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June 30th:
Suzuhara Lulu (Nijisanji)

July 1st:
Kiryu Coco (Hololive)

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just wait until the contracts run out, my sources tell me we are facing OVER 20 hololive graduations once the contracts run out!! my sources are never wrong (yes btw I am the one who predicted coco and lulu graduation!)

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Two of the top vtuber channels graduate. Let's see how much audience and SCs they attract.

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I love bigtits

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Shizo rrat.

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based and me too pilled

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sorry got my posts mixed up (yes I am samefag)

This is the based post!

This is shinzo rrat.

Apologies for confusion!

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what's the rrat on Lulu? Did she get bullied just like Meiro and Moruru?

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How does the panda keep getting away with it?

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Are you trolling or are you one of those retards who actually believe on this?

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Gonna miss her

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Atlest Coco will have roomate channel. Lulu is leaving forever.... We'll never know nor hear of her again....

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some said she's graduating in school and graduated in vtubing to move on. some said she's getting married irl.

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Yes, Nijisanji is an actual black company in case you somehow forgot

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my personal rrat is that she is going to drown herself at sea and leave her shoes on the beach (Japanese tradition)

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This is what fucking hurts, you guys get to have Coco content still under her roommate. I know Lulu archives exist but it won't be the same.

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>Kiara sings a song that goes "lu lu lu"
>Lulu graduates the next day
Did Kiara make Lulu graduate?

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Will Lulu finally reveal that she is an eldritch horror?

I'll miss her ;_;

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I feel for you guys, she was one of my favorites from nijisanji

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I know everyone's been shitposting against Coco but Tatsunokos have been very nice towards Lulu, don't feel that you're saying nice things to thin air. You guys are good. No homo.

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yes she is going to marry me anon

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What the fuck, what weird timing for it to happen just before coco does.

Almost seems related to each other?

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Nobody tell him

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Lulu was the first Niji I subbed to. Her reactions to cheap jump scares in horror games were fun.
She's definitely not my oshi, but I'll miss her regardless.

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I think this is a poor choice of words.

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No, her contract is up. Why do you think everyone was posting about her graduation before Coco even had that announcement?

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This is fucked. Some anon recommended me to watch Lulu after Coco announced her break. Was getting hooked to her and this shit happens

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To be honest I don't really care about Coco. She insists upon herself.

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Sorry to hear that, My oshi was(is) Coco, and Lulu was the one i watched since her Dark Souls playthrough, i'm done with vtubers...

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Anon maybe you are the problem

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Well maybe I am I watched haachama too and she's taking a break

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>Niji is dead
>Holo is dead
Welp, time to hit the Live button and watch some literal who chuuba with 100 viewers i guess.

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I used to laugh at the Goslings posting images of ryan gosling kicking a chair while screaming god dammit.

but after hearing lulu announce her retirement I know how they feel.

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>lulu is graduating
All I feel right now is pain

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June 30th: Kizuna Ai's birthday
July 1st: AZKi's birthday

They really picked some bad dates to graduate, huh?

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Hopefully this leads to the death of corporate vtubing, and loosely connected groups of independent chuubas can rise as the third wave of vtubing.

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>Nobody tell him
Nobody tell him

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>implying anyone can bully Suzuhara "I have sandbag in my room" Lulu
>implying anyone dare crossing Suzuhara "I play ring fit for 10 hours after playing Bloodborne for 10 hours" Lulu.
>implying anyone dare disrespect Suzuhara "human can grow their eyes back, right?" Lulu.

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Given her career history I severely doubt anything the vtuber industry could conceivably throw at her is going to rattle her at all, let alone to the point of leaving.

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I mean gibara got a huge torrent archive so I wouldn't be surprised if lulu got one too. I wouldn't expect it immediately after she graduates though.

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What are the chances Lulu starts her own roommate channel? she's not going to disappear from the internet, is she?

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>two irrelevancies
I don't see what difference that makes at all.

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Please stop watching vtubers

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Coco and Lulu forming a company would shit on Cover in its current state.

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The numberfags are going to be feasting when Lulu's graduation gets barely 10k viewers while Coco's gets 200k.

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Damn, didn't know she's graduating. She's the only nijisanji I'm interested in too.

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It's ok. I will accept it. If I can accept Lulu going and all the shit that comes with it I will be invincible.

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now i only have the boob mage, the black haired school girl and the blue oni left.

hope the rumors of cocos vtuber company are not fake. i would enjoy lulu working with her.

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She has glaucoma,long time video game stream is a bit of a problem for her.
And there is sign of she reunion of her old unit.
But she is doing definitely great and clearly thinked a lot about it.

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Do you understand that watching the archives is like masturbating to corpse?

>> No.5619520

So the whole history is about fucking the corpses?

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Do you actually jack off to people's graves? Genuine question.
Watching archives is no different to opening an old scrap book, or watching an old VHS tape of fond memories.

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Is there yuri of these two yet?

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For the longest time I thought that Lulu was the face of Niji, like Sora, only to find out that she was a later addition. Her leaving the company will be a huge blow to it, much like Coco and Hololive.

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There better be

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Don't care about reddit dragon
Gibara&lulu on the other hand felt pretty bad

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Nobody asked, chink

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kson is streaming on mildom right now.

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There's no crumbling if it burns like a star.

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She's gonna come back as holo gen 6/7
source:my ass

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