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Niggers. Also I see more roommate posting from oldfag schizos still on /jp/

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As opposed to the old ones also going around and posting the faces of the idols?

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The only people who pretend to care are unironic moralfags.
>B-but what if a stalker finds them
Who cares? She won't fuck you either way.

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At least they keep it on the boards. The newfags make videos and post it on youtube asking people to like, share, and subscribe.

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let them spread the love

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Focus on what you have control of

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an inevitable fate for many current vtubers.

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Yes i am unironic moralfag, morals are good

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Goddamn spoiler this shit next time, Jesus!

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but if I don't know my oshi's face how I can train my dick to get hard only to her?

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>The only people who pretend to care are unironic moralfags.
Pekora cares, she wants people to spread cute faces not that bug eyed shit

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I don't want my favorite online entertainer to be kidnapped and raped by strangers

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I wish there was more of them. I want to know what my oshi looks like behind the scenes.

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I thought this was a doxxfag thread

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Might need to start doxxing the doxxers

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Even if that did happen no one would find out and if they did nobody would stop doxxing anyways

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We must purge doxfags.

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Doxxfags are gay. They skirt around the idea just because it's already,"public info". If holos wanted their faces to be connected they would have done it on stream. The only thing their doing is getting them in trouble. Personally, I think it's natural that a fan wants to see their favorite's roommate. Just do a google search. Dom't spread it around and post that kind of info on spaces where it's holo related. They're supposed to keep it separate. I think as a fan it's only right for us to have that courtesy for the holos. Just keep it to yourself.

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They stealing videos from channels and publish it with different title.
How is this not copyright break?

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boohoo, the risk of being kidnapped and raped is the price everyone pays for fame retardchamas

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They aren't fans. They are faggots that get a thrill from sharing other people's secrets. Actual scum.

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youre probably more likely to be kidnapped and raped more than anyone famous

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Except for Mori. I think she wants people to know that she is her roommate. So "doxxing" her ain't so much of an issue.

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why are we pretending to be better than them when we did the same thing during our beginning?
dont say we didnt get curious about their roommates and did some digging when we had a chance to. they're going through the same thing. let them be.

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Wait you’re saying they’re actually people? Oh no who would have thought.

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no, do your reps filthy plebeian

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Gura’s friends and family were doxxed by lolcow schizos, and the doxxcords have pieced together a 360 view of her room. For what purpose?

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Holy shit, i knew about the doxxfags from lolcow but i didn't knew about the discord thing

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>Holo doxes go around and people get upset
>Niji doxes go around and Hololive fans come in droves to laugh at it and spread it

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>She won't fuck you either way.
We'll see about that

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IMO it's because lolcow is filled with women and they are unbelievably pissed off that another woman got big in streaming. We don't realize it, being fans, but female streamers have the biggest crab-bucket mentality of any kind of demographic. Few of them are happy if any of them are doing well. That's why you have twitch thots who get maybe 20 people trying to piece together Gura's room and home address to post it everywhere in hopes that someone "Accidentally" takes it too far.

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Completely acceptable 4chan have never been about bluepilling anons

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>Who cares?
I care, I've had streamers I followed literally quit over stalkers and group stalking, and those were people who showed their face intentionally.

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>Completely acceptable 4chan have never been about bluepilling anons

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When did she said like that and how?
Do you have any link?
I'm not saying you're wrong (yet), but I want to know when did she said that.

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please do. I need info on a cute doxfag roommate

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It's lolcow, they're all landwhales.

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When did they even doxx Gura? Aren't they still misidentifying her.

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You know what to do there? Have your own "lulz". Report the site to every policing agency in every country (of interest) and watch the fun unfold.
Also Cover.

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Fuckin hell you didn't have to scare me like that!

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