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So every time a female chuuba collabs with a male or is discovered to have a boyfriend there's a inevitable shitstorm between unicorns and homobeggars, and in the end, some people blame idol culture for the criticism/harassment that the streamer suffers. But isn't most of these vtubers, especially those in hololive, sucessful because of idol culture? Aren't they sucessful by selling the illusion of a perfect, pure 2D girl to maladjusted men?

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That's what /vt/ thinks idol culture is

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i lub coc

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>But isn't most of these vtubers, especially those in hololive, sucessful because of idol culture?
No, they're successful because they're good entertainers. The idol larp was exactly that from the start, and only retarded schizo unicorns don't realize it.

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>what's wrong with idol culture
seething roasties that cannot fathom that you can be desirable without being a whore

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You might as well watch fleshtubers faggot. VTubers are popular because they sell the Kayfabe, when Kayfabe gets broken, the audience gets mad. If all that mattered was their success as entertainers why would you spend so much money and effort on the coomerbait models, lore, and roleplaying

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One should say "What's wrong WITH idol culture?"
One should say "there's AN inevitable shitstorm"
One should say "But AREN'T most of these vtubers"

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idols are good
loving and caring about your oshi is good
ignoring male collabs is fine
freaking out and making your oshi scared and sad because they played a video game with a man is not ok
believing you are in an actual relationship with your oshi is not ok

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Thanks for the correction, sorry for being ESL

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>they're good entertainers

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>shitstorm between unicorns and homobeggars
Homobeggars just shitpost a bit on those occasions. The actual shitstorm is inside her fanbase, where the fans that care and the fans that don't care call each other fake fans, incels, delusional, cucks etc.

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Hololive idols have always been basically they sing and dance and you support them as they get better not some purity cult. Even back In 2019 they collabed with males and did risque things. Unitroons are the filthy secondary of the fandom.

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But muh freedom.
I don't care if people are male or female I don't want to be constantly reminded about the existence of something I will never have. And it's not just idol culture, people have meltdowns with twitch thots too.

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It's clear that successful male Vtubers also take advantage of idol culture

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Too bad, unicorns won.
The non unicorn friendly ENs stopped Interacting with homos after their numbers nosedived. Mori is now the runt of EN too.

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We used to make fun of unicorns, back in my day. That thread on the freak otaku that burned the copies of his manga just because his waifu had a past boyfriend was great. What happened to those days? How did we let those freaks dictate the conversation?

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2019 is the year that hololive idol culture was born
Prior to that, hololive wasn't popular, but it became popular with GEN3, which created idol culture.

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Hololive set the industry standard that a vtuber is a pseudo idol and ideally married to her streamchat.

"""People""" who find this offensive
Western Whores
Twitch streamers
Twitter Sjws

Aka irrelevant subhumans who are not part of this industry and widely hated on 4chanz as is.

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>Fortunately idol culture is a thing.

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>But isn't most of these vtubers, especially those in hololive, sucessful because of idol culture?
>Aren't they sucessful by selling the illusion of a perfect, pure 2D girl to maladjusted men?
you posted Coco

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Correct, Idol culture gives, Idol culture takes away

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ok windy

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Coco was active in hololive idol culture, and she herself inherited the idol culture.

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she is still chasing it, while claiming "talent freedom" is better.

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one of the only few normal people here

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calling vtubers idols was a meme, it's utterly meaningless.
All "unicorns" want is that vtubers not discuss their normie cancerous lives while pretending to be an anime character on the internet.
"homobeggars" are morons who think people on /vt/ don't know that men are more entertaining than women

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what are you trying to pull posting idol positive stuff with that whore

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Kronii's mistake was implying that collabing or not collabing with males has anything to do with idol culture, and now the seed is planted in the public mind that those are somehow related. The correct way for her to address that entire situation would have been to completely ignore the drama, but now she's going to take flak for poorly responding to it for the rest of her career.

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> good entertainers
LMAO, if they were so good they would be successful as flesh streamers.

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>you posted Coco
I needed a picture and saw that her work in hololive shows up when people talk about how she "pushed the boundaries" in idol culture
See above

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she's so cute bros
I want to hug and sniff her

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she has escaped samsara and is now in a higher plane of existence

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also stop saving thumbnails

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>unicorns and homobeggars

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Will it be possible someday that a schizo vtuber that truly believes her lore and thinks she truly is her character to appear?

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Remilia from Phase Connect is probably the closest we'll ever get.

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Anime is very closely related to escapism.
You should understand this much already.

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why are you even on this board if you dont like vtubers

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she did a salto in her 3D debut, that was impressive i give her that but she also waxed her coochie on stream which puts her in the comedian category and later talked bad about hololive wich puts her in the american business woman category. fuck that bitch.

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>some people blame idol culture for the criticism/harassment that the streamer suffers
Who the fuck got harassed in Hololive for collabing with males? WTF are you talking about?

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>dance training
>sing training
>vocal and acting training
>cover and original songs
>most celebratory dates and events involve a 3D live concert
>The idol part is a larp bro
Will redditors ever watch streams?

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>So every time a female chuuba collabs with a male or is discovered to have a boyfriend there's a inevitable shitstorm between unicorns and homobeggars
A Niji just collabed with a male and he's probably her boyfriend now, why don't I see a shitstorm happening?

Some of them WERE successful as flesh streamers and one of them IS

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nobody cares about niji, let alone the ID leech

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You just answered your question. For the most part, Niji is THE coed company though I believe in Tanigo-San and Cover to outdo them in that and (warning rrat incoming) cleanse the horned horse rebels infesting their corporate.

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Nijis are mostly fine with mixed collabs. Fuck Hima is part of ex-gamers. What fans are not fine with is getting lied to straight in their face as the "oh hello our first interaction but the game shows over 50 connections together" incident. If she was upfront to it no one would care but hiding it makes it worse.

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Fucking retarded nijinigger

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>is discovered to have a boyfriend there's a inevitable shitstorm between unicorns and homobeggars
Fauna and Mumei has BFs and I don't see anybody getting mad over it.
I think people are just mad at male collabs because most of the male talents are super cringe and take time slots that could have been used for good streams (reason why I dont want them at least). And then there is the vocal minority that dislike that their internet waifu interacts with men.

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>And then there is the vocal minority
That vocal minority is retarded too. I once made a joke about something completely unrelated to the Homos but one faggot took it too seriously and was so convinced that I was a Homos supporter.

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idol culture is good, but the niggas who use it as an argument to harass the talents are fucking dorks.

it's not because a culture is good that it has no flaws, just look at depictions of its consequences in movies like perfect blue and you will understand that even the japs disapprove some of the stuff in it. it's not hard to appreciate something without having to create hate with it, but for some faggots, it apparently is. and i'm not defending the japs and shitting on the westerners here, because just look at aloe's case to see how fucking disgusting the japs are sometimes, if not even more than the westerners.

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coco posters are often right about a lot of stuff, seems like she did have a good influence on the community

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>But isn't most of these vtubers, especially those in hololive, sucessful because of idol culture?
No, they're only successful because of memes.
memes = success
no memes = no success
If Hololive didn't have any memes, they would've remained just another other small corpo today.

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No, it isn't idol culture. It is a cross between CGDCT fans and egirl/camgirl simp culture. Idols collab with men all the time with no repercussions, they're even cheered on, and their main career is actually performing. These weirdos want a personal slut of their own that won't acknowledge men. Their aversion to male collabs stems from exactly the same place as guys that complain about the guy being shown in porn. It really does a disservice to idol culture and degrades the potential of vtubers as legitimate idols.

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They realize it, but just use it as an excuse for their behavior.

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Idol culture is good.

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>male collabs but no successful
>no male collabs but successful
The logic is simple enough

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idol culture is based

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>i sold the shoes that my mother gave me on my birthday
this is the saddest thing ive seen this month, like im actually in tears over this

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The wrong is (you) are in the west