifically just for her and they would be very unlikely to give even a speck of shit about the other vshojos besides maybe kson, whose content and approach are ultra different from Nazuna's anyway and literally always were.

It's hard to say if vsjp didn't grow because they just didn't even plan for it seriously, or if they didn't get a lot of interest in it or their standards were too high (aka they wouldn't take random 2views desperate to get a brand and a kson connection). I would guess the interest just was not there because Japan mostly does not watch twitch in the first place and I don't see why they would really. They'll watch twitch only when for ed to if someone famous from YouTube is using it, never because it's twitch as their culture and overall generally being an English site just do not mix with Japan's whatsoever. I do think it's poetic irony that the "talent freedom" shit also means "they're also free to leave the group too :^)".

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The leech isn't relevant.

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I use one extension to block Twitch ads, retard.

>> No.56198327

google exactly those words + reddit to find innumerable results of people who aren't so lucky. again, you are not well informed.

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ads are based on region. you either barely watch twitch or your isp is in a region not being served the aggressive ads that others are. twitch ads are a lot harder to mitigated for most english-speaking geographical locations. it's well documented.

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>contract expires
>instantly quits

Wouldn't have expected nothing less from queen menhera

>> No.56198560

>i don't experience problem, so clearly nobody else does either

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I literally see no Twitch ads. You're calling a bunch of other retards not "lucky" but I am the one who is not well informed.


I watch none. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Not one and my region is the same as Twitch's. In fact, I have, NUMEROUS TMIES, told retards on here what to do to eliminate ads. One download, one thing, done. Your own damn fault if you still see them.

Another retard.

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I did not read, post it on your blog faggot

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She renewed her contract.

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As always Kson is dumb as fuck for thinking she could fix someone who cucked her fans and got fired for it

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>on a mostly english/non-JP streaming website
It was DOA, kson and henya work perfectly fine there because they are bilingual, so they get the few JP watchers on twitch while not losing the non-JP audience. Nazuna, on the side, has been always having a hard time with most viewers getting filtered by language.

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What Nazuna taught:
Western companies still use fax machines.
Twitch sponsorships kill talent careers.
The streaming industry has basically nepotistic hire.

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yeah it's the "nu-uh it doesn't work in my country" bullshit. More likely it's retards that can't follow an instruction. Because I had preroll ads and every 10-30 mins ads on twitch until I added a few rules into UBO so don't tell me it's just my country that doesn't get ads in the first place.

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Is that why she skipped streaming her own anniversary and dipped to shill her fanbox + getting a new model

>> No.56199761

Truly the Mbappé of Vtubers

>> No.56199894

Honestly, this is a massive skill issue.

>> No.56199939

It was a mistake. Hopefully, KSON learns from this and goes indie again.

>> No.56200007

I would believe it if she had given a minimum of effort, but she was just dead weight from day one.

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Go ask her, dipshit. Renewals were back a while ago and she didn't leave.

>> No.56200972

that someone?
yeah, me

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See Ya <3

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>they just didn't even plan for it seriously
I don't think they planned for it at all. since they haven't been scouting any JP talent at all aside from Graduates that Kson personally knows. There is literally no growth except when a popular Talent retires from their corpo and suddenly a sound-a-like appears on Vshojo.

Hell, aside from Haruka, even the main branch isn't growing, especially since they lost two of their more popular talents, and Veibae.

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has there been any updates on the new jp vshojos or is it still a vague this year thing?

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Twitch is generally unappealing nowadays to stream on since the website contracts and sponsorship opportunities are just flat out worse than every other platform. Major streamers are continually migrating to greener pastures and Mike in particular just has a bigger audience on YouTube than she ever had on Twitch (the majority of the Japanese audience that watches Vtubers are ALL on Youtube).

>> No.56201978

>YouTube than she ever had on Twitch (the majority of the Japanese audience that watches Vtubers are ALL on Youtube).

That was so fucking baffling, there is very few japanese people in twitch, why make her stream there?

>> No.56202208

Vshojo has a special partnership with Twitch that's why. Kson can alternate between YouTube and Twitch due to some sort special deal she was given buy Mike was given the regular contract which means as Nazuna she ONLY stream on Twitch. Twitch's exclusivity clause for their partnership contracts is one of the reasons why big streamers are just jumping ship and tearing apart their contracts.

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nah, nazuna is the only one who has that weird youtube thing, every other girl has done youtube streams, vshojo even has done special events with all the girls on youtube
the upcoming concert is on youtube too if I'm not mistaken

>> No.56202628

Why would any JPs do it? Why would any ENs, for that matter? Its all the downsides of being corpo with none of the benefits, especially if you're Japanese.

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If that's the case than they basically screwed Nazuna from the get go

>> No.56202789

no and that's the best part

>> No.56202876

>I don't think vshojo understood Nazuna
when the girls pre JP branch are peepeepoopoo semen tastes like candybar lets watch react content for 3 hours of course they don't understand shit

>> No.56202882

Gotta respect her hustle
I kneel queen menhera.

Still ain't watching till you're back in Hololive

>> No.56202926

don't know who you're talking about but it's not vshojo

>> No.56202995

Like half of them were in vtubing before sora even debuted anon

>> No.56203189

>deliberately fucking rushia over because she betrayed hololive
>still fighting cover‘s battles after all this time
Based as fuck

>> No.56203381

I was asking because I was told they were finally getting jp streamers for their jp branch. I haven't heard anything about it since then besides who is definitely an upcoming member rrats though

>> No.56203421

I don't think all of the blame can be laid at Vshojo's feet.
Kson is a lead role, and they were probably expecting Nazuna to be a lead as well.
If they clung to each other and used "talent freedom" to the full extent to create a cross company neutral power chuuba combo to draw in new good blood, that might have worked.
But like you said, Nazuna is bigger than Vshojo, and she probably didn't have any desire to grind to make Vshojo big.

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Kson is the cancer to vtubing. More news at 11.

>> No.56203468

henya seems to be doing fine

>> No.56203592

>only strictly jp member goes on hiatus
>nazuna is clearly after the gaijin audience despite being jp
>kson is the sweetheart of the gaijin audience and jps wont even look at her
why did they even bother?

>> No.56203601

I do believe VShojo has something that might interest JP and EN vtubers. If this wasn't the case Henya might've not joined and the rumors of them getting more members might not be so strong.
I think the problem is that their benefits are very specific, and that's why they don't get so many new members. I mean, the reason why Henya joined is because of con appearances and getting a concert, and she got what she wanted, now they just need to find more vtubers that want those things but can't get them.

>> No.56203660

bilingual. pointed out multiple times. your ip isn't even new so you would have read that by now, so don't feign ignorance.

>> No.56203703

im just glad mikeneko has found what she wanted instead of listened to whoreson

>> No.56203849 [DELETED] 

???? What's funny about it anti-retard? Don't tell me you're not so fucking stupid to not understand the reason why she wrote that?

>> No.56203892 [DELETED] 


>> No.56203915

the post I was responding to was talking about ENs too
sorry, I'm not reading every post in this whole shit thread

>> No.56203918 [DELETED] 

What are you talking about stupid moron? lmao you have no idea what's going on.

>> No.56203966

mikecat bros I don't feel so good

>> No.56204044 [DELETED] 

lmao you never watched Rushia. The new model is by the same artist and the rigging is better than Rushia idiot.

>> No.56204057 [DELETED] 

Is this the chink thread?

>> No.56204099

you couldn't even be bothered to look at her twitter before throwing insults as apologism. no argument, no effort, just right to insult.
seriously, pull up her twitter, then come back and apologize. i'll be here.

>> No.56204115

How many times this nigga gonna type "lmao"?

>> No.56204154 [DELETED] 

Uh kson was the first Japanese person to join a western corpo.

>> No.56204270

>all these posts seething about Kson
Of course it fucking is
The green menhera cunt always had a fanbase full of chinks and clearly that hasn‘t changed

>> No.56204353 [DELETED] 

nta but you're just a lazy fuck. The extension I used has only changed their name so the twitch bastards can't find them as easily unless they use their website which is the same shit lmao.

>> No.56204397 [DELETED] 

There's a 3rd party that refuses to let her stream anywhere else but Twitch. She can't say who or she will be fired.

>> No.56204439

not a new ip so yeah you are the same anon, and projecting about laziness is ironic as you were originally accused of being too lazy to google the topic before commenting on it.
i do not watch twitch. the only twitch i watch is jerma's vod archive on youtube.
i'm sure you'll find something new to deflect with, but it won't change the fact WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU DOES NOT HAPPEN TO EVERYONE.

>> No.56204546

It's pretty clear by now that vshojo never had any real interest in being a player in the Japanese market. My guess is that they just wanted kson, she said "hey maybe you could start a JP branch and I can bring my homeless friend along" and they were like "sure whatever".

>> No.56204647

nta, but he probably meant the last one before this.

>> No.56204691

anon it's been ten minutes, where'd you go? where's my apology? i hope you didn't fall asleep scrolling not even to june to find the tweet, you silly goose.

>> No.56204960

>I don't feel so good
The entire mike thread has been BEGGING her to return to being like Rushia for over a year because we're OG fandead who stuck with her in spite of everything out of love and know who she really is(pro-tip: it's not some talent freedom loving viewer hating conflict prone apex streamer)
mikecatbros feel fucking amazing rn, retard
earlier she literally refused to play apex without first asking for our permission, and even then only on Twitch
You don't know how happy we've felt after over a year and a half of absolute unbridled misery

>> No.56205013

>I will deliver less often.
>Let's meet when we can. Good Bye.
How difficult would it be for OP to just put the translations in the original post?

>> No.56205033 [DELETED] 

>and jps wont even look at her
Good thing your delusions don't have any affect in reality because this could not be so further from the truth. lol.

>> No.56205111

Is that why she signed for another year of Vshojo again?

>> No.56205154

>mike makes tweets about depression
I have archived every single tweet from Mike since 2020(except for the period where she booted everyone)
she has tweeted about having depression for years
where have you been?

>> No.56205162

>BEGGING her to return to being like Rushia
This will never happen.

>> No.56205283

>points out she said "depression and ptsd"
>"What are you talking about?"
>points at the tweet about depression and ptsd LITERALLY WORD FOR WORD
>"Where have you been?"
you look so confused and lost right now esl-chama.

>> No.56205287

generous take for a sassy tweet
it's more like
>I'll be streaming less(on-stream context: maybe like once a month or two as a hobby for apex lmao)
>see ya when I see ya (lmao)

>> No.56205368 [DELETED] 

I have read the tweet. I'm replying to your fucking retarded post about her spending more time on her depression and ptsd as in you're making a mockery of not just her but anybody who goes through that and the tweet that has nothing to do with what you wrote fucking bitch.

She's doing less streams on Nazuna because she's focusing more of her attention streaming on Mikeneko dumb fuck. It's that easy. Just kick rocks mf you don't watch her so why are you here?

>> No.56205392

it's already happening
don't confuse
>being Rushia
>being like Rushia
I want my oshis heart back, not your fucking various knickknacks like collabs and shit

>> No.56205435

are you gonna give a yagoo a reach around when he fucks you in the ass this time?

>> No.56205439

Miguel Gato wins

>> No.56205459

that doesn't sound like an apology, anonchama. just admit you didn't read the tweet until told and we'll be hunky-dory!
then you won't be so mad anymore. it's okay, you can even have the last word!

>> No.56205478 [DELETED] 

Now enough about Hololive fans, this thread is about VShojo

>> No.56205505 [DELETED] 

You want a screenshot dumb ass? I'm a different anon. You're fucking lazy doing a few clicks. I don't give a fuck who else you watch on twitch. The topic is about Nazuna.

>> No.56205575

if winning means depression, schizophrenia, bi polar, and other various mental health conditions then yes

>> No.56205657 [DELETED] 

Post it then. Otherwise you're the retard who replied to the wrong person as I can assure you bitch I am replying to the right one.

>> No.56205691

i'm going to get ahead of the apologist schizo and reply with the devil's advocacy:
>but she was always some or all of those things
which just makes her viewers look even worse and isn't the dub you might think it is. there's no justification for how fucked up this woman is, don't try.

>> No.56205732

She's pulling an Ayame and Gura in VshojoJP

>> No.56205825 [DELETED] 

>Don't blame VShojo
>Blame Nazuna instead

>> No.56205897

Nazuna didn't get enough superchats to satisfy her.

>> No.56206272 [DELETED] 

>The person streaming in English is doing fine compared to the person streaming in Japanese ob Twitch
You do not even have to read the thread to know why that comparisson does not work, you fucking retard, kill yourself to improve the average IQ of the world

>> No.56206540

damn, seethe a little more

>> No.56206575

I was responding to someone saying there's no reason for joining vshojo if you are JP or EN and pointing out that henya is doing fine, I wasn't comparing her to nazuna, work on those reading comprehension reps, anon

>> No.56206701

After reading this thread and reading the mike thread i realized why these people stick to rushia, they are the fucking same, literally the worst fans i've ever read

>> No.56206816

why wait? China lost.

>> No.56206821

She's a retard that couldn't move on from being green girl. She never tried to do anything with nazuna besides apex and trauma dumping on her stream.

>> No.56206954

she dug over grave and now she has to lie in it

>> No.56207068

Did you mistype this? Isn't Nazuna the strictly JP member? I'd never heard of her going for the gaijins.

>> No.56207203

I'm nta but she was kinda going for the overseas audience with nazuna, she had live tl in almost all of her streams

>> No.56207670

You know who actually win? 3rd gen
They no longer need to interact with this menhera.

>> No.56207864

NTA but it looks worse than Rushia, especially the ear sticking out

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>> No.56208038

Silly anon, you can't do a reach around to someone while he's fucking you in the ass

>> No.56208479

>conflict prone
idk man, she seemed pretty conflict prone back in her holo days to me, isn't that the whole reason why she's not there anymore?

>> No.56208487

>wow so many number on youtube
>oh no i keep being unable to be consistent
>oh no i can’t keep a schedule
>oh no my ”omg Rushia is back” buff has ended
>oh no my ccv is down to 2k like before
>oh no cover is taking legal action because i tried to leech again and keep stealing their IP
>oh no i can’t defend myself
>oh no vshojo-san won’t legally back me up on my actions outside of Nazuna
>oh no i need to take a break and get this sorted out
>oh no my numbers keeps going down because i can just play epesu once a week on stream
>phheeeewww that was one hell of a legal battle
>oh no i can paid in jpy on YT with the same amount of numbers on twitch
>oh well, guess i’ll just start streaming on twitch again so i can get paid in USD and get more money…

>> No.56208524

>this is what /rumina/ actually believes

>> No.56208621

ITT Bugmen seething

>> No.56208650

You've touched on the biggest point imo. To add to it, Nazuna is stuck with the way twitch structures their partnership deals, if she had streamed on YouTube exclusively, things could have been much better

>> No.56208702

kek sounds like that guy might have been projecting a little bit innit?

>> No.56208831

they will believe anything that they think will make their oshii look good, doesn't matter if it's true or not

>> No.56208862

I heard from Kson that there weren't any downside to joining Vshojo, uh... tatsunocucks status?

>> No.56209027

>Twitch adds a superchat knock off
>Fandeads don't use it

>> No.56209094
File: 181 KB, 70x70, 1680471756159909.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56209106

Yeah, and her "overseas peoples", namely the faggot fandeads who refused to associate with VShojo and, thus, Nazuna, and the ones who are rejoicing up the ass right now because she's going more Michael Cat, didn't respond. But they love her so much!

>> No.56209126


>> No.56209251

>Not even a threadreader
Nigger, in one of her reveal streams she literally numberbegged and wanted to reveal only if 20k ccvs was achieved and called "yon-chan" for help.

>> No.56209355

She renewed her contract for another year so she decided to become a once a month streamer

>> No.56209453

mikeneko has the machine translator too.

>> No.56209669

Vsj employed a team of translators to translate all her streams live. They were there every stream until she started getting inconsistent

>> No.56209676

>namely the faggot fandeads who refused to associate with VShojo
This was the key phrase, anon.

>> No.56209864

But also oof

>> No.56210715

what does delutaya have to do with any of this?

>> No.56210896

my nigga what do you expect? the bitch is fucking crazy, like clinically fucking insane, of course the people attracted to that ARE like that

>> No.56211181

Keyfriends are not evil. They are polite for the most part. Even if I don’t agree with their opinions on VShojo. They just want the best for Nazuna

>> No.56211478

What exactly is the supposed downside in this situation?

>> No.56211501

and they were all vshojo fags and one triangle anti

>> No.56211759

keyfriends are nice yes, but then there is the other part of her fanbase that is nasty, toxic, and very mentally unhinged

>> No.56211864

a lot of people it seems...

>> No.56211913

So let me see if I got this right, Vshojo talents have talent freedom to do anything except for quitting the company.

>> No.56211965

come on man you're not that stupid to not understand how contracts work

>> No.56212069

There are plenty of Japanese people on Twitch, Mike just doesn't pull them in

See: Karubi

>> No.56212118

ok i should have responded to one post above in the chain.

>> No.56212131

>clout chases males
>gets views
>doesn't clout chase males
>doesn't get views

>> No.56212285

It's Twitch. moistcr1tikal had the same exclusivity shit until recently when he changed his contract due to the shitty Twitch split he's getting and started streaming in youtube as well.

>> No.56212301

This entire site is too brain rotted for that, never mind the fact that OP is just looking to start shit.

>> No.56212512

not that anon, what browser and extension exactly? i've tried so many adblockers, and none work on twich

>> No.56212669

What are chances that Cover CnD'ed her for character likeness?

>> No.56212780

They are the same people. Just don’t walk over their wife with head canons and pretending you know shit, and they won’t have to flip that switch

>> No.56215474


>> No.56215476

>anywhere else but Twitch
There's no party except Twitch that would stipulate something like this. If there was a 3rd party they would only stop her from streaming on select platforms.

>> No.56215594

You seem hesistant to name what you downloaded.

>> No.56216387

Tell me the name of the extension. I will personally download it make you a video of it not working.